Realm Kings

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Realm Kings

By: Winzie CompletedFantasy

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Niyad accepted that he would never be a powerful cultivator. He even accepted that his mother would forever be vague about their origins. So why are these two lunatics making his life difficult? And why was his overly cautious mother okay with it? Niyad is frustrated as a strange man and woman suddenly enters his life making it topsy-turvy. Secrets about the world and himself are slowly being revealed and he is forced to accept unfathomable responsibilities.

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    one of the best read on mega novel hand down take read you love every moment of it

    2022-05-23 03:51:14
  • Bungie Gum


    An interesting read so far, I'm looking forward to see how the Mc and the world around him develops.

    2022-04-02 02:14:51
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88 chapters
There were ten known starfields, and each of them were ruled by the strongest within them called the Realm Kings. At the summit, was the Overlord who ruled all ten starfields, keeping them in check.  In the starfield called the Titan's Ruins, on planet Thorsus, a Minor lord was in slumber. The Spiritual Qi which should have remained undisturbed in her body vibrated. The talisman she had hoped would remain intact was ripped by someone trying to alert her of trouble. In the Blenheim palace,the beautiful eyes of the minor lord shot open. They belonged to a woman, who sat in meditation in the deepest darkest room of the castle. She coughed up blood which was the tell tale sign that something had gone wrong with her cultivation. Her eyes darted around the room anxiously before focusing on a far right corner of the room.  Read more
Chapter 1: Bandits
The door to the throne room creaked as a Sky realm soldier entered and knelt before Sercy. "My Queen, we confirmed that the bandits who attacked the civilian village wielded cultivation power. Evidence points to them being hired by someone from the Southern Kingdom." -"The Southern Kingdom? What reason would cultivators have to attack a mere mortal village?" "Based on information gathered from the survivors, there didn't seem to be any real reason for the attack. But after a wider investigation, residents sensed fluctuations coming from the Phoenix Crescent to the far western region of Blenheim. I have reason to believe that the attack was an attempt to mask that they were searching for something on the Mountain. Sercy moved for the first time since the soldier enter
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Chapter 2: Funeral
The sunset casted a golden glow on thousands of soldiers who stood at attention. Multiple corpses were wrapped in white cloth at the edge of the river and the muffled whimpering of civilians could be heard as they mourned their loved ones. Normally this many people would not be present at even mass funerals. But after the announcement that The Jade Queen would make an appearance, no one dared to be complacent. "Are they sure the Jade Queen is coming?" One tall soldier whispered to another, "I've lived in the cultivator city right outside the palace for over twenty five years and I've never once seen her, why would she come out because a bunch of mortals died?" The shorter soldier next to him froze briefly before his face went pale. "Keep your mouth shut before you get all of us killed." "Pfft, you really think th
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Chapter 3 Damsel
The silhouette of a woman sauntered through the woods of the Dark forest as if on a stroll. Her body swayed like a seductress and her feet moved like she was gliding on ice. The cloud of smoke in the distance was a telltale sign that there was a camp close by. Stopping, she ruffled her hair then bit her lower lip just enough to spill some blood giving the impression of someone who had been hit. She removed her veil and briefly revealed her face before it changed completely to that of another person.  "What are you doing?" A voice inquired from somewhere in the forest  "I'm sensing something strange from this group. Something non-human." "Me too, but you don't see me suddenly changing into a dress." The voice came again. Read more
Chapter 4: How Many Wings!?
Roughly four hours passed when the ropes that bound Sercy went up in flames. She glanced at the parcel of food next to her. Inside, was a very intricately carved knife along with food and dried rations that could last her up to a week. She smiled to herself before removing the knife and using it to put her hair up into a bun.  She sauntered towards the campfire where bandits were sitting and no one heard her approach. Covering her mouth, she giggled flirtatiously. "You guys are such poor excuses for bandits, how can you not hear me approach you?" The bandits were startled, but before they could react, Sercy had already moved. She appeared in front of the man who tied her to the tree earlier then grabbed his neck. Dark energy snaked from the palm of her hands, reducing his body to ashes. 
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Chapter 5: Something's Off
Niyad's face lit up when he heard this, a sliver of hope appeared in his eyes. "You're from Blenheim!? But wait, you're a dark fae. No dark fae originate from Blenheim and from what I know they were hunted to extinction. How could a fae live around humans and not be detected?" Sercy's eye twitched a bit when she heard his response, but not enough for him to notice. "I said I was hired." She responded in an icy tone. The temperature in the forest dropped a bit and Niyad shivered. "I didn't mean to offend you, it's just that..." Niyad stopped talking then bit his lip as if he was having an internal battle about something. "I'll trust you since you've said that you were hired by Blenheim. Actually, I am also from Blenheim."
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Chapter 6: What Are You?
Sercy stood unmoving as she listened to Niayd's steady breathing that deepened, a sign that he fell asleep. She double-checked his consciousness then put a seal on his mind that prevented him from waking up unless she released it. Ever since the moment she laid her eyes on him, something kept bugging her. There was something different about him that seemed extremely familiar to her, but she could not put her finger on it. He even smelled appealing to her. Stooping in front of him she felt his pulse, then started to examine his face then neck. She sniffed him trying to figure out why he smelled so good to her but she had no idea. A puzzled look overcame her face as she sat next to him deep in thought. Removing the knife from her hair, she used it to prick his finger sniffing at the blood that drained from it. ~His
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Chapter 7 : Are You A Pervert!
When Niyad woke up, his muscles were sore all over. He inspected the empty duvet next to him where his mother had slept the night before. His mother hit him repeatedly while crying after he got home. She then decided he would sleep in her room that way she could stop him from having one of his stupid heroic spells with a knock upside his head. A small smile tugged at his lips when he woke up. He examined his face in the copper mirror that stood in his house before going out. "Mother?" he called out. "Yes, Ny?" "I'm heading out to the river." He announced "Yes, be careful," she called from her little kitchen. Niyad smiled then st
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Chapter 8: Greet your master!
Sercy  looked out of place while drinking broth around a small old dining table. She was way too extravagant to be in the house.She had changed her appearance before going to his home and no longer wore her veil. Although her features changed drastically and her seductive figure was also less appealing, she still looked extremely beautiful.Niyad's mother emerged from the kitchen, with a bowl of soup that she placed at the table."Madam benefactor I'm sorry that I don't have anything better to offer right now, this is a boar Niyad had hunted a few weeks ago.""Oh no, this is delicious, because of my cultivation realm I don't normally need to eat. This home-cooked meal brings back memories." Sercy smiled sweetly.Niyad g
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Chapter 9: What are your motives?
Niyad, who was at the river, examined his environment before entering meditation. The moment he closed his eyes Sercy appeared before, her white gown fluttering in the wind.  She examined his face then sat in front of him without announcing her arrival. Her face wore a contemplative expression almost as if she were trying to solve a puzzle. After staring at him for a few minutes, she cleared her throat to announce her presence. Niyad's eyes snapped open and he shivered a bit when he made eye contact with Sercy. "You're on time. Sit still, I'm going to trace your meridians and make a diagram that matches how they are laid out in your body. Like mine, your veins are in a different pattern from humans so their cultivation methods would be useless to you. It's surprising that you even made it this far without ki
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