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A teenage schoolboy named Cini, who was walking home, found a mysterious circle in a small street. Out of curiosity, he approached the circle and realised it was a magic circle. Not until there, when the circle swallowed and threw himself into a very dark room. He was surprised to find two of his friends who were in the same place. This is the story of those who are summoned to another world! Will they help or run away? And what happens after they win the war? Will the problem just end?

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Volume 1. Chapter 1 Summoned
A male teenager walked home from school to his residence, right in the middle of the road he was surprised by a mysterious circle. It took a few seconds to realize that it was a magic circle, which he often saw in anime or manga. Even so, he chooses to avoid this. However, the circle came at him very quickly. Bugs! The circle took out the teenage guy. "This is the first time I've seen a magic circle chasing after me." Cini was amazed by what he experienced. "Can you get off of me?" Voice was heavy from holding two weights. "Rii, Vail! What are you two doing here?" Cini shocked if his two friends were crushed by him. He shocked to hear the voices of his two friends, and immediately stood up to make his two friends wake up. "Hey!" Rii feeling a little stepped on. "Don't blame me, this place is so dark." Cini strive to stand up. "My white clothes." Vail felt his clothes dirty. Cini took out phone and turned on the light from his phone to use it as lighting. "Is my nose damage
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Volume 1. Chapter 2 The First Fight
Nia saw the three of them pointing at each other. It made her very annoyed. Because they didn't tell herself from the start that they were that person. "Can you explain to us who is trying to stop you?" Rii was very curious about the figure who killed the magicians. "I didn't pay attention to myself either, it's just that. When we finished making a circle and was about to cast a spell, the figure appeared—" "But I'm happy, their sacrifice was not in vain. Come on! Prepare yourselves." "It takes two months to get to the union place—" "Thank you for taking care of me and protecting me." Nia bowed to thank the three heroes. "No need for thanks, just raise your head." Vail asking her not to thank. "We also didn't do anything for three months," Rii told her. "You three are very humble, three months is not a short time." Nia was so amazed and praised the patience of the three men. "Okay, I 'll--Wait." "Three months!?" Nia was so shocked after realizing it, she was confused about t
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Volume 1. Chapter 3 Una's Fear
Una happened to pass by this place on her way back to the inn. When she saw that Noin's residence had disappeared overnight, her heart became upset again. "They it's..." Una ran towards the inn. "Noble Count?" the head of the Norf city soldiers gently patted the noble person face. "....." Among the people who saw it, there was a mysterious figure who also saw it. He disappeared again. ..... Una opened the door to their room with great force and was annoyed. She saw Rii, Cini, and Vail still sleeping without feeling guilty. "Get up, you guys!" Una's voice was so loud and loud. The three of them woke up due to the sound... "Please let us rest first—" She was so annoyed that Una slapped their faces to get them up quickly. Of course, they were in a lot of pain from the slap they received from Una. Asked the three of them to sit cross-legged on the floor. "I told you to restrain your strength, so why don't you follow my second rule?" "We already did, Una," Cini told Una that the
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Volume 1. Chapter 4 Anxiety
Cindy calmed Una who was crying regretting something, she hugged Una. Because hearing Una's muttering was so scared. Thirty minutes later. “No wonder Rabbithed isn't here,” Cini concluded her thoughts. “That does make sense, but. There's something strange about this monster,” Vail continued Rii's words. “If that's true then who—” "Guys." Cindy approached them with Una still holding Cindy's hand. "I'm sorry for making you guys panic." Cindy is very sorry for her actions. “There's no need to think about it, we didn't take everything into account in the first place.” Rii didn't mind this. “Cindy, Una. Can you go back to town? Then, take this to show the guild.” Rii gives Cindy the fang of the animal they defeated. "Then I will take you," Cini offered to take Cindy and Una to Norf town. "Try not to let anyone see," Rii reminded Cini to be careful, so that no one saw it. “Of course, I will be careful.” "Come on, Cindy, Una." "Guys, see you back in town." Cini, Cindy, and Una j
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Volume 1. Chapter 5 Curiosity
They saw Cindy and Una who were talking to each other. Curious about the conversation between the two of them, Rii, Vail, and Cini landed in a horse-drawn carriage. And listened to Cini and Una's talks. "Why are you even discussing that?" Cindy was so surprised by Una's sudden question. “I'm just curious, come on. You just need to tell them, after all, they aren't here.” Una is very curious about Cindy's type of man. Cindy was hesitant to telling, because her was also confused about the man she wanted. "The type I want, he is responsible of course, and doesn't neglect," Cindy tells Una about the type of men she likes. "What about them?" Una was curious about Cindy's views on Rii, Cini, and Vail. "I think Rii and Cini fall into the type I said," Cindy said so hesitantly but convincingly. “Oh…why isn't Vail included?” Una was so curious. "For me, he is the type of man who is difficult and difficult to approach and talk to." Cindy didn't realize that Vail was around her. “Then w
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Volume 1. Chapter 6 Disappointed Of Hero
Not long after, Mansa turned his head and looked at a tree five meters away from them. "It's no use hiding behind the tree...I can still see you." Mansa was surprised to see a figure coming out from behind the tree. Cindy, who saw the small child, immediately approached him. "What you doing here? Where the others?” Cindy reprimanded the child. “You know him?” Mansa wanted to make sure that the two women they were helping knew the child. "We know him," Cindy told Mansa the truth. “Your name is Una, right? Are you an immigrant from another kingdom?” Erick is still very curious about Una, who is similar to Nia. “I come from the village of Filn, and migrated to the city of Norf to become an adventurer,” Una told Erick. "But, isn't Nia Aghture one of the people who disappeared?" Sara became curious about Erick's words. “That's right, seeing Una caught a glimpse of Nia.” They were surprised by a group of merchants, Cindy told them that she and Una were carrying out a request as bod
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Volume 1. Chapter 7 Choice
“We can't send troops in large numbers, the last defense has already lost many fighters.” One of the kings among kings rejected this. “I agree with king Mitlen.” He agreed with Mitlen's words. “For me, this is a sacrifice that must be made….” “Cluster King, what do you mean by sacrificing the Vorz kingdom's Territory?” one of the other kings was also curious. “I'll say it openly, I don't like the king of the Vorz kingdom after his predecessor.” King Cluster hates king Ligt, because he is still so young and considered naïve. "Aren't you the same ? King Aries, king Nollant, king Cortase, king Mand.” King Cluster tries to guess the dislike of all the kings in the Union. "What's the benefit?" King Mand was very interested in Cluster's words. “The competition for imperial positions, where everyone initially took sides and asked King Ligt to become emperor will be wiped out.” King Cluster showed his hands, and clenched them into fists as he said annihilation. “If you mind, you can se
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Volume 1. Chapter 8 The Trouble
The three of them, accept the invitation to join Mansa's party. "Then, when are we going?" Cini was curious. "We will set off in the morning," Mansa tells them. “Mansa, can you come with us? We have something to show you." They taking Mansa into the forest, after feeling quite far from the settlement. Vail and Cini set up a barrier. Mansa saw Rii open a very mysterious circle. “How did you guys catch the demon king!” Mansa's surprise, the demon king came out of a black hole that Rii created. “To think we meet again, hero.” The demon king was so arrogant. “Then, have you changed your mind? Regarding my--” The demon king stopped what he was saying and looked up at a direction in the sky. "Why are you silent and looking that way?" Mansa is curious about Neii's actions. "I feel a new awakening from that direction," The demon king said what he felt. "Awakening!?" Mansa is shocked to hear that. "Do you want to ask him something, Mansa?" Cini offers Mansa to get information. “Why
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Volume 1. Chapter 9 Unpredictable
Time and everyone returned to normal, no one knew what happened apart from Ligt and Vail. The next day, after king Ligt felt his doubts had disappeared over the conversation he had with Vail. All residents of Gerna are asked to gather… “Why am I not confident right now?” King Ligt was awkward and didn't know what he would do in front of his people's eyes. “King Ligt, Vail told me. And I will help you, let's make this world peaceful.” Mansa offers his help, because he also wants a peaceful world without inter-racial conflict. Everyone wondered why they had been asked to gather, but the noise they had caused slowly quieted down with the arrival of their king. “I know you're all asking what happened…” “Please all of you listen to these words and statements.” Everyone was so confused by Ligt's words, which they knew. Their masked king will forcefully employ the human race. “Do you still accept me as your king? Are you still willing to be with a king who betrayed you?" King Ligt's
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Volume 1. Chapter 10 Action
The woman took them to her house, where Rii, Cini, and Vail saw a twelve-year-old child lying seriously ill. "Hold on, my child..." the woman held her child's hand. "How is Rii? Do you know the disease?” Cini wants to know because Rii has finished analyzing the child using him magic. "This child has leprosy or Leprosy..." Rii informed. “Can you cure it, Rii?” Vail was so worried that the child would not be saved. "It's easy for me, it's just...this disease can be contagious." “I will purify her.” Vail understood what Rii meant. "Then I will anticipate in this house." Cini understood what Rii said. The three of them performed purification or cleansing after Vail finished casting recovery magic. The woman saw a small circle on her child's forehead. The child's breathing began to become regular, as did the wounds on his body. Everything recovered so quickly. "How can I repay your kindness?" The woman wanted to return the favor of saving her son. "There's no need to think about
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