The Art Of The UnderDog

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The Art Of The UnderDog

By: Jay Chula CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Ciccio," she spoke, taking a purposeful step forward. "In the realm of business, there exists a strategy known as 'the hostile takeover.' It revolves around the idea of 'if you can't beat them, buy them.' Since you are dissatisfied with the way this hospital is managed and how the staff treat patients, rather than struggling to pay the bills amidst difficulty, why not consider acquiring the hospital itself?"

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Chapter 1
Tyler's heart raced as he found himself in a desperate situation. His mother's life hung in the balance, and he needed money urgently to ensure her treatment. Having just left the hospital where the doctor warned him of her deteriorating condition, he rushed to his workplace, filled with a sense of urgency and desperation.Ignoring any semblance of office etiquette, Tyler banged on his boss's door, his tense body not allowing him to wait for permission. In his mind, all that mattered was saving his mother, who was battling cancer.“Good da…” Tyler trailed off as his jaw dropped impromptu and his eyes dilated. He saw Clara and both she and his boss were naked!Tyler couldn’t believe what his eyes beheld. He stood with weak legs and gawked at Clara and his boss. “Cla… No, this can not be happening. No!” He shrieked and jiggled his head trying his best to not believe his visions but unfortunately it was beaming to his face. “What the fuck are you doing? What the fuck!!!?” He growled. H
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Chapter 2
“Get off the road you moron! I’m not the one who is going to kill you, son of a biscuit!” The driver screamed and showed his middle finger at Tyler as he managed to swerve him to the other side. Tyler winced in amazement and fear as he realized he got close to death but overcame it. The young man drove away in his white Mercedes. Tyler roamed for more than an hour before he finally reached the hospital. He needed to see his mother but it scared him more of how he was going to break the news to her. How was she going to take it? How was he going to care for her and pay for her bills? “Stop!”the security stopped Tyler just as he was about entering the hospital“What is wrong?” He quizzed totally dumbfounded. The security personnel frowned. “You are not allowed in here anymore” the security man let out. “what gives you the right to say that to me?” Tyler read his name from his name tag on the right side of his breast. Soberness slowly creeped back to him. “The management has instruc
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Chapter 3
"What have I done? Why are you arresting me?" Tyler exclaimed, his voice trembling with fear as his heart sank. His body tensed up, feeling the pressure of being firmly pressed against the glass table by the relentless grip of the officers."Shut up!" barked one of the officers, trying to silence Tyler. But he continued to struggle, desperately pleading, "Please, I need to go and save my mother. Please!" His voice turned into a high-pitched screech, echoing through the store. The commotion drew the attention of onlookers who swiftly pulled out their phones, capturing the intense scene while exchanging worried whispers amongst themselves.As the chaos unfolded, the store's entrance became jammed with the arrival of a woman adorned in an exquisite, perfectly tailored black gown. Her attire exuded elegance and timelessness, accentuating her graceful silhouette. Cashmere scarves artfully draped around her, adding an air of sophistication to her presence.Accompanied by a retinue of guards
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Chapter 4
"Please place your finger here," one of Tyler's Grandma's guards instructed, gesturing towards a biometric scanner. Tyler glanced up at the guard, his eyes narrowed with a mix of skepticism and curiosity, his eyebrow arched inquisitively."Here," the guard clarified, pointing towards a sleek briefcase. Tyler turned his gaze back to his newfound grandmother, seeking reassurance. She nodded, her expression conveying a sense of affirmation, and her smile held a touch of uniqueness that resonated with him."I don't have time for this. I just want to go save my mother right now. Please!" Tyler pleaded, his voice filled with urgency, as he stood up from the couch, tears welling up in his eyes. "Just let me go.""Calm down, Ciccio," Lady Guila exhaled softly, rubbing her hands together. "Alright, if you are so determined to save Greta, I would advise you to wait and open the briefcase. I actually feel bad that because of my stiffness, I had to lose my son and his family. My heart aches whene
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Chapter 5
"Mama!" Tyler screamed at the top of his lungs, his voice echoing through the corridors. his body froze, and a numbness washed over him, rendering his legs useless. Tears welled up in his eyes as he bore witness to the cruel treatment inflicted upon his ailing mother.With a surge of adrenaline, Tyler raced towards her, reaching the hospital entrance where two nurses callously expelled her from the premises despite her fragile condition. "How dare you?" Tyler growled, his anger boiling over, and he forcefully wrested his mother from their grasp. The nurses stared back at him, devoid of any remorse or empathy."Do not create a scene here. The hospital management has extended their generosity towards you and your mother for far too long. Today, they have unanimously decided to put an end to it. This hospital is not a charity organization that can provide free treatment!" A black-bearded, bald doctor emerged from behind, revealing himself as the same junior doctor who had been attending
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Chapter 6
Tyler was still in awe, his mind consumed by the weight of Lady Guila's suggestion. As he contemplated her words, he couldn't help but notice the doctor's gaze fixed upon him, filled with doubt and uncertainty. His furrowed eyebrows and tightly pressed lips sculpted an expression of deep concern.Glancing back at Lady Guila, she responded with a calm shrug, accompanied by a gentle half-smile. Encouraged by her presence, Tyler approached the doctor, standing upright and peering directly into his eyes. Despite his efforts to conceal it, he could discern traces of fear within him, subtly betrayed through his guarded gaze.Summoning every ounce of courage within him, Tyler mustered the strength to utter, "I want to buy this hospital!" It was a declaration that resonated with the profound humanness he had never felt more strongly than on that very day.The doctor stumbled, his words trailing in uncertainty, as he nervously swallowed down his anxiety. "Ugggg.... What?" he stuttered, the wei
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Chapter 7
Tears of joy welled up in Tyler's eyes as he watched his mother being attended to by Dr. Samuel, whose furrowed brow hinted at concern. Tyler took a seat by her side, albeit Lady Guila had already left after the ordeal involving Tyler and the doctors, having a business meeting to attend."So, when will she wake up?" Tyler inquired eagerly, his voice brimming with the need for reassurance about his mother's well-being."She will regain consciousness soon. Right now, she just needs some rest, and she'll be back on her feet," the doctor explained to Tyler. A spark of hope gleamed in Tyler's eyes as he nodded in understanding.Nothing brought Tyler greater joy than hearing that his mother would recover. His entire existence revolved around her. She had been there for him since childhood, after the tragic loss of his father. She remained his utmost priority."By the way, the operation is scheduled for two days from now," added Dr. Samuel."Why the delay? Why not tomorrow?" Tyler narrowed h
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Chapter 8
Tyler managed to break free from the grasp of one of the workers who had firmly held his wrist. With a determined stride, he led me into the manager's office, shutting the door behind him. Leaning his back against the door, he took heavy breaths, his eyes darting between the manager and his swivel chair. The manager, a bald-headed man, appeared both astonished and fearful upon witnessing Tyler's unexpected entrance."Please, who are you, and what are you doing in my office?" the manager asked abruptly, his voice trembling with fear. He anxiously adjusted his necktie, unable to hide his apprehension. Amidst the chaos outside, the deafening sound of banging on the door reverberated through the room, accompanied by the shrill screams of the growing crowd. The atmosphere was filled with commotion and brouhaha, as if the very fabric of order was teetering on the brink of collapse. Tyler, realizing the dire consequences that awaited him should the unruly mob manage to breach the office doo
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Chapter 9
"Please, may I have just five minutes of your time? Trust me, after hearing me out, you'll believe that I am the rightful heir of the Damiano group of companies," Tyler struggled to explain, his words interrupted by his ongoing struggle with the guards.The grip of the guards tightened, but Tyler remained resilient enough for them to handle."Take him away," the blonde teller instructed dismissively."Release him," the manager unexpectedly interjected. His gaze fell upon me, silently conveying a sense of realization that seemed to dawn upon him as he stared at Tyler."But sir..." the teller attempted to interject, yet the manager silenced her with a commanding gesture and a shake of his head."Just five minutes, alright?" the manager inquired."Yes, just five minutes. If I fail to prove to you that I am Francesco Damiano, you can decide to have me locked up," Tyler replied, his breath unsteady.The manager signaled the guards to release their grip, and they complied. Tyler took a mome
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Chapter 10
"What do I want?" Tyler demanded firmly, fixing his gaze on the bank manager, his eyes chipping away at the man's composure. "I want to become a shareholder in this bank."Fast forward to the hospital room, where Tyler sat by his mother's side, lost in memories of his encounter with the bank manager. Against all odds, they had relented and granted him the opportunity to be a shareholder. It was an unexpected twist of fate that Tyler wasted no time seizing. The bank's decision-makers recognized his potential to positively influence their institution.With his mother's hand resting gently on his, Tyler still couldn't fully grasp the enormity of what he had achieved. A person who once struggled to have three square meals a day was now a shareholder in a bank. Tears of joy welled up in his eyes as he gazed at his unconscious mother. He tenderly caressed her hand, feeling a mixture of overwhelming emotions, and he let out a deep, heartfelt sigh.Clara's cruel words echoed in Tyler's mind o
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