Second Chance as an Elf

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Second Chance as an Elf

By: Matthew OngoingFantasy

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Poor Dalton Hester, a man at the age of 39, ended his own life when everything around him went to hell. Losing his wife in an accident which he believed wasn’t one as it was planned by another to have it happen. The person he knew to believe to be the one to have his life killed was a criminal Dalton had put away thanks to the job of being a lawyer. That chain of events leads the poor man on top of a tall building holding a bottle almost empty of liquor. He takes a single sip from the bottle last time and then lets his own body fall forward flying towards everyone else. Dalton didn’t hold much faith in places called heaven or hell, but he had somewhat of a feeling that what a person like him did wasn’t going to be up, instead of more likely down. When darkness finally came Dalton awaited to open his eyes again to witness the flames of hell, but something different happened where he was still alive or to say reborn into a new body that wasn’t human and a new world that was like a fantasy book, movie or game. So looking at this as another chance at life Dalton decided to take it to the fullest to enjoy all the things that were different from his old world even when it was good or bad.

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  • Prince Firelorn


    Fascinating point of view for the mc to be reincarnated as an elf. The writing albeit a bit clumsy tells the story effectively. One normally sees elves in the background of fantasy story but this is definitely an original idea for a story, also, if you consider the soul's past life and lifestyle.

    2023-02-03 04:41:50
  • ChadGuy45


    Nice story, but the harem tag is pretty scary. Always liked elves in LOTR so I'm sure I'll like it here

    2022-12-26 11:00:37
  • Drew Archeron


    interesting first person tale. elf life fantasy. what if you could come back to life as an elf? kinda a fun concept. should be fun to see where this goes!

    2022-12-12 06:36:09
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66 chapters
So this is how it's going to end right. I didn't think I was going to see my own life finished this way. Thought it was when I became old alongside my wife Alison Bradley, but that is no longer going to happen given where I am standing and about to do it soon.Oh if you are wondering who I am or care to know my name to get a little understanding of who you could be listening to, well I am Dalton Hester. A guy that was living a nice life with a loving wife who should have left this world too soon, thanks to a certain person's fault and my own.Honestly, if I knew what was going to happen back then, I might have prevented it maybe. Well, it is too late now since there is no way for a person to go back in time. Right now the only thing left for someone like me to do is drink and finish off this bottle in my hand.Which will soon have to be before the cops find me and arrest me for what I did to get my revenge on the guy who took my Alison.I took another drink from the bottle, the liquor
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Ch 1: 5 years later
“What the hell is going on here? Who is this man with long ears?”Dalton says if he can actively talk, but can not such given someone like him has now been born again as a baby yet to learn the basics of speaking, walking, and other things when growing.Right this moment what confused him the most is how come he isn’t in a place with flames and things that look monstrous with horns and tails to torture Dalton.Instead, there was this weird-looking guy with black hair that liked the night sky and ears that were not like those of human ears he was seeing closely.“Hold on there no sound coming out of my mouth and my body. How come it is Held like this by this guy?"Dalton started to gather question after question in his head that required an answer.At the time there was the sound of a door opening where 3 fingers entered inside."Father is it alright to see our new baby brother or sister"Who could it be this time?" Dalton wanders right as the person holding him starts to move."Come y
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Ch 2: Two elves and a Orc meet
Ethons kept close eyes to whatever was stocking the two while out of reaction making sure that Naruth was close to him.“What are we to do this far out of the forest? The chances of what is around us could be anything.” “I don’t know, but I am not going to let anything happen to you.”Ethons says given the important person in his old life was taken from him no way was going to repeat itself to his dear friend.As Ethons listened carefully to the movement of whatever it was, he took upon himself to charge in the direction of a bush where it was the last movement to be heard, stopping right there. Ethons was shockingly able to grab hold of something, but at the same time, there was no way it was going to be that easy where he felt himself being fought back from the thing.It wasn’t long for him to be pushed to his back hard onto the ground by the very same thing Ethons had a hold of. When on the ground he got the chance to look at and come to see a female girl who wasn’t normal, tha
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Ch 3: Goblins and the owner of the cave
“So this is the cave you talk about Glasha.”“Yes, I haven’t had the chance to check inside given that I wasn’t allowed to go inside on my own at the time, I was with my father and brother.”“Well, it looks like we have the chance now to check it out, don't you think?”“I think it would be a bad idea to do this because there is nothing good for us going into this cave alone.”Ethons and Glasha just ignored the elf girl heading straight forward to the cave where she had to follow behind quickly.Soon all 3 of them entered the dark cave, luckily there was still light outside to shine at the beginning of the entrance of the cave. The rest inside was completely dark for any of them to be able to see further.That means they got to come up with the idea of bringing light to cast away the darkness for them. Ethons then came up with the idea to build a fire and still remembers how to do so from his old life.Explain it to Glasha and Naruth the two help where they both went out together wood
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Ch 4: Old enemies meet again
********************《5 months later》Once Ethons and Naruth find their way back after parting ways with Glasha the Orc girl they come to meet while out in the forest he tells her that they meet again at the same spot as their last time. She happily agreed, given that the girl had taken a great liking toward the elf boy who in an amazing way somehow stood up bravely talking to the dragon into allowing him to enter its cave when he wanted to.Yet when back home their disappearances haven’t gone unknown where Ethons father and Naruth's mother knew they weren't pleased with their children going far out of their own and received punishment for it. Those next 5 months went by quite fast as Ethons never stopped to meet Glasha along with Naruth who still hung out with him during the months. He took chances every time with the Orc girl to know more about her people there was interest in their kind Ethons had.Even then when meeting together they would also pay a visit to Mordos the dragon wh
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Ch 5: To live again with a curse price to pay
Now no longer hiding Ethons is being stared at by Eldon the dragon hunter who was attacking Mordos at a time before him throwing a rock at the man's head.“Why are you back here little elf boy,” Eldon said, removing his sword out of Mordos body.“Ethons! Runaway from here and return to your people now.”Mordos does his best to warn the elf boy as he had heard him but hasn't moved from where he stands.“You should listen to the dragon elf. This place isn’t safe for you to be here in this cave,” Eldon tells him as he slowly walks up to Ethons.“No way, I am not going to leave my friend like this, why are you ever hurting him anyway.”“Why you asked, can't you see the elf, I am a hunter whose job is to hunt down dragons like that one and beside me and him we have a history with each other. Now I am going to tell you one more time get the fuck out of here before, I do something that can not be taken back.”Hearing the warning again Ethons look at the man then move his eyes to look at Mord
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Ch 6: The black mark on his chest
Ethons couldn’t believe that he was seeing Naruth and his father's face even more so to be alive again wondering how that is possible. That man's sword was deep into his chest no way he was going to live through a thing like that yet there was no more blood or the wound on his chest was nonexistent.He starts to bring himself up and his father quickly helps him to bring his upper body up, not yet ready for the boy to get up fully. “Slowly, son, carefully bring yourself up.” his father tells the boy.“What happened to you?” Naruth asked Ethons.Once asked that question it triggered him to start remembering about the hunter and Mordos which caused Ethons to worry. “Mordos, where is he and what about that guy, the one who was attacking him.”“Son, what are you talking about? There is no one else beside you alone here in this cave.”Hearing that Ethons looked around and noticed what was said was true he was the only one in this cave. That when he remembered about the small talk with
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Ch 7: A cruel thing to happen for their son
Naruth said to her mother knowing fully that it was a lie she was just told by the woman who brought this girl into this world.“Naruth please do not start this with me, I will not argue with my daughter at your age about this adult matter.”“Why not mom, I am without a doubt a child who couldn’t have such a conversation.”“I said this talk is not going to happen, do you hear me?”The queen tells the little girl with her tone to rise high a bit yet not much to be yelled at. Naruth and her mother go into a staring contest until she is the one to lose, running away with tears coming out of her eyes.She did not wish to see her daughter fall into such a state, but it was done and will take time before the two could speak with each other again. “I hope that you will be able to understand my little one.”*****************************《Utebarr and Adraah home》Returning home with his son Ethons who hasn’t awakened and when back Utebarr had to explain the cruel fate that their son has come
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Ch 8: The Voting End
A stranger had made their way into the meeting that was going on between the queen and her people around the throne outside of the forest they live in.“Do tell me how you can help with what we are discussing without the knowledge of what it is about.”“I don’t need to be informed about it, given that I can sense when it happens I can feel it even more so since being here.”“I think it best now to explain who you are at this moment.”“Ah, you are correct on that, I should introduce myself to all of you.”The stranger grabbed the hood covering his face and pulled it down to show them his silky, wavy, royal purple hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a tangled bush.His eyes were droopy red and the type of body he had was a graceful build along with light-colored skin.“The names Collin Wyatt and I are what is known to be in this world a Dragonling, a being with the mix of a human and a dragon.”The reaction this man expected to see among the wood elves' faces was shock, but inst
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Ch 9: Will Power to do it
Adraah watches as her loving husband made way to their son Ethons as the small boy still did not understand what is going on watching the way these two are acting and the feeling in the air that was going around in this room.“Mom, dad please tell me what is going on.”“Run! Ethons get out of here as fast as you can.”Adraah tells him as she throws herself at Utebarr grabbing hold of him tightly in place to prevent him from moving further toward the boy.“What are you doing stop it and let me go Adraah it has to be done.”“I won’t let you, Ethons please get away from here.”Ethons listens this time, getting out of the bed with his new clothes and running past both parents.“Ethons! No stay, don't go.”His father says to his son, but it was too late as he pushed the door open in a hurry and ignored his siblings as they tried to talk to him, but Ethons kept going, leaving his home.“Adraah that is enough.” Utebarr was finally able to get his wife off him, pushing her to the bed.“No! Ut
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