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[ Announcement ] [ Chapter 21 - 34 Currently under rework ] Three school teenagers saw a magic circle before their eyes. On the other hand, the group of magicians who performed the summoning were slain by the ancestor's emissary, Nia Aghture being the only survivor. Knowing that the world urgently needs a hero, how do they respond after hearing this explanation?


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It is unknown why the three could be in a hilly forest, the special forest they were first summoned to, but with a very different feel. While on their way back from the Gramiga Private school, a mysterious circle suddenly appeared, which took them very quickly. "What place is this?" "The air is very stuffy," "Can you two quickly stand up I'm not already," "Who told you to be downstairs," "Very dark." "Did anyone bring a light device?" "Stupid, where would anyone bring something like that." "Moreover, what is this fishy smell?" One of them walked into the witch's body. "What's this? Rock." One of them turned on the flashlight on the smartphone. "You still like to carry your cell phone even though you've been confiscated many times." "It doesn't matter, as long as you don't get caught." "HA!" "The bodies of the dead!" "Everyone look at this!" "They were all killed." "Hey, I found one person still breathing in the corner." "Woman." "Could it be that he's the culprit w
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CHAPTER 2. Title Darkness
Then the woman told further and answered all their curiosity. He was slightly surprised that the three were completely ignorant of the situation. "More or less, I understand." "Then actually we are consort magicians who come from every different kingdom to do a summon." "Wait a moment," "Actually, what kind of creature are you guys dealing with?" "All the kingdoms are at war against the demon king ancestor, as well as three demon lords altogether." "Moreover, some of us are terrified of fighting those three demon lords." Rii and the two of them glanced at each other, indicating they were completely convinced. "It looks like what you said doesn't look like you're lying," "What do you mean?" "Why would I do something like that?" "How could I lie-" "What can we do about it," "Then introduce my name, Vail." "The person on my right is Rii, while the other one is named Cini," "And one more thing we will tell you," "The summons you guys did earlier," "It worked," "Thank God
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CHAPTER 3. Cats, and Anxiety
Cini told them the reason why they were always sedentary was because they were really hungry. Leaving the forest and the income as an adventurer has not made the three of them accustomed to life, and they are very deprived. "Has there been any progress?" "Eli says the special forest has been retaken." "I don't know how long you've been hiding your identity," "Haven't you thought about meeting your family or something?" Una became a little sad. "Actually," "My family has been gone for a long time, due to the attack of the demon king army that destroyed my hometown." "All the adults were slaughtered, while us children and teenagers were used as food for." "Sorry, I didn't know you had such a bad experience." "You know, we used to think about going back." "That is also based on our understanding, that summoning magic exists." "Then the magic to send back also exists." "Magic does exist," "But to be able to do that, it takes a lot of the strongest mages from all over the wor
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CHAPTER 4. Nobility, and Women's desires
Returning to before, they had entered a very suspicious dungeon. As they were about to continue their journey, they heard footsteps from the front, making them hide behind a large box. "It's very lucky that woman can come back here again," "Right before the count's lord came." "Good job Takumi." "Thank you very much for the compliment, my lord," "As you've been talking about women trying to protect him," "Is that girl pretty?" "Yes sir," "When I stabbed her, when seen up close she was so very beautiful." "I also want to take it, but circumstances do not allow it." "Because he screamed that time." "It doesn't matter, for now, we will let the woman recover." "Then make it a moneymaker," "come back," "You are allowed to play with them, consider this as a gift for you." "Thank you very much, my lord, Noin." Knowing that the mastermind behind the kidnapping of girls and women is right before his eyes, Rii asks Vail to create a barrier to prevent him from escaping. "I know
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CHAPTER 5. Misunderstood
Those in a hurry began to hear hysterical screaming from the room, one smashing the door and seeing a woman tied up helplessly with someone who was punishing her. "Stop!" "Why are you doing this to him," "How dare you meddle in my affairs with this woman," "Don't you know who I am?!" "I am the count's noble," "If you oppose me then your fate will be worse than this woman." "Care about the devil with your aristocratic title," "Cini, Vail." "I leave the woman who has endured with all her might to survive until now, to you." "Okay." "Beat that old noble until he remembers his age." Cini takes the woman out while Vail frees the others. "Just as my friend said, I will make you aware of your age." "How dare you belittle me who is a noble," "With a power that no one can defeat me," "I will punish you for being so impudent, and I will give even more severe punishment to that rotten woman." With all his strength, he immediately attacked Rii, but none of the attacks were issued
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CHAPTER 6. New member
They were silent seeing the head of the soldier coming, he did it only to ask everyone in this city, about the incident and what they did last night. "What's a wrong chief soldier?" "Can I help you?" "I want to ask, where and what are you doing," “Are you guys involved or aware of this?” Because this was the first time they had been interrogated by the security forces, it had made them break into cold sweat. "Are you all right?" "No need to be afraid, I'm just asking you guys." "But if you guys are like this, it will make me suspect you guys later," "And I don't want that to happen to traders like you," "So what were you guys doing last night?" "They are in the healing home," "The three of them don't want to talk at all," "Anyone will feel like that because the head of the soldiers in this city is very great and scary," "Isn't that right, Mr. Delgram?" "Then to prove that they spent the night at the nursing home where I was treated, you can see from the clothes that one
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CHAPTER 7. Mutual agreement
After finishing their quest to hunt down the rabbithed, they decided to rest before returning to town. And once again, Cindy introduced herself to her party. "My name is Vail." "My name is Rii." "You can call me Cini." "Greetings to meet you three, and also thank you for helping," "No need to think about it, nice to meet you too Cindy." "Then the woman who is always rude to us, there is Una." "What are you saying!" Because of their joking behavior, Cindy laughed without them knowing it. "Why are you even laughing, Cindy." "Sorry, you guys are so cute." "Cindy, can you tell me what happened?" "Una don't make her tell all." "No problem, I don't mind this." "I'm running away from a black trading place," "Escape from the black trade!" "Moreover, there are still those who dare to do black trade," "Previously there was a woman who helped me to escape from the bars," "That woman seems to pity me who is still very young, but has had a very bad experience." "When I made it o
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CHAPTER 8. Monster, and Message
Six months have passed since Cindy became a party partner. Currently, their party is carrying out a request from merchants asking to kill monsters because it makes trade routes obstructed and impassable. "Cindy, are you still standing?" "Not for a very long time," "Certainly yes," "Leader, what is your next order?" "Everyone stay focused on the current position, don't make them see any gaps." "Then let's finish this quickly," "At least what's on your mind is just wanting to stay with Eli, right?" "What are you saying, what kind of person am I?" "Although it's not entirely wrong," "Earlier denied, now even admit it." "As a friend, I support your romance-" "Are you done talking?" "We're done talking." "Scary," "That's why he didn't find his love story," "That's none of your business," "Once again interfering in my personal affairs, you guys are tired of living." "They're coming!" The monster started attacking them and almost made them very tired. After that, they retur
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CHAPTER 9. The Hero, and City Tars
Vail realized that his actions had put them further on the cutting edge. Una continued to explain the possibility with great sadness; she also felt that she didn't think long. "Should the kingdom only have one chance to summon a hero, or in other words the chance has been used and the three of you have been summoned to this world." "We already know that from you." "To be honest, if the hero they summoned was killed." "Then everyone will despair, their courage will disappear," "Warriors who were brave and brave at first, will probably escape to a safe place," "It's just that where is the safest place in this world, once mastered." "And the main problem is that each summon has time to return to do it again," "Don't be sad, Nia Aghture." "We will immediately help the heroes if they are cornered." "Rii," "But how long will it take to return to summoning heroes?" "Just summoning you guys would have taken at least six hundred years," "Six hundred years!" "I didn't expect you gu
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CHAPTER 10. Women's Conversation, and Children
At the same time, the three of them returned to the inn, Rii canceled the dummy magic, and the doll disappeared. Knock. Knock. "Are you guys still inside?" "Mr. Vail, are the three of you looking for Miss Una and Miss Cindy?" "Ren apparently, no we want to wake them up." "Mr. Vail, they both got up this morning and came straight out," "Thanks for telling Ren," Arriving at the guild, Elia said that Una and Cindy had gone to carry out a request from the merchant to become their bodyguards. “Where exactly did they escort the sword?” "To the village of Souh," “Suh Village?” "Yes, the village is not far from this place," "Thanks, Elia, we'll be back later." “That means the two of them will meet a hero,” “Meeting a hero? They both" “Have you forgotten that the heroes are heading to this town, though it's unlikely they'll meet up either in the village or on their way back?” "Plus, to get to this city the fastest way is through the village," "So you're saying we should catch u
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