Parallel System

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Parallel System

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Dylan Brodie, a delivering staff at an university in Ohio, was betrayed by his girlfriend because he's too poor and weak. While he's being abused until passed out, he suddenly woke up with 1 million dollars given by the system. Will he be able to use the money as the system orders or fail and return to his old life?

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    Very very interesting. Keep it up

    2023-11-08 15:42:30
  • titiksua


    Please leave your comment and rating when you read this book, because this is my first book in MegaNovel ...

    2023-10-31 21:09:07
  • Peachypie


    This book so amazing. Alurnya menarik dan berbeda dengan cerita lainnya.

    2023-10-27 22:37:20
  • Blessing Okosi


    Having a system like that will be cool. If I'm Dylan, after acquiring the wealth, I'll deal with Hailey. It's intriguing Author. Loving it

    2023-10-26 22:58:48
  • Yukides


    I would flee the country if I had a million dollars given by the system lol Good story!

    2023-10-26 19:39:32
  • Sumvit Prasad


    disgusting end of story

    2024-04-26 03:48:53
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182 chapters
Chapter 1
"We don't have much time, don't waste it!" This is the 20th item delivered by Dylan. Working as a delivery staff at Ohio University is one of Dylan's efforts to earn extra money for college. Dylan wants to study the major he wants so that after graduating he will have a degree and a more decent job. On this particular day, Dylan picked up a lot of items to be delivered because he needed more money to celebrate his one-year anniversary with his girlfriend, Haily. Dylan knew Haily when they accidentally met at a college festival. They started dating two weeks later and have been dating for a year. Although Haily's lifestyle is far above Dylan's, Dylan is amazed that Haily wants to be his girlfriend. Dylan drove his motorcycle through a small alley between tall buildings to reach his destination faster. Burn Bright, the gym where Dylan currently goes. Luckily this is his last package, so afterwards Dylan has time to buy a gift and get ready before heading to the restaurant he h
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Chapter 2
"Aaaaa!" Haily screams. She finally noticed Dylan's presence there. A few minutes passed and Dylan still stayed where he was. He had no energy to leave this room. What Dylan really regretted is that Haily failed to keep the trust he gave her. Dylan and Haily had never gone further than a kiss on the cheek. It felt like Dylan's heart shattered into pieces like glass being deliberately slammed. Alan and Haily put their clothes back on. Then they approached Dylan. "Who are you?" asked Alan.Dylan noticed that Haily's face had no regretful expression at all. Instead, he now saw an annoyed look on Haily's face. Dylan doubted if Haily really loved him all this time."How could you forget, honey? He is a 1 thousand dollar person," said Haily.Dylan frowned as he didn't understand Haily's words."Ah, you don't know yet." Haily moved closer to Dylan. "Some college students made a bet. If I succeeded to make you my boyfriend, they gave me 1 thousand dollars. And yeah, I received that money
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Chapter 3
No one thought Dylan could stand up again. Dylan used his legs to kick Alan so that he could get up. Although he staggered and his vision blurred a little, Dylan tried to fight back.Dylan intended to punch Alan in the stomach but he failed. As a result Alan kicks Dylan many times in the stomach with his knee."Just give up." Alan pushed Dylan's body until Dylan's head hit the floor very hard."Hey, what are you doing!" shouted Haily. She checked Dylan's pulse as well as his breathing. "You want to kill him?""Don't blame me. He forced himself," Alan argued.Dylan's condition is really bad. His body is full of bruises and there is also a lot of blood coming out of his body because of the blows given by Alan.Dylan couldn't maintain consciousness and he passed out.Dylan felt his body become lighter like flying in the clouds. When he opened his eyes, he saw a wide area of grass. Dylan tried to scream but no one answered. This place is exactly the meadow that had been present in Dylan'
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Chapter 4
Dylan looked around again until the nurse got confused by his gesture. "Are you okay, Sir?""Yes, I'm fine."There's no way Dylan can tell the truth about the sound he heard because the nurse might think it was the effect of Dylan's head injury. So Dylan kept quiet until he got to the new room.System: No threat detected.The voice bothered Dylan so much that he unconsciously held his head. "Stop that nonsense!"Dylan realized that he was poor, but he didn't want to hallucinate having so much money in his bank account.The nurse checks Dylan's condition and helps Dylan to rest on the new bed. Then she went to call the doctor."Who are you?" asked Dylan curiously. He had even thought he was crazy from getting bumped.System: If you have questions about the money, please answer yes. If you don't have any questions, please answer no.Dylan got frustrated. Other people acted normally as if they hadn't heard the voice. Not knowing what to do, Dylan finally tried to listen to the voice."Ye
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Chapter 5
"Is this a joke? Who's behind this?" Dylan got panicked because he's afraid that the 1 million dollars will only stay in his account for a short time.Dylan looked in the mirror. His looks still pitiful. Deep down, he really wanted to use the money to change his life.System: Rain. The name of this system is Rain. To turn on the system, you need to say the word.Dylan was shocked, he had to step back because he heard the voice of the system again. Even now the system had a special name."Alright Rain. Can I use the money in my account to buy anything?"System: You are free to use the money as long as it is spent within 3 days. You can also change your look using the following options.Suddenly, a transparent screen appeared in Dylan's view, containing several male body shapes, clothes, haircut styles, and other accessories. Dylan tried to touch his hand to the front but there was nothing there.Then Dylan decided to choose by mentioning his choice.Suddenly Dylan's body felt like bein
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Chapter 6
Dylan's head felt so dizzy. He also felt nauseous like he might vomit.Dylan finally opened his eyes. Something very dazzling blocked his view. After blinking a few times, Dylan realized that the glare was the magnificent decorative lamp above him.Dylan moved backwards to get away from the lamp for fear of it falling. But when his hand touched the bed, Dylan knew this wasn't his apartment building. Dylan's bed wasn't this soft and big. Dylan's room was small and not as big as this place."Where am I?" He looked around the room.This room was magnificent with a futuristic design like in the movies Dylan had seen about the future. Everything felt so strange and amazing at the same time.Dylan slowly got up and examined his look in the large mirror in front of the bed. Dylan still wore the clothes he had last worn on the flight to Florida.Looking at the desk area, Dylan realized that there were two suitcases that he had brought on the plane. On the other side, Dylan also remembers that
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Chapter 7
"What do you mean I'm in a parallel world? Aren't l in the year of 2100?" asked Dylan in confusion.System: That's right. You're in a parallel world in the future where this place is more advanced than where you came from. The parallel world is inversely proportional to the normal world.The system's explanation added to the complexity of the thoughts in Dylan's mind."Then, what do you mean by the place where the system was created? Did you mean that you came from a black hole from this parallel world?" asked Dylan.System: Correct, the latest system was created in 2099, one year before today. We were developed by some geniuses so that it can enter the human mind. They tested the system to go back in the past. Instead of returning to the past, some systems entered the mirror world which is the normal world to you."So you are one of the systems that failed?"System: There are no failed systems. Those of us who entered your world also succeeded because we learned many things there."T
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Chapter 8
System: The second mission you have to do is to take revenge on the people who hurt you, Haily and Alan.Dylan thought seriously about the mission he just got from the system. Would Dylan be able to get revenge, especially on Haily? Dylan didn't know for sure. But Dylan absolutely wanted to get revenge on Alan."Rain, what kinds of features the system have?"System: A system contains the main features such as mission, reward, time limit, penalty, and redeem points. In addition, the system also provides supporting features if needed.Dylan avoided a robot that cleaned up fallen leaves on the ground. He returned to the hotel to pick up the rest of the money and exchange it at the Central Bank. Dylan also listened to the explanation from the system as he walked because he didn't have much time until the bank closed today."What are time limits and redeem points?" Dylan asked. He pressed the 15th floor on the hologram inside the lift.System: Time limit is the limitation given to do a mis
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Chapter 9
System: Here are the details of your transaction.[Name: Dylan Brodie][Level: II][Abilities: Flying, Scanning][Mission 1: Spend 1 million dollars in 150 days [ongoing]][Time Limit: 150 days][Mission 2: Revenge on Haily and Alan [new]][Time Limit: 7 days][Recent Transaction: System Protection [$10,000]; Abilities: Flying & Scanning [$50,000]][Remaining Balance: $240,000][Redeem Point: 0]"Congratulations Sir, your system has been provided with a safety feature," said the bank officer.Dylan immediately approached Haily and Alan who walked into a room. But the two bodyguards who were guarding them stopped Dylan."Do we know each other?" Alan asked."Are you playing dumb? You even punched me until I was passed out," Dylan replied. Then Dylan turned to look at Haily. Haily's look seemed a little different from the last time they met."Why don't we talk inside?" asked Haily. She approached Dylan. "You seem to recognize us."Dylan, Haily, and Alan entered a room that was actually r
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Chapter 10
Dylan woke up from passed out. He felt the same feeling as when he first woke up in the hospital after being beaten by Alan in the gym. Two IVs were inserted in Dylan's hands.While trying to get up, Dylan felt a nausea that suddenly struck.Dylan vomited on the floor and all he vomited was water. It felt like his throat is still sore and hot.Doctors and nurses entered the room after getting a signal from the room scanner informing them of Dylan's condition.Dylan couldn't stop vomiting. There was no food that he vomited and only water, so it was very painful."Nurse, inject some medicine to relieve the nausea," the doctor said.The nurse injected Dylan with the medicine and shortly he stopped vomiting and started to stabilize.Dylan began to feel the burning in his throat disappear."What exactly happened?" asked Dylan in a hoarse and weak voice."You have alcohol poisoning. Alcohol is not recommended for people to drink on an empty stomach. Your stomach was empty and you immediatel
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