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Tales of the Atlantic is a fantasy novel about revenge, the supernatural, spiritual, and physical realms. After his life is mysteriously plunged from affluence to penury, Tamunotonye embarks on a mission to discover the cause of his late mother’s death, and avenge her if possible. Tales of the Atlantic revolves around the lives, twists, schemes and machinations of Tamunotonye, his former course mate at the university, Timothy, the goddess of the underwater cult his late father belonged to, and other initiates of the underwater cult inside the Atlantic Ocean. Tamunotonye utilizes his supernatural abilities after his initiation into the underwater cult inside the Atlantic Ocean, like possessing an invisible double who attends the periodic meetings of the underwater cult. This invisible double is only visible to Tamunotonye and his fellow initiates. His invisible double is also empowered to carry out deliverance activities on Tamunotonye’s behalf, at his behest. A clash of two supernatural and spiritual powers later occurs, with Tamunotonye as one of the casualties, before the perilous journey to vengeance comes to an unimaginable and dramatic conclusion.

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CHAPTER ONE15th July, 2011Port HarcourtRivers StateMy name is Tamunotonye Ibierembo Abbey-Hart, an offspring of late Chief Tamunoibuomi Apiri Abbey-Hart, whose death is the reason for all these narrative. At twenty-seven years of age, I know little or nothing about the occult or marine world.Everything I’m going to say or narrate happened within a year, and although I do not have any specific reason for doing this, I feel it has to be done. This is because after all I’d experienced in the past one year, it is important that persons all over the world should know the powers and forces that exist on this planet, which they have no knowledge about.Surprisingly, the word ‘marine,’ to the best of my knowledge, only concerned the activities of fishermen, animals and plants that live in the sea, a member of an armed force in the United States or United Kingdom who is specially trained for military duties at sea as well as on land, offshore oil exploration activities and freight activit
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CHAPTER TWOThe next morning I was up by six, said a very short prayer, did some press-ups and hurried to the kitchen to tidy up the aftermath of yesterday’s cooking and dinner before Her Majesty strayed in there. Apart from her dressing, there was one other thing that pissed everyone off in the family – her promiscuous lifestyle, which her parents saw as uncontrollable. This was despite the wealth the latter possessed, which she easily had access to, and the comfortable life she lived.She had barely wiped off the toothpaste suds around her mouth when she came and greeted me in the sitting room.“Good morning,” she greeted slowly.“Good morning how was your night?”“It was wonderful, the power outage notwithstanding,” she shrugged with a deep sigh as if she wanted to tell me something bad or nasty, while avoiding my stern countenance at the same time.“I’ll be travelling for some days, maybe till Saturday,” she continued.“Travelling to where?” I demanded folding my arms and eyeing
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It was ten forty-eight when I stepped out of the apartment and headed for the hospital where my mother had been admitted. Out of all the twelve apartments on the block, my sister’s apartment was undoubtedly the cleanest. I’d say kudos to her, but it didn’t do anything to improve her ‘attitude.’Typical Benjamin Okpara Street in the morning saw people walking up and down somewhat aimlessly. I came out of the compound and started walking until a taxi cab stopped for me near Casablanca – a popular grill and night club, at the end of the street. I soon entered the taxi cab which was painted blue and white and shut the door, while thinking of Casablanca which in the next seven to eight hours would come ‘alive.’ The driver took a couple of short cuts before we were stopped by a traffic warden, who subsequently allowed the lane sideways to move. As I waited in the taxi cab, I began to wonder why my mother wanted to see me.The traffic warden soon waved our line to move, and the driver sped t
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Words could not possibly describe the way I felt, while thinking about my mother that Friday morning. It had been two days since the ‘revelation’ about Marine Brothers Society, as thoughts about my sister’s arrival crept into my mind. I removed the second button from the hole on my blue long sleeved shirt, while waiting for a taxi at the tail end of Sani Abacha Road. Four or five minutes later, a taxi cab stopped with three other passengers, and opened its front passenger door for me to get in. My wristwatch showed ten-thirty in the morning as the taxi cab sped to my destination – Agip Junction. The moment I came down from the taxi cab, I walked a few metres to where some bus conductors were shouting ‘Rumuokoro’, ‘Rumuokoro,’ and stepped into the passenger seat of a blue Mitsubushi L300 fifteen seater bus.I sat beside a fair lady who suddenly reminded me of my sick mother’s complexion. The bus kept stopping to pick and drop passengers until it finally reached my destination – Federal
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Timothy hadn’t changed much, except that he looked fresher now that he was in a lot of money. He had a stylish haircut and was dressed in an expensive suit. The farthest part of the room where he’d been having fun with his girl, looked as if it was designed for that ‘purpose.’ It contained a large futon, a big white bar near the window, three white armchairs and a centre table made of glass. There was a white custom made sofa on which the duo now occupied.“More grease to your elbow, but can you guys please pause…Timothy and I got some important chit-chat to do.”“Tonye, what are you doing here?” he stammered at me.“I’ll start by apologising for what I did to your guards, furniture and…” I paused while staring at the door. “…and also your receptionist.” I picked up the gold coloured necktie on the ‘ice’ table and threw it at him, when my hand suddenly became suspended in the air, the moment I saw the face of the girl who’d been panting under Timothy’s ‘torture.’ Timothy walked u
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“Tonye, Tonye, I’m at Omagwa airport, please just wait…I’m on my way.” Boma’s voice was a mixture of fear and confusion, while I didn’t bother to respond, when she called again an hour later. Immediately she ended the call, I put down the phone and continued staring blankly at the television screen.That particular day was a Saturday, followed by Sunday…by Monday the countdown to the initiation would begin…just a matter of time.Less than an hour after I spoke with Boma, there was a knock on the front door, and I could guess who it was.“Calm down, just calm down…everything’s okay…stop crying…sit down.” It took me more than twenty minutes to pacify her, before she stopped crying and sat down with a wet handkerchief.“Mum is dead and gone Boma…she won’t be buried, nor would any party, wake-keeping or church service be done for her. I had her cremated.” I’d barely finished my last sentence, when she shouted me down like someone in frenzy.“She’s been what…do you know what you’ve done?”
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The ‘big day’ had finally arrived for me as I sat on the edge of the bed. I thought about everything that had taken place from my father’s death to the revelation by my mother.A minute later, I saw my sister at my door with a pink toothbrush between her lips, mumbling a word of greeting to me. I waited patiently for her to prepare for work, as I sat quietly in the dining room.Everywhere was quiet except the drizzling on the roof. The entire compound was so quiet in this new place. Everyone kept to him or herself and the security was tight. Moments later, I beheld my sister in a bright red suit.“Security here is as tight as your skirt.” I mumbled while Boma drank a cup of water from the water dispenser, near where I sat. She soon put the cup away and sat opposite me. She fixed her gaze on me like a suspect in the middle of a criminal investigation. I looked outside the window as the drizzling continued on the window, grass, flowers and cars outside.“Boma,” I began in a very soft vo
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It was seven-thirty in the evening the moment Timothy stepped out of his limousine and dialled my number on his mobile phone. He had just returned from a nearby restaurant where he had gone to have an early dinner, before rounding up the work piled up in his office.There was no response from my phone, until he dialled the third time. A ‘sweet’ female voice he knew so well answered the phone and informed him that his friend was almost at the final stage of ‘perfecting’ his life.The line went dead shortly afterwards, leaving Timothy feeling amused at the possibility of a mobile phone to pick up signals in a place such as the silvery orb. He gave a deep sigh as he entered the main lobby and headed for the elevator.“He’d soon get what he wants ... very soon”.As soon as the elevator shut gently and ferried Timothy upward, Deaconess Esther Amadi was rounding up the Faith Clinic for the week in Abraham’s Villa, a parish in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. If my late mother were to b
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The phone rang the second time before Boma answered it drowsily with her eyes barely opened.“Who …who’s on the line?”“I’m sorry to wake you up at his time, it’s me…its Tamunotonye.”She immediately sat up on the bed, rubbing her eyes and pushing away her blanket.“How was it, what happened…you’ve been on my mind since you left.”“Listen, I’m not ready to answer all your questions, but the freaky initiation went on well. ‘Stage one’ is complete, that’s all I can say.”“So where are you now?”“I’ll see you when the time’s right…”“What do you mean when the time’s right, can’t you come over to my office?”“Even if I came to your office, you won’t be able to see me.”The line went dead, while Boma stared at the phone screen, which displayed the time duration of our conversation. The time on my wristwatch showed sixteen minutes past six in the morning. The initiation had taken the whole night and the entire morning.Strangely enough, I neither felt tired nor drowsy, while I kept walking
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I walked confidently with every stride, before stopping at the end of the car park. Students were nowhere in sight, as some of the non-academic staff could be seen walking to their posts and offices to resume duty for the last working day of the week.Almost ten minutes later, a blue SUV slowly rolled into the last space in the car park. On closer observation, I realised it was a Ford product, big, stylish with tinted glasses and definitely expensive.I couldn’t say this was part of the initiation ceremony, since the initiation had been concluded with congratulations from the goddess of perfection herself. I looked at the ring on my right hand as I brought the katana closer to my left side. Some moments later, I realised it was rather unnecessary as a lady came down from the driver’s seat in the SUV, came round and faced me after removing her sunglasses.“Good morning your…your utmost perfection…”“Good morning Mr Tamunoonye. A wonderful day it is… or would I say, a perfect morning?”
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