Heirs of Magic

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Heirs of Magic

By: Diane Darya CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Magic is everywhere and within everyone's reach, wizards are the most prestigious people in the realm, and the academy of magic is everyone's dream. The magic academy opens its doors to new students, each one seeking their own dream and goal, but all with the certainty that difficult trials will come, only the best will be selected. But what will become of students in the near future? When the year of doom arrives, how many of them will be ready to face the darkness that devours the world?

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32 chapters
Chapter One - Welcome
(past)"They're coming!!" shouted a man at an observation post."Attention men, all in your positions!!" shouted the army officer "the future of our kingdom depends on us!!A thousand men were organized according to their functions, archers positioned themselves behind, spearmen with shields in front, in the middle of this formation were the men who would fight with everything, it was a battle formation made to hold a true invasion.Behind them a crowd of people fled, all headed towards the giant gate that was open, the gate of the wall was the only thing that would stand between them and what was fiercely advancing, was a line of defense to ensure a mass evacuation.They were still far away but they could already hear their advance, thousands of demonic creatures were running towards the gate, the vast majority of the monsters were beings with more or less human form, little bigger than ordinary people.There were huge demonic beasts, some as big as dinosaurs, a few winged ones carry
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Chapter Two - Knowing Magic
"For the next year this will be your room" explained the satisfied girl "this is the room for studying or for socializing, at the back is the kitchen with the pantry, the door on our right is the bathroom, the door on the left is the bedroom, and in it there are two closets and beds."Very good, then it means that I will share the room, doesn't it?" asked Merilda "who will be my colleague?"I don't know yet, she should show up soon" the girl explained "but... what's the matter with you?She looked at Aella who had her head down and depressed, Aella had not been able to stay in the same room as her cousin, and now she found out that she would not even stay in the same room, as guardian of the imperial princess she was failing miserably."Can't I trade with the person who will stay here? We're cousins, it's easier for both of us" asked Aella." Sorry but roommates are randomly chosen, it's the system here "the girl justified "unless the dean determines a change for some reason.Aella on
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Chapter Three - Past
"Master, the dean is here" announced Napilla."How wonderful, help me dry it off" she asked, getting up from the bathtub.The young half-beast took the soft towels and began to rub her master, she smiled as she felt her hands on her body, in addition to imagining what brought the dean to see her, "once her body was dry she wrapped it up" in the towel and continued anyway.She appeared in what was the living room of her rooms, as soon as she saw her the dean smiled and greeted her, adjusting his hat, he didn't take his eyes off her who almost paraded to sit in front of him, Napilla remained standing behind her."Beautiful as always Onyx, and your shamelessness is charming" he praised."You are very well too, you haven't come to visit me for so long" she said "I thought you had forgotten about me."Ah my dear Onyx, it is impossible to forget you" she said "one way or another, and I see that Napilla is still well, despite what you do to her."She's the best toy I've ever gotten, she's to
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Chapter Four - Guilt and Punishment
"And these are all the groups of spells that we know in our kingdom" explained the professor.He used a wand to draw information on the board, a few gestures were enough for all the text to appear, not just text but figures, students thought it was very unfair to have to copy in the traditional way to the notebook."In our kingdom, magic is divided into the 8 schools that you know, and within each of them there are several subtypes "he said "sometimes a subtype is part of two different schools, like illusion magic, it is part of both light magic as well as mind magic."Professor, aren't there subtypes within dark magic?" asked Derek.Everyone looked at Derek, he didn't open his mouth in the classroom in those three days, hearing his voice made everyone alert, some wondered how they could forget his presence." Ah well, I confess that I don't know anything about dark magic "said the teacher a little embarrassed "I even read some things in books, but I wouldn't know how to explain it, a
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Chapter Five - Mastering the Magic
"Did you hug a tiger by any chance?"asked Urick lying on the bed.Urick looked at Derek's bare back, the marks of the lashes were there like ugly scars, even though the wound was done two nights ago they looked like they were old."If it had been a tiger it would have hurt less" joked Derek putting on the shirt "come to think of it, a tiger would have ripped my throat out and eaten my guts, so I'm out on the profit."Let me know if the scars bother you, I'll be happy to put ointment on your back" teased Urick."I'm sure you would, I would be another story" Derek replied with a wan smile on his face "thanks for the offer anyway."It's time to prepare breakfast" said the other one getting up "last night I made cake, I hope you like sweet potatoes too.Derek thanked him and promised to clean the room this afternoon, the two together drank coffee while talking about the previous day's class, Derek was happy for not having missed anything vital for his learning, and that today would be an
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Chapter Six - One Step From Falling
"Do you know an Geva from your course?" asked Derek looking at himself in the mirror."Pretty girl but kind of dark, she likes to write poems to the gods" said Urick "I think she is a worshiper of Lhuna."The goddess of the moon? Who rules the night but brings light at the beginning of the year?" asked Derek" They say that if a dark magician worships some god she is the first choice."There are worse gods to worship, but why the interest in her?" asked the other."Actually, she's the one interested in me, she asked me out" replied Derek "I've never gone out with a girl before, what do I do?""You're going to spend all day with a girl? And you just tell me now?" asks the other "I can't let this turn into a disaster!Urick ran to his wardrobe and grabbed his backpack, inside it perfectly folded sets of clothes were waiting, he separated one set and handed it to Derek who looked confused."You only have your uniform and the old clothes you arrived in" he said "Here's one for you to wear
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Chapter Seven - Revolt and Suspicion
(one month later)"[Light that guides my path, appear before me]" said the students in arcane language.With the conjuring phrase and the arcane writing the magic took effect, the mystic letters came together in the shape of a globe of light, the size varied for each student, the globe also floated above the head about a meter or so in front of the chest in others, but Merilda was already able to make it orbit around her body."Soon you will be able to control your movements" said teacher Izora."Merilda is always one step ahead of us" said one of the other students "so it's true that light magic runs in her blood."It's true that she has light magic user parents, but I never knew that made it easier to master her" said Izora "magic is not something you inherit for free, your talent is yours alone."But professor, is it true that your grandmother was the previous dean, isn't it?" asked one of the students "and also that she was a user of light, were her parents too?"No, my father was
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Chapter Eight - Assassin
"Is this some joke?" Derek asked."I have a sense of humor, but if this was a joke it wouldn't be funny" replied Androuet "so I ask you again, did you kill that boy?"Of course not! I wish I could but it wasn't me!" answered Derek" all I did was punch him in the face, I used the magic Onyx gave me but it's still not that strong!Derek looked at the back of his hands, a magic seal was tattooed on each one, this seal allowed invoking a specific spell just by pronouncing its arcane name, the {Dragon Fist} increased the strength of the punch by 5 times but would not do the damage that Androuet mentioned."Can you tell me exactly what happened?" asked the dean."I was coming to class, there was no one there as usual" explained Derek "then this idiot appeared out of nowhere already pissing him off, he looked drunk."Drunk? Just looked like it or really was?" asked the old man."I didn't pay much attention to the details, he slurred and staggered, I thought he had flipped them all" replied D
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Chapter Nine - Hunting.
(a bit before)"Great, you're all here," Ashiok said with satisfaction."I can't believe I let you talk me into this," said Geva, quite irritated."What's wrong? If it works you become a hero" he said "I'm sure you could make a poem out of it."Geva sighed dissatisfied, the first time besides being inspiring it was fun, but now she was taking too many risks, as an artist she should shine in front of an audience, not die like the others."I'm the one who's surprised to be here" said a girl with her arms crossed "if the dean finds out he'll expel me for sure!"Don't complain, Brian paid you handsomely to let Geva out of the dorm and help us" he said "same for the guy who paved our way.The girl was a 4th year student, Ashiok looked for her because he needed a specific spell for that plan, he couldn't turn to the teachers, so he looked for someone who was within his reach."I would have called someone from the 5th year, but they are all away on training" he justified "you are the only on
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Chapter Ten - Truth Revealed
Androuet did not expect to have to make so many pronouncements in a single month, since this crisis began he had already called the students several times, always bearing bad news or trying to clear up misunderstandings.But today he was happy, during the night the teachers Izora and Miu Ziam stopped the mysterious killer, and the dawn brought a new safer and more peaceful day for the students."And so I declare the end of emergency measures" announced Androuet "the curfew will still persist for another week, but you can now rest assured.The students applauded the dean, and right behind him the hero teachers, Izora waved to people laughing a little shyly, Miu Ziam raised his hand waving with strength and smiling at the girls, many already in love with him."Still I will apologize, I apologize for the terror you have lived these past few days" Androuet said seriously "I apologize for the lives lost, friends who are gone and will not return, I also apologize to Derek for everything he
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