Stranded Pixels of Us

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Stranded Pixels of Us

By: Xemeritus_posh1 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Set in two worlds, Earth in 2022 and an enigmatic Fantasy world with a location unknown to mortals, Stranded Pixels of Us is a symphony of teen romance and mind-blowing fantasy that describes time as a where rather than a when. Drake, the main character is an alien from the world of Time who is sent to Earth as a child to protect him from the evil incarnate, Prargrus. After 17 plus years on Earth, Drake had lived a normal nerdy life with his aged adopted parents ignorant of his power or who he was. His powers begin to unfold in the company of the girl he loves, Alessia, who finds him to be interesting and his powers to be intriguing. Together, they realise all that he is and how his powers were to save his world and hers. Facing enemies was one thing, losing themselves to time's glitch was another and Drake embarks on a mission to save Alessia from whichever year in time that she was while discovering more about his powers and the greater threat to humanity along the line. In the end, Drake faces his fears and unleashes his power to annihilate Prargrus and his allies for good and he reunites with Alessia after he finds his way out of the time labyrinth he got lost in. The book gives the reader a thousand reasons to believe in love, choices and the power of time.

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The Apeiron
"Kronm klank", the sound of the prison gates as they flung wide open. A tall man, moderately built, with beards quite long as that of the Vikings walked out with swift feet and a look of desperation, anger and revenge constantly emerging from his fiery eyes. His hair was really long and rough, a result of days running into years and decades of confinement within this thick bars of iron. Still in shock, he came out and stood outside the prison gates, staring into the whole where he had spent quite a number of his years. "Hurry, we don't have much time", another man who was really huge and quite bestowed with charming looks, pulled him from whatever horrid thoughts were dancing in his mind. They hurried through the dark balcony, long enough, and seemingly endless as they inhaled the smell of something that might have been dust, or clay as they passed by bodies of soldiers, guards who were either passed out or dead."Push, look at me… Look at me and push!", said the midwife with unearth
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The Sphere of Timelessness
Ittatin Parkal's location was kept a secret and was always more of a legend to the ears of a lot of people, but now, the horror stared the soldiers, Reikus and Hoder right in the eyes with little or nothing to do. Here, everything stands still, nothing moves, nothing grows, but an everlasting silence of pain."Is this…?", Reikus said with trepidation living in her every words that her breath hung right before her eyes. This place was like nothing in the books, it was a cosmological horror!"Yeah, it was always here", Hoder replied in a more relaxed voice, well masked above the fear and shivering palms he had behind his back. "Where are we?" One of the soldiers asked in awe and desperation for an answer.Hoder laughed so hard that the silence that seemed to be the strongest element here was made to be inferior. "Did you just say where?", Hoder said in a tone that implied mockery. After taking a couple seconds to laugh, he replied the now scared soldier; "When are we? The concepts of l
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These dreams wear ugly pyjamas'
In a battle where ashes and blood were all in the air and choked the oxygen, Drake found himself right in the middle of it all. He was dressed as every other soldier on the battle field who either resembled a Barbarian or an Ancient Greek warrior. Drake just stood on a point, in awe of this carnage that unfolded right before his eyes and shock now finding its way into his veins. The battle didn't get any lighter, as skulls were finding their way either into the skies of terror or the ground that just kept swallowing bodies in their numbers. Still in that moment, a man, armoured from his helmet to his sandals threw a javelin; a long stick that had the mouth of an arrow, right into Drake's heart from a distance more than 50 feet away. "Ahh!" This was the only sound the dying Drake could spit out as blood poured right through his mouth as his knees went right to the ground on their own accord. He wasn't breathing fine anymore, with tears rolling down his dusty cheeks that had ash
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The Orphan and the Misfit
"My baby girl, dad would be back before you know it" Those words flashed right before her face once more on the spot. That was the last time she ever saw or heard from her dad. He lied, he didn't come back and that was because he couldn't. He died in that mission and Alessia was still not over it. "Alessia, are you set?". Laura said as she approached the end of the stairs. "Would you change your mind if I said otherwise?", Alessia walked away from the picture and replied her mum. Laura was a gorgeous woman, quite slender and not lavishly dressed. She wore a deep blue gown, the type you only really see in movies. "You just have to try it out first", Laura said softly as she played with her daughter's hair.In Radical Congress High school, there were a lot of students, many rich ones too. Drake was the quiet boy who sat in the front with his head always in front of his shoulders."Hey Orphan boy, how are we doing today?", Nathan tapped Drake's shoulders teasingly.Drake wa
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Stuck in the Now
It was a Tuesday morning and Drake was still in bed. He was in an awkward position, with one hand on his head and the other leg almost down to the floor of the bed. He woke up slowly, realizing that he was going to be late for school. "Shit! I really did sleep well last night", he said as he yawned and stood on his feet. He turned to the table where he had his phone and checked the time was 7:35. He waited by the side of the table for a while, just glancing into open space cluelessly. After almost a minute of this awkwardness, he hurried into the bathroom where he started his routine as he opened the shower to run its course above his head. In the bathroom, he felt something different, he always felt peace before, but now, he felt excited about today, maybe it had something to do with his APP class or maybe with the new girl. He came out of the bathroom wrapped in his towel from his waist to his legs as he picked out his clothes for today. He turned to look at the table be
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Hey, Wait up!
"So, about that project that I gave you, I think the both of you should pair up. You know, come up with something and work on it together", Mr Mount said. Could Drake have been any more relieved? He was totally happy that what had troubled him all day had finally been settled. He now had the luxury of another partner, one who he was in awe of. After the end of the APP class, Drake packed his bag and left quite speedily. "Hey! Drake! Wait up!", Alessia said as she walked towards him. Drake halted as soon as he heard his name. He couldn't remember the last time he heard someone who wasn't a teacher call his name. He turned to look behind and saw Alessia. He was speechless, maybe it was wiser to tie his tongue than spit out a thousand irrelevant words that were on the edge of his throat. "I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable in the class", Alessia said with a look of sincerity. "Uncomfortable?", Drake replied looking puzzled. "About the project, I am su
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Hallucination in broad daylight
Drake was weak and fell right on the toilet's seat like paper being flung into open space. Right before they started to throw their boldly designed fists on to his body, he felt something as he shut his eyes anticipating the incoming pain. He felt silence, yet noise. He felt some kind of heat flashing right before his face and now he opened his eyes. Drake was in his bed, in his room. He was back to hours before the toilet scene happened. He was speechless, confused and his brain just kept making up a million stories with less than a hundred proofs. "It must have been a concussion. I must have been punched badly on the head", he said to himself as he put his two hands on his face as he felt pain fixed on it. "I knew it, I was hit in the face, but how come that's all I remember?", he asked himself with an unfamiliar puzzled look on his face. As if this version of a quagmire wasn't hefty enough, he glanced at his room and saw scenes of movement; every move he had made, ever
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Vulnerability Sprouts
"That was an amazing short and I'm impressed already", the voice of a woman who wasn't Mrs Jessica rung in his ears. He looked towards the speaker and it was Alessia. He was so lost in his thoughts as his day could not have gone any weirder. Alessia noticed the shock on his face and bent down to pick his ball from the floor as it rolled away. She threw it to him, but a twist of events found the ball right on his head. It was quite a surprise Drake didn't fall right to the ground stone cold as the ball met his head which was probably steaming due to overthinking. "Oh My God! I'm so sorry…", Alessia said sincerely and with an awkward look on her face. "Ha ha", Drake chuckled. The ball really must have hit him pretty bad at some delicate spots for him to be laughing at such pain. Alessia walked up to him and touched his face. Once again, this very moment, time seemed to slow down, but it didn't really. "It does hurt much, doesn't it?, Alessia asked as she rubbed bot
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See You Around
"That is quite something. I doubt if I'd have had enough air to breathe in considering all the spree of words and all." Drake smiled and Alessia slightly chuckled too. "It's puzzling that we meet people around the same age and yet we are million light years apart in our view of the world." Drake said with a rather philosophical look which Alessia seemed to enjoy. Her phone rang and it was her mum, so she picked anxiously. "Baby, I'm here already. Sorry for keeping you waiting" Her mum said honestly. "It's okay. I will be there in a minute" Alessia said with a smile on her cheeks. "My mum is here already. See you around?" "Yeah. Bye" Drake replied with a warm look. He stayed there trying to embrace the air, all of it in that moment as she left through the door. Thoughts decided to flood his head space to give him unsolicited company and he let out a brief smile. He picked up his bag and left the building too with his earpiece in his ear, playing nothing but list
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How costly is Immortality?
"You know, I get them too. Those nightmares, the scary ones that keep haunting me…" She said plainly to Drake who was both surprised and happy that she somehow figured it out without him uttering a word. "So, what do you do?" Drake asked. "I survive. Some nights are just worse than the others. I try my best to take my mind off them and most times, I get stuck in a distraction." She replied. "A distraction?" Drake said softly as he remembered hearing that before. "I think that food has been patient enough, you might want to have it now" Alessia said as she chuckled lightly. Drake smiled and laughed slowly as he looked at her. She was gorgeous, brilliant and funny and here she was, right in front of him. Drake picked up a spoon of his salad and ate it slowly as he looked at her frequently. Back in the other world, Thaxis, the man who helped Prargrus escape the prison earlier stood in the delivery room beside Reikus who just had a child. He collected the baby withou
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