Supreme God Of War!

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Supreme God Of War!

By: KhoaVu OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Return of Supreme God Of War. Richard Nicholas was once a wealthy and successful man but was harmed by bad guys. He had to leave his homeland to go to a remote place to hide. After years of fighting on the frontier, he returned home. At this time, his wife's family despised him, and his wife did not trust him. Richard Nicholas gradually regained everything, and he took revenge on those who betrayed him. God Of War is back!

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15 chapters
Chapter 1: Comeback God Of War!
Late autumn.Dry leaves of gold fell on a broad shoulder.Richard Nicholas stood under the tree, facing the Faculty Office, learning Dream technology."Brother, they tried to harm me. I didn't live. I'm getting older."Two months First, the capital of Dream Science and Technology met. In the unresolvable incident, President Andrew Nicholas carries a massive debt of US$1.2 billion on his back, forced to mortgage the company for Sky Peak to Brian Arthur."Brother, I'm sorry, I have to go first..."Twelve states at night, Andrew Nicholas jumped off the roof and died. On the spot.He is a handsome, talented man famous in business circles, yet he says goodbye to the world like that.Which one? Is it to have one's head in one's pocket? There's a problem with this. It's like a battlefield. Andrew Nicholas is the object of a pitiful sacrifice.In the middle of a gIt's cold, Richard Nicholas takes a deep breath, heads up. Look up at the starry sky."Andrew, I'm sorry, I'm late. Don't worry, of
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Chapter 2: Be Despised!
Eric Edward led the guards toward Richard Nicholas.Three meters.Two meters.One meter!In the nick of time only, a meter from Richard Nicholas. They haven't seen Richard yet. Nicholas heard an explosion when he did something. Two guards flew out in a flash.On the scene, immediately as silent as a sheet."What's going on? What just happened?""I don't know, A blink of an eye, the two of them went out and into a coma.”"Doing magic, what's the rule?"Eric Edward swallowed a sip of saliva, a feeling of fear flashed through his mind."This guy Loh, a monster?""Everybody, No, let's move on!"His guards glanced at each other and rushed forward, raising the electric stick to the head of the tree Richard Nicholas.Richard Nicholas threw his arms up, and a gust of wind swept them up.Then he suddenly lifted his foot, and then he couldn't see anything.Each of his names. All the guards were hit right in the stomach, and the "punching" sound was continuous. Come on.In a flash, Eyes, all gua
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Chapter 3: Non-nice Whole Wife's Family.
Edgar James said that Richard Nicholas was half-hearted, and there were no words to say, so he went on: "But that's okay, Nicholas Family, you have Science Dream. Even if you do, if it doesn't work, come back and starve."Speaking of which, Richard Nicholas looks a little different. Serena James is even angrier.The story of Science and Technology Dream so loud, Edgar James couldn't help but know that Andrew Nicholas jumped out and killed himself, and he said in front of everyone that he wanted to do it on purpose. Insult Richard Nicholas.Others have the kindness to remind them, "Edgar, what are you talking about? Science Dream is already Brian Arthur's. So, what's the Nicholas Family?""Oh, yes." Edgar James looked at Richard Nicholas, laughed, and said, "Sorry, I have a bad memory, so I forgot."He patted his chest and said, "But don't worry, even if you can't roll around, you won't starve to death. A brother like me will take care of you. I see. You're in pretty good shape if you
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Chapter 4: Attending Inauguration Ceremony.
At this moment, Richard Nicholas' cell phone rang:"It's so embarrassing, and I'm going to pick up the phone."Richard Nicholas walked out the door, connected to the phone. The other end of the line goes to Vincent Scott's voice."Mr. Richard, the document has been passed down. He wants you tomorrow to take over as general manager of three regions and attend the inauguration ceremony."Richard Nicholas replied casually, "you know my personality, never liked such places, the post of minister. I can take charge, but the inauguration is over.""These are the rules of the superior, Mr. Richard, and it's not easy to cancel.""Then let you attend on my behalf.""This is not appropriate? The superior will disagree.""If you don't agree, don't let me take the position of curator anymore, pass my word on to them.""Mr. Richard, don't be angry. I'll go and repeat it."Richard Nicholas hung up the phone. He was about to return. Edgar James happily walked in."Oh, who's on the phone?""Friends."
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Chapter 5: Block!
Now hearing Albert John say it's hard to get the invitation back, it's even more suspicious.Richard Nicholas took a step forward, calmly saying, "We have the right to know, not like some people, even if we are not. I don't even know if I'm qualified to enter. It's sad."These words are aimed at three Albert Johns.Edgar James is unhappy: "What, what are you talking about? Don't think that you and Serena James are married and you're one of the James Family, and dare it. I'm bad at myself. Can I hit you with a swollen mouth?"Albert John reached out to stop Edgar James."It's not a place to make trouble; we'll wait and talk.""I get it, brother-in-law.""Being human is the most important thing to know yourself," said Albert John with a contemptuous glance at Richard Nicholas.After saying that, he turned to the front door of the building.Paul James walked up to Serena James's advice and said: "My sister, my husband is a soldier. His temper is a little bad. He is not easy to hear, Don'
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Chapter 6: A Little Faith.
This time, he also competed for the position of Vice President. He can tell who has balls at the inauguration. He can sit one step ahead of the Vice-Chairperson position with a relatively good expression. Edric James at home didn't mention Drak Thomas, but most of them are not good things, so Serena James has no feelings for Drake Thomas. "Hi, Uncle Thomas." Serena James said coldly. "Well, Serena, hello, long time no see, you've grown up. I'm well." Drake Thomas' lewd eyes travel all over his body. Serena James, constantly evaluating her long white legs, andswallowing her saliva, was very rude. Serena James is not comfortable going back to jail. She takes one step and lets Richard Nicholas cover himself. "Who is this man?" Drake Thomas pointed to Richard Nichols As. "He is my son-in-law, Richard Nicholas." Edric James on throw up. Happy Drake Thomas: "Well, that's a bum, Dad. He went missing, his brother killed himself, stuck to his wife, and lived there, buddy." Edric Ja
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Chapter 7: Give A Gift
"You tell me, they're all Water Ice people. Why is the difference so big?""It seems this is Water Ice deliberately, using a torn man as a cushion to highlight Drake Thomas.""That's right."Drake Thomas' face was full of joy, and he put the key in the box to hand over to the host.The host carefully placed this box in the middle, which was Drake Thomas' gift. Although the smallest, the location is the most visible.Drake Thomas returned to his seat and crossed his legs."Mr. James, how's my gift?"Edric James's face was pale, and his head bowed silently."Haha ha ha ha, why didn't you all like fighting with me before? Now let me see how you still fight with me. Edric James, I tell you that I will be promoted to Vice-Chief this time, which you will soon be leaving. You must be the same person as Ha's dead son-in-law.."Faced with Drake Thomas's teasing, Edric James failed to refute half of the sentence.He lost to all the attendants.Serena James was so angry that her whole body tremb
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Chapter 8: Satisfied With Achievement
When he was in front of everyone being taken away, everyone instinctively bowed their heads and couldn't look because they feared they would be the next Drake Thomas. Vincent Scott said: "Actually, I know everyone below has a financial problem. I advise people to be a little more respectful from now on. Otherwise, Drake Thomas's results are the result of everyone! The thoughts based on giving gifts close to the relationship, I advise everyone to wake up. The general manager won't like it. You brought all the goods today. Take them all back. One in charge doesn't have to do so this time. If there's another time, I'll never spare you!" People immediately bowed their heads, were frightened, and did not dare to breathe loudly. Finally, Vincent Scott lifted a few bottles of GRAClANO: "Comrade Edric James, another may bring back the offering, but your offering I will take it on behalf of the general manager." "It's my pleasure," said Edric James with a smile. Vincent Scott nodded: "You'
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Chapter 9: Sweep Clean Relationships
Edric advised: "The James family highly values the individual capabilities of each person. If you still had your former status, or if the Science - Technology Dream still belonged to the Nicholas family, you wouldn't need to say a word; there would be a bunch of people proactively calling you, expressing their desire to attend this ritual.""Currently, no one will pay attention to you like this, so you should save this effort."Richard let out a bitter laugh: "If they don't want to pay attention, that's their business, but whether or not to inform them is ours.""Moreover, I also want to see what kind of attitude the James family will have towards me.""Haizzz, if you want to call, then just call."The first number Richard dialed was the mobile number of Mr. Darius, the head of the James family."Hello? Who is this?""Uncle, it's your nephew Richard."Darius hesitated for a moment: "Is this Richard? Do you need anything from me?""I wanted to inform you that in five days, it will be m
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Chapter 10: Sweep Clean Relationships (2)
Five days later? By the bank of Willow Creek?Confused, Marsha asked: "Really? You're going to attend Richard's ghost brother's memorial ceremony?""Spit on that! Who would watch such ghostly nonsense?"Edgar rolled his eyes at her: "I'm here for the demolition and relocation project happening in five days!""Oh?"Edgar further explained: "I don't know why, but the demolition and relocation project along Willow Creek has been progressing very fast these days.""In five days, the demolition and relocation work will conclude, and a ceremony to call for cooperation on the redevelopment project will be held on-site. If our James family can collaborate with them, we'll surely make a huge profit!""Elder sister, I'm not deceiving you, not just me, but even our grandfather must personally attend in five days."Time swiftly passed, and five days flew by.This morning, Serena woke up very early, dressed in a black suit.After all, attending a memorial ceremony, one should dress properly, not to
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