The Time Killer

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The Time Killer

By: Army Dude OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A god becomes a time traveling serial killer to create chaos and fear. His brother is sent by the Council of Light to stop him.

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Prologue       When I began this, I promised myself I would write as complete and entertaining a lie as possible. After finishing, I believed I had carried out this promise. However, the company that would eventually print this insisted that I needed to include other details. They wanted the truth.      I have never let something like the truth stand in the way of a good story.       That means that in the following story some of the lies are true. Alternatively it means that several of the lies are true.      You figure it out.*                                          *                                     *       
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                                                                                                      August 20, 2020                                                              
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      The next morning, technically the next afternoon, I awoke. The only thing about the previous twelve hours was the Willis’ deaths and the visit from the space guy.       Digging in my shirt pocket, I retrieved it. It was roughly five inches square, although it seemed to have no controls on it. I was about to drop it back into my shirt when it seemed to come on.       At what I would become familiar with, the video began with the location and year of the occurring event.                                                                      &nbs
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                                                                        Lexington, KY                                                                       August 25, 2001       “I must catch him. That was the sole instructions I received” Ian told me.
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                                                                                       Domi-ium, First Cycle Past 9F       “They call him the Time Killer. My brother.”       In order to fully document the battle between Ian and his brother, Chan-Man had given me access to the Domi-ium files. At least as much as I needed. I never went to his planet. This was my first visit to his ship.       “This ship is an ATOM 214. He has a new model, the 214s.” he told me on my
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                                                                              New Orleans, Louisiana March 1919       Cain walked slowly toward his ship. Behind him lay Italian grocer Charles Cortimiglia, another victim of a serial killer who chose to use axes that he found at his victims’ homes to attack them. Cortimiglia would survive, but a dozen more would not be so lucky. Cain would drop a letter off to the local paper, the Times-Picayune, which read in part . . .” they have never caught me, and they never will. They have never seen me, for I am invisible, even as the
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                                                                       Domi-ium                                                              Second Cycle Past 456       When they were growing up, the two Gra brothers had been forced to spend a lot of time together. According to Domi-ium society, the mothe
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                                                                               Lexington, KY August 25, 2020, 4:32 a.m.       The best treatment for insomnia, at least if you search online, consist of everything from an exam by your doctor, to sleep studies, to herbal medications. If you have chronic insomnia, as I do, one of the ways I deal with it is to search insomnia treatments online. I’m also learning to play five-string banjo, am teaching myself Latin, and taking online courses for both a culinary degree and to become an ASC Certified mechanic.  &n
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                                                                 Vintem Hill, Rio de Janeiro, August 20, 1966       Today was a great day for Carlos. Today was his eighteenth birthday. He had taken the afternoon off and was flying his new kite on this summer afternoon. The teenager walked slowly, watching his kite rise and fall gently with the gentle breeze. As he got to the top of one of the hills, Carlos saw what he thought were two sunbathers. As he got closer, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.       The shock of seeing two dead bodies saw him involuntarily releasing his kite, followed by vomiti
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                                                                       Lexington, KY September 1997       Scouring for unsolveds in other states is one way I spend my time, and I found that the newest invention, the World Wide Web made that easier.         My love for useless trivia gave me an idea that I wanted to investigate further.       The internet can be a cesspool of porn, false prophets and politics, but can be beneficial for the police to share information. I came across a case in New York that peaked my interest. I knew one of
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