REBIRTH: The Unrivaled Sovereign

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REBIRTH: The Unrivaled Sovereign

By: Autophile OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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The life of the home that has always been a target of contempt by his wife's extended family. But no one knows that Andrew is actually the second-richest man in Manhattan. Everything he had, including the tens of millions of dollars that his extended family was giving him. All this time, she pretended to be poor enough to win her love, Floryn, an elegant woman whom men admire very much.

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1. Party
The building in the center of Manhattan stands majestically on a large plot of land. The wedding anniversary party that Osvaldo's extended family was celebrating was going on very quietly. Family members from all walks of life were here. The economic level was the center of everyone's attention. There was a couple who went up to the altar and wished Osvaldo's elders a happy birthday. The gift didn't look small and people's expressions were very dismissive of it. They were Andrew Steward and Floryn Osvaldo. Yes, three years ago Andrew had married Floryn in the most insulting of weddings for the family. No parties in the most luxurious hotels. No grand building like the one owned by the Osvaldo family. But in retrospect, Floryn had never questioned her life with Andrew at all. She was well aware of the Steward family's economic situation. Andrew rented an apartment to live in with Floryn. Everyone had underestimated what Andrew had. The reason was, when he chose to marry Floryn-who
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2. The Prodigal Son
"Your son has married a woman from the Osvaldo family." Max sat in his chair leaning back, enjoying the cigarette still in his left hand. This son, who had been missing for a dozen years, was found a few days ago by Axton who was none other than Max's manager or right-hand man. The man's gaze was intense with facial hair that filled his lower cheeks. "Are you sure that he is Ethan?" Axton nodded his head. "I've confirmed it's him. Ever since that kidnapping incident over twenty years ago. All the birthmarks and characters, as well as Andrew being very similar to Mrs Claire, I've also checked with the place where Ethan works." The woman Max loved the most was Claire. Then, Ethan's disappearance at that time hit Claire hard. The family's favorite boy had just disappeared. According to information obtained from the school. Ethan was kidnapped by a group of people who used a car and took Ethan just like that. "Bring Ethan back to this place, Axton!" Axton gave a pitying look. Becaus
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3. Toronto
The extended family arrived in Toronto. A magnificent building standing on a very wide land. Milly and her husband's eyes were fixed on the very luxurious building. Little did he know that the child he had cared for for more than twenty years was the son of a super-rich man in Toronto. Kidnapping cases because a business that is very advanced makes its business opponents feel very competitive.Now, Milly stepped foot on the red carpet of the luxury home. With very tight control too. “Welcome, Mr and Mrs Steward.” Greet a man that Milly saw in the photo that Axton was showing at the time.The man named Max smiled and held out his hand. They felt it was inappropriate to shake the hand of this wealthy man. Because the Steward family comes from a poor and slum family. But can set foot in this place. "Sit down!" Max asked them both.Milly and her husband had told their son there was a meeting outside Manhattan. Now, sitting across from a very wealthy family here. There were two young beaut
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4. Ethan Alexander Smith
Andrew received a sheet from his boss to go to Toronto the day after tomorrow. There is a task waiting for him there. For a few days, he would leave his wife in Manhattan. After all, Andrew had never left Floryn before.With the sheet in his hand. .he then contacted one of his work relatives to ask whether Andrew could take Floryn or not. Because he wasn't used to going to an area without Floryn with him.His wife who has been full time at home. Since his wife had a miscarriage incident. .Andrew doesn't want to see his wife doing something hard anymore. The hope of the two of them is to have children in the future. His wife has also been waiting long enough for another pregnancy.They both love each other. .the desire to live together is so great. Obstructed by the blessing of Floryn's parents who always try to separate the two of them. Meanwhile, Andrew is trying to prove his love to his wife. That they would forever be in love. .everything must be proven also by Andrew.After contac
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5. Mr Smith Son
Andrew doesn't go to work. People in his office already know that Andrew is Ethan who is Mr. Smith's son. Meanwhile, there is Axton who accompanies him to go to one of the places where he was given the luxurious house by his father.max gave permission to live in Manhattan. Even so, A has not explained to his wife about the plan to buy this house.Invited by Axton to go around looking for a house that is much more decent than the one he lives in now.“You like this house, Ethan?” asked Axton along with two other people who belonged to this property.Andrew was still around and saw the kitchen. Because remember his wife likes cooking the most. Thus, the first thing to think about was a place to cook for Floryn. Then another thing.Married life that no one else will interfere with. Andrew's intention is also to take revenge on Osvaldo and the extended family. Always underestimating Andrew when making not so much money.Axton stood in front of him and was still thinking. .whether this wi
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6. Osvaldo Family
After buying expensive clothes for Floryn before they went to her parents' place. They also bought a luxury watch that would be given to Jack - Andrew's father-in-law later on. Because this is the most luxurious gift that will be given to his father-in-law. Andrew had also bought a diamond necklace for his mother-in-law. At the very least, don't let others take her for granted anymore. Especially Poppy and her husband who always insulted her like that. Now, there would be no more room for Poppy and the others to insult Andrew because their social status had changed drastically. After setting foot at Osvaldo's residence. He finally parked his luxury car in front of the mansion. Getting out of there, Jack greeted him. "Whose car are you taking, Andrew?" Floryn finally spoke up. "It's our car, Dad. It's the result of Andrew's hard work over the years." Just look at the reaction of Floryn's mother who was immediately happy to hear that it was Andrew's car. They were both invited in
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7. Rebirth
Leaving Floryn home alone with the servants. Andrew's first day at the office his parents had assigned him to. It was his first time as a leader in the company. There was Max standing there in his well-tailored suit. Ready to welcome the new leader to the company. All the department heads were gathered in a room. "Today, I will announce the new leader for my company." Andrew stood up with a bit of embarrassment for being a company leader for the first time. But his parents were here. There were also his adoptive parents attending his important event. "This is Ethan Alexander Smith. My first son who is now the head of the company where you are. I hope you can work together with him." Andrew's name was officially retired today, replaced with Ethan Alexander Smith. The surname Steward has also been retired. As a farewell to the name. He was very grateful to his adoptive parents for taking care of him and giving him a good education. Hearing the news that he would remain in Manhatta
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8. The Crazy Man
"All contracts with Oxter Company are canceled, sir." Justin's manager told Osvaldo who was sitting in his office. He didn't think the bastard was serious about saying that he was Max's son. All this time, Osvaldo had belittled and insulted the man, saying that Andrew was not worthy to marry Floryn. But, since some time ago, a big announcement had been made. Max announced that a big company in Manhattan was headed by Andrew, now called Ethan Alexander Smith. The man was amazing, changing everything so quickly. Thwarting any cooperation project with Osvaldo's company with one signature. Remember how Osvaldo used to be so stubborn and tried to make a name for himself and the company. One hit by Ethan and everything fell apart. The man who had tried to keep his good name was defeated by a young son of a bitch. It wasn't long before he saw his name prominently displayed on Oxter's company leader letter. Osvaldo's heart ached and saw how he could feel like that in such an absurd way.
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9. Threat
Standing at the third floor window of his home. Ethan casually savored the cup of coffee Floryn had made for him. While staring outside. There was a black sedan in front of his house. It had been there for more than an hour. Taking out binoculars to look at the situation. The burly man's body felt like someone was watching him since moving into this house. He saw two men in the car, complete with guns in their hands. Ethan called his father to confirm who was out there. But he hadn't gotten around to it yet. Floryn approached him. "Ethan, I'll get you some food." He gestured for Floryn to stop there. seeing that the man was also staring at the house. "Floryn, get out of your place right now!" Ethan squinted his eyes. Noticing through the binoculars that they were aiming shots at him. DoorOne shot went through and shattered a window on the third floor. Meanwhile, Floryn was screaming and terrified. Luckily she managed to pull Floryn's hand away and the car drove off. "Asshole
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