The Demon King's Alter Life Ritual

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The Demon King's Alter Life Ritual

By: Mijun OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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"The 'Alter Life' ritual can make a normal human forever. However, I'm not sure that this power will leave him. His strength Will return when he becomes an adult," said the lilac-haired man. "No way, Father. I did the 'Alter Life Ritual' too, but I don't have any powers after turning inti a human." "This is different, Zenko. In your son's body flows the blood of the Dewar Clan too. I can turn him into a human, but in exchange my body and soul Will disappear, because I can't match the strength of this child." Those were the last words King Felix, Demon Lord of the Gusoyn Clan, spoke to his daughter. He looks like a Hero in front of his daughter as he would sacrifice his soul for the sake of his grandson. However, King Felix is up to something. He planned to take possession of his grandson's body when his grandson grew up after performing the coming of age ceremony. His grandson Mastered the power of the Gusoyn Clan and the Dewar Clan and King Felix wanted the power. Can King Felix reach his goal to come back to life even stronger?


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16 chapters
Felix's silver eyes glared at Rigel. "Now it's my turn! Grrr!!" Felix swung his sword through the air. Swoosh!! Tring!! Klang!! The sound of metal clinking against each other. Rigel continued to fend off every attack from Felix. They fought each other for a long time. Still on the big branch. Crashh!! Thud!! "Aarrgghh," Rigel's pained groan sounded so heartbreaking. Rigel's body fell to the ground. The sword that radiated a purple glow that belonged to Felix managed to slash his chest. Thick blood was seeping from Rigel's chest. Rigel's body trembled violently. His vision started to blur as he looked at Felix who was still pointing his sword at him. It's no ordinary sword. Rigel felt his whole body suddenly hard to move. His breathing was getting unstable. The sword contains poison. We don't know what kind of poison made Rigel helpless like this. "You're still way below me when it comes to fighting, Brat! Hiyaaaa!" Again Felix raised his sword, about to cut Rigel
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Demon King's Grandson
Today for some reason, Vin felt something different about him. He is more enthusiastic about going to school. Not because he became the focus of study, because today is also the same as the previous day, there must be many more free hours. The real reason is that there is someone who cheers him up at school. Yes, the figure is named Miss Hana. The figure that since yesterday made him unable to focus on doing anything. However, Vin actually doesn't drink enough water, so he's dehydrated. Vin takes the bus to his school as usual. Despite having many parents, they are all unreliable. Early in the morning, everyone in the house was out of sight. I don't know where they have been at this time. Vin, who can't ride a motorbike, let alone a car, of course takes the initiative to take the bus. If asked to ride a bicycle, he is lazy because he will sweat. Vin doesn't like to sweat. Ah, actually it's not the house people's fault either. They all know that Vin has just started school tomorrow.
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While waiting, Vin saw like Gil's car from the north. Vin gets up and jumps while waving at the side of the road. "Gil! I'm here!" exclaimed Vin. He was still waving his hands in the air. Gil's red sports car stopped right in front of Vin. Gil opened his car window. He poked his head. "Hurry up! In five minutes the gate will be closed by Mr. Sugeng!" shouted Gil. Vin rushed to get his bag which he put under the tree earlier, ran to the car of a friend who was more like a brother figure to Vin. Vin gets into Gilang's sports car. Ah, maybe this is Bro Gibran's car, Gil's brother. How can Gil be allowed to ride a car as long as he doesn't have a SIM. Vin is also sure, Gilang must be using this car too without the knowledge of Gilang's papa and brother Vin knows everything. Papa from Gil rarely comes home. Gil's older brother lives in a dormitory. So, Gil lives alone in a house which is 3 times bigger than Vin's house. Even so, Gil prefers to stay at Vin's house all this time."Are y
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"Sensei, I'm sorry!" Gil cupped his hands in front of his chest. "Actually, Gil has been coming to school since this morning. But because this bitch strayed, Gil was forced to follow suit," continued Gil.*Sensei = teacher Itsuki turned to Vin, but he hadn't let go of Vin and Gil's ears. "Is that so?" Vin nodded. "That's right, Otou---uh I mean Sensei. I got lost this morning, it was late," said Vin with a pitiful face. Itsuki released his tug. "Okay! Now just write 200 regret sentences!" "What?!" Itsuki nodded. He has a side. "Yeah. Now take your pick, circle the field ten times or write two hundred sentences of regret, eh?" Itsuki groaned. He still has a scary face. Vin and Gil exchanged glances. After telepathing friends, they decided. "Okay, we'll just write a sentence of regret, Sensei," said Gil. "That's right, Sensei. We're teenagers who don't like sweating." Vin chimed in. He is the laziest when it comes to exercise. If he sweats, he feels his good looks will fade.
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Study Again
Itsuki Akizawa Sensei entered class 10-F with the principal Mr. Hedric. The class that was previously bustling like a fish market, is now quiet like a graveyard. Vin and Gil in the back seat, still busy writing the regret sentence earlier. And they still wrote 50 sentences, 150 sentences less. Maybe until the first break later, they just finished it. Because they write while preaching. "Attention please, Children!" said Akizawa Sensei while hitting his iron ruler against the teacher's desk. If it wasn't like that, of course he would be ignored by all these students who were known to be the most stubborn among the other classes. "Our principal wants to say something to you guys," continued Akizawa Sensei. He invited Mr. Hedric to come forward to be closer to the children. "Good morning, Children! Someone said to you, if you apologize first, it won't make someone lower their self-esteem and those who apologize of course have a noble heart. So, with sincerity, you want to apologize to
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Cleaning the Corridor
"Thank you, Sir! You are very kind. So can we go back to class?" said Vin, bowing again. "You said you wouldn't call your parents as punishment, but you would still get another punishment." "What?!" Vin and Gil screamed at the same time. "Yes. Instead, your punishment is to sweep and mop all the school corridors after the bell after school! Not bad, right? Instead of going home and playing games right away?" Mr. Hedric spoke softly, but there was a smirk he tried to hide from his protege. Gil and Vin's bodies immediately went limp. Their shoulders immediately dropped as if they had no zest for life. Seriously? The whole school corridor said the bald headmaster? This building is not a small building and they have to clean everything? Ah, this is truly the most terrible punishment than just writing a sentence of regret. However, that's okay. Gil will agree to this, instead of having to call his papa. Gil's Mama died several years ago. So, his papa is rarely and almost never at home.
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"Don't worry! The question isn't too difficult, it's just the names of family members in Japanese." Akizawa Sensei immediately pointed to one of his students. "You guys must really like anime a lot, right? So, I'm sure you can work on it." "Huuu~~~! Sensei likes false hope!" cried the whole class to Akizawa Sensei. However, Akizawa Sensei still held a daily test this time. This will enter the daily value for the next semester. Shin was immediately rewarded with deadly stares from all of his friends. The address for being bullied again is the model student. *** The school bell had already rung from a few tens of minutes ago. All the students had left the school, only a few teachers remained. Of course there are also Vin and Gil among everyone who lives. That's right, Vin and Gil are carrying out the punishment from Mr. Hedric to clean the entire school corridor. Gil brings two buckets of water for Vin to mop. Gil chose the sweep section. He didn't even do that sincerely. So, Gil
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Be Afraid
"Only fools believe such stories, Gil." Vin spoke arrogantly. He is now standing up. "Eh, I forgot. You're an idiot, Gil, that's why you believe that?" "Huu, damn you, you bastard! If you meet that ghost in person, I'm sure you'll pee your pants, n!" "Don't be silly! How could Vin believe such a thing, huh?!" Vin tries to dodge. In fact, he actually fainted when he saw a ghost the day before yesterday. Joon didn't want to admit it. Vin taught himself that all he saw was hallucinations because he was so hungry and sleepy. "Come on, go home, Gil! It's getting late this afternoon. The chicken noodle stall will be closing soon!" Vin said impatiently. He saw the red sky outside the window. Vin saw Gil sitting on the side, as if he didn't want to go home first. Joon extends his hand towards Gil, so that his friend wakes up quickly. "Don't act, Gil! Keep your promise to treat me to food!" said Vin. He continued to drag Gil's hand to stand. However, Gil even more justify his seat. "I'm
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Sound of Footsteps
After successfully stabilizing his breathing, Vin said, "Then, what can I do!" Vin is actually still scared, but he's acting cool right now. In fact, he could already feel his pants heating up. Who knows. After all, his pants were already wet. So, it definitely won't be caught if he peed in his pants earlier. Although a little. Yes, he already urinated in the toilet earlier. Try it if you haven't. It must be the floor that he bothered to mop, Vin himself would be the one to get it dirty. The creature looks to be approaching Vin again, but is stopped by Vin. "Stop! Just talk from there! Don't come near me!" The creature bowed, and took a few steps back. Still crawling. Vin can control himself. He sat leaning against the wall next to the classroom, while the creature was on the wall next to the window. "Now say it!" "I just want to ask you to free me, my lord. An angel has sealed my powers. So, I can't change the form I want anymore." The creature spoke. From the look in his eyes,
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Mysterious Figure
Vin is already near the stairs. When Vin looks down the stairs, for some reason the stairs look so dark and long than before. Drap! Drap! Drap! Footsteps were heard approaching towards Vin from the corridor. The longer the sound the louder the footsteps. Vin jumped. His heart was racing again. Even though it was dark, Vin walked down the stairs carefully. He didn't want to die a silly death from falling down the stairs. Vin holds on very tightly to the banister. He descended the stairs one by one. Vin almost slipped several times, but luckily he was holding on tightly to the iron guardrail at the edge of the stairs. The sound of footsteps behind Joon, sounded closer. And now it sounded like running towards Vin. Vin also ran down the stairs even faster, still holding on to the railing of the stairs. Vin slipped and tumbled down the ten steps to the bottom. Although not very high, but enough to make Vin's bones crackle. Vin fell huddled under the stairs. He covered his ears with
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