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HAREM WARNING!! Aiden Everton, an orphan and a poor nobody who was completely despised and disregarded by his wife and his in–laws, had never expected his life to take a drastic turnaround. But after he received a phone call saying he was to take over his late Grandfather’s position as the Head of the powerful Blue Diamond Society, he was no longer known as wretched Aiden Everton, but as Supreme Master Aiden, the Godfather and Guardian of the Society! And everyone wanted to relate with him, including the rich heiress of a wealthy empire. However, he had to keep his identity a secret, but what he didn't know was that becoming the Guardian of The Society wasn't just an ordinary position and it comes with a painful price Aiden must fulfil....Nevertheless, Aiden was going to take revenge on all those who looked down on him and find out the killers who wiped out his whole family twenty years ago.

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  • Annie Mamea


    wish we had more audio books

    2023-07-13 03:10:39
  • James O. Odeny


    Yes it has some suspense in it.

    2022-12-25 08:12:37
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122 chapters
“And make sure you don’t bring her back until her school fees is paid!” The Principal of Oakley Preparatory yelled at Aiden and Hope as they exited the school building. “It’s okay, Hope. Daddy would find a way to pay up the money and you will go back to school soon and be with all your friends.” Aiden assured his daughter, Hope who was crying profusely seeing that she had been kicked out of school due to her father’s inability to pay up the fees. Aiden Everton, a twenty–seven year old man who was a nobody and had absolutely no money. Regardless of his average status in the society and his lack of finance, he was still a handsome and very good-looking man. He spent some of his time at the gym, which made him to acquire a chiseled and toned body frame. He had ebony–black hair that was styled in a gelled side–swept hairstyle and had enigmatic aquamarine eyes to compliment them. He grew up in an orphanage and was told his entire family was wiped out in a fire accident. He is now marri
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Aiden had managed to carry Hope out of the Campbell mansion and flag down a cab to take her to the hospital. She was rushed in by the emergency unit and taken to a ward for immediate diagnosis. Aiden was asked to wait while the doctors were performing a series of tests on her to know what had gone wrong. Aiden was in the lobby waiting for the diagnosis tobe complete however, he couldn’t sit still. He was pacing to and fro about the room, he was worried and scared. What if something happens to Hope? How would he be able to cope without her? About an hour later, a nurse entered into the lobby room and walked up to Aiden, “Mr. Aiden, the doctor would like to see you now.” She said and it immediately birthed a wave of anxiety surging within Aiden. This was the moment of truth; he knew deep down that what happened to Hope today was most likely a result of her lingering heart problem. And he knew it was his fault, he didn’t have enough money to seek a permanent solution to it and could o
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The Campbell’s huge edifice of a family mansion was lit up and beautifully decorated in respect to the birthday celebration. It was a lavish, extravaganza of a party. Dignitaries, wealthy and affluent men that mattered, rich family members, friends and relatives, company employees of the multi–billion dollar family empire, Campbell Enterprises were all in attendance and were handing over their expensive gifts to Lady Elizabeth Campbell— the President of the company and head of the family following the death of her husband. She was an old lady of seventy–five years; the hairs on her head had already changed hue to a glistening shade of gray. She may appear frail due to age but she ruled with an iron fist! She was strict to the core, principled and commanded respect from everyone underneath her. Everyone trembled under her authoritative rule which appeared to be haughty and arrogant half the time, but they dared not question any of her decisions and approach. She was feared by all.
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Aiden is confused and tired of everything! He had just lost his job, the only means he was using to generate income even though it was little. He was hoping he could ask for another six months advance, so he could pay up Hope’s fees and she could return back to school. But first he had to figure out a way her health would be recovered before thinking about her schooling. Aiden decided to go job hunting. Yes, he needed a new job for the meantime or else he would starve to death. So he got up from the hospital bed and put on his clothes— his clothes that were already old and worn out now had numerous tears and were blood–stained as a result of the beating he had received at the celebration. But he didn’t have a fresh change of clothes, and going back to the Campbell mansion was completely not an option. So he had to make do with what he had. He changed into the clothes and put on his shoes that had a hole in the front. His hair was a mess and he hadn’t showered nor brushed his teeth
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Aiden continued his job–hunt journey, he decided to pocket the twenty dollars and get something for Hope later. After his interview, he would go back to the hospital to check if she was conscious and then he would ask her what she wanted. He saw a poster for a job ad, it was hung on the gate of a small bank. They were in need of a security guard. He could apply for this. He opened the gates and began to walk into the premises and then he heard someone call out to him, “Hey Mr. Man!” Aiden immediately swung around and met with a security guard. Aiden began to walk back towards him. Immediately he approached the security guard, he eyed him from head to toe in a condescending manner. “And what are you looking for here?” The guard questioned.“I’m Aiden Everton and I want to apply for the post of a security guard.” Aiden explained and the security guard cringed in disgust, pinching his nose together on inhaling the smell that oozed from Aiden’s mouth. “You stinking man! You’re so smel
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Aiden sat in the doctor’s office impatiently. He was nervous and couldn’t keep his fingers in place, they were fidgeting and he had to keep them busy by scratching his knee. He was anxious to hear what the doctor had to say to him concerning Hope. Was she able to survive or did those beeps he heard from her ward mean exactly what he thought they meant. “Mr. Aiden.” “Yes doctor.” Aiden blurted, he couldn’t control his emotions.“Your daughter, she—” The doctor began and paused, heaving a pathetic sigh and shook his head in pity. Aiden’s heart began to do somersaults, was she truly dead? He was becoming apprehensive. “What happened doctor? Is she dead?” The words came out lowly from Aiden, like it was a taboo to speak them and with each syllable that came out of his mouth, pangs of pain stabbed his chest. “No! No. She’s not. She’s alive, barely though.” The doctor stated and Aiden felt a notable amount of his burden taken off him, and he would’ve sighed in relief if her death wasn’t
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Aiden was shocked and surprised at Katherine’s outrageous demands. He had to take a moment to digest the absurdity of her condition because he had never expected such from Katherine. Aiden felt she was being too direct and forward, and the whole idea of marriage was baffling! However, at that moment, Aiden had a recollection. He remembered on few occasions where Katherine’s greetings were ‘extraordinarily nice’ and now that he thought about it again, those greetings were a bit flirty. And the way she smiled whenever he waved at her as she entered into the office was more than just a friendly—boss—to—employee smile. It held so much more. And now she was blatantly asking him to marry her before she would render help. It was like she had been waiting for this opportunity to come by for a long time and the moment it showcased itself, she immediately grabbed the bull by both it’s horns. Aiden then realized that his boss Katherine most likely had a crush on him. He knew it sounded very un
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Aiden wished he had told her about the money offer earlier, he wouldn’t have come. He couldn’t possibly accept such huge sum of money from Katherine. He had only asked that she helped him with his daughter’s medical bills and help him get his job back. But half a million dollars? That’s way too much for Aiden to accept. “Katherine, I can’t accept that.” Aiden refused and Katharine pouted sadly at him.“But why, Aiden?” She inquired and proceeded to run her hands down Aiden’s chest slowly and calculatedly. Aiden’s body stiffens at her touch. It’s been ages since any female had tried to be flirty with Aiden. He wondered if Katherine was trying to seduce him to accepting. Katherine leaned in closer to Aiden, whispering into his ears ,“Come on, Aiden. Just accept the marriage proposal.” Her tone sounded inviting and alluring. Katherine mouth gradually leave Aiden’s ears and began to work their way towards Aiden’s lips, about to give him a kiss. Her other hand still on his chest, cares
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Aiden returned back to the hospital, since he couldn’t return back to the Campbells Mansion, he decided to stay at the hospital until he’s able to pay for Hope’s treatment and then he would figure out life from there. Hope’s treatment. Yet again, Aiden had failed woefully at another attempt to raise money for the transplant. A part of subconsciousness rebuked him for refusing Katherine’s offer; she was sexy and rich so why not accept her offer, instead of clinging to a woman who despised him and his daughter. The logical part of his subconsciousness encouraged him, telling him that he had done the right thing by rejecting Katherine’s advances, her money and her marriage offer. It showed he was a man of principle. Aiden then contemplated what to do next and he paced around my lobby, pondering deep in thought. He needed to find a solution to this quickly and the only option he had was to try and phone some of his friends from college again. He really hoped they will help, it wasn’t
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Aiden couldn’t believe his eyes. Off course this would happen when Lady Elizabeth decides to play matchmaker between a young and wealthy CEO and her materialistic and slutty granddaughter. It was bound to happen. And maybe it was what Lady Elizabeth was aiming for. Riley and the CEO pause their little show as they were immediately alerted by Aiden’s presence. Riley impulsively jumped off the CEO’s laps and tried to adjust herself; her shirt was completely unbuttoned, one of her boobs hanging out of her bra and she quickly tucked it back in and closed up. “What the hell are you doing here?” Riley shrieked. “Who is this man, Riley and why is he in my office?” The CEO questioned Riley as he also tried to adjust himself, he zipped up his trousers and began buttoning up his shirt as well. “I don’t know him Nathan, I swear!” Riley immediately denied Aiden point blank. Aiden was shocked, his jaw hanging as he tried to digest the scene in front of him. It had reached the point of Riley den
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