My Life in Prison

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My Life in Prison

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"My Life in Prison" is a novel about two characters, Jay and Spider, who find themselves serving time in a correctional facility. Jay is a first-time offender, facing a harsh reality as he adapts to life behind bars. On the other hand, Spider is a seasoned inmate who takes Jay under his wing and teaches him the ropes of surviving in prison. As Jay navigates through the challenges and dangers of prison life, he forms a close bond with Spider, learning about the latter's troubled past and how he ended up in prison. Through their conversations and experiences, Jay gains a deeper understanding of the criminal justice system and its flaws. As the two men serve their sentences, they both face personal and ethical dilemmas that test their character and their friendship. Jay must choose between staying true to his principles or conforming to the harsh reality of prison life. Meanwhile, Spider must come to terms with the mistakes he has made and decide whether he wants to continue down the path of crime or turn his life around. "My Life in Prison" is a thought-provoking and moving novel about the impact of the criminal justice system on those who are incarcerated and the relationships that form within the prison walls. It raises important questions about the humanity of prisoners and the justice system's role in rehabilitating individuals.

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CHAPTER ONE: Life in Westend International Prison
In Westend International Prison, Spider, a prisoner with the number 6666, was pacing back and forth with a troubled look on his face. Jay approached him and tried to offer some comfort. "Hey there, young man. Have you missed someone on the outside? Don't worry, your time here will be over soon and you'll be able to see them again."Spider glared at Jay, "Don't call me a young man again, or you'll regret it. I'm not worried about anything, I'm just planning my next steps." Jay chuckled and walked away as the bell rang for supper.In the prison, you must have a partner to eat with, so Jay asked Spider to be his partner. They made their way to the dining hall where they were served boiled beans and sugarless tea. Spider took a bite of the beans and quickly ran to the nearest sink to vomit. All the other prisoners burst into laughter at Spider's reaction. Jay helped Spider back to their cell, a small and dingy room with thin mattresses, cobweb-covered walls, and drawings of past prisoners
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Chapter Two: The Punishment
George was on the phone when he, Jay, and Spider entered the military wing room. Jay and Spider were both nervous and unsure of what was about to happen. George took a long time on the call, and finally Alphonse, who was reading a newspaper, looked up and saw the two men. He stood up and shot them a disdainful look, asking, "What are you two young men doing here?"Spider tried to explain, "Please sir, we're not idiots..." but before he could finish, Jay interjected, "Sir, we overslept and missed the assembly session. The officer in charge found us and told us to come here for punishment."Alphonse, impressed by their loyalty, decided to let them off the hook. "Because you two are loyal, I'll forgive you this time. But if you miss the assembly session again, I'll have no choice but to kill you both," he warned. He then ordered the police to take Jay and Spider to the mud chamber.As they walked, Spider whispered to Jay, "That was a smart move. Who taught you that?" Jay smiled and repli
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Chapter Three: The Discussion on Money and Love
Spider had no choice but to come clean to Jay about his recent arrest. Jay, who had been in a similar situation before, listened attentively as Spider began to share his story.One day, Spider, Chaly, and Helena were hanging out at the local swimming pool. Chaly commented, "The only thing that separates us from Jack and Luke is our backgrounds. They come from wealthy families, with Jack's father being the OCPD of Komsofa County and Luke's father being the CP at Lamba Lolo University."Helena, however, had a different perspective, "So what if they come from wealthy families? I'm beautiful and I'll find a rich husband." Chaly retorted, "That's not the point. We need something that will benefit all of us, not just you. Your husband won't be able to help all of us."Spider chimed in, "I plan on marrying this beautiful lady, and don't forget, you have one of my ribs." Helena shot back, "Over my dead body!"They left the pool and headed back home. Once they reached their house, Spider ponde
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Chapter Four: The robbery preparat
At night, Jack went to Helena's room and knocked on the door. She let him in and asked, "What are you doing here? Why don't you go to bed?" Jack replied, "I have something to share with you." They both sat down, with Helena wearing a transparent nightgown. Jack held her hand and asked, "Can I trust you?"Just then, Spider entered the room holding two ice creams. Helena asked, "Why didn't you even knock?" Jack asked, "Spider, is this your room? Entering without knocking?" Helena told them both to leave her room and closed the door behind them. Spider dropped the ice cream and started to push Jack, asking, "What were you doing with my girlfriend?" Jack smiled and said, "Spider, she is just your friend, and even to me, she is just a friend." Charley intervened, telling them both to go to bed.The next morning, the five friends gathered at their meeting point as usual. Charley stood up and thanked everyone for coming. He had found a car and asked Spider to drive them to Losa Kiosk. When t
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Chapter Five
"It's been four days since Spider was taken to prison and you, Charley, haven't shown any signs of rescuing him. It seems like you've left him to die at the hands of the police," Helena complains. "No, Helena, everything we're doing is part of the plan. You're mistaken about the time, we're going to rescue him tomorrow on Saturday. But, due to the prisoners' weekly cleaning supervised by the police, it would be too risky. On Sunday, however, the prisoners will be enjoying some entertainment, and the police won't be around. That's when we'll rescue Spider," Charley explains.But before Charley could finish his sentence, Luke enters and says, "We actually came together, Charley." Charley turns to look at Helena, but she's pointing a pistol at his head. "Charley, you're no longer the leader. I'm taking over," Helena says. Charley is left with no other choice but to comply and kneel down. But, just as he's about to do so, Jack cocks the gun on Helena's head.Luke removed his pistol and co
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Chapter Six
Charley looked at Jack intently and said, "Okay, that's good if you don't have a question." Jack made sure nobody was watching as he switched the F001, because if someone saw him, they might turn it off and they would both end up back in prison. Jack asked, "What if someone sees me?" Charley answered, "The only possible way is to take their life." Jack was shocked, "What are you talking about, taking someone's life? Do you think I'm a murderer?" Charley tried to calm him down, "Jack, the chance of someone catching you in that room is almost impossible. So, if someone goes to that room, they must have a mission. You have to shoot them. Don't you want to be a billionaire? Billions of people are storing their money in the bank, and they don't even use it. Here, I struggle to get five shillings, and others have billions. We have to do this, don't fear shooting someone, and don't fear being shot. Do you understand, Jack? This is our chance to get billions of money. Think about it tonigh
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Chapter seven
Helena raised her voice, causing Luke to look down. "We haven't made any plans yet," Luke said. "If you keep acting like this, I don't think we'll be able to make it. Let's try to understand each other.""I don't want to be a leader," Helena replied. "I just want the money. Charley's plan is taking too long. Why don't we all go together and get it done faster? Then we can come back and go for the money."Charley understood Helena's concern. "Remember, what we're going to do has never been done before. It's not just about being a team, it's about being intelligent and having the right equipment," Charley said.But Helena was worried. "How am I going to do it?" she asked. "I'm a woman.""That's where we'll use the mask," Luke said. "What about your chest?""What's wrong with my chest?" Jack asked, confused."I'm talking about my breasts," Helena explained. "Will they be exposed in the prison?"Luke assured her. "Your uniform is designed to make you look like a fat man. And don't worry a
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chapter eight
At 9:30 am on a chilly Sunday, the Westend International Prison was blanketed in snow. The inspector had a feeling that something was amiss, and with the potential for a prisoner strike, he acted quickly to increase security. He ordered more police recruits to be deployed and additional officers from neighboring police stations to be sent to the prison. The prison was now more secure than ever before.The inspector didn't want to disappoint the citizens of the country and he also hoped to receive a promotion from inspector to Minister of Internal Security. He was determined to do a good job, so he could eventually rule the world.After all the necessary measures were taken, the inspector called a meeting with the staff. All the staff members rushed to attend the meeting, except George and Alphonse who believed that the inspector was after power, and they didn't think he was doing any good.Once all the staff members had gathered in the inspector's office, the room fell silent as the i
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Chapter Nine: A Bored and Confused Chaly
Chapter Nine: A Bored and Confused ChalyEveryone was in high spirits, celebrating their recent success. However, Chaly was feeling out of place. He was bored, couldn't seem to connect with anyone, and decided to leave the celebration. He went to his room, feeling tired, weak, and sleepy.Jack noticed something was wrong with Chaly and followed him to his room. He knocked on the door, but there was no response. He tried again, and again, until finally, on the fourth attempt, he decided to force the door open. To his surprise, he found Chaly drinking a bottle of alcohol, something he had never seen him do before."Hey man, I've never seen you drink alcohol before. What's wrong, my friend? Talk to me," Jack said, looking at Chaly with sympathetic eyes.Chaly cast a quick glance at Jack and suddenly spoke up. "What are you asking me for? I told you not to bring any other prisoners with you, but you disobeyed me. Now, we don't know where he is or what he's planning to do."Jack tried to c
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Chapter Ten: A Busy Morning
The sun had just risen and three boys were stirring from their slumber. They had promised to attend a class that morning and were determined to keep their word. They moved quickly, not speaking a word to each other, eager to reach their destination.As they neared the classroom, Spider spotted Helena getting on a bus filled with education students. Without hesitation, he sprinted towards the bus, and Jack and Chaly, who were left feeling confused and curious, followed suit. They rushed to the back of the bus, searching for Spider, but instead, they found a man introducing himself as Luke."I am Luke, the man of God, and I wrote the Gospel of St. Luke. The Lord said that you should love your neighbor as you love yourself. Here, have an orange fruit," he offered, but Chaly declined, as he was a man of vegetables.Jack was taken aback when he saw Spider sitting next to Helena, chatting and laughing. The sight made him uneasy, as he feared that Spider might win Helena's heart before he ha
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