Surviving Armageddon

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Surviving Armageddon

By: DrGray003 OngoingFantasy

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In a world destroyed by the apocalyptic event of Armageddon ,the celestial forces of Heaven and Hell clash. Twins Noah and Norah find themselves thrust into a relentless battle for survival. As Earth becomes a battleground, demons and angels strike deals with desperate humans, offering power in exchange for inhabiting their bodies. With societies shattered and lawless factions fighting for control, the remnants of humanity grapple for resources in the chaos. The twins navigate a treacherous landscape, facing superhuman battles and grappling with alliances in a bid to survive the ravages of a world torn apart by the epic conflict between heavenly beings

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1. Hell On Earth
"So, down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him."-Revelation 12:9The world crumbled like ancient biblical prophecies foretold, and the remnants of humanity found themselves trapped in a relentless struggle for survival. [In a Car on the Road]"It was all so sudden. Just another day. None of us could have anticipated it happening, yet it did. They came and took everything away from us. They take. Yes, that's what they do. Destroy all that we cherish and hold dear," Norah's thoughts echoed as she leaned against the window, drowning in Beethoven's symphony."Sis - sis - sis," Noah's voice cut through the music."What do you want?" Norah replied in an unmotivated tone."You good?" Noah's gracious smile sought reassurance. Norah removed her headphones, "I was... till you decided to disturb my peaceful therapeutic music.""You
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2. Hell On Earth: Part 2
(IN THE PAST)[The Hallway At Area51]The demon's wings unfurled with a chilling sound, casting long shadows across the dimly lit hallway. Its eyes glowed a menacing crimson as it advanced, claws scraping against the metallic floor. The soldier's grip tightened on their weapons, adrenaline pulsing through their veins."Stay focused, hold your ground!" the commander barked, trying to rally the troops.The demon lunged, a blur of razor-sharp claws and horns. The soldiers reacted, gunfire echoing in the confined space. Bullets ricocheted off the demon's toughened hide, causing it to roar in fury. It swiped its massive clawed hand, sending soldiers crashing into walls. The blood spewed out of their bodies like water from a water balloon."Keep firing! Aim for its vulnerable spots!" yelled one soldier, trying to maintain composure amidst chaos.As the skirmish intensified, the demon's ferocity became evident. With each swing, it effortlessly swatted aside soldiers like rag dolls. Blood mix
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3. Search For Supplies
The demonization phenomenon is not a common one. There are cases in the millions of failed demonizations. The failed demonizations are remnants of shattered dreams and fragmented desires. These beings are a grotesque mosaic of human forms, twisted and contorted into a grotesque patchwork of flesh. Limbs elongate into gnarled appendages, faces a grotesque fusion of various features, contorted into a nightmarish visage that defies recognition. The beings are called 'Nephilims'.Their behavior is hauntingly tragic, driven by a fractured sense of purpose. These creatures roam aimlessly, seeking the remnants of their unfulfilled desires. Their movements are erratic, staggering toward the places they once longed for, drawn by an instinctual need to guard what they can no longer possess.Yet, despite their twisted appearances, a sense of mournful humanity lingers. They emit haunting cries, an echo of the desires they once held dear. Their actions are fueled by a fragmented understanding, att
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4. Search For Supplies: Part 2
Meredale was once a vibrant town bustling with life. Since the emergence of demonization it now lays in ruins, forgotten and abandoned. Buildings stood in disarray, their broken windows and crumbling walls a testament to the chaos that had engulfed the area. The streets were littered with debris, abandoned cars, and remnants of everyday life, discarded toys, torn posters, and scattered belongings.The remnants of the community were scattered like a puzzle of chaos. All that remained were broken buildings standing as haunting reminders of its past glory. Walls crumbling as the signs of destruction adorned the town's once-thriving structures. The streets echoed with a haunting silence, occasionally interrupted by the groans of collapsing buildings and the unsettling shuffle of the Nephilims wandering aimlessly.Noah and Norah navigated this desolate place cautiously, alert to every shadow and sound. "This town feels so lifeless," Norah whispered, her voice low with unease."It's a compl
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5. The Unexpected Encounter
Caught off guard by the sudden appearance of strangers and their guns aimed at them, Noah and Norah exchanged uneasy glances. These rough-looking individuals seemed weathered by the chaotic world they inhabited, their expressions hinting at suspicion."What do you want?" Norah asked, striving to maintain composure despite the creeping nerves.Stepping forward, the group's leader, a burly man with a grizzled beard and a hardened gaze exuded authority as he scrutinized Noah and Norah."We're not here to harm you, but you've stumbled into our territory," he stated firmly, his eyes fixed on the siblings. "You've killed one of our guards, and that's a problem.""Guards? What's this old man talking about? There weren't any humans when we got here. I don't have all the facts yet, but I have to play it safe or it's game over for us," thought Norah, swiftly assessing the situation."We didn't mean to intrude. We were just scavenging for supplies," Noah explained, attempting to ease the tension
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6. The Sanctuary's Resources
The day had passed, and morning had arrived. The siblings had finally rested, something they had lacked for multiple days. Despite the promises of their newfound safehouse, Norah and Noah still harbored doubts."Did you get enough sleep?" asked Noah as he woke up and stretched his arms. The sun was shining bright outside their shelter, voices of people chattering, children playing, and footsteps echoing around."(Yawns) Yeah, I did, I guess. Though I suppose my body is still a bit tired," said Norah, still lying down on her sponge bed."We had to take turns sleeping, so it's understandable. It's better than just sleeping as if we're in our own houses. We still can't trust these people," said Noah."Keep your voice down. Do you really wanna mess this up for us?" Norah reprimanded Noah for his mistake."Sorry , I keep forgetting there could be eavesdroppers," said Noah."Nevermind. Let's clean this place and leave it as we found it. We'll go ask Emily what we can do to help," said Norah
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7. The First Mission
The morning light seeped through the shelter's cracks, signaling the start of a new day within the settlement. Noah and Norah sat facing each other, discussing their situation in hushed tones."I think we need roles here, something that'll ease the tension they have towards us," Norah suggested, contemplating their predicament.Noah nodded in agreement. "Yeah, we should show them we're here to contribute, not just take shelter.""I reckon we should start by talking to Emily. She's easier to approach than the others," Norah suggested, noticing the unease in Noah's eyes.When they arrived at Emily's designated area, she greeted them warmly. "Hey there, how're you both finding your stay here?" Emily asked, concern evident in her voice."Morning, Emily. We're getting used to it, I guess," Norah replied with a faint smile.Noah chimed in, "Yeah, it's alright. Thanks for asking.""How about you, Emily? How's everything been?" Norah asked, shifting the focus away from themselves."It's been
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8. The First Mission: Part 2
"The Heathens'? What are you talking about?" asked Jake, who was clearly confused by what Noah was saying in this dire situation."I want you all to listen to me very carefully - no one steps out of this car until you all understand exactly what you're dealing with here," said Noah with a serious tone."What's with this guy? He just got here and he's already giving us orders. Hey buddy, know your place, alright? You're only here because the boss is doing Miss Emily a favor. Nothing more," said one scout at the back of the car."Cut it out, James. Let's hear him out first," said Jake, who was suddenly curious and slightly concerned to understand why Noah was acting off."Whatever you gotta say, boy, it better be important," said Spencer, a scout member."Yeah, if you waste even a second of our time, you're out of this team," added Esther."Listen, guys, I know I'm new here and clearly none of you intend to take me seriously. But please hear me out. Our lives are in serious danger. Not
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9. The First Mission: Part 3
As the scouts returned triumphantly to the settlement, the air was electric with a sense of accomplishment. The acquired vehicles gleamed in the sunlight, signaling newfound hope and resources for the sanctuary. The settlers, curious about the commotion, poured out of their shelters, drawn by the honking cars and the vibrant atmosphere.The crowds formed, buzzing with excitement and congratulations for the scouts who had brought back such valuable assets. Harold, the settlement's leader, emerged last, his eyes widening in disbelief at the sight of the acquired vehicles. His joy was palpable, his face lit up with a radiant smile as he realized the unexpected fortune the scouts had procured.The scouts, beaming with pride and swagger, turned off the engines and stepped out of the cars, their expressions a mix of triumph and confidence. Amidst the celebration, Noah stood aside, his demeanor distant and observant, a stark contrast to the happiness around him. Norah, noticing her brother's
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10. Preparation And Contemplation
The impending danger hung heavily over the settlement, casting an atmosphere of urgency and apprehension. Harold, with a tone of authority, began organizing the settlers into groups, giving instructions on fortifying the settlement's defenses. People capable of combat were assigned to fortify the perimeter while others, unfit for combat, were directed to sheltered areas for further evaluation and protection."Secure the perimeter with whatever we have - barricades, fences, use every possible cover," Harold commanded, his voice firm and resolute.The settlers moved quickly, some frantically gathering supplies, others fortifying the settlement's borders. Tools clanked against metal, wood banged against wood, and hurried footsteps echoed across the settlement as they mobilized in response to the imminent threat.Meanwhile, the scouts huddled together, their expressions a mixture of guilt and contemplation. Jake, and the rest were discussing the grave mistakes they had made during the mis
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