Last Descendant Of Money

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Last Descendant Of Money

By: Favour Usoro A. OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Patricia feels the best way to revive her dying business is to get married to Harry, the heir to one of the rising companies in town. She decides to divorce Edgar, a man she never saw as a husband but a parasitic useless fellow, but as humans, most times we lose diamonds in search of stones. Edgar Plutus, the Last Descendant of the god of money vowed to get back on those who belittled him when the time comes. Imagine money itself trying to get back at you. Ha! Poverty awaits you.

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Money can buy everything.Yes, you read that right.If you say otherwise, then you need to work harder. If your money can't buy anything, it just isn't enough.This was Edgar's belief. Of course it will. He was the last descendant of money.Like Literally.He came from a place where the fate of the world's fortune lay. He looked through the window. He could see people moving around fast, trying to gather as much money as they could.He smirked.Money was a spirit and he being its last descendant he had the ability to control who it'll favor or who it wouldn't."Edgar!!! Where is that son of a bitch? That pauper does nothing but eat our food without doing a thing."How ironic. Edgar scoffed. He came from money, but was called a pauper by an ordinary woman.He shrugged. That was what he got from deciding to live as the good-for-nothing son-in-law of the Simpsons and the husband of Patricia Simpson, a successful business woman."Edgar!" Patricia shrilled. "I work hard everyday to fend fo
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"I think it's time I taught that woman a lesson or two," Edgar said bitterly as he looked around the messed up kitchen which was most probably messed up on purpose for him to clean up."I think so too, but you should do it in a sensible way. Forget the messed up kitchen. You can clean it up with the flick of a finger. You have what a normal person does not. Powers bought with your father's money." Lucas, his caretaker since birth pointed out. He was 10 years older but looked as young as Edgar. Edgar frowned. Lucas came and went whenever he liked. It was annoying. Edgar sometimes liked the fact that Lucas was not like any other ass-licking servants he knew. However, he still found it annoying sometimes and whenever he did, he could say nothing. The Lucas he knew would never make an effort to change after all. Derp down, Edgar hoped he would not anyway."I have received enough insults from her. Does she know who I am?""No, she doesn't. If she did," Lucas paused and laughed. "She would
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"Mother," Patricia cried out.It was for the sixth time since the day began.Edgar smirked. He was just starting. When he would be done, she would lose the voice to cry out.Angela ran to her daughter in the sitting room and Edgar watched them from the dining room."What again? Don't tell me there's another problem.""There's a huge problem. My business is no longer mine." Patricia broke down in tears. "More than half of my branches all over the country have been burnt down."Angela shrieked in anguish. "I'm doomed. My haters have won."Today was the worst day for Patricia. It started with a call out on social media by a customer. Then, it escalated to a high-profile lawsuit. Before afternoon, more than half of the company's shareholders had sold their shares. Afterward, more phone calls came. Each phone call was to tell bad news."What have I done wrong?" Patricia lamented. The new news was the last straw she could take. Any more bad news and she might die.Edgar watched as mother an
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Edgar leaned back on his Plume Blanche diamond-encrusted sofa. He had to admit that the last thing he wanted was to go back to Patricia's house.He enjoyed life without having to deal with Patricia and her mother's nagging. Edgar smirked at the thought of Patricia and her mother. Since he left, they had been moving from one disaster. The man, Patricia had divorced him to get married to, left her. Of course, as a businessman, the last thing he wanted was a liability."If you continue relaxing all day, you would never get to at least avenge your family's death and you'd increase the chance of him finding you."Edgar frowned. He hated Lucas' voice and that was because it was always ringing in his ear whenever he did something he should not do."So you think me letting rude and good for nothing people mistreat me is the best way to stay away from the eyes of my family's murderer.""Exactly."Edgar rolled his eyes. He had listened to Lucas in the past when he asked him to disguise himself
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The music, 'get busy' blaring from the speaker next to him and Lucas complaining about losing jobs he worked hard to get from him as a background did nothing to soothe him.He poured the last drop of beer from the bottle before him into his cup and gulped it. He looked up at the ladies flaunting their behind and throwing themselves at men they believed could spend as much as they wanted on them, and they irked him the more."I came here to cool off and your complaint is doing nothing to help," Edgar snorted and Lucas frowned."Nothing can cool you off, so stop wasting our time. Let's get out of here and figure out the best way to disguise you properly even if you're under his nose.""His nose?" Edgar scoffed. "His. Him. He. What the hell is his name? Do you know? Do I? Why the hell should I be scared of a man whose name I have no idea of?""The fact that you don't know anything about him should scare you the most. As humans, it is natural we get scared of what we don't know. It is sen
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It was one pm.Edgar turned to glance at the lady he had saved last night.He frowned. How long was she going to sleep? She was snoring loudly and it made the scenario more annoying.The last thing he wanted was an unknown, snoring lady sleeping on his bed all day and it made him rethink if saving her was a good solution."I know you feel like beating her up till she wakes up, but don't think of it."Edgar frowned. He turned to his right hand side which was empty a few moments again to see Lucas standing. He could not emphasize how much he hated it whenever Lucas did that."Why are you always sneaking up on me? Dude, that's creepy. Don't do it again.""You're not the one to tell me what to do? I always keep on telling you this?""What do you want?" Edgar frowned. The dude was annoying. "Just go away.""You can't tell me to do that, either?"Edgar turned to him and frowned. "Didn't you say you would gladly leave if I told you to?"Lucas laughed. "Of course, that's a joke. You have no r
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"Daddy!"Edgar smiled. He was very happy to meet Julian, Patricia's daughter, who he saw as a daughter too.He was not her biological father, but he saw himself as so and she saw him that way too. And, that was why he kept tabs on when she was returning home, so he could rush to the airport to see her before her mother did."Julian."Edgar's smile widened. He held his hands wide open for her and she ran into them."Dad, I really missed you."And, for the first time in a long time, a tear rolled down his cheeks. The last time he cried was when his family got murdered. Well, Julian was not murdered, but the thought of today being the last time he was most likely to see her hurt him."Daddy, where is mummy? Is she still treating you badly?" Julian's face fell. "I wonder why mother is mean to you. You're just so nice and she treats you badly."Edgar's chest squeezed in pain. Julian had no idea of the divorce."Julian," Edgar said softly. "You know daddy loves you."Julian was visibly scar
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"Don't you think you are overdressing, especially for an occasion you say you're not interested in." It was Lucas talking.It was the day to do Edna 'a favor '. She had invited him to a party of which she had to come to with a plus one."It's a party filled with those snobbish rich people who love showing off. How am I overdressing?""Isn't it obvious? You're wearing a suit worth fifty thousand dollars. That's too much even for a party filled with snobbish rich people who like showing off. Aren't you doing the same?"Edgar rolled his eyes. He wished he could cast a silencing spell on Lucas. He was disturbing his peace."Plus, with news going around of you trying to kidnap Patricia's child, the last thing you want is to draw more attention to yourself."Edgar made a fist. He turned to Lucas abruptly. His face was red hot. "I watched those evil people take Julian away from me. Why? Because you don't want me to get the attention of a man who might even be dead. Don't you dare try to scho
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"News of you being Edna's boyfriend has spread like wildfire.""Let me guess. It's a bad thing and I should find a way to stop it." Edgar's eyebrow pulled down."You're being on the news too much," Lucas complained."I'm not the only person who is always on the news, Lucas."Lucas sighed. "I just want you to be extra careful. If anything happens to you, I would end up not doing what your Grandma expects me to do. I don't really care that much about you, but your grandma once saved my life. I owe her.""That's your business not mine. I won't let you control my life so you can pay your debt," Edgar said hoarsely."I used to think you cared about your grandma too.""I do. Why do you think I still listen to you? Why do you think I let those brats that are nowhere near my level call me a church rat?""Then don't let those insults go to waste. Finish what you've started."Edgar scowled at him. "You made me start this. I didn't.""The point is that you've started it already, so complete it."
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Edgar stood before the mansion standing tall before him. Everything about the mansion spelt money even for a descendant of the god of money. The intricate carvings adorning the facade of the building suggested that it was an ancient one- ancient and majestic one.Edgar turned to the oak door.What was next, he thought to himself. The owner of the building, father of Edna, would warn him to stay away. Edgar scoffed.He was a hundred times richer.He looked around the building which was most likely his best. He had plenty like this and they were nowhere near his best.The oak door was pushed open by the man at the door as Edgar got close, revealing a luxurious and large room."Edgar?"At the center of the room was a Lockheed lounge sofa on which a tall man sat. His aura was the most masculine he had ever encountered- proud.Edgar thought his expensive sofa didn't quite fit the decor of the room. He frowned. Humans liked to show off their money in any way they could."Edgar?"Meyer Jone
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