Once Again - Reincarnated In A Land Of Magic

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Once Again - Reincarnated In A Land Of Magic

By: ALUCARD OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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There is no hope left in this world. Alex's whole life was filled with betrayal. Just BETRAYAL BETRAYAL BETRAYAL.... It just kept repeating, he lost hope in humanity. After his parents death, everything his parents were taken from the people who he trusted the most. He only wished to live a joyful life with his parents like every other child but... He was at the rock bottom of his life which he was hanging on a thread. Skreech... a truck had crashed on him, He gave upon all hope . But gods had another plans, He was reincarnated as ALAN CARTER the heir of duke William carter. He woke up to the warmth of his new family. He was reincarnated in a land of magic. Gods have given him new hope in his life. " No one is bad..., people are just selfish" " I have to be selfish tooo don't I" Will he be able to live his life at-least now... Hop on, lets ride the rollercoaster. Author note: This is my first time writing a novel. I hope you find it interesting. Enjoy. The story will be a slow start since I want a proper foundation and not rush it. This novel has 18+ content so be aware!!! ALUCARD

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The End
                                                                  Rumble … Rumble On a rainy day ,the sky filled with dark clouds, lightning and thunder between the clouds as it looked like the Greek gods were on a war. A man in his late twenties with a pale face and a skinny body that looked like he starved for weeks. With thick black hair covering his eyes, his face covered with an overgrown beard that had not been cut in a decade. Blood dripping from his eyebrows which had a deep cut,the bloods flowing through his face mixed with rain covering his white shirt with blood stains. Wahhh..waahhhh He glared with his diamond blue eyes through the broken glass he wore. "There There my child… we will get home soon" a Women said caring a baby with a loving smile on her face while
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The Beginning After The End
                                              ' Huh.. am I not Dead!. I guess this is heaven, well I deserve at least this much after all I have suffered'   "Alan just moved!" Alex could hear a worried voice.   He could feel his senses returning 'what the hell'. Alex slowly opened his eyes as he felt drops falling on his face.   " I…hick sobbb.. am glad you woke up my son" a Beautiful Women spoke as tears rained from her eyes.   For some reason Alex felt a sting in his heart as he saw this women cry. He felt his blood boiling with rage. But he kept himself calm.   'Where in the world am I' he thought to himself.   Alex tried to move his body but he was not able to, it felt as if his joints were screwed. He glanced at the women from the co
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An Unexpected Visitor
                          Sitting in front of Alan were his parents and sister   "Oh I am so relieved right now" Catherine said with a worried face and continued "I thought you had forgotten about your mother who feed her blood to you as milk when you were little, you never let me have a rest and kept crying for milk" Catherine said in a serious tone as she glared at him.   'Is my mother always like that, she doesn't even mind what she says to her son 'lol''   Catherine Carter, a lady from a noble house. She had blonde hair with blue eyes, and a slender body. She had a very warm motherly aura around her. She fell in love with William carter the duke and got married eventually. She is in her early thirties but her beauty could rival every goddess there was. She has a quirk, She is over clingy towards her son 'that is me'. &nbs
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Victoria Wilson is the daughter of Adam Wilson who is William's best and loyal friend. Victoria had a very warming presence around her. she had pink hair with a Sharp black eye and an elegant figure which are yet to develop. She always stayed calm in every situation, she is very intelligent and accesses every situation before acting. Buttt... she had a problem   She loses her nerves when it comes to Alan, any girl would have given up after how bad Alan treated her. But she knew why he tried to push her away, although Alan was weak, she wanted to stand by his side no matter how harsh he treats her.   Catherine glanced and William asking him to take Mia and leave the room, she then followed them wanting to give Alan and Victoria their personal space.   Thud   As the door closed: Alan and Victoria were locked into each others. Victoria's face beat red, it looked like it could bleed any movement.
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  A maid entered the room looking at Alan with a warm smile on her face. She was a young woman in her early twenties. She was Alan's personal maid.   Her name was 'Anna Bell', she had been taking care of Alan while he was in coma. She was with him from when he was young.   Basically, she is a second mother to Alan. In Carter family all the members have their personal maid/ butler. Their duty was to obey whatever their master orders that's includes 'giving their life to their master as well'.   Alan smiled at anna as he asked "How are you anna?".   Anna sniffed with a teary eye "master how could you worry about me when you are in a condition like that!!"   Anna loved Alan like her own son since Alan always treated her special. More like a mother than a maid.   Alan's memories:   Alan at age six,  
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  After having some good tea time with the family Alan returned to his room and lay on his bed. Alan was trying to organize his thoughts, from the conversation he had with his parents he was sure about only one thing.   'The strong feed on the week' Alan raised his hand looking at the ceiling.   'From what I could realize with the conversation I had with mom and dad' This world overflows with mana, after each individual awaken their powers, they enroll at the academy in the capital city of the kingdom. 'The Hogwarts academy' the only academy for magic in The Tranz kingdom. The children are enrolled when they real adulthood at Eighteen.   Each attribute has various spells we learn from spellbooks.   The spell books are categorized as:   Basic grade spell book   Lower grade spell book   Intermediate grad
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  The next morning the sun trying to kiss Alan through the gaps between curtains.   Mhmm... ahhhh Alan stretched his arms as he yawned.   'Waking up in peace huh, I have missed this feeling'   Alan tries to organize his schedule for the day 'First I should start taking long walks to free the screw in my body, then I ask anna to guide me in gathering mana' just when Alan finished organizing his schedule   'Some guests are coming today right!'   Knock Knock   "Hmm… Alan are you awake" Catherine's voice came beyond the door.   Alan responded immediately "yes, mother"   "Ok get ready soon, the guests will arrive any time" Catherine's footsteps faded away after reminding Alan.   On the way to 'Clan Zeus' in a Beautiful gold-plated carriage:   Humming…Read more
In Trouble
                    After introducing himself Alan took a seat next to his father and tried to figure out his devil moms plans with her devil friend. While William and Daniel looked at each other uncomfortably with an awkward smile, they seem to facing the same problems in their marriage life.   Seeing everyone Busy Alan didn't know what else to speak other than introducing himself, it is his first-time receiving guests of course excluding Victoria (can we even call her a guest now?).   His mother looked preoccupied in her conversation while his dad just sat blanky looking at his wife that goes same for Daniel as well. Sigh   Alan glanced at Ashley through the corner off his eye. As soon she felt his gave Ashley looked down as she blushed. Bad ump bad ump   'Oh no he is looking at me, I can't my heart is bleeding' Ashle
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