Exiled from paradise

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Exiled from paradise

By: Harusaki CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Red is a young boy living in the slums on a group of floating islands called Heaven (Paradise). Living a dirt-poor life he is always looked down on by many people. Except for a young girl named Choco. For her kindness, Red develops feeling for her. Accident happened. Choco was killed by a mysterious man. Red was framed up for the murder and thrown to Hell. (The land beneath the heaven islands is also called Earthland) Red vowed to pursue the true murderer of his beloved girl. His journey of climbing back to paradise has begun!!

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  • Zerozero channel


    Dark fantasy and choatic. I mver thought that Im reading three stories in one novel.

    2023-05-09 01:30:40
  • Harusaki


    Great story keep it up!! (>////<)

    2022-08-05 17:35:21
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478 chapters
Chapter 1: The Past, Present, and Future
“What has always made hell on earth has been that man who tried to make it his heaven.” In a dump yard, a teenage boy was digging trash with his shovel. Hoping that he might stumble upon things that still have their value. He digs and digs, his clothes covered with mud and grease. The smell of spoiled food rubs on his body. His hair is an unkempt appearance. Just by looking at him, you would know that he is someone living a hard life. While digging, an apple with a bite was thrown at his head. “Look it was the dirty guy again... So dirty and smelly.” “Don’t say that darling… Is very unfortunate in his life. Look at the bigger perspective. He knows his place in the world. He knows that his value is the same as the trash.” “Hahahaha… Yeah, he's going to die like trash. I can’t just accept that we’re sharing the same air with a dude like him. I buy some condoms let's have fun in my house.” “Do you think men like him will be able to fuck a girl?” “Of course not… Who would like someo
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Chapter 2: From thousand of years ago
“Red.” She called with her sweet voice. “C-Choco… I see, it's all just a dream. There is no way you’re dead.” Choco shook her head and sorrow could be seen on her face. Feels like she was hesitating on something. What am I thinking of course I know why she is sad? That’s because she is no longer in this world. Choco opened her mouth. “Take care of yourself…” Before she was finished talking… I was rudely awakened by cold water. “So cold!!” I shouted. “See? He is still alive…” “That is a super shitty way to wake someone up. But I don't dislike it." Blonde girl with curly hair said. “Who cares as long as we can confirm that his still alive.” After being woken up, I turned my glare to the rude twin tail girl. Her eyes looked down at me. I hate her. That’s for sure. Even I have a debt to her after saving my life from that demonic creature. What am I expecting this place is hell. Of course, this place is filled with scums and evil people. “Wait, maybe he can’t understand our
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Chapter 3: Finding way to survive
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! That’s cold!”I scream out loud after being splashed by cold water again. Different from before woke up and my entire body was tied with iron chains.They are heavy and the tightness strings my body.“Hey, pervert scumbag!! How dare you harassed the princess with your filthy hands?”Just like before, I don’t have any idea what she’s talking about. I don’t even know if there’s still a point in having a conversation with her. Probably, talking to her is meaningless and she will kill me despite how much I beg for my life.This is hopeless.I did find someone that looks exactly like Choco. Who am I kidding? There is no way that girl is Choco. I mean, Choco died and I saw her body swimming with her own blood…“?!”Remembering Choco’s death made my stomach turn upside down. I hold my vomit and gulp it down.“Just kill me already… You hated me right?”I whispered.There is no hope. It's hopeless… I’ll die either way here. If I die that means I don’t need to suffer anymo
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Chapter 4: Exterminators
I slowly open my eyes, first thing I saw was the fan spinning around and the light bulb attached to the ceiling.I made a deep breath sigh. Because finally, I met peace. Instead of being forcefully woken up by cold water. I manage to have a good rest on a comfortable bed. In addition, I’m joyous that I’m not seeing that red hair and blonde hair girl.With them around, it's nothing but trouble.“I see you’re already awake.”A girl greeted me with a sweet tranquil voice.Choco… I’m being confused I shook my head a little and come back to reality. She is the girl I accidentally crash on earlier. The girl extremely looks like Choco.“Please don’t stare at me like that I feel comfortable.”“So-Sorry… You extremely look like a girl I know.”“Hmm… This girl must be Choco?”“How’d you know?”“Well, You call me Choco before right?”“I apologize again for what did before. I’m not looking and then two psychotic girls chased me and…”“Pfff…”She cracks a laugh.“... Hahahaha… Psychotic girls…. I
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Chapter 5: Important things
Already riding the armored truck again heading back home. The two devils are already sleeping soundly. I know that Kisara was exhausted, but why Charlotte is also sleeping? Staring at them while they are unguarded. This two are no different from teenage girls. I won’t deny that they are cuter than the average girls I’m seeing when I'm still at the floating islands. Charlotte does have creamy soft looking skin and her hair is sparkling. Kisara does look fierce when awake but looks very cute when asleep. Kisara’s body was petite but there is plenty of curves.“They face angelic when they're sleeping…”They are devils when a wake.There is no window in the spot I’m seating I don’t know where are we right now.The truck stopped and the door behind opened.A man wearing a tinted helmet appeared.“Hey, are you the new recruit to babysit Kisara and Charlotte?”“Y-Yes… I’m the new recruit.”“May I have some of you’re time. Before we go further, My name is Nico I’m one the weapon smith of our
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Chapter 6: Company
Morning came peacefully the loud beeping of the alarm clock woke me up immediately. I slowly open my eyes and prepared myself for what might happen. Are they going to splash cold water on me again? Kisara might use her flames to wake me up. I rubbed my eyes and decide to sit up, but I can’t. Heaviness occupied my top. Turning my pupils downward could see a huge hill covered by a blanket. I took the blanket and take a peek. Kisara is currently hugging my body tightly. Smiling and her chest rubbing on my body. I won’t deny that Kisara is very cute when asleep. Staring too much makes my heart race and my cheeks flustered. So this is what the breast feels like… Hers is not that big but not that small. What am I saying? As a man of composure, I should ignore this fact and not be tempted by lust. Act normally so that I won’t appear creepy or weird to her. Stay cool and manly. She starts moving. “God… Somebody, please stop the clock from beeping…” She opens her eyes and looks directly
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Chapter 7: Monsters
“Is this the place?” Kisara look down at the map again and responded: “Yes, this is the place. I didn’t expect that the place leads us to a rundown church. A building for public and especially Christian worship. Charlotte you’re from the family of Christians right?” “Been a long time since I visit one. I have already forgotten that I was one. I don’t believe that God exists. If he exists why do people suffer…” “...” Kisara goes in the lead. Opening the giant wooden door. The walls ate by ivy. Having to step inside I can say that the church could still be a place where people could live. From my back a stone hits me. I turned my body and saw a kid. A girl dressed in rug-like clothing. She took another stone from the ground and throw it at me. “Go away from our town!” Before it hits me, I tilted my head. The stone trajectory is predictable. So it was easy. “What’s the problem kid? We’re only here to fix the problem. We’ll leave after finishing the extermination.” The little g
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Chapter 8: Her tears has its meanings
In the cafeteria, sitting alone, in front of me was a glass of water and in my hand was a stale-looking bread. I was still gloomy about how the work turned out for today. Kisara and Charlotte are monsters who don’t even care about other people's feelings. Seeing other people in the cafeteria eating meat made me remember the bloody scene earlier. Blood splashed on the whole dinner table. The freshly cooked meal was stained with blood. My stomach is flipping upside down. I gulped my vomit before it came out and immediately took the glass of water and chugged it down. “Good evening, Red… Can I sit here?” “Sure…” After receiving my permission, she sat down, and on her plate was juicy red meat and red iced tea on the side. I don’t want to look pathetic in front of her. Still… The scene is hunting me. Unlike Choco’s death. I’ve seen death with my own hands. “You look gloomy. What happened? Did Kisara and Charlotte do something terrible to you?” “I’m just a slave to them. Kisara and
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Chapter 9: Man Eater
Today is the examination day for exterminators. Princess already told me that there is nothing to worry about because the exam is always simple. Mostly, the exam only consists of defeating one weak demon kind. Society needs more exterminators than ever because of the rapid growth of demon kind, for that reason. The exam is hard.Kisara, before I went, said that I had defeated a Cerberus already. Defeating a weak demon kind would be easy.Still, I don’t like being overly comfortable, especially in this world. I don’t even know what normal means in this place. Easy could be hard.The day before the exam, I did some sword swings and practiced for a bit. There is no one who could teach me swordmanship. Moreover, the people in the company are not talking to me. I have no choice but to improve myself alone.Mister Fluff gave me a ride toward the examination area.Glancing over Mister Fluff, I realized that he's so cute. He also reminded me of the teddy bear I was supposed to give to Choco o
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Chapter 10: Assault
The world got twisted. Twisting morality and turning the abnormal to normal. With her deceiving appearance, the little girl steadily looks into me. She regrew her severed arm back. The giant rabbit's head hit into her right arm and stretched forward. Its movement is so fast that dodging is impossible. I forcefully resisted, sticking my sword between its two giant teeth. Stopped its mouth from crunching me down. A gleam of blue orange shines right inside the rabbit's throat. The blue light got bigger and bigger. I leaped sideways, immediately sensing danger. Freezing cold wind blasted. Coating everything in ice on its range. The whole eighth floor got so cold for the moment. The coldness is going through my muscles. I have to endure this coldness and continue fighting to survive. “Mister, don’t make this so hard… There is no way you’ll win against us.” (Kukukuku… Rio is correct, no way you’ll win against us… I kind of regret not eating you immediately. Rio becomes interested in yo
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