Light Of Freedom

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Light Of Freedom

By: Muna Ohams OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The Land of Seppora is a beautiful lush place, teeming with life and magic. It lies at the heart of Tempora, a world created and sustained by magic and nature. This is how Seppora looks, at least from the outside. The leadership structure of Seppora is however rife with corruption and injustice. The powerful are treated as gods and the poor are treated as trash, at the mercy of the aristocracy. A band of misfits known as Lux Libera aims to change the narrative for the better, at least on a small scale. But there is something deeper and more sinister that awaits them. Soon they begin to piece everything together. Attacks on innocent villages and capture of thousands who are never heard from again, The Solarian Temple's clampdown on non-conforming mages, and the Imperium's blind eye to the shortcomings of its officials, all lead to a plot steeped in darkness, one which could spell the end of not just Seppora but Tempora itself. Can 5 people with twisted pasts whose paths somehow align be able to stop this abomination?

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In the guards mess captain Smith Sarsson bangs his hands on the table severally to call the attention of his men, slightly tipsy but still coherent and in control of his actions. He climbs on to a table in the great hall and speaks to his men numbering 250 in a deep baritone voice "Today, we put an end to a terrorist group that had been tormenting our realm after months of tracking and recon, we destroyed another cog in the wheel of our beloved Seppora". He raises the head of Deos, the leader of the Black Cats, a group of rebels that had held the town of Prium Minor for months. "This is the head of a man who felt that those at the head of running our realm didn't deserve to keep their heads and now he's lost his instead", the hall bursts into laughter. "This should serve as a warning to any man, woman or beast that threatens the peace of our realm that we, the Imperium Guard will feast on the night your head will be separated from your body and your head will be a showpiece to deter
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On the night he deserted, Sarsson decided he was going to go first to Lerdia and warn their lord and his people about the incoming chaos. He mounts his personal steed and rode towards the south of the realm where Lerdia was located. After riding for a couple of hours he finally got to the village. He was confronted by the men who stood sentry at the walls which were mostly made of wood. "State your business!!!" they yelled at him. He unmounts walks to the walls and replies "I want to see Aldo Belfour", "Our Lord isn't expecting any guests, especially not at this hour". "It's important, you have to let me see him, it's for your own good" Sarsson says. "Identify yourself and give us the message so we may relay it to him" replies the guard. "My name is Smith Sarsson, the sword of the Imperium". Smith hears a crossbow get loaded and he quickly raises his hands in surrender. "I am here to help you and your villagers, please grant me an audience with Belfour". "Have you been sent to harras
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Two days after the assembly, the Imperium Guard were upon Lerdia, led by Ursa Equitos, an Imperium knight who was given veto power to thrash the rebellion in Lerdia and whom Sarsson had some steamy history with. As the 250-strong Imperium Guard unit marched into the village they walked straight into the traps the villagers had laid out. The trap was a shallow dug hole with several containers of oil and tar buried under them which could be ignited by a flame. As the soldiers reached the village square they found an 80-man-strong militia and at their head was the Sarsson, the Scourge of the Imperium. "You bastards have bitten the hand that fed you and decided to commit treason against the Imperium which is so benevolent and good to scum like you..." Ursa yells at the top of her voice, "...and for this treason, you will all die!!!". "You have it all wrong Ursa, these people are not treasonous for not wanting to give up their means of livelihood..." Sarsson said. "If it isn't the dese
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Meanwhile............. Kyra stood on a rock at the edge of the dense Slarap woods south of the capital of Seppora, Elwyrm. Who was she and how did she get here? Well, it all began 10 years ago.... ------------------------------------------------ "Your great power will bring you great suffering, but you will also do great things", these words kept ringing in Kyra's. She had been told those words by her dying mother. She didn't want to do anything aside from having her parents with her again and being back home with them working on the farms. Kyra was originally from the realm of Garnia across the sea to the north of Seppora an also predominantly human realm with arable land and resources. Seppora's Imperium had rallied it's force in a bid to annex Garnia because they felt that the human realms should be under one central rule. This sparked a conflict and Garnia was invaded and forced to be vassal to Seppora due to the war reaching a tipping point and forcing the king of Garnia to
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In a dimly lit room in the Fort Mildred, two silhouettes converse. "How can an entire unit of fully armored guards lose to a band of filthy villagers?", "Send another unit, and I'll pay you double!!!" says Sir Eron Chirol. "You fool, I just lost a whole unit to a bunch of villagers and you want me to send another one?" asked Commander Volksgold. "I am not responsible for the incompetence of your soldiers, that's your problem " Sir Chirol retorted. "Things didn't go according to planned and mind you, the authorization for that operation was forged," Commander Volksgold said furrowing his brows. "No one must know about it Eron...", Sir Eron Chirol's eyes begin to get redder as his breathing becomes constricted. His pupils dilate as he holds on to his throat and falls to the ground choking, a poisoned dart lodges in his neck. A figure appears from the shadows of the dimly lit room and Volksgold drops a pouch of gold on the table. "Here's your payment Hela, good job, take the body with y
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"Hey girl, wake up....", "Are you awake yet?" Kyra kept hearing as she slowly came back to her senses. It was morning and her eyes were overly sensitive due to her long period of unconsciousness. As her vision went from blurry to clear she saw a blonde, handsome man. He was lean but quite chiseled and for some reason, he had a bandage around his ribcage and shoulder. She tried to move but all to no avail. Suddenly the events of last night began to come back to her. The Imperium Guard soldier...Oh no, why was she tied up? What did he do to her? What was he going to do to her? "Mmmm...mmm....", she tried to say something but her mouth was gagged. "Are you talking to me or are you trying an incantation?" Sarsson removed the piece of clothing from her mouth allowing her to talk. "You dog!!! Why have you bound me?", "You're lucky I don't know any incantations or I'd have turned you into a damn worm" Kyra spat out. Before Smith could give one of his witty replies she continued "I hope you
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