" A Wish Of Lazy Otaku"

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" A Wish Of Lazy Otaku"

By: Abysalyounglord OngoingFantasy

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Jak was an ordinary individual living a mundane life, until a strange accident occurred and he died. But the gods had other plans and granted him a wish, reincarnating him into a new, wonderful world. There he met a beautiful goddess who took him on as a student, leading him on an incredible journey of adventure, magic and self-discovery. Jak spent the years wisely, learning all the skills and knowledge he could under the watchful eye of the goddess. He was sure that he would need these skills for his future journey. After reincarnating in this world, he started to fulfil his dreams one by one, such as having a big family with multiple beautiful and capable wives, and conquering multiple realms. With his newly acquired knowledge, he was able to become an OP quickly, making Aashi an eternal companion. After settling into a peaceful home filled with all the things he ever wanted, the otaku was ready to indulge in his favorite pastime: watching anime. Little did he know that an incredible adventure awaited him, one that he and his beloved wives would embark on together. Witnessing the unfolding of a fantastical journey, the otaku soon found himself engulfed in a world filled with danger, romance, and an ending that none of them could have anticipated. Would they make it through unscathed? It was only a matter of time before they discovered the answer. ......... Disclamer: Book.cover is not mine, if you are original artists then please contract me though the link below or comment on the chapters. Link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090763447190&mibextid=ZbWKwL Do follow and like my page. ....... Join my discord; Link: http://discord.gg/Abysalyounglord#0640

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  • Lord_Ryzel


    wow it's a great read for me, I'm not a critique so I don't know how to properly judge but as a reader i enjoyed it

    2022-04-06 20:41:09
  • mikey


    Just started I hope it’s good and keeps going

    2023-04-15 00:27:39
  • Abysalyounglord


    I am trying to re-edit it and already started it as you can see in 1 to 8 chapters. So give it try and I sure a few would enjoy it.

    2023-03-30 00:16:29
  • Hex Vine


    any updates?

    2022-04-30 04:36:18
  • Abysalyounglord


    I wish many would like this work of mine, and give me a little bit of support.

    2022-03-30 13:57:23
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169 chapters
01. "Last Stand at the River"
********** ..... ..... Jak stood out from the crowd with his slender figure and plain, average features. Despite being the youngest in his family with three elder sisters and two older brothers, he was held to the same standards as his siblings and never received special treatment. His school days were comprised of mediocrity, as no matter how hard he studied, he always placed third in the yearly exam. But, little did Jak know that his life was about to change in a way he could not have imagined. After living a monotonous life in his small village, he developed a strong longing for adventure and the thrills that came with it. Being unable to join his peers and complete his college preparation due to health issues, he had grown increasingly isolated and had retreated into his own world, watching animes and reading light novels to escape reality. After some time, he developed a severe case of anxiety and was unable to face or even leave the house. Having had enough of the restrictiv
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02. "The Soul's Journey: An Unexpected Transformation"
********* ..... ..... I felt my heart pounding as I stepped onto the path that followed the river’s course. I'd heard stories of the dangers that lurked in these depths, and I was taking a huge risk even setting foot on the path. I cursed my lack of swimming prowess – if only I'd taken my lessons more seriously, I'd have more confidence in the river's depths. As I trudged along, I hoped that the men who had promised to come to my aid were well equipped – I knew I'd be in big trouble if they were not. "Ring........!" My heart raced as the communication comma suddenly rang. I thought, not now, please not now. I could feel the trepidation rising in my chest as I cautiously answered the call. "Yes, J10 here," I spoke softly, a sense of dread washing over me. "Huff..huff.. its bad, enemy...huff...got our position and they have snipers with them, run... get to meeting point ..huff..huff." My stomach dropped, a pit of fear welling up inside me. I knew it was true - I had felt it bef
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03. "Encounter with a Stunning Goddess: Jak's Wish for an Interesting Journey"
********* ..... ..... ////// JAK POV \\\\\ I stirred from my deep slumber, groggily trying to place myself in my surroundings. Strange noises had interrupted my peaceful sleep, and now I found myself in a dark and unfamiliar place. "Where am I?" I mumbled, my voice echoing through the empty space. "It doesn't look like hell or heaven. And why can't I see myself?" As I tried to clear my thoughts, a pounding headache reminded me of how I had died – drowning in the river. Panic threatened to engulf me, but I pushed it aside, determined to find a way out of this eerie silence. "Hello?" I called out tentatively, hoping for a response. "Can someone tell me how to get out of here?" Suddenly, a voice rang out from the darkness, causing me to jump in surprise. "Hey, you can still joke in this kind of situation." Relieved to hear someone else's voice, I replied, "Whoever you are, please show yourself. I can't see a thing, and it's freaking me out." "Of course, kiddo," the voice said, a
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04. "Thousand Years with Goddess and Start of New Journey"
********* ..... ..... As I delved deeper into my training with the Goddess, my thirst for knowledge grew stronger. I had learned about the basics of cultivation and now, I was ready to dive into the tiers. These were the levels of power that beings in this world were divided into, based on their physical and soul strength. The first tier was for the normal mortals, whose lifespan was limited to a mere hundred years. Within this tier, there were three stages - Low, Mid, and High. The Low-stage was for those who lived an ordinary life, while the Mid-stage was for martial artists, athletes, and elites of society. As for the High-stage, it was for the elite of the elites, those martial artists who had mastered their techniques to the highest point. Their punches could stir up the air, create gusts of wind, or even shatter boulders into dust. Moving on to the second tier, these were for the mid-mortals who had a lifespan of up to 200 years. Similar to the first tier, it was divided int
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05. "Rebirth: New World and System Binding"
********* ..... ..... " " Conversion or Speech, ' ' Thoughts, [ ] System Talking. ..... ..... The air in the hospital's I.C.U. ward was heavy with anticipation and worry as a well-built man in his thirties paced back and forth in the hallway, his eyes filled with anxiety. His wife was inside, undergoing a delicate procedure to bring their child into the world. As he waited, he couldn't help but imagine the worst-case scenario, his mind racing with every possible complication. But after what seemed like an eternity, the lights in the I.C.U. ward dimmed, signaling that the procedure was over. Heart racing, he sprinted to the door of the I.C.U. ward, eager to see his wife and child. As he entered the room, his eyes fell upon his wife, her face contorted with exhaustion, but the sound of a newborn's cries filled the room. The relief he felt was palpable as he approached the doctor who had just finished checking on his wife and child. "Doctor, how are they? Is everything okay?" h
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06. "New World: The New Changes in the World and the First Step towards Greatness"
********* ..... " " Conversion or speech, ' ' thoughts, [ ] System talking. ..... ..... It's been two excruciatingly boring weeks of the same routine, day in and day out. Feeding, sleeping, and shitting like a mindless robot. I yearn for something more, something exciting to shake up the monotony of my existence. And then, my System grants my wish. As I delve deeper into the information it provides, I realize just how messed up this world truly is. It may look like a modern world at first glance, but there's a hidden layer to it that's just waiting to be uncovered. A layer of martial artists, magicians, cultivators, and all sorts of fantastical beings that have emerged over the past few decades. To cope with these sudden changes, the governments of different countries have banded together to form the World Council. It's been a few years since its inception, and they've been working tirelessly to gather information about the disturbances happening all around us. What they've un
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07. "Otaku's Adventures in Kyoto: Exploring Culture, Cuisine, and Business Opportunities"
********** ...... ..... " " Conversion or speech, ' ' thoughts, [ ] System talking. ..... ..... A month later, I am sitting on a chair beside the table, and in front of me, on the table, lies the thing I got from Tier 1 gift pack. It was a surprise for me when I saw what was inside the gift, and thank the goddess, I love it. Do you want to know what it is? It's a piece of tech that can transform into any form, like a computer, mobile, smartwatch, camera, and even smart glasses, etc. I named it 'Megatron'. It's high-level technology, and in the future, I can even make it soul-bound to me once I am strong enough, as it runs on my energy. "Hmmm... I need a lot of resources in the initial tier to cultivate, and I also need a legal way so my parents can live a carefree life until they get old," Nowadays, I was thinking of setting up a business where I can sell pills, potions, weapons, etc., but first, I need a large fund to buy a decent building, and it can be settled if I use
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08. "Tier 2 Achievement and Building Aashi's Android Body"
********** ..... " " Conversion or speech, ' ' thoughts, [ ] System talking. ...... ...... The cultivation technique that I am practicing is very unique. It works on both the body and the soul, creating a Yin-Yang equilibrium. When cultivating, not only does the body's cultivation increase, but also the soul's, which contributes to the spirit and condenses it into the core in the navel area of the body. In the later stages, the body will develop a small world within the core for physical representation, and in the same way, the soul realm will develop in the consciousness space. Both realms are connected, with one working for the physical and the other for the soul state. This means that when the physical world develops, it can form a separate living world where you can bring anyone you want by giving them permission as energy or a unique symbol. However, you can only bring soul-related creatures or beings to the soul realm once it stabilizes. At a certain level of the tier,
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09. "Lottery and Moving to New House"
******** ..... ..... " " Conversion or speech, ' ' thoughts, [ ] Aashi talking. ..... ..... ////// ( Erick Pov ) \\\\\ "A few days ago, I won the lottery!" I exclaimed as my parents entered the room. I had asked Aashi to buy twenty lottery tickets, with only two having rewards and the rest being blanks. It was enough for us to buy a property in a mid-class society. "Son, where did you get these from, and where did you get the money to buy them?" my father asked, trying to look angry. However, I could tell he was a bad actor. I had already thought of an excuse. "Dad, there were twenty of these in a bundle, and I found them in a nearby park when I went to play yesterday. Today, I saw the news and matched the lottery numbers. Luckily, two of them matched, and we got two jackpots. These two should be enough for us to live on for ten years," I said, giving a very convincing story. Seeing their faces, I knew they had bought it. "Dear, what should we do? These lotteries a
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10. "Suprise Encounter With a Beauty"
********** ...... ...... " " Conversion or speech, ' ' thoughts, [ ] Aashi talking. ...... ...... ////// (Erick Pov) \\\\\\ "Ah, what a beautiful day it is," I thought as I finished my morning routine and training. I sat on my balcony enjoying the scenery around me, taking in the natural charm of the pristine state that nature had returned to. After a while, I got up and got ready for a jog around the community, hoping to familiarize myself with the people in the neighborhood. As I stepped out of the house, someone crashed into me, causing me to stumble and fall. I reached out to grab the person responsible, but I ended up slipping on something and falling beneath them. When I opened my eyes, all I saw was darkness. I tried to clear whatever was blocking my vision with my hands, and as I touched it, I felt a soft and springy sensation. I squeezed it a few times, feeling great in my hands, but then I heard a moan from above me, which made me freeze. I quickl
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