Reincarnation Of An E-Rank Skill User

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Reincarnation Of An E-Rank Skill User

By: AgentGhost14 OngoingFantasy

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A College student who just entered University, Was suddenly shot by a wandering bullet and died in an unexpected way. His life was always riddled with tragedy, And for that, God had granted him another chance and was reincarnated into another world where Extraordinary Skills exist. But the expectations he had instantly shattered after he awakened and obtained the Skill, String Manipulator. "Wait, Why did I receive an E-rank Skill!? Did my bad luck accompany me even after my reincarnation!?" Follow our Protagonist, Axel Echevalier in his journey by Reading "Reincarnation of an E-Rank Skill User" Genre Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, WeaktoStrong, Romance, System, Genius, Overpowered. Please Support my Work. Daily Updates: 2 Chapters per day at 11:00PM (GMT+8) Words per Chapter: 1200~1500 BOOK COVER IS MADE BY ME. AgentGhost14

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  • SSThea


    I like the story.

    2023-09-30 21:14:08
  • Monroe Chris


    where's the rest of the ......

    2023-10-11 18:07:40
  • stevenmmckinnon


    loving the story/story telling... ready for more

    2023-09-13 23:23:11
  • i.z.ali


    nice novel but update it on regular basis

    2023-08-06 22:46:37
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44 chapters
Is that a Light?
It all happened in an instant. My body went cold all of a sudden. Before I realized it, I got shot in the chest by a wandering bullet from across the road. Which a robbery was occurring.My body turned pale. My sensations became numb, while my skin slowly became cold. "Am I going to die?" were the words that subconsciously came out of my mouth.Hearing it in my situation sounded a bit cringeworthy since I was seriously going to die anyway.My entire life was always riddled with tragedy. When I was 5, my mother died in a car accident. Leaving only me and my father. But when I reached 10, my father remarried and disowned me by sending me to my mother's relative.Then my father left me behind and started anew with his new wife. Meanwhile, I was stuck with my cold-blooded uncle, who didn't have an ounce of remorse for me.Every day he'd beat me up if I woke up late. He'd send me to school with an empty stomach.It was all unrealistic to me, so I started questioning my luck. "What did I do
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Strings? Are you for Real!?
The long-awaited day I'd wished to come had finally arrived.It was already nighttime, and by midnight I would finally turn 7 years old.In the past few years, I have learned a lot from my mother and father, who had S-Rank skills.My mother, who had the skill to heal It may not be combat-suited, but it's still overpowered since she can still heal an individual who's even on death's doorstep.Meanwhile, my father, Damian Echevalier, was a known swordmaster who owned one of the strongest S-rank swordsmanship skills. His ability was combat-suited, which he trained and harnessed for several years until he gained the title of a swordmaster and became unrivaled in all of Helium.Helium is the continent we're currently living on. A vast continent with several countries, towns, and villages scattered throughout the area.Among those countries was Turk, the Prestigious Dukedom we currently live in.My father was the Duke of Turk. And I was basically the son of a duke.Then that explains why our
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An E-Rank Skill would still be an E-Rank Skill
Though I expected something about my E-Rank skill being unique and special due to it being a growth-type skill, it has already been several months, and yet there were no guides or hints on how my skill could be developed."Growth type my ass! The skill description doesn't even give me hints about my skill! How can I let this useless E-rank skill grow!?""I guess an E-Rank skill would still be an E-Rank skill after all."After my father, Damian, had shown his skill status.*Skill: Moonlight Swordsmanship, Skill Rank: S*There was no skill type written on the skill status that was displayed in front of me.Therefore, I wondered and did some research. But after several months had passed, there was nothing I could find that mentioned growth-type skills in every book that I could find in our household.Meanwhile, I practiced using my skill whenever I got some spare time, and when I used my skill, string manipulator, I could summon and release strings from the palms of my hands.It reminded
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Finally! Something Worth it.
While we continued eating at the dining table, a messenger appeared and notified me and my mother, "Duchess, the Duke will be extending his time in exploiting the vast forest of Eldia." Is what he said."Oh dear, why all of a sudden?" Alexandra asked."It seems that the monster beasts are currently expanding their territory. That is why the Duke himself would be venturing into the forest along with his knights in order to ascertain that the Dukedom would not experience another incident such as before."An incident? Did something happen before?""Okay, tell the Duke to be careful and notify him that me and his son are waiting for his triumphant return." Alexandra said.I was curious about what the messenger said, but I can't ask my mother directly since I'm sure she'll be making up excuses again."The messenger then left the room and went straight towards the Duke's location, while my mother and I got up from the table after finishing our meals."Axel, Make sure to wear a cute outfit, o
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String Absorption
His emerald hair brightened as he walked towards the border entrance of the forest. His dignified posture and calm demeanor were truly extravagant sights to behold. His silver-plate armor shone when struck by sunlight, while his golden, luxurious sword was beautifully placed on his waist inside a blemish-free scabbard.Every step he took was filled with utmost awareness and unwavering confidence as they entered the Forest of Eldia."Duke!" A messenger appeared while gasping for air."What is it, Halmuth?" Damian asked."The message you've ordered has finally been delivered. The duchess and the young master are waiting for your triumphant return."The seriousness in Damian's eyes, the composed demeanor he had, and his dignified posture instantly disappeared after hearing the messenger's delightful words."Really? Well, it can't be helped then~ all men! We shall finish this task quickly and return victorious!" Damian yelled out loud.The knights who saw their Duke's change of personality
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Attending A Social Gathering
I immediately got dressed after my mother called for me. As for the research of my skill absorption, I put it on halt since I'm about to head out with my mother and attend a ball within our dukedom's territory.My mother wore a bright emerald dress with several gems intact in it, while I wore a red long-sleeved tunic coat with a black linear-layered undervest.The white carriage was awaiting our arrival outside the gate of our household. A man wearing a gray flat hat and decently dressed in white classic attire held the horse's ropes tightly in front of the carriage.Several servants from our household formed two straight lines on both sides as they all greeted us, "Safe travels, Duchess, Young Master." When we passed through them at the gate.My mother and I elegantly went inside the carriage, and the door was gently closed by one of the servants.Then our departure gradually occurred after the carriage slowly left our household............"Mother, where's the ball being held?" Ax
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A Noble's Personality
A young boy was standing in front of me with an arrogant expression. While it got me thinking...Who is this blatantly ignorant side character?""What are you looking at?" The young boy spoke in an arrogant tone, gazing at Axel."Well, I just wanted to apologize for bumping into you. And I got quite intrigued by your hair color." Axel responded."What? My hair color? You also see me as a weirdo?" The young boy spoke with an angry demeanor."What? I didn't mean it in a bad way. I'll be taking my leave." Axel slowly turned around and took a few steps away from the weird young boy.Before Axel could get further away, the young boy suddenly grabbed Axel's shoulder and uttered in a demanding tone, "Wait."Axel immediately turned around and asked, "What is it?""Your hair is also weird. You know that, right?" He said with a disgusted look in his face.What the hell is wrong with this kid!?""Okay, thanks." Axel said and frowned in front of him.Ugh, this is why I don't like meeting other peo
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First Friend
"Why does she keep pestering us?""I don't even want to talk to you, Ellie.""Yeah, no one among us likes you. With your pitiful personality, always looking like you're asking for sympathy makes me want to hurl.""Just leave us alone and don't ever approach us anymore, Ellie."Several noble kids then left after spouting rude words at the trembling girl.Ellie Glaus, the girl who was being ridiculed so badly.She was also the younger sibling of Emmanuel Glaus, who was undoubtedly the center of attention.Due to Ellie's E-rank skill, her family solely focused their attention on their eldest son and slowly forgot about their youngest daughter."Why does everyone hate me?" Ellie mumbled in her head.Her eyes started shaking, slowly tearing up due to the hurtful words she received from the Noble kids.In spite of her excellent facial features and rose-colored silky long hair, her personality was a bit broken.Due to the influence that surrounded her, being mistreated repeatedly, and being c
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Mana Training
It has already been several days since we returned from the ball we attended.I've been continuously doing some research about my skill's potential.Once thought to be an utterly useless skill, it is now starting to bloom in a more positive way..........I've done several experiments in the past few days, and I finally learned that I could not materialize living organisms. And the word "anything" only works on non-living things.But there's a new subskill I learned that lets me control living beings with less mana than me, based on my presumptions.It is the subskill I recently acquired called "String Marionette," which grants me control over living beings that have less mana than me.The string becomes invisible after the string marionette is successfully attached to the specific target.But it also consumes my mana rapidly; I can only manage to use it for less than ten minutes in my current state. And the control over the string marionette skill was totally tiring since it requires
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Swordmaster Damian Echevalier
Time flew by quickly, and winter was fast approaching.In the vicinity of Turk, several men were gathering firewood, while some people were seen all over the place, chattering nonchalantly.People were already buying mana stones for their daily necessities. Since stores would always be closed after winter came due to the strong blizzard that the winter season brought along.The daily atmosphere started getting colder and colder as days passed by, while there were some rumors going around the city that several monster beasts were seen near the eastern borders of Turk. Slowly after that, the security around Turk began to increase.Meanwhile, I was still immersed in cultivating my mana core while being assisted by Nanny Helena.The more I found my skill interesting, the more I got motivated to increase the level of my mana core.Since my skill's duration relies on mana consumption.Therefore, mana training was my top priority.But as expected, the large mana consumption only worked on me.
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