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In a world where the wealthy and powerful hold all the cards, one man stands alone as a vagabond, forced to scrounge and scrape for every morsel of food and every scrap of shelter. Bitter and angry, he swears to himself that he will one day have his revenge on those who have wronged him. With nothing but his strength and cunning, he begins to plot his revenge, creating a web of lies and deceit that will eventually lead him to the top of society. But as he climbs the ladder of power, he realizes that revenge comes at a cost, and he may have to sacrifice everything he holds dear to achieve the justice he seeks. With nothing left to lose, he launches his final assault, using all the tools at his disposal to bring down the corrupt elite who have long ruled his world. Will his plan succeed, or will he fall victim to the very thing he has sworn to destroy? The answer lies at the heart of this gripping tale of revenge and redemption.

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    nice story!!

    2023-02-28 21:19:44
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Oliver was sitting at his desk, typing away with a focused determination. He had been working late into the night, trying to wrap up a project that would soon reach a very good result. All around him, his co-workers were chattering away and getting ready to call it a day. But Oliver knew he couldn't leave until he had finished.Suddenly, the sound of loud and surprised voices interrupted his work. Quickly, he looked up to see what the fuss was all about. His co-workers were gathered around one of the desks, all of them staring intently at something on a phone screen."What's going on here?" Oliver asked, curious.One of his co-workers turned to him with a grin. "You won't believe it, Oliver. This is crazy."Curiosity piqued, and Oliver moved closer to see what they were all staring at. It was a live video on a famous platform called Vidtube, showing a luxury mansion. At first, Oliver couldn't figure out why they were all so interested in it. But then, he saw something that made his hea
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"Is this real? Are you gonna do this to me, Merideth? My love?" Oliver asked, his voice trembling with emotion.There, he noticed the annoyance on Merideth's face. She looked at him with no emotion as if he were a stranger."'What went wrong?'' Oliver asked more as his voice cracked. She pretends she doesn't know him. It hurt him so badly, ''Excuse me,'' a man came to the scene wearing a black tuxedo, he caught every woman's eye as he walk down the carpet. He was the CEO's son and surprisingly, the fiancee of Oliver's girlfriend. Oliver was threatened by the man's strong presence and aura. He can take everything away from him. And the man did it already.''What's the matter?'' the man asked her and looked at Oliver from head to toe, ''Nothing, darling,'' Merideth tried to act cool. Oliver was about to speak when suddenly his workmates pulled him away when a guard complained they didn't have invitations. ''They weren't invited here, I'm sorry if they got in,'' the guard apologize to
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The guards let him go after an order from the CEO's son. Oliver's hands rested on the ground while looking around where all people's judgmental eyes are on him. He was the center of attention. Whispers can be heard everywhere."All of a sudden, he's making trouble here," he heard what other people say, ''Isn't he ashamed? The CEO's son is in front of him, he has no respect.''It's hard to get along with rich people. They will treat a person like trash if they belong to the low class. Oliver isn't surprised anymore. Of why the world is unfair. Because some things are measured in money, luxuries, and gold. Oliver slowly stood up on his own feet and faced the man who look down on him. He noticed that he was planning something bad, he could read what was on his mind. ''I notice you're making a scene?'' he asked him sarcastically, "You're going to ruin your reputation."Oliver just ignored him and went to the woman who was at his side but the man immediately pulled her, he held her wais
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The guards immediately pinned Oliver down on the floor once again after he punched Carter in the face so hard that he also fell to the floor. The people were shocked, ''Are you out of your mind?!'' Merideth shouted and threw her heels on his face and it hit on Oliver's face.The cell phones that are on live are still focused on them on the ground, Oliver was all over the internet and he have no idea what the public was saying about him. For sure it's all bad comments. He also found his workmates in the crowd with worried and disappointed faces. He didn't expect one of them to meddle in the trouble he made.''E-excuse me sir, we'll take care of him, he's our workmate,'' Adam said but the guards didn't listen to him and kept a tight grip on Oliver. He groaned when a guard stepped on his back, ''H-he's just drunk, I'll take him home!'' Adam exclaimed.''Don't get involved in this, we can handle this,'' the guard commanded, making Adam retreat helplessly.''You're just embarrassing your
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Oliver dialed a second time and Adam finally answered, ''Adam, I'm very sorry if I called you. I have no one else to run to.'' he stammered.''I just don't think you will like what's gonna happen next. The CEO will know it soon.'' he responded, ''You've been doing great in the company and you might be promoted, and you just ruin your dreams.'' ''I understand, Adam.'' Oliver answered, "That's why I'm calling you. Can you lend me some money? I'll pay you back once I get back. The bail I have to pay here is 30000 dollars,'' "You didn't understand. I want to help you, but I'll be fired if anyone finds out,'' Adam stormed. He doesn't want Adam to get involved in this and it's wrong if he forces him to help which will result in his friend losing his job. ''It's okay, thanks though. I'll fix this.'' he hung up the phone. There are no other people Oliver can reach out. He lived all alone, and this was never a problem before. If Oliver had been told that one day you would go to jail, he
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''Because I'm your father,'' the man in the black suit took off his glasses as he tells the truth. There was an unexplainable feeling he felt when he noticed that their eye color was similar. It was emerald. There was no mirror but he saw his reflection.''Pardon me? What did you say?'' Oliver was nervous. He stand to get close to him.''You are my long lost son,'' the man cleared. His knees weakened but holding on to the car's door supported his stance."What a nice joke!" Oliver laughed out loud, not believing what the man said, thinking that he might be mistaken. He looked around to check if there are pranksters who are filming him secretly."I'm sorry, son," the apologized, his face was serious, ''I've been looking for you. Finally, I found you,'' tears almost escaped from the old man's eyes. He touched his shoulders but Oliver backed away.''I-I don't have a father,'' he claimed. Only a grandma who find him in the dark alley where he was left behind.''You have a father. It was
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So the man who steals his girlfriend is his brother? From his rich father to a cruel stepbrother?Life has really big surprises."What the hell are you doing here?!!" Carter rushed downstairs and was like a wild animal in his t erritory.Oliver gulped, he never imagine having a brother like him. "I already warned you not to cross the line." Carter sighed heavily, "Dad?! Why did you let this jerk enter our mansion?" He grunted at their fater, but he gave them a confusing look. Seems like he had no idea what happened earlier in Carter's event."Is there something I want to know between the two of you?" he seriously asked and Carter was ready to explain. "This jerk ruined my proposal earlier. He hurt my fiancee and I put him in jail." "I paid for it," their dad answered directly and Carter's forehead creased. He was also taken aback to know that he was the one who paid the bail and Adam just helped him because of him."What? He might harass my fiance again." Carter was worried, "For
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Oliver blocked the road to stop another taxi he was almost hit by it but luckily the driver stomped its break.''Are you insane?!'' the driver come out and wanted to kick his butt, ''I just want a ride to get out of this hell,'' Oliver responded and immediately get inside and the driver shakes his head.The old driver held his chest, he was nervous as he let out a sigh of relief that he didn't hit him. ''You almost gave me a heart attack,'' he mumbled.''Where is your destination?'' the driver asked when he was back inside but Oliver was stunned by the absence wondering about everything that happened in his life.''I don't know," he answered. He sighed heavily, didn't know what to think clearly. "Just take me out of here!""What?!? You don't know where you're going?!" the grumpy driver stopped for a moment, he was very confused with his passenger who is not on himself. "I have no home, sir. Maybe you know a place that has an affordable apartment?" Oliver asked and the driver's face l
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The woman took Oliver to her house which was just around the corner from the old apartment. Oliver can still walk despite his stabbed that was bleeding but the wound is not deep.They rushed into the small room and she laid Oliver on her bed for treatment. ''Just a moment. I'll just take some medicine.'' Oliver endured the pain for a while but the woman returned with medicines to treat his wound.''Let me take care of you.'' Said the woman who slowly wiped the wound with a clean towel. ''I'm sorry for what happened. If you just ignored the trouble earlier. You wouldn't have been hurt.'' The woman apologized but Oliver just stared at her. "Do you think I can leave someone just to get out of trouble? And be safe?" Oliver asked softly, stopping the woman for a moment.''What if I left you there and those men killed you?''''And who cares if I die?''Their eyes met again, Oliver could see in the woman's eyes that she was confused about why someone helped her even though she have nothing
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"What?! You want to be a baker?" Julie was surprised by what Oliver was planning. She just arrived a few minutes ago bringing some delicious croissants."Why are you surprised? Do I look like I don't know how to bake?" Oliver chuckled."It's not like that, but you worked hard to become a computer architect and then you just give up because of what they did? Like DUH! You can still find another company to work as a computer architect." Julie thinks Oliver should find another better job. "How can I apply to another company, my image is already ruined, remember?""That's a big problem..." Julie is willing to help him if he wants to be a baker but she has some sad news, "The bakery shop will be closing next week and this will be the last week to open.""Why would they close it?" Oliver asked. "We've been getting a lot of unwarranted bad reviews lately." She said, "We suspect it's because of another competitor, but we have no proof, and these bad reviews have left us with fewer and fewer
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