The Westbrook Games

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The Westbrook Games

By: prolover011 CompletedFantasy

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Clay Willis is surviving by a miracle and firmly believes that she has exhausted every bad luck in this life and her next two. She is working multiple jobs,her landlord is always after her,the evil kid from the bar is trying to get her fired and her sister has a bad heart, she is positive , nothing can go wrong again. But,once again life chooses to shock her when she finds out that her sister's health has suddenly deteriorated and the cost of a new heart is about as high as the cost of a life. She goes to a family she hates and they request for just that,a life in exchange for her sister's heart. If Clay plays the game well,she might get her life and her sister's back but if she does not,she dies and her sister follows.

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The usual
" The usual " .Clay blinked , she was pretty good with faces and she was sure she had never seen this man before .Yet he was asking for his usual .Clay was not in the mood to humour some drunk ass ." What would that be sir ? "The man frowned , obviously displeased with Clay .He must have seen the dead ass expression on Clay's face ." A bloody Mary " .Clay grabbed a glass to fill the man's order .'' On the rocks ", the man called out .Clay nodded , grabbed the ice box and filled the man's glass .She slid the glass over the wide tabletop to the man .The man nodded at her , the kind of nod you would save for your pals .Clay did not return his nod , instead she went back to work .She filled drinks , added ice when it was asked for and wiped the table down every couple of minutes , not because it was dirty but because she could not stand doing nothing .She looked down at the wrist watch she had placed beneath the counter .The owner of the bar had forbade having wristwatches
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The hospital
Clay was up at the crack of dawn , if staying awake most of the night was not considered .Up was quite literal as she had not been able to sleep more than a few minutes before she heard her sister groaning again and ran to her side of the bed .She had fallen asleep sometimes during her virtual class when her laptop had suddenly gone blank .She had hit every part of the laptop she could think of but the laptop would not boot .There was really no funds to get another laptop , so that was a huge bye to college for the next couple of weeks .She turned to her sister .She had only stopped groaning a little before dawn , she would definitely wake up exhausted .She got up and adjusted the blanket to cover her more .There was a huge hole in the blanket that she would have to fix when they arrived .They lived in a room that was shaped like a box .They slept at one end , cooked at one end and the bathroom was at another end .She walked into the bathroom and washed her face and teeth .
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The Park
Clay watched Jade as she accessed where she had brought her to , her eyes travelling speedily over everything she could lay her eyes on .Her already large eyes were almost popping out as her eyes travelled around the open space , she gripped her backpack tighter and took an unhesitant step backwards before sharply looking back at her ." Clay? Where on God's green earth have you brought me ? " ,She questioned apprehensively .Her face was strangely drained of colour and her ears were straightened and pointed like a deer caught in headlights .Her voice was higher and much more strained than usual and she was doing the language thing , reverting to how certain people from the books she read usually talked .She was definitely anxious , there was no two ways around it ." Isn't it obvious ? It is the largest and most popular theme park in the city ",she tried to sell it with as much excitement as she could muster .When she still remained silent and only gripped her bag tighter, cuttin
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The gates
The next morning , Clay woke up earlier than usual which was honestly by a whole lot , she had barely slept .She looked over to her sister's end of the bed where she lay curled in a little ball and stripped bare of bed coverings , like she usually was five minutes after every time that she covered her up .She was sure that she had folded the blanket into two to make it thicker and heavier and placed it on her sometimes during last night .The blanket was now nowhere to be visually noted .After they had arrived home , it had taken them a while to go to sleep because the landlord had apparently waited somewhere for them .He had come knocking and yelling as soon as they entered the apartment .Clay had ignored him at first .When he had just kept on knocking and ranting , she had gone out and promised to have the money to hil by the next day .They had then heated the remnants of an apple pie and eaten it before they retired for the day .She left the bed and went to the other end of
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Clay and her sister were quiet , not by choice though .Although , Clay could tell she had a lot she wanted to say judging from how her brows had temporarily assumed a new shape since they got here and had just kept rising for a while now . After the butler or whoever he was supposed to be had brought them into what appeared to be a lounge for receiving guests that were to be turned away after sixty seconds , he had pointed out chairs as if Clay and Jade were blind and then promptly left without a word .That was ages ago and he still was not back .Jade was now staring intently at the painting that had been placed on the wall opposite them .It was dull and monochromatic and just generally sad to look at ." It is probably a ploy , you know ?" , She said as she nodded at the painting.Jade was whispering loud enough for anyone that was interested in hearing to actually hear , Clay did not feel like telling her to keep her voice down ." Yeah , how so ? ", she asked , Interested in w
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The Jimmy jab games
Clay moved heedlessly as Jade pulled her to her feet and out of the study .She noticed faintly that there was no one this time to guide them as they left the dimly lit residence , the butler could not bear to hustle them out ? Or he simply had better things to do ?It seemed they trusted them not to steal or vandalise their properties .Clay was still not conscious of herself but her surrounding was suddenly larger , clearer , almost too large and clear , it seemed lethargic .Clay was noticing things she hadn't noticed when they had walked by earlier .The cameras , the doors to the passages on the walls for the servants so they would not be seen and lastly , the prickly feeling that came from knowing someone was definitely watching you .That was probably why they had not thought they needed any escort as they left .Clay had detected all of this irregularities but her head had decided to process one thing at a time .She had long since packed topics concerning the house aside , un
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The phantom
Clay held Jade closer .Jade's one weakness was horror movies and their characters but she had still loved to watch them .She only watched the older ones with their horrid make-up and effects and this man in front of them looked like he had stepped out of The phantom of the Opera , the 1943 adaptation. " Jade , it is just someone in a black coat , he is no phantom ", she hurriedly tried to explain , scared that she would get a panic attack .Jade stopped screaming and moved around Clay to peek at the man that had still not taken off his coat .Clay was beginning to wonder if the man was a highway robber and this was a robbery ." You are right . I thought for a second that he was some grim reaper here for my soul , I was going to tell him that was it too early to be picking me up already", Jay whispered with a giggle .Clay drew a blank to the reference , she would have to filter her books and movies once again .The stranger took a step forward and Clay took a step backwards , pull
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The signing
When Clay still did not react to her cousin's announcement , her cousin cleared his throat and shifted forward , his mouth almost resting on Clay's earlobe as he whispered yet again and with more theatrics ." Actually I am here to help you save your sister's life ".Clay stared at James who was supposed to be her cousin .He was smiling like an unhinged mad man and Clay knew that she should be running the other way and not listening to what this madman had to say .Clay did not like this one bit but if it could help Jade in any way , she would listen to it ." How do you intend to help me save Jade ? Your mum refused to help and you do not particularly seem like you are willing to whip out a million ", Clay stated the obvious .It finally clicked , the reason she was so unsettled with the look on Jame's face .He looked like the junkies that lined the way to their home .They looked depressed every second of their lives and only changed their expressions when they realized where the
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The one that was left behind
JamesJames watched as his cousin settled back in her seat without asking further questions about what she had just agreed to or what consequences were attached to them . When she had even signed the papers , James had expected her to protest when she read the clause on bodily harm or loss of body parts but she had just read through and signed , she had asked James no questions when he had been prepared to practically dish out answers .He sighed , he was in no place to be showing empathy , especially after getting his poor cousin to sign it .He had not approached his cousin out of the goodness of his heart .He knew why he had come for Clay .Clay was his only chance of getting Westbrook if he wanted to ever do .The car stopped moving and the partition came down .Saul's voice came through the small Telecom device ." This is the stop the child asks to be let down", he announced .James watched as his cousin's eyes lazily opened , her eyes shocking him again .It was like looking
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Animal friends
James's car was already packed around the block .Had he even left in the first place ?Clay stopped to look at the car for a few moments , deep down , she felt a reluctance to walk further to the car but Clay felt guilty for even feeling reluctance to a means that could save her sister .She sighed softly and brought her hands to run through her hair , she looked at the sky and inhaled before she began to walk , blanking her mind because thinking of anything would cause her to consider turning around and going back to her sister .She reached the car and wondered if James could see her but she had no time to consider that so she raised her hands to the window .Clay rapped gently on the window and heard the smooth click of locks opening before she opened the door .She entered to find that almost nothing had changed , she took another look at James though and realized that everything about him had changed .He was seated exactly where he had sat earlier but he had left alright .His
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