Super Richest System

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Super Richest System

By: Adi Gm OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Rudi who has an ordinary life transfers to another Rudi who is in a different world. Getting status as an orphan, Rudi saw the life of his predecessor full of sadness, until then an old beggar changed everything. Now Rudi has inherited an abundance of wealth, and with the wealth he has he begins to do what he wants, and his first step is to take revenge on Doni, a cunning friend who stabbed him in the back. But Rudi doesn't know that there is a mastermind behind Doni who is the real suspect. Only when the system came did he realize that there was a big fish behind a small fish like Rudi. So Rudi began to fish deeper until another fact emerged when he realized that his predecessor's parents had died not in an accident but were killed to silence him. Rudi became furious from there. An even greater conflict and revenge await him. And the competition between Rudi and his enemy became more and more intense as well. In the end, can Rudi beat his opponent? Which turned out to be a global elite network? But Rudi was neither afraid nor giving up because he had a system to back him up. And with this Rudi said loudly, " Am I the winner or you?" "You are just a bunch of elites....want to compete with me dream!!!!!"

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  • Adi Gm


    It's Good to read this novel, recommended for you that like Urban, Poor to rich, Hollywood, and etc.

    2023-12-26 18:45:26
  • Tammie Lanier


    More chapters please

    2023-01-27 22:05:53
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79 chapters
Star City January 10, 2020, in an office building, you can see a well-dressed young man conducting a job interview."Your grades are good, and that meets the requirements," a middle-aged woman dressed in an office uniform said to the young man."It's just, we don't think you're cut out for this job!!" Said the middle-aged woman with an apologetic face.And the young man who had a happy feeling at the beginning now felt very sad and depressed, with a face that was trying to be strong he said "okay.... it's okay, then I'll excuse you" said the young man leaving the interview room.Outside the building, the young man looked back at the name of the company that had just rejected him, "This is already the 30th company, how long will I continue to be rejected!!!!" The young man complained in frustration.As an outstanding graduate of a university in the city of stars, he became a joke throughout his generation, because until now he has not been able to get a decent job with his diploma.Ang
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"It's so quiet here!!" Rudi lamented looking at the very quiet street in front of him, at this time passing through the old street, he only saw old and empty buildings around him, no sign of anyone seen passing along this road ever since he decided to pass here.Until then he saw 4 men dressed as gangsters with ferocious faces and carrying pipes walking toward him, Rudi became scared as well as shocked.Seeing this Rudi had a bad feeling in his heart, ( damn this time I'm unlucky!!!!) Rudi complained when he realized that today was a bad day for him."Who are you?" Rudi asked in a defensive posture, to maintain his fitness and protect himself, Rudi learned a little about the martial art of Pencak silat, with a ready defensive."Look at this posture….looks like he's ready to fight!!" shouted one of the 4 men." Hahaha..... he's just a kid, not worthy of attention !!! Let's finish this business and we'll be back to having fun soon" replied the other man.So without delay, they immediate
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Old Beggar
So then Rudi took the old beggar to enter a small shop that sells chicken noodles, "boss give us 2 portions of special chicken noodles..." Rudi ordered when he entered the shop.Seeing Rudi enter with the beggar, for a moment the peddler hesitated to serve.And Rudi saw the blank face of the chicken noodle seller's boss as if he knew what was worried so then he said, "ok just pack my order, and this time makes it four" Rudi immediately said changing his order.Rudi did not feel disgusted or disappointed with the actions taken by the sales boss, because basically when the sales boss wants to serve his order or not it is his right, so in this case, Rudi doesn't think too much about it, moreover helping is something that cannot be forced and only with sincere self-awareness will helping have a meaningful meaning.Seeing that now the boss agreed to his request then Rudi turned his eyes to the old beggar, gave him a plastic stool to sit on Rudi then asked a little about the reason why the
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Looking at the neat figure in front of him, Rudi of course became confused because basically, he had no memory of that man in his predecessor's memory."Good afternoon Mr. Rudi, I am Tom a lawyer from Jaya law firm" the man replied to Rudi."Ohhh...Ok, how can I help you?" Ask Rudi again after knowing the name of the man who is a lawyer named Tom." Can we talk inside Mr. Rudi?" said Tom proposing a place to talk."Alright, you can come in" Rudi replied again this time he wanted to know what Tom would say.After inviting Tom to sit down, Rudi immediately moved on to the topic, because he didn't think he knew Tom so the treatment given to Tom could be said to be very normal if it wasn't for the fact that he was very curious about Tom's intentions and purpose for coming here Rudi wouldn't have bothered letting him into the house."All right, Mr. Tom, now that we're inside, you can convey your intention and purpose for coming here," Rudi said."Ehem....before that, may I ask a few things
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Get Rich
"Okay then Mr. Rudi I think this is all I can say at this time, and for the rest of the processing it will take 1 to 2 days to come, and during this time Mr. Rudi can save my phone number through this card," Tom said goodbye while then gave a card containing his name and telephone number.After dropping him off at the door of his house, Rudi still couldn't believe what had just happened to him. Yesterday afternoon he was still struggling with how to support himself with the remaining."Is this a dream?.....ouch...." Rudi screamed while pinching his hand in pain."This is not a dream!!!!...."So what am I now ???"Hahaha...I'm rich...I'm rich...." Speaking in a very happy tone, Rudi started to vent his joy.Rudi probably never would have thought that his luck would not stop there because not long, no less good news would come to him.#####That day Rudi spent in his house watching movies and also playing games, he was now rich and no longer cared about finding a job, so he indulged h
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One day passed and now Rudi is in the center of the city of stars, here where there are many skyscrapers of various sizes and also attractive designs, occupied by various companies from various fields.You can see the office workers who look very neat in their fashionable clothes, not to mention when Rudi sees many young female employees wearing Office suits which is very appetizing.Why Rudi came to the center of the city of Star to verify the data regarding the ownership of the house and also the land owned by him because the government building in charge of the land agency was located in the center of the city of Star which was also next to tall buildings containing various companies.After 1 hour of verification and valid ownership of both the land and the building, Rudi stated that it was difficult to get compensation, "Where should I live for the rest of the day?" Rudi thinks about getting ready to move out of his house.But then he was in a dilemma about whether he should buy a
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Present System
Rudi who heard the notification sound from the system became shocked and also excited, (shhh....this rhythm becomes super...) Rudi said with great pleasure imagining that he would become even more extraordinary.He never thought that in addition to getting an inheritance, in the end, he would be equipped with a system as an addition to this new life, "And here are some files and savings books that contain all the assets of Mr. Henry, Mr. Rudi can take them," said Tom again Submit all files."Oh... this building and firm are included in the inheritance that Mr. Rudi got, so Mr. Rudi is also directly the CEO of this Jaya law firm," Tom told Rudi again."Ahhh...I see, then this is amazing" Rudi said excitedly and started imagining himself to be something extraordinary until then He remembered someone who hurt him a lot, thinking back to the tragic fate of the body's original owner Rudi felt that he was the one who had promised at the beginning now must carry out what he said."Because I'
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Unusual Gift Packages
(Ding.....congratulations Host for getting Body Strengthening Serum)(Ding….congratulations Host Obtaining 3 absolute loyalty pills)(Ding....congratulations Host got a 10 M² space ring)Then the system stops beeping."Only three? Nothing else, really a few....but this is better than nothing" said Rudi laughing quite contentedly."System, please explain the 3 prizes," Rudi asked the system to explain the novice prize he got.( For body strengthening serum is a serum that will double all the attributes possessed by the host) replied the system...." Ok...this is amazing....doubling all attributes" Rudi was satisfied listening."Next," Rudi said again.( Absolute loyalty pill, a pill that can make anyone who swallows it loyal to the host to death, as for how to use it, it can be dissolved into drinks, or food, and eaten directly) the system replied again."Hahaha... this time it's very helpful, who wants to be betrayed, with the great wealth that I currently have, it's clear that betrayal
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Ministerial Escort
Soon the two entered the elevator and not long after they arrived on the ground floor, there in the spacious lobby you could see several officers dressed in suits with tall and straight bodies without lining up neatly to form a protective formation, and Adam as captain of Rudi's bodyguard, saw Tom going downstairs with a young man he also recognized as his new boss.Based on the archives he received about Rudi, one could say that he was very surprised by the luck that Rudi had unconsciously helped an old beggar and in the end, he was given the inheritance of all the property owned by the old beggar, this showed something of the power of fate that was unstoppable imaginable.Where when he read the complete file of biodata owned by his boss he realized that Rudi was an orphan who was abandoned by his parents when he was in his teens, relying on a strong determination to survive Rudi then managed to get through various obstacles until finally bringing himself to graduate with very satisf
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Another Master
"In front of you right now is a target that we must complete, he is named Doni Right, a student who has just graduated from a university in the city of stars, comes from a family that is with his father, Mr. Right is the owner of a global info company, a company engaged in the property sector, from the scale of which is in the city of stars this company is categorized as a medium to upper company.There is one instruction given by our Boss, which is to find out the illegal actions committed by Doni and also his family, the Boss asks for the fastest results so this time I will give a firm order.Immediately find out what Doni is doing, all aspects and habits you have to pay attention to, and don't leave anything behind.And I want the results this afternoon!!""Ready Boss carries out the task !!" they shouted in unison."Disperse!!!" Tom's orders to his men.After seeing his men leave the room, Tom who saw Doni's picture smiled full of ridicule." Hey... young man... I can only say you
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