THE SILENT WEAPON: Landslide Victory

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THE SILENT WEAPON: Landslide Victory

By: Mutuma J Karuntimi CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Kamu and Lampa Kingdoms lived to fight all the time. Kamu was a land with no respect for human life and love except, for those with royal blood. Lampa, on the contrary, had a humane King hence was better. After the death of King Guantai of the Kamu Kingdom, the throne was taken over by his cruel son Prince Martin, who was far worse than his father. He challenged King Kang’ethe to take over the rule of Lampa too for its riches and for it having no heir to the throne. He tried but never succeeded until Jasper; a wizard of the first order arrived in the kingdom and warned him of his rule. Later, Prince Martin, now the King, fell in love with a Lampa girl, who happened to be the presumed-dead daughter of King Kang’ethe. She was found by the Kamu warriors in the forest during their patrols searching for an herb for her dying mother. She was accused of trespassing, and was meant to be executed being from the enemy Kingdom. King Martin’s heart was drawn to this girl and did not want her executed. He therefore escaped with her and gave up the throne to his sister, who was also after the power. After King Kang’ethe found out his daughter was still alive and in love with Martin, he passed on his throne to them. His dream had come true and the two Kingdoms found peace. Love became the Silent Weapon that found them peace with no more bloodshed in battle. The two Kingdoms ended up uniting into Kamulampa Kingdom but two territories under the humane rule of; King Martin and his Queen Catherine; King Joseph and his Queen Dorothy.

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35 chapters
What is freedom? What is the price for freedom and how much does it cost? Well, someone, or, even better, majority are thinking of slavery, discrimination, abhorrence, greed for power and survival for the fittest as incidences of the far past. We are free, a theme song for each day. It has become food to the hungry, clothing to the naked and shelter to the homeless.Blessed be our ancestors and predecessors for paying the price of freedom. This we say with great respect and pleasure for them heroes with special days set for the celebrations. Not to say that we should not celebrate neither do I denounce the heroes, no! I respect and celebrate our heroes’ sacrifice, that I do just like any other patriot.Our ancestors and predecessors did their best to bring us freedom. What they never did was to pay for the freedom in full. You see, freedom is a body that needs to be fed regularly to stay healthy. It is not that we do not feed this so-called freedom, veto. Actually,
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Chapter 1
The Kamu and Lampa were Credonia’s two illustrious Kingdoms that lived with much antipathy. The two were ruled by elderly Monarchs. Kang’ethe was the King of the Lampa Kingdom, and Guantai was the King of the Kamu Kingdom. They had ruled for ages without anyone to dispute them or their régime. This aversion, however, did not always exist. It ripened from a falling-out between the two Kings about leniency, love, and other privileges to their underdogs. Guantai, the Kamu King, never wanted the so-called slaves enjoying any of these privileges. He had the belief that, oppressing these populaces guaranteed a monarch’s smooth and unhampered domination. Disparate, Lampa’s King, Kang’ethe, happened to have an atypical impression on the same. He believed that people had the right to experience love, and deserved a fair headship. He wanted his people to have the privileges be they slaves, or no slaves. The incongruity eventually led to a war that left Kang’ethe without a daughter hence the
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Chapter 2
Weeks later, after much struggle remedying the King, with assistance from the entire potencies including wizards, witches and the old religion, it was in due course to no avail. To end, King Guantai succumbed to the illness. His death was a dawn to darkness to the Kamu people. King Guantai was not the best, more so, in comparison to King Kang’ethe, but his death was no good news in the ears of Kamu people either. Ages past and present, they prayed for the end of his reign. However, the outcome after his demise was not what they prayed for or thought of it to be. His death meant assumption of the throne by his son prolonged, and patently the sure guarantee of King Martin’s reign. That was so because, after a King’s death, the throne was to be entrusted to the son, the sore heir to the throne, and a core offspring of the royal bloodline. Although the people of Kamu prayed to the gods day and night to change this tradition, they did it as an act of faith. It was a time that, the people
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Chapter 3
Kamu’s fate having been sealed, Lampa’s was on the weighing scales. Signs of tension could be noted from the sudden change of events in Kamu. Unalike the fallen hero, King Guantai, Kang’ethe had different views and ways of leadership and authority over his people. He was a man of tradition hence ruled by the tradition but had respect to the human life and the people as fellow humans. Despite the separation of classes between the laypeople and those of the royal blood, he believed that, everyone deserved the privilege to happiness and the right to life. In this Kingdom, the populaces had to bear the name slaves but with additional privileges. That fact had the Kamu natives wishing they were in Lampa. In contrary to this fact of the historical difference between the two Kingdoms, King Kang’ethe still had a dream of having the two Kingdoms unite one day. After the death of King Guantai, his dream became just a journey to infinity. He realized that, no matter how much he wished for that
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Chapter 4
Captain Joseph did as was commanded by his king. Early the next morning, alongside a few other warriors, they set off on a journey to Lampa Kingdom. After they left, King Martin had his time alone in the palace. He took this time conversating with the sculpture and portraits of his late father. He was promising to keep alive what he had started and, to accomplish what he, his father, had not a good chance to do when he was alive. This was to conquer Lampa Kingdom and take over the reign. “Father, it is sad that you had to die without having accomplished what you had always dreamt of; being a King to both Kamu and Lampa Kingdoms. I promise to carry on your legacy and dream to rule both Kingdoms for the both of us. I will make sure to prove to you what a King you made me to be. The gods rest your soul in peace father,” Martin conversed to the sculpture of his late father. Two days later, he was surprised by the return of his sister, Dorothy, from her tour. This was surely a surprise f
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Chapter 5
The days after which King Martin had sent the Captain, the son rose in the opposite direction at Lampa Kingdom. The King woke up to a nightmare of the surprise visit by the Captain and warriors from Kamu Community. This was a spell of doom to the people of Lampa. Upon arrival at the palace, without much to say and more to add to the message, the Captain opened his mouth in alter of the message from King Martin. “I and my warriors from Kamu Kingdom salute your highness. It is with much honor and need for peace that we stand before you and this throne. We come to deliver a message from our King to your highness. May you allow us to speak this message to fulfill our duty to our lordship King Martin?” uttered Captain Joseph. “I, the King of Lampa Kingdom, on behalf of my people salute you as well. I offer you welcome as I give hear to this message that you bring forth from your King. You may speak my son.” King Kang’ethe responded. “King Martin requests you to surrender the throne and t
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Chapter 6
Joseph, though a Captain of the Kamu Community was not a beast as thought to be. He was a man that hoped for better things, loved peace and hated human torture. Back at the Kamu Kingdom, the Princess was doing everything to ensure that what she had heard from Jessica was told to her by the King himself. Though the King was her brother, Dorothy knew that if she told him of her source, not even she could hold his rage towards Jessica and the maidens. An idea came to Dorothy that, the only way to win was to play the King’s game. She had to join in his game but she still had a problem of how to do it. Thought after thought, she finally had the way in. Since she was away, she used this to do the magic. As a woman, she knew a man’s best moments is also his weakest as well. She started by praising his reign over those that she had come across during her tour. She also added that, her wish was to see him rule even a greater Kingdom. “You know brother, I have toured a couple of Kingdoms but
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Chapter 7
With everything in play and in line with their plans, it was now the time for them to execute and do it to the best of their ability. Dorothy, being the heart of the King’s mission, she knew that she was a step ahead. Indeed, Jessica’s guess was not a guess after all! She never seemed disturbed by the news told to her by Jessica because, she heard someone tell her earlier. One morning after the King had left for his expeditions, Dorothy demanded for the Captain’s presence in her private chambers. Upon the Captain’s arrival into the palace, there happened what could never have been thought of even to the off springs to come. With the King’s absence, there was no much movement in the palace. They had the perfect time to be together without much suspicion and eyes on them. Their greeting alone was a sign of not only two people that longed to be together but, also for those in deep love! Dorothy, being an offspring of the royal blood was not to have an affair or be in any relationship wi
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Chapter 8
Upon her arrival into the chambers, Dorothy was shocked by Jessica’s visit. Dorothy asked her of where she was and why she had visited even without notice. Although it was weird for Dorothy to question her visit, Jessica claimed to be checking on her. It was her duty as the chief maiden to check and make sure the Princess was okay. Due to the little span of time between the Captain’s departure and Jessica’s arrival, the Princess was sure of one thing. Jessica and Joseph must have met somewhere along the way. This was no good news to her bearing in mind the many secrets that needed to keep secret. Though Jessica was so close to her, she was not at a position to know about her relationship with the Captain or the mission. Without any further waste of time, Dorothy came up with a way to lower the heat in the room. ”I believe you have come across the Captain on his way out as you were coming?” asked Dorothy. “Yes my princess. I have met him just after the stairway. He has told me that,
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Chapter 9
Lampa Kingdom was still under tension and preparation in wait of this fateful event. King Kang’ethe and his wife Jacinta were the most troubled. They could not stop to blame themselves for having no heir to the throne, if not the gods. They were certain that it was the main reason why King Martin threatened to attack. If wishes were horses, they could have an heir to the throne for; they could have given an ear to the council members to adopt. King Kang’ethe, back in the days got married to Jacinta while still in power. After their marriage, he realized the pleasure of being in love. He loved Jacinta so much that he never dreamt of a life without her. It was during this time that he decided every man had the right to love and the people were at liberty to fall in love. A year later, they were blessed with a beautiful daughter and heir to the throne. Lampa being the only Kingdom where the people had the right to love, this brought a lot of tension in the other Kingdoms. After a while
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