To Love A Pauper

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To Love A Pauper

By: Wayne Selah OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Donald, a poor boy in a forbidden love with Sandra from a rich home. At some points, he lost hope of being with Sandra considering the fact that he cannot contend with Mrs Susan and Alex the rich guy. How did Donald and Sandra fell in love? What uniqueness does Donald have in the class? Was Mrs Susan able to stop the two lovers? What is the fate of Mrs Susan? Did the love end in fulfilment?

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31 chapters
the scholarship
"Are you Donald Benjamin that participated in the just concluded LEAP foundation scholarship Mathematics competition?" The unknown visitor asked immediately Donald opened the door. Donald nodded in agreement without saying a word."You are among the top 10 highest scorer and your presence is needed at front entrance 1175 W Baseline road Claremont, CA 91711, USA by 11am tomorrow." The visitor added as she hand over a file to Donald. Donald became exhilarated at the hearing of the visitors' news. He wish to be among the top 10 from the onset but he wasn't sure he could actually make it. He ran to his mother and shared the good news.***It was a great arena; a representative from LEAP foundation scholarship was present.The representative presented some speech from the chairman of the organisation and congratulated all the top 10 scorers. He went on to declare that the LEAP foundation have decided to offer scholarship to all the top 10 scorers. On hearing the statement of the represent
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Donald got a slap
"Jason is a disgruntling scum," Donald reasoned out loudly. He speaks with so much hatred for Jason.His mother over heard all his monologues while In the bed room. She came and ask Donald what the annoyance was all about. Though Donald tried to deviate from the reason that makes him worry so much but his mother was smart and persistent. Donald started shedding tears profusely. One could tell from his look that he's being traumatized emotionally. He narrated what transpired in the school earlier to his mother. He cried and mourn his father once again."I wish dad is still alive!" Donald said.His mother console him and encourage him, "Be strong my son; You can get to any height without your father."Donald took his mother's advice and stopped crying.***While Sandra was in her bed. She thought about the Donald-Jason incident in the class earlier. She asked herself many questions about Donald: 'Is his mother actually a poor fish seller? Why did Jason have to scorn him that way? Why do
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Donald's birthday (the apology)
Immediately clara called out, Donald and Jake turned to see the caller but Sandra tapped Clara to show her her mother's car packed at some distance away from the gate. "Fuck! My mother is here by her self to pick me today. I can't talk to Donald again," Sandra lamented.On hearing this, Clara quickly gave Donald a hand signal which clearly depicts 'see you later.'Sandra went home that day regretting and wishing her mother never come to pick her up. The look on both Sandra and Clara's faces clearly showed that all is not right but Mrs Susan could not ask them because she had no clue to whatever it is. 'what is wrong with Sandra? Who is that Donald of a boy they were calling before they noticed my presence? Hope Sandra don't have anything to do with that fathead of a boy! I've planned to get her into union with Alex in order to cover my dubiousness. Hope its not what am thinking.' Mrs susan thought all these to herself while driving them home. ***"Next week is resumption and nex
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Sandra professes love
"What is that?" Donald asked curiously."I know i shouldn't strike first but I can't hold it anymore. Donald, do... do you love me?" She stuttered.Donald could be seen with mixed expression; he actually don't know what to say. "I've never loved and I don't know how it feels like to love someone," Donald mumbled."But do you always think about me?" Sandra investigated."Ye... Yes," he managed to stutter."I love you Donald. Please come and ride with us, we will drop you in your place," she said."Am not going in your direction, I will walk," Donald declined."We will drop you off in your place before we take our own direction. If you don't follow us, you have not accepted my apologies," Sandra persist.Donald was pinned by her words, he became silent for sometimes. He just turned and started moving towards the car. When they came close to the car"Please Donald," Sandra pleaded from behind.Donald paused when he finally came to the car. Sandra rushed to open the car door for him and h
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the drink at the cafeteria
"Really? Where will Jake sit?" Clara asked."With you i think"Clara gave her an unsatisfactory look but deep down, she is happy that Jake will be sitting with her Sandra went staright to Donald's desk and sit because Jake wasn't yet in the school. When Jake came into the class, Sandra pointed at her previous sit for him, and without hesitation, he went and sit with Clara"You saw my gift" Donald asked Sandra "Yes, i also saw the write-up in it" Sandra aswered"Why don't you tell me that you love me all this while?" Sandra asked with a low voice "Hmmm...." Donald sighed out"Am all ears" Sandra persist"I feel like to mingle with people of same status with me," Donald said. "You may not be rich now but you are a great mathematician: must you find a great mathematician before you mingle?" Sandra asked"You know that birds of the same feather flies together. I may be a mathematician but I'm not rich" Donald answered"You cannot be serious. I am not rich too. My mother and I are ver
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the kiss
'I have wish to feel his lips on mine. I have waited for this moment since the first day I saw Donald. I wish he have the boldness to kiss me now.' Sandra thought to herself as she slowly close her eyes, waiting to feel Donald's lips on hers.Donald gently lean forward and slammed his lips on Sandra's. Sandra felt out of the world. She felt a sense of pleasure travelling through her spine. She wish that moment never come to an end. Sandra began to push forward more as she lock her lips with that of Donald. She gently raise her right hand and put it on Donald's collar. Sandra began to pull Donald gently to herself. Donald's neck was stiff, he didn't move back nor front.It was obvious that Donald was having his first kiss. His behaviour was like that of a juvenile.Just when Sandra tried to get her left hand on Donald's right collar, her phone began to ring. They both were distracted. They jolted at the hearing of the phone's ringing. Donald quickly withdraw from the kissing, allowing
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Alex's arrival
"Sandra! Sandra!!" Donald called but Sandra didn't answer.Donald quickly keep his book down and run fast to catch up with Sandra. Donald caught up with her and held her by the shoulders. "Please stop. I didn't mean to offend you" Donald said."If you wouldn't take it from me, just let me go. The only prerequisite that can stop me, is for you to take this necklace from me," Sandra said with an irked face."No problems. I will take it from you. Just come back," Donald assured.They came back and Donald took the necklace from her."I know you don't want to take it from me because you don't like taking things from rich people. I don't like that attitude of yours Donald," Sandra said."Am just sorry," Donald apologized."The only thing that will make me dislike you is cheating." Sandra suddenly said with her eyes fixed on Donald."Same with me. If I discover such act, I wouldn't ask you before staying away completely from you," Donald said.***Mrs Susan's phone rang, its a call from Engr
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the beginning of heartbreaks
While Mrs Susan and Engr. Mason were chatting and laughing, Sandra was quiet with the expression that she was not happy. Her eyes were looking violent like a wounded lion.Alex also felt that Sandra wasn't happy, neither would she want to talk to him. So he kept quiet.Soon, Sandra feel uncomfortable about their company and she decided to go to her room. "Mum, i will be in my room." Sandra told her mother as she stand up acting ready to go inside."No Sandra, they have come to see us," Mrs Susan said."Mother, I've given you my words; am not in this!" Sandra said with absolute furiousness.Engr. Mason tried to stop and talk to her but all his efforts was to no avail. She went to her room, locked her door and lied down covering her heard with a pillow to avoid hearing anything from anyone. Mrs Susan could be seen with a furious face, her expression shows that she could hurt Sandra if she should lay hands on her that moment . Engr. Mason calm her down and told her not to bother much t
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Juliana's contract
Alex went on and confess to Mrs susan that Sandra is truely in love with Donald and that Donald is a boy without faults that can be use against him in order to make Sandra dislike him. He complain that it will be difficult for him to get Sandra to himself with the presence of Donald in the school. He further said that he don't know what to do and that he had called to seek for some advice."You have done well by telling me all these and also seek for my advice. I will look for solution tomorrow," Mrs Susan said after Alex complains."Okay ma'am, good night." Alex said as he hung up the Phone.Mrs Susan was pissed about the fact that Donald had taken over her daughter's heart. At the other hand, she felt happy because Alex is obviously interested in Sandra and he can do many things to get her out of Donald's grip. Mrs Susan thought for a while, she believed that forcing Sandra to stop being friend with Donald will definately be a wasted effort because Sandra's heart had already been ca
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Jessica on Donald's desk
Sandra came back from school the following day and met her mother sitting on the couch. Mrs Susan prentended to be engrossed in a news paper she was reading and so, she didn't look up as the door clanged. Sandra was surprised at her mother's unusual engrossment. She walked down to where her mother was sitting. "Good day ma," Sandra greeted as she wait to see her mother's reaction. "I was told that you are still very much interested in Donald," Mrs Susan said without raising up her eyes."What do you mean mother?" Sandra asked."I know you know what i mean." this time, she kept the news paper down and adjust on the couch."Sit and listen to what i have to tell you" Mrs susan said as Sandra slowly sit on a couch opposite her mother."Look, i am your mother and i know what is best for you. You have nothing to gain from an affair with a pauper like Donald. I have done researches and I've gathered all the information i need about Donald. To be frank, he is not a the type of guy that shoul
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