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Cha Joon, a twenty-five-year-old college drop spends his life playing a mobile game called Mystical creature master, where he hunts virtual mystical creatures by going to the mapped location on his phone. on one of his hunts, he meets a real mystical creature "Fenrir" and gets killed, but when he opened his eyes he found himself in a world of swords and magic. what unexpected and extraordinary journey awaits Cha Joon in this new world.


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“Damn…. Damn…” he shouted as he ran through the forest holding his left arm, missing a chunk of flesh. “Fuck, it’s getting closer; I knew I shouldn’t have gone on this stupid hunt,” he said while running through the dark forest, he could dodge the trees because of the full moon’s light.Even though he was bleeding continuously, he didn’t stop for a second, because he knew death was a few breaths away. “Who would have thought fictional monsters were real….”.*Bang! *He got hit by something, which sent him flying and crashing into a tree, “ahh… cough, fuck! He broke my legs. Shit. Stay away…. I said you stay back darn it, don’t come any closer.” He yelled while dragging his broken body forward with his right arm. He used the soil, tree roots, and even sticks to move forward, desperately trying to escape.With his will, he manages to escape the forest. He looks up and saw a cliff in front of him. He was cornered. Behind him was a beast coming to take his life and in front of him was a c
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“Why isn’t she crying?” A maid asked. As she held the baby in her hand.“I am not sure. Aren’t babies supposed to cry when they are born?”“Should I try hitting her bottom?”Joon heard voices after he regained consciousness. He tried to listen to what they were saying, but he could not understand. What language is that? It’s not Korean or English… where the hell am I? Joon said in his mind while he began to panic.“Pak-”Joon got spanked on the ass by the maid holding him. “Ouch. What the hell… Who hit my ass? And why does it hurt so much?” he complained.*Ding*[system establishing the connection.]A mechanical voice resounded in Joon’s mind, shocking him to open his eyes and he saw a floating, transparent blue screen. He tried looking around to see where he was and what was going on. “I can see now… but why are my eyes so sensitive? … what the hell, am pretty sure this is not a hospital. And why the hell am I seeing a game status screen?” Cha Joon was confused. The people spoke diff
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"Hey, maid lady, tell me more." Joon tried talking to the red-haired maid, but the only words that came out of his baby mouth were.*Aboo, Abu-bu*“Oh, princess, are you enjoying my story?” Joon smiled to show the maid showing that he was enjoying the story. “Ok, ill continue. Even though women can’t manipulate mana, we can store them, and We also possess the ability to transfer part of our mana to the children we bare. One of the maids whispered some words to the red-haired maid that shocked her. The maid looked toward Joon. “I'm sorry I can't continue my story, princess, the mistress is summoning us.” the red-haired and the other maids in the room left in a hurry.” Joon thought to himself. “Why does she keep calling me princess? I mean, I am a boy, right? Sta.-Status!.[Name]: ????[Level]:0/3[Race]: Human??[Sex]: Female[HP]: 15[MP]: 80[Attack power]: 1[Magic power]: 0[Strength]: 5[intelligence]: 40[charm]:45[Luck]: 15[Defense]: 7[skill]:>>“Let's see. Why don't I have
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*********Time skip********Six months passed by swiftly. Joon had grown a few inches over the months, and he could now control his body more comfortably.“It’s been six months since I reincarnated into this world, but all I see are maids. They either come to clean my room, feed me, or gossip about how Lisa cheated on her husband with Fred, like why would Lisa cheat on her husband when he’s so nice…*cough* I almost got distracted. Their gossips were not all useless talk. For example, I learned that my father, the emperor is a tyrant. At the age of twelve, he became an aura user. the first person to achieve aura at that age. as his daughter, I was a little proud until I heard how he slaughtered all the royal family members on his thirteenth birthday, like who are you *Itachi*? He was crowned at fourteen, and after his coronation, he waged war against all northern kingdoms. The nobles opposed the war, but he killed everyone that opposed him, including their family members. No one was spa
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After exiting the room, Joon was shocked by how huge and beautifully decorated the hallway was. It was so huge that it looked like it was built for giants. The ceiling had giant golden chandeliers spread throughout the hallways, and the floors had dark blue marble tiles that reflected the sunlight. Joon was so fascinated by the different artworks and decorations in the hallway that he didn't even notice he had arrived at the great hall where the naming ceremony was. “What. we are here already.”*Bam!*The knights guarding the entrance pulled the handle causing the door to creak as it opened. Baroness Liliana walked in with Joon in her arms while Kane stood outside with the red-haired knight. “Woah!”. Joon was shocked by the number of people attending the ceremony, and he was also nervous because of how the nobles stared at him as they walked toward the center of the hall.As Joon tried to ignore the gaze of the nobles that made him uncomfortable, he saw a very long bridge that connect
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----------------------FLASH BACK. Back on earth, there was a famous saying ‘Don't judge a book by its cover’. Joon never believed this saying. Sure, sometimes products with an attractive cover might not be as good as advertised but in a generation where good looks and cars get you more views and followers on social media, most people don't care if their newly bought Bugatti works only three times a week, as long as its a trend. He was part of this group as well. He bought a mansion with the money he barely earned, after years of streaming mobile games with only three hours of sleep a day. because it was the latest trend to show off your gaming room. so, he bought the house, rented some furniture, and made a house tour video. In his defense, it increased his number of viewers by a lot. There is no harm in a little white lie. Or so he had thought… ------------------------END OF FLASH BACK. Now though, I can't help but wonder if the God of this world was thinking of that saying as he
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“That’s impossible,” Izaak said in an assertive tone, disrupting the chattering that started because of Gard’s words. He moved close to Gard and muttered. “After escorting the princess, get your ass home and get some rest. What you saw was because of your fatigue. I mean… look at yourself.” Understanding what his captain was getting across, Gard nodded in unseemly haste. “Ah - yes. I’ve been working too hard, hahaha. I must have been seeing things because of my fatigue”. Gard spoke in a loud voice that echoed throughout the hall while scurrying out. As the captain of the imperial knights, Izaak had many duties. One, is to dispel any rumor that could cause harm to the empire or the imperial family. If rumors spread that the cold-hearted emperor has softened up. Our neighboring kingdoms would see this as a weakness, and I must keep that from happening. Izaak thought as he stared with a suspicious gaze towards the section of the hall where the nobles were seated. It’s been ten years si
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“Why are you different?” Maximus asked rhetorically. While he raked his fingers through his smooth silver hair, which got dyed in blood.Joon looked up to see the emperor looming over him like a mountain. What does the emperor’s question mean? Why did he think he was different? Was it because of the smile that escaped her? He only laughed because the face of a decapitated woman in pleasure was the funniest thing he had ever seen.Maximus carried Joon off the floor and placed him beside the crystal ball. As soon as Joon got beside the crystal. A bright blue light shot out of the crystal, and flew towards Liliana’s body, swallowing it before it returned. “Wow.” Joon was shell-shocked by the magical phenomenon that had just occurred. Even though he knew this was a magical world, it was his first time seeing magic.[Conditions are met][Scanning for magical capacity]Looking up, Joon could see a red-colored game status window projecting out of the crystal. “What the hell is going on”. he
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“What!”. Maximus could not believe what he was seeing on the status board. The child in front of him possesses an S-class mana level. This should have been a reason for him to celebrate the birth, but the child is a girl, which meant her mana would be absorbed by the crystal and transferred to his male heir. But that wasn’t promising because all the women that he slept with gave birth to girls.There are five known aura users in the world, and each of them possesses unique abilities, but no one knows what ability they possess. Maximus possessed the ability to steal a person’s mana. But this ability has a requirement. To steal a person’s mana, he would have to consume a part of the person’s body.Maximus looked down to see a defenseless child with the power he was searching for. But even though he’s a cold and heartless man, there were lines even he wouldn’t cross.Guess ill have to wait until you are all grown up. He thought with an evil smirk as he rubbed Joon’s face with his fingers
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I can’t believe I am stuck with this human. Ella thought in the privacy of her mind.Ella could not believe that she bounded with a woman who could not even use mana. To save the world, she needed a child host that had S-class and above mana level. But who would have thought that the person who met the criteria was a human girl?“So, does the system work?” Helena asked with her mind.“The rules are simple. All you have to do is, open the system store and pay for the skills or techniques you want to learn.” Ella replied in a nonchalant tone while filing her nails. She could not bother explaining seriously to a female child who was useless to her. The only reason she hasn’t left is that she could not leave the child’s body unless she dies.“But there is no use in learning them because all the skills and techniques in this world require mana control, and guess what?” Ella asked in a mocking tone.“What?” Helena replied.“You have so much mana, but you can’t use any. hahaha. If I was born
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