Xerxes by Micheal Achonye

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Xerxes by Micheal Achonye

By: Micheal Achonye OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Born into a time of war and unrest, Xerxes finds himself weak and unable to save his nation. All that changes when he is told the truth of his birth and given a reason to fight. As he finds himself battling between good and evil, he tries to keep his powers under control while gaining mastery of his unsurmountable strength.

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12 chapters
Attack on Vlagsir
I was nine when my parents got killed by the Drakas. I watched my mother get stabbed multiple times until she gave up, while my father got hacked to pieces without mercy.Up until this day, no other memory seemed to overtake the merciless killings of my parents.When they grabbed me and I fought, I didn't know what I was fighting for, or why. It didn't seem right to budge or resist. After all, the only people I loved in this world were dead."Corporal!" a hoarse voice called out.That must be Sergeant Fin. His story wasn't better off when compared to mine. He had watched his parents get crucified upside down as a ten year old. It might have been the reason for his exceeding will to kill Drakas, be it man, woman or child.What was I saying, none of our stories were better. We had all lost something and we had joined the Dark forces to become mercenaries to go up against the Kings army. They deserved it for what they had done to us. For what they would do if they weren't stopp..."Corpo
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The escape
Breathe Xerxes, just breathe. Soot and ash still fell from the charred sky. Everything reeked of burning flesh from the dragon attack. Queen, the love of my life was gone.How could I move on?This battle was clearly over, my life was clearly over.The cards were all up, I had lost.There was no way we could defeat the King and his army. The King had the coven of dark magicians on his side. He also had the Vladians and their dragons. He had demi gods and demons acting on his command. There was no way a group of humans without useful weapons could attack. Even with the handful of magicians in the field, it was nothing when compared to the thousands of blood thirsty necromancers with nothing left to lose on the side of the King.We had clearly lost.It was time to count our losses and retreat.Who knows, maybe I would live to see twenty five."All magicians on the right, the humans on the left and the Vladians in the middle!" a man announced repeatedly. That was the General putting
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Angs POV
POV (Point of view)"Georgey! Where are you? The ships are about to leave and we have to go."By the gods, Georgey should take his life more seriously. This wasn't the time to play hide and seek."Gotcha!" he exclaimed from behind. "Oh my!" I pretended to care while feigning surprise. The little boy had been hiding behind a tent. His techniques were becoming quite predictable these days. I remembered my first encounter, it was really horrible. I had come out of the kitchen with the generals food and drinks when he jumped out with a play knife. I threw everything into the air and ran back inside thinking he was a Draka soldier. Although I got reprimanded for it, I could not share the blame with him so I took the brunt end of the short stick. He was a child after all, he was allowed to have his fun."Have you packed your bags?" I asked, playfully tugging his cheek."Yes I have," he answered laughing. His gap teeth reminded me of our mother. He really had our mothers look and everythi
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Untold Power
(Angs POV)It was a mess on the ship with everyone running helter skelter to avoid colliding with the Vladians and magicians. No one had expected them to show up so soon. So many things went through my mind, if they were here it meant the distraction hadn't worked.Oh I hope the Soldier is okay, I hope the warriors who had stayed back to act as decoys were okay.I could not stay here anymore, I had to find my brother and if possible get off this ship.He had a murderous look on his face. He had surely grown, from the little cartographer I had known to the man who stood before me.I wanted to hold him in my arms and tell him that it would be okay, that it would be over soon, but we all know it would not solve anything. Xerxes was no quitter that's for sure, and he had come so far to think of giving up.No, he would never do it. Not now, not on this ship. There was nothing he could do, but knowing the young man, he was not going down without a fight, sooner or later a plan would surely
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(Xerxes POV)"Can you remember what happened after you jumped towards the lightning ball?" a bald general asked, standing over me with concern on his face. How daft could he possibly be? I had told them everything I could remember but they would not believe me.General Kol had been asking the same question over and over again for almost an hour. Ang had given her testament to the Generals and magicians, but her story was not matching up with mine. She had said crazy things which did not make any sense.How could I have faced off against the legendary Meridius and won?That was not only impossible but also crazy talk.The stares being sent my way were that of fear and terror, however it was mixed with a bit of hope. They looked at me like I was some sort of saviour but they were about to be disappointed.I was nothing but a stable boy, a cartographer."For the hundredth time General," I sighed with exasperation. "I remember jumping towards a lightning ball and waking up on Ang, that'
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Enemy or not
"So, why are you out anyway?" she let out shattering my daydream, bringing me back to reality. "The healer said your mind needed time to conform, but here you are, what's on your mind?"I did need time to heal but my mind was not broken, not with what I had seen and heard. I was as fit as a fiddle and I bet I could start training if the Xaj had allowed it. The dreams were all things of the past as I envisioned a future where we all got to win and taste victory. "Have you been to the library before?" I asked, trying not to sound excited. She nodded in affirmation but immediately advised against it saying the books were not up to date, however what I searched for was something that didn't need additional information.Petra had been with me and given me the plans on how my training was to go. We would visit the ten temples of the gods where I would train with the monks and Xaj learning to control my innate abilities. We would pass through Crete, the city of knowledge and I would get th
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Twisted hearts
"Liar!" I screamed in anger. He would not turn me against the Xaj."You lie! You want me to turn against Petra and get the people to not trust her. You work for the King, don't you?" I went on, not minding if my voice was loud or not."Xerxes, calm down...""Stay out of this Ang, your uncle is a liar and right now I am having second thoughts about trusting him...""Then trust me Xerxes. Trust me", she said with calm, putting her hands in mine.It was infuriating listening to him talk, I wanted to walk away and never turn back, but I could not. I relaxed a bit while letting her warm hands caress mine. "Let's hear what he has to say. If you are not satisfied with his answer you can leave and never look back," her eyes pleaded. Deep down I had a hunch I was not going to be satisfied with what he had to say, but Ang gave me a convincing look and I had to trust her."Fine!" I shrugged away from her grip."Tell me what you mean when you said that Petra was the traitor?" I sighed, directin
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Gods of heaven and hell
She stood, wandering over to the shelves with her index finger pointed at the books, "I thought these books were supposed to be destroyed. I can see you saved them...""Can we get back to the story?" I asked impatiently. I felt for her, I really did, but I needed to know if I was on the right side of the war. I needed to know who the real enemy was. "Very well," she said, walking back to her seat and falling in a lazy manner. "Where was I? Ahhh yes, my journey," she went on. "When I ran out of the nation, I joined the outcasts. They were a group of people unjustly kicked out of the country for one crime or the other. They were my new family. I learnt a lot from them and I got stronger with their help. I learnt all about the gods and the different powers a Xaj could wield. I... No, we fought together and we became more powerful. We recruited new members to our team and that was where I met General Obsidian and Kol. Together we drove off every single evil we could find until we becam
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Tales from my Parents
"Why can't you help me?" I asked. "After all, you're a god too." There was so much that needed to be done and I wanted the easy way out. I didn't ask for any of this and if she was right, then there had to be a way to stop the war without more bloodshed."Like I said earlier, I can only tell you things which you need to know, but there are still so much that you need to learn on your own," she emphasized to me, stretching out the last statement. That wasn't much help. The wind howled in the distance causing me to shiver at the cold. This did not feel like a dream or vision. I could feel things like I was still in the real world. I wondered if I could get hurt here, or die. "You created this place with your mind when you were just a kid," she said, breaking my thoughts. "It was your solace whenever you were down or scared," she continued, stretching her arms out while cracking her knuckles in the process."I still remember when you were little, I would read to you about the old god
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Bar fight!
It was midnight and I could not sleep. I stood at the edge of the ship watching the moonlight kiss the open sea. It was quiet now, maybe too quiet. It is what happens when war becomes a norm in a person's life, peace makes one uneasy. My birth had brought about the death of so many people, and I knew it would not end until the tyrant was stopped. Ang did not deserve to die. Little Georgey, the abbot and so many warriors I had grown up knowing did not deserve to die. When the news of his death was announced, I broke down. The sweet lovely kid, dying in a brutal way, it really was horrible. "May I join you?" she asked, breaking my train of thoughts. I wanted to be alone, I wanted a 'me' time right now. I was tired of the heroic life I was forced to live because I was seen as some kind of saviour. I'm not a hero, I'm a mistake. "Look, I know you hate me so much for not saving Ang, George or the abbot, but just know that I tried everything in my power..." "Don't... Just don't... pl
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