Academy of Chaos

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Academy of Chaos

By: Lord of Hallows OngoingFantasy

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In a world of Magic and Affinity, Yetunde, a young girl born without an innate affinity soon faces discrimination from both her family and peers. Not wanting to give up, she strives harder for power, going on countless adventures with her friends and soon finding out the secret about her birth, death and rebirth.

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  • X-Legacy


    okay... this is exciting. I like the concept. Great read so far

    2022-08-05 18:09:15
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15 chapters
CHAPTER 1: Failure
Thunder struck way up in the skies, dreadfully shaking the Earth to it’s core.Lightning danced through the heavens, creating a dazzling electric light show.Treacherous winds blew mercilessly, tearing up the surface of land and pulling out mighty trees from their root’s.The Clouds grew dark and gloomy, filling the atmosphere with Melancholy as the rain poured heavily, flooding the entire surface of the earth. There she was, an extremely beautiful woman lying in a crimson colored pool.Her eyes seemingly lifeless, her skin pale, her body void of movement. She was dying.“Despite my glorious victory over Jarzodon the dreaded Demon lord, my doom is inevitable. After countless battles I have fought, singing songs of victory, I never knew this would be my last.Finally, I knock at deaths door waiting for him to let me in. What a pity, I, who was once feared by the gods themselves is now nothing more than a symbol of mockery.Even with all my power, I can’t turn back the clock of time, I
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Chapter 2: The Blue Lotus
“So, I want to know how you saw our coven” She furiously added.“Well…. I was alone in the forest, then all of a sudden, I heard that song you people were singing. It was extremely beautiful and peaceful, so I decided to find it’s origin. That’s how I got here” Yetunde said, staring earnestly at The Witch, who questioned her.“You even heard our song?” The Witch said, gasping in awe.“Yes….I’m deeply sorry for disturbing your ritual” Yetunde said as she bowed respectfully before the Witches.“This is really strange. No one has ever seen this coven or even heard our song” The Witch thought to herself. “It’s fine” She replied to Yetunde’s plea, walking towards the young girl.The Witch placed her right hand on Yetunde’s face, caressing her cheeks slightly. Suddenly, her hand froze in fright, as she sensed an incredibly ominous energy surge, originating from Yetunde’s body. The energy she felt from the young girl was extremely destructive and unstable, causing her to stumble backwards bu
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My Resolve
Yetunde’s ResidenceYetunde was seen sleeping peacefully in her bedroom, cozily snuggling her blanket when suddenly, her seemingly lifeless body started to twitch inhumanly. Her hands, legs and head involuntarily jerked, as azure colored particles clustered around her. The particles were Blue Flames Essence.The Jerk continued, as her body bent in ways that seemed impossible which caused her pain. Fighting the pain off, Yetunde immediately leap out of her bed and dramatically opened her eyes, which momentarily glowed Azure and then, returned to it’s original color, causing the Blue flames essence which clustered around her, to disperse into the atmosphere.Exhausted, Yetunde collapsed unto her bed butt first. She sat in a lotus position while she caressed her head softly “So It wasn’t a dream” She said.“Yetunde!” A male voice boomed into the room. She immediately recognized the voice as she replied “Dad!”.Hearing her response, her dad excitedly rushed into the room, without even min
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Chapter 4: Earth
Earth, or should I say Earth’s. Each one of them, different from the other.Each Earth housed a different concept, a different theory about life and a different form of energy. One of these Earth was particularly unique, because of the existence of Mana.Mana, an Ethereal form of Elemental, cosmic and divine energy. It gave life and form to this void earth, not only that, but it served as the source of The Arcane.Plants, beasts of the air and land as well as the sea, all became in tune with the Arcane Energy / Mana that flowed within the Earth. All of a sudden, Humans came into the picture.Unlike the other creatures that roamed the Earth, Human were quite unique due to their unquenchable thirst for knowledge. It’s through this thirst, they were able to create what they called Magic or rather called The Arcane.This discovery of Magic, gravely impacted human lives, making their work easier, effective and more efficient. Centuries after, their discovery became evolution.Humans evolve
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Chapter 5: Solaris Academy
A week later,Adebayo’s Manor,Eufrica.Yetunde casually walked out from the giant gates of her father’s Mansion, which was made from gold. She was escorted by two guards, with each one of them tightly holding a weirdly shaped shotgun, which were definitely a product of Arcatech. Both guards had dark skin with an extremely muscular body build.She wore a beautiful, long, green colored, sleeveless gown which tightly hugged her body, highlighting her beautiful curvy edges. The gown had a V-shaped neck which exposed her cleavage, to a point, where the guards couldn’t help but steal few glances at, which she noticed. She wore multiple pairs of gold bracelets, armlets and a necklet. Her hair was another story, as it was lavished with expensive jewels. Clearly, you could tell she was attending some kind of royal party.“You didn’t have to follow me all the way here” Yetunde complained.“We’re just following your father’s order Milady!” One of the Guard replied.“Thanks, but I can get to th
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Chapter 6: Acceptance Ceremony
A ton of people, Royals, Nobles and commoners, all gathered in their hundreds as they flocked into the Academy.Yetunde slowly walked towards the giant fortress, while she stared and marveled at the building’s mighty architecture. Her father and grumpy grandmother weren’t far behind, they too were marveled by The Academy’s astounding structure.Just a glimpse of the building, one could tell that it was entirely built with Arcatech, as it’s white walls glittered brightly and it’s blue window shone majestically.As they were being mesmerized, a voice boomed directly at them, “Adebayo!”.Yetunde’s father sighed, rolling his eyes as he turned backwards facing the person who called him. “What do you want Boris?” He asked with indifference.“Oi Mate, what’s with that look you’re giving me” Boris said, smiling at Mr. Adebayo who was presently giving him a death glare. The man named Boris, was dressed in a Black tuxedo with a white dinner jacket, tuxedo pants and a patent leather dress shoe
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Chapter 7: She has no Affinity
“The next on the list is none other than……Yetunde Adebayo!” He said.Immediately her name was called, Yetunde dramatically stood from her seat. Before she could move, her father grabbed her hand while staring earnestly into her eyes.“Are you sure you want to do this?” He said.“Don’t worry Dad, with or without an Affinity, I’m getting into this academy” She reassured her father with a smile.“Alright then, good luck!” He replied seeing his daughter’s relentless smile.As Yetunde slowly made her way to the platform, the audience fixed their wicked gaze on her.“I heard she doesn’t have an Affinity!”“Are they going to allow her to take the test?”“Is she really going to embarrass herself in front of everyone?”“She has no Affinity!”“This is pointless, why did she even come here”The audience murmured amongst themselves as Yetunde walked towards the Platform.Meanwhile,On The High Table.The Principal and The Head Instructors were busy discussing about the present situation.“Are we
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Chapter 8: Rare grade Affinities
“Next we have, Reynolds Heming!” He said, rolling his eyes with annoyance.By the name, one could tell Reynolds was related to the Principal. Unlike before, after a couple of minutes nobody showed up, causing the audience and Instructors to murmur in confusion.“Where the hell is that little brat?” Nelson yelled angrily.“Reynolds Heming, the Son of Nelson Heming” Blake mockingly said.“I swear I’m gonna kill that little brat!” Nelson yelled, clicking his tongue.“Reynolds Heming!” Lupercio calmly exclaimed, staring earnestly at the audience. After a couple of minutes, there was still no response from anyone.“Alright then, Since there’s no response, we will move on to the next….” Lupercio said before he was interrupted.“I’m here... I’m here.... I’m here... I’m here” A voice suddenly echoed, drawing everyone’s attention.They all saw a young male youth, awkwardly standing at the door of the hall. He was clearly sweating and panting for breath, while he stroked his hair in an awkward
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CHAPTER 9: Student Orientation
Two weeks later, Yetunde’s bedroom, Adebayo’s Manor, Eufrica. Yetunde was seen dressed up in a white dinner jacket, a white colored long sleeved shirt and a blue color Skirt, which was few meters above her knees. She was currently in front of an oval shaped mirror, earnestly checking out herself. “Alright, I think I’m ready” She said with a cheery smile, taking a sit on her huge bed. She immediately wore a pair of knee length, black colored sock’s. Following the socks, were a pair of Loafer’s. “I can’t still believe this” She thought to herself, as she went straight to her pile of luggage, which were four large suitcases. !Bang!Bang! The sound echoed into her room, causing her to stare at the door. The banging noise meant, someone was currently knocking on her door. “It’s open!” She exclaimed. Almost immediately, two muscular men walked into her room. Judging by their attire, one could tell both of them were guards. “Good day Milady” One of the guard said, walking towards Ye
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Chapter 10: Different Factions
Immediately Yetunde and her guards left Davis, they were accosted by the Academy’s Ushers. The Ushers were four in number, with each of them carrying one of Yetunde’s suitcases.“Thank you” Yetunde politely said with a graceful curtsy.“You’re welcome Milady” The Ushers simultaneously said, carrying her Luggage’s away.Seeing this, Yetunde’s guards respectfully bowed before , “Alright Milady, we’ll be on our way!” They simultaneously said.“Thank you so much!” She replied.“Milady, be careful and do your best” One of her guards brightly said.Hearing this, Yetunde couldn’t help but release an extremely cheery chuckle “ I will!” She promptly said.“Bye!” The Guards said, immediately taking their leave.Yetunde on the other hand, walked towards the Orientation Hall, where all the newly enrolled students were expected to be at. On her way to the Hall, she spotted other newly enrolled students, all dressed in their matching uniforms.Arriving at the Hall’s majestic door, Yetunde casually
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