Shadow Walker – The Otherworldly Thief

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Shadow Walker – The Otherworldly Thief

By: lemmewrite OngoingFantasy

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Anom, the infamous thief lord, is unexpectedly contacted for a new job: stealing a mysterious stone from a newly-appeared otherworldly island. Intrigued by the challenge, he accepts the proposal and ventures to the island, which has emerged mysteriously in the middle of the ocean. As researchers from around the world gather to unravel the secrets of the otherworldly island, Anom stealthily infiltrates its depths. However, his success is short-lived, as he finds himself trapped before he can make his escape. With limited options, he delves further into the heart of the island, where the true enigma awaits. This pivotal step alters Anom's destiny forever. He encounters a grumpy angel, is basically kidnapped to another world, and unexpectedly falls in love with a goddess. As his journey on Earth concludes, Anom realizes that a new, more exhilarating and mystical tale, awaits him, waiting to be written by his own hand.

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  • King Mohammed


    Highly recommend!

    2023-06-08 03:55:40
  • lemmewrite


    Those who are looking for some kick-ass action, just wait for the first Arc to finish setting up the plot and you'll get what you want.

    2023-05-23 16:06:46
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88 chapters
Chapter 1: What’s up With This Island? (1)
"Stop!" was the final shout he heard before he stepped into the ruins and plunged into the abyss of darkness. Hastily, the sound of footsteps trailed behind as a small group of three followed closely, halting at the entrance of the ruins. "You bastard!" The figure at the forefront cursed upon witnessing the man's entry. Their expressions revealed a mixture of anger and shame, as they felt embarrassed by their failure to apprehend a lone individual. "Vice-Leader, should we pursue?" one of the others inquired, their voice tinged with fear and caution. Previous attempts to explore the ruins had been met with numerous obstacles and traps. Currently, only one elite team remained within. Venturing forward with just their numbers would be an exceedingly perilous undertaking. "We have no choice. Can you shoulder the responsibility for failing the mission, especially when we were the ones entrusted with guarding that worthless stone?" The leader, now composed, resolved to venture into the
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Chapter 2: What’s up With This Island? (2)
The room remained enveloped in darkness until Anom swung the door open, allowing a sliver of light to illuminate the interior. As his eyes adjusted, he took in the scene before him. To the left, he spotted an array of camping equipment and digging tools neatly arranged, suggesting their use in archaeological expeditions. On the right, containers and stacks of paper caught his attention. The containers held an assortment of rock pieces, likely collected as samples from the ruins. Anom approached them, observing the intricate patterns and designs adorning the papers, which seemed to be related to the enigmatic ruins. His gaze swept across the room, and he noticed a barely discernible door nestled within the back wall. Constructed from the same material as the wall itself, it blended seamlessly, making it challenging to spot. Intrigued, Anom closed the distance and gently pushed the door. It yielded without resistance, indicating that it wasn't locked. 'How careless,' Anom thought as
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Chapter 3: What’s up With This Island? (3)
Damn it! I knew this would happen. Anom thought helplessly as he examined the cuts on his arms. There were some on his back, too.He charged headfirst into the ruins and triggered the first trap. But he didn't even know how he triggered it. He kept walking at a speed that would enable him to react to traps.Out of nowhere, gusts of wind as sharp as blades swarmed over him. Out of instinct, he could only crouch down and cover his face."Seriously, what's up with this island?" He exclaimed, "I'll be made into French fries before I reach the end."His worries soon came true. Similar traps greeted him along the way. Wind blades, fire bursts, and even lightning attacks were understandable, but what was up with the wind blades? Not to mention the lightning. What kind of civilization did this ruin belong to?Did a chef design this ruin? First they tried to slice me; now they're employing different ways to cook me. Such silly thoughts helped Anom keep up his rationality as he moved through th
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Chapter 4: Why Are You Taking Me With You?
Anom looked at the shaking room wide-eyed. How did she do it? That was the only question on his mind.Cassana didn't give him time to think further. "Get ready. We're going back. Uh, I mean, I'm going back and you're coming with me.""Get back? But to where? And what about those people outside? Don't think that I'll carry you out with me." Anom stated, feeling weird as he listened to her."Humph! Fool." Cassana gnashed her teeth, but after looking at the stone, she helplessly waved her hand.Whoosh!The light screen glowed as it showed images from around the ruin. The exploration team members started panicking as the ruins shook. The team grabbed the scattered tools and started running towards the exit."Restore!"Anom was about to get more surprises. As she finished speaking, or more like giving a command, all the broken pieces of wall and the like started floating. And that was not all!Anom kept looking at the retreating team. The screen followed them constantly. Suddenly, the team
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Chapter 5: The Wonder of the Worlds and the World Stone (1)
He looked around and found himself standing in what looked like a garden. The blue sky was clear and looked more perfect than the one he was familiar with. There was no sun. There were trees in one direction; it looked like the entrance to a forest. On another side, there was a lake. Resting under the blue sky, the tranquil lake water invited his tired soul to take a break.Anom turned around. Right in front of him was a stone pathway going straight into the distance. He could only see some mountains in the distance. The peaks of the mountain were especially huge. Anom was sure that even Mount Everest would be dwarfed before them.There was someone in front of him on the pathway. It was Cassana. But right now she was kneeling on the ground and holding her ears.Anom wanted to laugh at her, but he couldn't. His attention was on the person standing in front of her.It was a woman wearing a lilac full-length skirt and a white, full-sleeved, loose top with red flower patterns that was tuc
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Chapter 6: The Wonder of the Worlds and the World Stone (2)
"The world stone has already served its purpose. All the work after that needs to be done by Yerra herself. That's why she sent me a message to get it back.""Yerra is residing in a separate dimension within your planet. That temple you entered was designed by Yerra to keep the world stone in place. She opened up her dimension to let the temple pass through and reach the junction between the two worlds. As I was busy with something, I sent Cassana to retrieve the world stone. But something happened, which I'm not clear about, that made the temple surface in the physical world just above the surface of the planet. That wouldn't have been an issue either, as the temple had measures of its own to keep it inaccessible and invisible to anyone. But as she is always slacking in her training, she didn't operate the temple competently and made such a flashy appearance." Della shook her head while looking at Cassana, who kept her head low to indicate that she was ashamed of her mistakes.Sudden
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Chapter 7: Stay or Leave?
It has been two days since he came here. This is a dimension situated just outside the core planet of this world. Every world has a core; it can be a planet, or a god can just treat his or her own dimension as the core. Most of the gods were like Della and Yerra, who attached their dimensions to a planet, thus making it the core planet. Two days ago, Della gave Anom two choices. The first was that he could just become a resident here and enjoy his life as a spirit. The second choice was that he could descend on any planet of his choice in this world. He also found out about the practice or training of comprehending and controlling energy. Their levels might differ, but most of the worlds practices similar methods. It was just like how humans on Earth were advancing their understanding of the world through breakthroughs in science. The creatures treated cultivation as their way of life. Just like the holy novels! This was what Anom thought when he first found out about this. The gee
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Chapter 8: Getting Taught Amidst Softness
Della began by explaining, "When you descend to the world down there, you will find yourself overwhelmed by a swarm of energy. As you have grown up in an energy deficient environment, it will be better if you prepare yourself beforehand in case you get harmed by the sudden influx of energy. But don't worry, your soul is powerful enough to withstand that. Just be careful, and you will be fine. Now let me tell you about how you can make use of and exert control over energy." Anom straightened up as he listened to her with full focus. "Any being, whether it is a human, animal, plant, or any other species, starts understanding about energy by observing the impact the energy has on themselves and their environment. Like how hot and cold waves affect the climate, how fire can burn as well as nurture, how water can decide the life and death of mortals by its flow, how gravity works, and many other ways in which energy interacts with a being. To be clear, everything is made up of energy; eve
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Chapter 9: For Me You Are the Best
He got off of her and sat by her side. He kept some distance, afraid that his wild instincts would take over.Anom began telling about his adventures back on Earth as Della listened from the side.About an hour passed, as he had just finished another one of his stories. He was so engrossed while speaking that only now did he notice that, at some point, Della had slid over to him and was resting her head on his thighs.Anom knew how she felt, so he let her continue to rest on his lap. As he was about to start another story, Della looked up and asked, "Anom, am I a bad goddess?"Anom was not sure what she was talking about, so he asked, "What do you mean?""And besides, I don't think you're bad in any way."Della smiled lightly before speaking in a bleak voice, "What I mean is, am I bad for desiring to enjoy the world like mortals do? For wanting to escape my duties and live an ordinary life? For wanting to make new friends and go on adventures with them? For desiring love?"Anom felt h
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Chapter 10: Imprint on the Soul and the Heart
The world around them moved. They clearly hadn't moved from their position, but the things around them were changing constantly. Anom knew that their souls were connected, and, as Della had a more powerful soul, it felt like they were inside her soul. Her soul was connected to the world, and it felt like he could explore the whole world just by standing there. While Della was focusing on creating an imprint, Anom looked around them. He saw stars moving everywhere. Once in a while, planets of various sizes and colors will pass by. He was instantly fascinated. He looked around like a child who has come to the amusement park for the first time. He saw a blue planet. He kept looking at it for a while, as it reminded him of Earth. Just as he was about to move his sight away, he found his vision expanding as he felt like he was getting closer to that planet. He then realized that, as their souls were connected, he could utilize Della's vision to view any area. He once again focused on
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