Shadow World

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Shadow World

By: Viki VT OngoingFantasy

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Viktor Drichey has dedicated his life to becoming a magician. In his quest to end the world's pain and suffering and protect loved ones from him, he accidentally opens the door of a terror few sane men have ever seen: the door that gives access to the secrets of the world. death. Because necromancy promises despair for those who fail and unimaginable horrors for those who succeed. Shadow World tells the fate of this once noble man as he falls deeper and deeper into darkness. This intensely moving narrative leads the reader through looted cemeteries, where grave robbers carry out their macabre work, into the darkness of necromancy itself. The dead will rise from the graves. Fear the man who makes you walk

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39 chapters
Chapter 1 - Viktor Drichey, Part 1
The bedroom door creaked open and Father Wilkud entered the room where the dying men were to die. The air in the room was stale and heavy with the stench of death.   The flame of the single candle sizzled in the sudden draft of air, casting monstrous ghostly shadows that fluttered across the walls.   At first Father Wilkud barely made out that someone was huddled under the covers of the small bed. It looked as if one of the brothers had removed his habit and carelessly tossed it on the bed.   It wasn't until the seemingly empty garment moved and the wrinkled cloth fell from a head that was little more than skin stretched over a skull, that the priest was certain that someone was there.   The figure was frail and looked old, very, very old… His head was completely bald and dotted with freckles, and the only visible hair was thick gray eyebrows. His bony hands had been deformed by some cruel degenerati
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Chapter 2 - Viktor Drichey, Part 2
The first time I saw a corpse, I was five years old. Well, I guess that's not entirely true. He had seen Old Jack, Black Jack, the town drunk, before that. But it was the first time I had seen the corpse of someone close to me. Now it seems strange to think that he has never been close to someone, but in other times, I must admit, that someone was my mother. She had died of a fever. Did her death affect me deeply? Looking back now, I think it must have been. My sister Karen was only three at the time, and she could barely remember our mother. Our dear mother. But to me, her smiling face is as warm and bright as she was when she was alive; even now, after so many, so many years. It was she who raised us, who took care of us. She was the one who fed us when we were hungry, she comforted us when we were sick or unsafe, she encouraged us when we were sad. She was the one who loved us. <
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Chapter 3 - Viktor Drichey, Part 3
Viktor sat in his window seat, gaping at the wonders of Genbofen. The vehicle followed the main road into the city and rattled on the cobblestones that paved the streets. In the eighteen years of his life, Viktor had visited cities before, of course. Once or twice a year he had accompanied his father to the main market in Vengenholt to collect alms from the Church of Mortis and to purchase supplies for the Chipped Chapel. But Genbofen was something very different, five times the size of Vengenholt and with a population six times the size. For the young magic student it was a wonderful thing to behold. The houses rose to heights of three, four, and even five stories above the street, and many of the upper floors jutted out beyond the main wall of the buildings. That was not important in the case of the main avenues of the city, but in the secondary streets the floors stood out so much that they transformed the roads into dark tunnels in which
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Chapter 4 - Viktor Drichey, Part 4
"What did you think of the class?" He heard Viktor ask a great voice next to him. The accent was that of the city of Genbofen itself. Looking back, Viktor saw another student trotting forward to catch up with him as he left the classroom. He appeared to be the same age as Viktor, with a neat head of blond hair and a fuzz of beard on his chin, trimmed in the style of what Viktor believed was the fashion of the imperial capital. He also weighed between five and ten kilos more than Viktor himself. The student clutched to his chest a half-open backpack with scrolls and a quill sticking out. "Fascinating. Better than he had expected. " Better than you had hoped for? What do you mean by that? " “Uh… It doesn't matter. It has truly been everything he had hoped it would be. " "Professor Theodria is certainly an excellent speaker, right?" "It is obvious t
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Chapter 5 - Felix Crissinger, Part 1
At the moment, I find it hard to believe that I was ever so impressed by old Professor Theodria. His mind was as closed to new thoughts as an Adamantite strongbox reinforced by enchantments. There was no way that he believed that there could be another way, another way of knowledge far greater and more powerful than his own. Because deep down he was a coward who was afraid of those who dared to question the primitive and antiquated understanding of the world that he considered an irrefutable truth, a way of thinking that he clung with all his might like a dog to a bone. .The school principal was a cowardly and dogmatic fool whose position of power and influence was based on a weak-minded attachment to the knowledge and practices received from others. But looking back, as much as I may despise my memories of Professor Theodria, that is nothing compared to the hatred and contempt I feel, even now, towards that shitty Inquisitor, sow sonic, rotten sewer rat
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Chapter 6 - Felix Crissinger, Part 2
During weeks of diligent study, Viktor also regularly received letters from his sister Karen about him. They always arrived when a carriage made a postal delivery from Vegenholt, the closest town to Chipped on the main routes through the Empire. Letters that had previously been brought there by some willing farmer who transported his goods to the town to sell. And amid all this hustle and bustle of Viktor's new life, whenever he received a letter from his devoted and loyal sister, it evoked the life he had left behind. Karen's letters kept him up to date on everything that was happening at Chipped and let him know that his sister was toiling there without him, taking care of his father and taking care of her needs. They were a comforting reminder of home. There was never a letter from his father. At first, Viktor dutifully responded to each of Karen's missives, as he had resolved to do, and sent the letters through the city mail company. But
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Chapter 7 - Felix Crissinger, Part 3
The heavy oak door of the library slammed open, breaking the quiet, musty silence of the place. The room was usually almost sacredly quiet, as if it were a shrine, but this had now been broken by the arrival of the Inquisitor. He had the attitude of a man used to having to get what he wanted by force and being satisfied with it. And, of course, no weak apprentice magician was going to stand in his way. The man was over six feet tall, wore leather riding boots, and although he appeared to have reached middle age, this made him look even stronger rather than detract from his vigor. Viktor saw thick, rope-like muscles taut on the man's neck as he laid eyes on him. Felix's profile was of noble lineage, with a prominent and distinguished jaw, short gray hair, and a neatly trimmed beard. His eyes were piercing sharp points of sapphire blue, and his teeth were bare as his lips parted in a fierce canine grin. He had the unmistak
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Chapter 8 - Felix Crissinger, Part 4
"This is going to end right now!" the school principal roared as he rested his hands on the surface of his desk. Felix straightened and turned away from Viktor, his sapphire gaze as cold as a winter night. "Why are you defending this bastard?" the Inquisitor asked in a voice as hard and cutting as an Adamantite sword. "Is it perhaps an indication of your own guilt?" "This interrogation is a sham!" Theodria bellowed. "I would lend the same support to any member of the School in the face of such blatant lies and fraudulent accusations as these." "Unless he was shown to be a servant of the dark powers, of course." "Which young Viktor Drichey is not!" "That has yet to be proven." "How can this boy be the 'Tomb Raider'? He arrived in Genbofen in the early spring, and the disappearances started much earlier, in the last month of winter as far a
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Chapter 9 - Fragmented, Part 1
What is madness? Do you think that I am crazy, I, someone who condemns his own soul through the practice of black magic? And for what purpose? For a few more decades of desperately decadent life? To become an outlaw from the world of the living when it is precisely the unbearable desire to live that has led me to study the forbidden rites of necromancy? I will tell you for what purpose I have done that. I have done everything for nothing, because it is the only thing I have now that I bare my soul before you: nothing. Nothing to show for two centuries of life; the lands that I once claimed as my own, the people who showed fidelity to me, all already forgotten. And the only thing I can hope for now is an ignominious end and an eternity in that twilight world of the realm of the dead, caught between the worlds of eternal rest and glorious life, unable to exist in either of them, both torturingly out of reach. . An eternity of torment. An etern
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Chapter 10 - Fragmented, Part 2
Within the harsh world Humans inhabited, the mentally ill were often forgotten and, for the most part, constituted a misunderstood, intolerant, and feared underclass. In fact, there were very few places that cared for them. At best, they were an embarrassment to their families, to be isolated from the world, both to spare their relatives embarrassment and to protect them. In the worst case, the madmen were accused of being possessed by demons and burned for witchcraft, in very rare cases madmen were taken for messengers divinely inspired by the gods. This was not the case with the unfortunate Sed. He was curled up on a bed in a small cell with a sturdy door reinforced with iron bands. Viktor was immediately taken aback. While the other patients they had cared for were old or at least prematurely aged from the lives they had led, there was no doubt that Sed was still a young man despite his sunken che
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