The Legendary Swordmaster

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The Legendary Swordmaster

By: KidOO OngoingFantasy

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A rising, powerful, and famous young female warrior. Willing to leave all the success she had achieved at a young age, only to break out of the shackles of her family background as a Royal Family. Ning Rong-Rong restarts her journey in the martial world, after undergoing facial surgery and taking on an identity new. Various conflicts and rebellions that occurred in the Martial World, made it impossible for her to avoid debt. With a sword in hand, and firm confidence in the heart. Ning Rong-Rong became a legend once again.  The Legendary Swordmaster

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  • Serpihan Salju


    Sepertinya lama tidak update nih, yuks gas ......

    2024-05-30 05:59:15
  • Zhu Phi


    Great Story ..

    2024-02-10 05:38:38
  • Jimmy Chuu


    What a masterpiece. ... Read also "The Sage Story of Longwu" by jimmy chuu

    2023-08-26 10:07:04
  • Iin Romita


    hello, I'm a big fan of your author,, enthusiasm for his work.. success!!

    2023-05-09 18:32:38
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44 chapters
Chapter. 1. Ma Kongcu
The Golden Goose Villa stands tall, majestic, and luxurious on the outskirts of Nanjing City in the East. However, it became very strange to see such a magnificent Villa operating and running a business on the outskirts of the city.This magnificent villa was a public service building such as an inn, wine house, and other things that had just been erected there, no more than a year ago. The owner is a woman, but no one knows the face or age of the woman who owns the villa.It is a beautiful building consisting of three floors, with the first floor serving as a restaurant and wine shop. The second floor is used as a VIP room for guests who want to make transactions or guests who don't want to be disturbed by anyone.In the middle of the second floor there is a large stage that is often used as a venue for performances and entertainment, be it playing the lute or playing the flute or other musical instruments.While the third floor is used as an inn for people with upper-middle-class wea
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Chapter. 2. Is She Dead?
Ma Keng Hong then sat with them.When the other two had returned to their seats. Ma Keng Hong spoke up, “Yim Heng, to be honest from the start, Siauwte had overheard the conversation between Yim Heng and Kwee Heng. Several things are very interesting to Siauwte's ears—”Ma Keng Hong's words were interrupted for a moment, the waiter came and placed all the orders from the young man. Ma Keng Hong pointed at his two retainers who were still sitting where they were. “Their order, put it on the table over there, they won't join me here, then also bring some delicious food for these two Enghiongs.”“Okay, Concubine!” The servant complied and brought the food to a table occupied by two of Ma Kongcu's followers.“Ma Laote, can you continue what I wanted to say just now?” Yim Han Li reminded.“Yim Heng, actually the thing that Siauwte wanted to hear from Yim Heng the most—is related to news about Ning Lihiap. Siauwte is just like Kwee Heng, very curious about what Yim Heng said earlier.” Ma Ke
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Chapter. 3. Appearance Of The Villa Owner
It was no big deal when those brutes spoke as they pleased, or sat smugly at a table adjacent to Ma Keng Hong and his two new acquaintances.Things took a fatal turn when one of the brutes tapped Ma Keng Hong on the shoulder. “What a beautiful boy! How about you join us and Wen Twako, and have some wine together? Especially with your very beautiful face, it would be very interesting if you would dance and provide us with a bit of entertainment.”This fellow was truly brave and had the heart of a wolf so forgetting about his safety, he had clawed at the butt of a sleeping tiger.Receiving such an insult, Ma Keng Hong was about to get up from his seat. However, the two guards sitting on the other side moved quickly.“All of you, Enghiong! Where the earth is stepped on there the sky is upheld. You can feel great in your area. However, the Concubine of Yang Liu San Ceng must not be humiliated like that.” Following those words, a thin sword was attached to the ne ck of the person who mocke
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Chapter. 4. Nangong Rong
Everyone had known and seen the mysterious owner of the Golden Swan Villa, it was indeed rumored. From the way she appeared and spoke, people wouldn't know her true face.“No need for respect. You guys go back to work in your respective positions!” The villa owner ordered all the maids who came and saluted her.With no response, all the maids complied and returned to their activities.The female owner of the Golden Swan Villa looked at Ma Keng Hong and Wen Huo Geng intently. Her slender, beautiful, and graceful body immediately moved before Wen Hou Geng.“The owner of this villa is always fair and wise while at the villa. Golden Swan Villa is not a place that can be used as a battle arena as you please.” The woman took a deep breath.She continued, “Well, this Kuownio before opening the Golden Swan Villa, had learned a few moves. So that it can withstand various pressures from the green jungle people.” She pointed at Wen Huo Geng. “After obtaining forgiveness—Why are you still standin
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Chapter. 5. Elder Mu Xuan Fei
Seeing what Nangong Rong was doing, Ma Keng Hong became keenly aware of his strength being far away from that of the Golden Swan Villa's Mistress. The way she writes the name with the tea is just amazing.How could a martial artist form a letter out of tea water and float in the air for a few breaths? Then it falls and returns to the cup without spilling a drop of water.Maybe that kind of intelligence only belonged to the five-strong people of the Martial World or only people from the great Sects. But Ma Keng Hong had never heard of any one of the five named Nangong Rong. Nangong Rong's name had never appeared among the other big names.“Thank you, Nangong Kuownio. Today Nangong Kuownio has truly shown a personality that this Siauwte has never seen, whether it is martial arts or literature.” Ma Keng Hong bowed deeply, clenching his fists in front of his chest. A very sincere respect given by the young man to Miss Villa Owner.Ma Keng Hong turned around and waved at his two maids, jus
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Chapter. 6. The Dog Beater Stick Technique
Nangong Rong was still sitting quietly where she had originally been. She didn't answer, didn't even glance at Cia Bun Wei.What Nangong Rong was thinking right now, no one could guess. After taking a deep breath. “Any problems related to Golden Goose Villa, it is appropriate for us to solve them on their own. Help from Cia Kongcu, this Kuownio can only take it in his heart.”“Yang Liu San Ceng's side, in Kuownio's eyes ... is just a frog in a shell.” Nangong Rong called one of the servants from the Golden Goose Villa, she ordered, “Ah Siu, go and break the small bamboo behind the kitchen, cut it neatly, enough to be two feet long.”Nangong Rong again ignored everyone after she ordered Ah Siu, she was enjoying the brewed tea very much.Mu Tiong-Lo or Mu Xuan Fei growled, he was furious at Nangong Rong. However, that person was angrier at Cia Bun Wei, the young man was too contemptuous of Yang Liu San Ceng's side, even willing to defend an unknown newcomer.He cursed and swore Cia Bun
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Chapter. 7. Memory
Everyone guffawed at the joke of the owner of the Golden Swan Villa as she shooed the people from Yang Liu San Ceng away.However, behind their laughter also emerged feelings of worry and fear, it was not impossible that with two incense sticks, Yang Liu San Ceng's people would return with even greater force.Thinking like that, those with mediocre martial arts rushed to pay the bill and swiftly left the Golden Swan Villa. This includes Kwee Kai Hong and Yim Han Li.Meanwhile, after Nangong Rong chased away the intruders, Cia Bun Wei clenched a fist in front of his chest, facing towards Nangong Rong. “Nangong Kuownio, is that a good thing? Nangong Kuownio had released the injured lion. This matter will not be of any good to Golden Swan Villa.”Nangong Rong smiled, although the smile was invisible to Cia Bun Wei. “Cia Kongcu's concern for this villa, I can only say thank you. The problems of the Golden Goose Villa with Yang Liu San Ceng's side in the future, this Kuownio will have her
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Chapter. 8. Judgment
The memory that appeared in Nangong Rong's brain was getting crazy when she remembered her mother again. That was a very heavy decision, manipulating the whole family. Only to have a trial and punishment of eviction from the house.***A few months ago ….Nangong Xueyin sobbed incessantly in the General Ning Family's assembly hall. This middle-aged woman stared blankly at the figure of her daughter standing in the middle of the hall waiting for her father's decision.“Ning Rong Rong! I believe in your chastity, I won't blame you, but the final decision, it's your father who makes the decision. You have to be strong, my daughter!” Nangong Xueyin thought.The lines of beauty can be seen in the figure of the woman who is crying, she can't speak, she just keeps on crying.At her side were three other women the same age as Nangong Xueyin, however, they had a slightly different look on their faces, a look of happiness that was trying to hide behind the tears of mockery.“Nangong Xueyin! Oh,
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Chapter. 9. Fake's Funeral
When Nangong Xueyin came out of Ning Rong-Rong's room, she accidentally saw her husband, Ning Quanzhong. Nangong Xueyin had a bit of fear in her heart, but her husband didn't sue or scold her. Only a dull expression and obvious exhaustion could be seen on Ning Quanzhong's face.In the room, Ning Rong-Rong noticed that another figure had been listening in on the conversation between her and her mother, from the light footsteps and the soft exhale. Ning Rong-Rong's keen sense of hearing wouldn't deceive her, she was sure it was her father who overheard their conversation.However, because her father did not scold her mother, Ning Rong-Rong did not rebuke him and continued to let her father hear what she and her Mother were talking about.“Ouch! I'm sure the father is also very worried and thinks about the mother's feelings.” Ning Rong-Rong muttered, pretending. It was just when she heard her father's light footsteps leaving the bedroom wall.Ning Rong-Rong continued to tidy up the equip
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Chapter. 10. Ning Rong-Rong's Plan
Meanwhile, Ning Rong-Rong had left Luoyang City that very night. She did not slack off or slow down in the slightest, based on the level of her profound strength, it would only take her a few hours to be away from Luoyang City.There was no regret at all as she left the Ning Family Home. After all, she had been determined to use her mother's surname since then, and more importantly, what happened today was a plan she hatched without anyone knowing.Yes! It started with herself, during her wanderings in the Martial World, Ning Rong-Rong knew there would be great chaos in the next few years, it was the Demon/Mo-Kaw Sect that was growing rapidly, and was beginning to retrace its past glories.This sect had long existed in the Martial World but had been in decline for several years, and when they reappeared, the Martial people easily accepted the teachings of the Mo-Kaw Sect.In the past, while traveling in the Martial World, Ning Rong-Rong had seen several victims and cruel killings that
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