Rise Of The Immaterial Man

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Rise Of The Immaterial Man

By: Matthew Harris OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Meet Richard Parker, the CEO and founder of the world's fastest-growing tech startup. A multi-millionaire playboy who lives life by his own rules & doesn't care what anyone else thinks. He's on top of the world, and things are only going to get better, he just knows it! That is until he's stabbed in the back (literally), thrown out of his business, and introduced to the dark underground world of the Immateria, a vampire-like race who secretly exist in the shadows. With dangerous supernatural creatures at every turn, a war brewing in the world of the Immateria, and the need for revenge bubbling away in his now still heart will Parker be able to regain control of his company and get revenge on those who ousted him? This is the Rise Of The Immaterial Man!

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  • giant favour tv


    beautiful story

    2023-01-28 06:41:19
  • DeLinda V Rogers


    ..Great storyline even if a bit of fantasy... can't wait to discover all the ways of revenge he will take against those who stabbed him in the back and stole his technology and company... it's like being right there step by step .........

    2023-01-23 05:03:58
  • Matthew Harris


    just the author rating his own novel again! I hope you all give this novel a chance and review it yourselves honestly!

    2022-11-11 17:28:54
  • Wanda Gray


    just to short could be a nice book

    2023-01-19 01:32:37
  • Abdul Ghani Sarie


    nice story keep it up

    2023-02-01 07:59:58
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63 chapters
Stabbed In The Back... Literally
To put it simply… pretty much everything I had ever wanted to do with my life had already happened, and I was only 21 years old. Own a new Fortune 500 tech start-up? Check. Hot women literally throwing themselves at my feet for a moment of my time? Check again. A badass apartment in Battersea Power Station with a whole sub-basement level for a ton of top-of-the-range cars? You better believe that’s three checks in a row. The name’s Richard Parker, but most people just call me Parker these days, and I’m the proud CEO and founder of PK Industries, the hottest new tech start-up on the block, producing some of the best and most technologically advanced phones the world has ever seen. Sure, Apple and Samsung used to lead the way in cell phone design and manufacturing, but the market was stale and old, and when I cracked Augmented Reality holo-displays? Well, it was all over. We weren’t topping out their market value’s just yet, but with phones flying off the shelves in every single p
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Final Breaths
I lay there on the ground, my last breaths rattling around loosely in my chest like the dying gasp of a rusty car. I didn’t want to die. The thought burned in me so strongly that it was the only thing I could think about. It was such a strong notion that I wasn’t even feeling the pain of the blade wedged between my shoulder and my spine anymore. In fact, I was pretty sure that thinking about not dying was the only reason that I hadn’t died yet. I was focused on survival and survival only, and if that meant thinking about how much I didn’t want to die then I would lie there unable to move and think about not dying even harder.Maybe if I thought about it for long enough someone would stumble across my bloodstained body and call an ambulance. I could hold on for that long, I was sure of it. A noise distracted me from my thoughts. The sound of an empty glass bottle bouncing along the cobbles of the alleyway, each bounce a distinct and sharp glass ting against the silence of the ni
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I woke slowly at first and then all at once. My head thrummed with the headache of a colossal hangover and my memories of the night before were hazy and jumbled. I remembered partying in the club, I remembered drinking an absolute crap load of alcohol, and then… nothing. I stretched out in bed and winced as my eyes opened to a shaft of light peeking through the curtains. I glanced over to my right, my hand had found a warm patch of bed that wasn’t where I was sleeping, and that was when I noticed it for the first time. There was an indent in the bed from where someone else had been sleeping, and if I were a betting man I’d wager it was definitely in the shape of a woman. I let a lazy smile dance over my lips, last night seemed to have been a very good one indeed. If the noises of showering from my en suite bathroom were anything to go by then the woman was still around and was using my shower to clean off after what was probably a very fun night of debauchery. I sat up with a
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“What… the fuck,” I said breathily, “What the fuck is going on here?”The woman pouted at me, and for some reason, it sent a sliver of ice down into my heart. I staggered backward and collided with one of my dressers, a stick of deodorant and a framed picture of my parents clattered to the ground. “Now now, sweetie, don’t panic, it’ll come back to you,” She said smoothly.But that was the problem. It had already come back to me. I remembered every gory moment of the night before. I remembered dying on the street, blood gushing out of me from a stab wound in the back. I remembered the woman, sauntering down the street as if she owned the bloody place. I remembered her taunting me, picking me up as if I weighed nothing and then… and then… biting down on my neck like I was a two-for-two meal at a nearby chicken shop. “I remember,” I hissed, “So I’ll ask again, what the fuck is going on here?”The woman looked me up and down quizically and I couldn’t help but feel like I was a pie
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When I had been a kid I’d always preferred science over fantasy. My favourite movie? Star Wars. Favourite TV show? Doctor Who. Favourite book series? Well okay, that had been Harry Potter, but in my defence, I’m pretty sure that was every kid's favourite book series when they had been growing up at my age. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make here is that vampires were always something that I thought was ridiculous. Blood-sucking creatures that couldn’t be seen in a mirror, hated sunlight and garlic, but could only be killed by a wooden stick through where their hearts should be? Absolutely absurd, none of it made any sense. Now, all of a sudden, it was my reality. “I’m sorry, walk me through it again?” I said. I was sitting on the end of my bed, fresh off of a panic attack, with the vampire woman standing fully nude in front of me. She’d explained the concept of the Immateria twice already, but for some reason, it just wasn’t sticking in my brain. “This is the final time,”
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Unfortunate Revelations
In many cases going AWOL for a couple of weeks after a massive tech launch would have been an absolutely ordinary thing for the CEO, founder and head developer of technology at a company to do.I mean, what was I really needed for at that point, anyway? The tech had all been developed, it was being manufactured and sent out to stores and people were buying it and enjoying it. Didn’t I deserve some kind of a break?That would be under normal circumstances, anyway. Following the launch of our new holo-lens phone, things were far from ordinary. My company had exploded onto the scene like nothing ever had before, going from a hokey garage set-up to offices in London and manufacturing plants across the world. That had raised a lot of eyebrows, and we had investors and governments breathing down our backs seeking an audience with the guy that had created it all. Before the launch of our flagship device, I simply hadn’t had the time to meet with all the people that I needed to meet wit
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I hadn’t noticed it on the night, mainly because my brain had been preoccupied with the fear of bleeding out on the pavement and the pain of a knife between my shoulder blades, but the woman who had saved me was actually the picture of grace and beauty. From the way she waltzed down the stairs in my apartment to the way she held herself in the lift as we descended from the top floor all the way down to the sub-basement parking garage she just looked… flawlessly graceful. No mortal could ever hope to even come close. I didn’t even know her name yet. “I’m sorry, I can’t believe I haven’t asked this yet, but what’s your name?” I asked, leaning against the bannister at the side of the lift. She gave me a small smile, it was perhaps the first truly positive emotion I’d seen her direct towards me. “Sophia Linse,” she said, “I’ve held many names over the millennia, though, and have moved constantly throughout the world so as not to be discovered by mortals.” I nodded, that made sense.
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Across Town
When Sophia eventually re-emerged from her house she looked much more presentable. Gone was her strappy dress and high heels, instead she was wearing a black skirt and a white blouse with a pair of flats on her feet. It was an understated look but combined with her overwhelming natural elegance it was one that she managed to pull off with aplomb. She got back into the car and sat down, she had replaced her perfume with something that smelt much sweeter than whatever she had been wearing beforehand. “I still think this is incredibly risky,” The woman remarked, “I’m willing to let you go through with it, of course, but only to try and get a measure of the kind of Immateria you may end up becoming.” I put the car into first gear and pulled away from the side of the pavement. “I’ll be able to handle myself,” I said confidently, though I wasn’t sure if that would actually be the case or not. Over the course of the drive the burning thirst in my throat had been becoming progressively
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Stabbed in the back... figuratively
“Now remember,” Sophia said as we walked across the Canary Wharf complex, “You’re going to have to try very hard to keep your cool. If it looks for a moment like you’re not going to be able to do that I will kill not just you but everyone in your office, and then the Immateria Council will go to great lengths to keep that slaughter under wraps.” I nodded in response, the statement had spooked me a little too much to be able to respond verbally. The Canary Wharf towers loomed above me, monoliths of the London skyline that had stood since the 90s, though they hadn’t always been as successful as they were in the modern day. Our offices were in One Canada Square, the premiere space for offices in all of London. At 800 feet tall it was the third tallest building in the UK, and we were situated right at the peak. It was the lobby of the building that had initially attracted me to the idea of having our offices there and walking through it with Sophia brought all of those thoughts back.
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My sanity returned as if it were a bucket of cold water being chucked over my head. A cold shock to the system that trickled down from head to toe and slowed my breathing from a heavy pant to a more even pace. I unclenched my fists and stopped envisioning myself ripping into Alex’s throat with my teeth. That wasn’t a helpful mental image, and it was only going to make everything that came next much harder to manage. “Parker!” Alex exclaimed, he masked his surprise and his fear well, “You actually showed up! Have you any idea how worried all of us have been about you? We thought you’d died!” There was a way he said the word died as if it were something that he’d truly been expecting. That left no doubt in my mind that he was the one who had ordered the hit on me that fateful night outside the club. “Well, if there have been any I can truly say that reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated and we can put this whole nasty business behind us,” I said with an easy smile. I
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