The Abandoned Son's Rehabilitation

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The Abandoned Son's Rehabilitation

By: Maxtang CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Luke was abandoned by those who deemed him lesser than them. At the end of his rope, He hopes to end it all when he suddenly given another chance at life. With the help of a suspicious benefactor, Luke is determined to take back the life that he was deprived of and right his families wrongs.


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  • Corazon Palma


    I guess the main character will try his best to gain more powers

    2022-12-01 16:32:39
  • El_Fido


    Cool cool cool cool cool cool

    2022-07-13 18:32:41
  • Espy Umu


    love the revenge angle but I don't like wasting a whole chapter on a sex scene...I think I want to go back to under 18

    2022-07-06 02:22:16
  • Mgb


    I like how this is not your typical revenge book. I like how it is the son and not the son-in-law. I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

    2022-07-02 13:27:40
  • Maxtang


    Definitely a good read. I’m a sucker for any type of revenge novel and this keeps me on my toes for the next chapter.

    2022-06-14 04:19:35
  • Lilili


    I don't like it

    2022-09-26 16:43:59
  • nvckrwlr


    decent storyline, but the worst ending. kind of pisses me off that I wasted a couple of days reading this.

    2023-02-07 05:54:49
  • Makeba


    I wish I never read this book the ending is ridiculous smh.

    2022-11-25 06:30:03
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98 chapters
Once in a Lifetime Chance
On the edge of a skyscraper, a man stands still, emotionless as he embraces the cold air. The cool wind blows a tendril of hair in his face as he stares down at the crowd below. “Don’t jump.” EMS calls out from several paces away. “Stay right where you are.” Snickering to himself, The man takes off his glasses and lets himself fall backwards over the building. Succumbing to gravity, he allows his body to tumble in the air, crashing against the wind as he aproaches his final destination. As the man is falling he can see a figure standing at the top floor balcony looking down with an expression that reads as if she's been waiting for this exact moment. She raises her hand up into the air and waves it back and forth like someone playing a game on their phone. As she does so an odd box containing a message appears in front of his face. It reads: "Do you truly wish to end things this way? Do you not wish to take revenge against those that have stripped you of your dignity?" The man abs
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Luke takes the bag and tucks it away inside one of the drawers in the room. He then removes his bandages and makes his way out of the room in search of something to contain the liquid as his aunt had done. Once outside, Luke is quickly spotted by a nearby nurse who rushes to intercept him. "Wait, you shouldn't be up just yet, You're still heavily injured." The young nurse looks at him with great concern. He had just fallen from a roof and his body was a mess. She had no idea how he had the strength to stand despite how painful it would be to simply move. "Oh please, I'm just fine. Besides, I'm just trying to get something to drink. I'll be back once I'm done. Can you give me directions?" Luke asks politely. The nurse hesitates for a moment, unsure whether or not she should allow him to leave. But seeing that he looked perfectly healthy, she decided that it was probably okay. "Follow the hall straight to your left and take the stairs two floors down. Make sure to use the handrail
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Luke enters his aunt's hospital room and shuts the door behind him. The sight that greeted him upon opening the door was quite surprising. His aunt lay motionless underneath her covers. Her skin appears pale and lifeless. A thin layer of sweat covered her forehead. He could see beads of perspiration forming on her brow and running down her cheeks. "Auntie?" Luke calls out to her. His aunt didn't respond. "Don't tell me that you've already kicked the bucket." Still nothing. Luke walks over to her bedside and gently touches her arm. She doesn't stir. He takes his finger and places them on her neck. She was still breathing but he doubted that she would live for much longer. "What do I do?" He whispers to himself. If she died here and now, he couldn't let anyone know. Not unless he wanted to be locked up in this place forever. And besides, he hadn't gotten what he came for yet. Making a quick decision in his mind, Luke takes the syringe that he had stored in his clothes and injec
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It takes him less than 15 minutes to arrive at the station and purchase a ticket. stepping into the crowded subway train, Luke rides for around 30 minutes before exiting at his destination. As he steps out of the train, he feels the familiar rush of air hit his face as he stands beneath the bright lights above.Walking quickly across the platform, he makes it to work. He takes a deep breath before entering the office building and heading straight for the elevators located on the opposite end of the lobby.Before getting inside the elevator, A man stops him. "Excuse me, are you Luke Castellan?""Yes, may I ask who you are?" Luke inquires."My name is Mr. Goudeau. I am a representative of your Aunts law firm. Are you aware of the terms of your inheritance?" Mr. Goudeau asks politely.Luke shakes his head. "No, what happened?" Luke tries his best to pretend not to know what had happened. It sounded a bit forced but it was acceptable."That's fine. But I will ask that you follow me for a
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His Next Target
Luke knew very well what his sister was like behind closed doors. She was promiscuous, selfish, and completely spoiled. Everything was hers and nobody dared touch it. All because his parents treated her like royalty growing up. She had even managed to marry into one of the wealthiest families in the state, yet still continued her relationships with other men in secret. Despite having a kid together, she refused to acknowledge her roles as a mother and prioritized living a lavish life instead. Her husband, on the other hand, worked hard to provide for his wife and child, unaware of what she had been doing behind his back. While he hated his sister for many reasons, he admired her husband for putting his family first. For him, raising his daughter was his number one priority and he made sure to spend quality time with her whenever possible. If ruining his sister's life meant saving that girl from suffering as he did, then he'd gladly put her through whatever pain he needed to inflic
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One of the men was holding onto the arm of one of the girls as the other was held captive by three more thugs. They wore dark colored jackets and jeans which matched their dirty faces perfectly. Seeing the situation unfold, Luke Knew that he needed to do something. Even though he had no relation to the two women, he felt compelled to step in and help them out. Without hesitating, Luke rushes forward and grabs one of the guys' arms causing him to stumble backwards. Before he could recover, Luke punches him in the jaw, sending him falling to the ground, clutching his mouth. The thug tries to retaliate but Luke kicks him square in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him and forcing him to double over. "What the hell is your problem man! Do you know who we are!" One of the three remaining men says angrily as he glares at Luke. "No, and I don't care either. Let those girls go or it will be you lying on the ground next." Luke responds calmly as he keeps his fists clenched tightly. "
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Setting his bags in front of the couch, Luke gets ready to leave the two girls to their business. However, before he can escape, Aria quickly jumps up and wraps her arms around Luke's waist. "How can you leave after seeing two cute girls like us devouring each other?" She purrs suggestively as she rubs her hand on his pelvis. Luke freezes for a brief moment as his cock throbs painfully. "Let me guess, you're feeling rather horny too? Don't worry; I won't tell anyone." Aria teases, biting on his ear. Luke swallows thickly as he realizes how deadly this girl could be. "Come here and show Ella just how beautiful she is. It's your fault she's like this anyways. Maybe you should give her an apology." Aria suggests with an evil grin as she continues to stroke Luke's dick through his pants. Luke hesitates for a moment but soon gives in to temptation and walks over to Ella. She still sat on the couch dripping sweat and panting heavily. “What do you mean by ‘it's his fault?' And who's re
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New Roommates
The next morning, Luke woke up feeling refreshed and full of energy, Albeit with a burning pain on his back. He stretched lazily and rolled over to find that he had been moved to the middle of the bed during the night. Aria was laying beside him with an arm wrapped around him tightly.Luke blushed lightly as he remembered what happened last night.Suddenly, Luke noticed something strange on his stomach. Looking closer, he saw that someone had drawn a heart shape onto his skin with black marker. A small 'X' had been placed above the center of the design.Shaking his head in disbelief, Luke realized that it must have been Aria. He couldn't see Ella doing something like this.Carefully removing Aria's arms from around him, Luke turns to the other side to get out of the bed, only to find Ella sleeping peacefully beside him.Sighing softly, Luke wriggles his way down the middle of the large bed, careful not to wake either of them. After a few moments of maneuvering, he manages to reach the
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Tom Cannon
Driving out from the estate, Luke heads out to his first stop of the day. He had planned on keeping tabs on his sister so he needed someone who could discreetly watch over her without being detected. This gave him the idea of hiring some form of private eye. Luckily for him the media had no interest in his personal life which allowed him to go to such places without worry of his actions being leaked. Entering the office, Luke scans the intricately designed interior of the building. The walls were lined with pictures of famous people including politicians, actors, athletes and musicians. There was also a large wall dedicated solely to celebrities that died recently. The receptionist that greeted Luke stood tall and proud with long dark brown hair that cascaded down to the small of her back. She wore a pair of black glasses that sat delicately upon her nose. She appeared to be in her late thirties and was quite attractive. "Hello sir. How may we help you today?" She asked politely af
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The day was already halfway over when Luke arrived at his final location of the day. The office that he had worked for since graduating high school. Walking through the doors, he is immediately spotted by his old boss, Mr. Johnson. Seeing the man that had always looked down on him despite knowing who he was made Luke feel uneasy. "Oh! Good afternoon Luke!" Mr. Johnson exclaims cheerfully as he hurries over to meet with him. "What brings you here?" This cheerful tone sickened Luke. News of his inheritance must have made the rounds in the company or the sudden shift in attitude from Mr. Johnson was too suspicious to ignore. Either way, Luke knew that this would just make his visit that much simpler. "I'm too busy to talk with you, Mr. Johnson," Luke cuts him off rudely. "As a matter of fact, I have an important meeting to attend to. "Huh? Well alright then." Mr. Johnson says in confusion as he tries to hide his surprise. "Is there anything that I can do for you?" Luke shakes his he
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