My Wonder System

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My Wonder System

By: Franklin Nwakamma OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Frank Hart lived a peaceful life with his mother in the lonely town called Marble, he had most of the things he needed and life didn't seem to be harsh on him without a father. Deep in the forest of Marble town was an underground settlement but it was abandoned. The body of a tyrant was buried beneath it, but it wasn't locked up forever as the duration of the spellbinding the tomb was complete, the beast lord broke out and along with his ugly beasts turned the world into a state of dilemma. Frank had to flee along with his mother into one of the few refugee camps that the humans had. There was a war, a war between humans and the beast lord, with the population of humans declining Frank was forced to go to war. With no experience at all on how to fight, he struggled until he was at the point of death. "Is this how it ends for me?" Frank grunted as he pulled himself across the hard floor. A drop of blood fell from his forehead and landed on the blue necklace on his neck, a gift from his mother. The necklace began to glow and at that point, he lost consciousness. [ System Active ] [ You have obtained the wonder system ] P.S: The system is not the main focus of the novel.

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  • Elizabeth Nwakamma


    It's a nice novel

    2022-06-26 05:37:24
  • Franklin Nwakamma


    Hey everyone, author here. This is my first novel on this platform and I hope you guys like it. It's a story based on a boy who had a normal life until an evil tyrant rose up and turned the world into an apocalypse, he obtained something called the wonder system which granted him all three abilities

    2022-04-11 09:57:38
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25 chapters
Great goalkeeper
  Marble town was a lonely town where people lived side by side, the houses were joined together in rows, it was built this way by the people so that no one would feel isolated or left out of the small town. "Mom, I'm heading to school!" Frank yelled inside the house as soon as he got to the stairs leading down.     That was one of the features of the houses in Marble town, you had to climb about ten steps before getting to someone's doorstep. "Have you taken your lunch?" A middle-aged woman came out of the house with a paper bag filled with food in her hands. "I told you, mom, I can manage with the cafeteria food?" Frank said, sounding annoyed. His mum always took up the task of making lunch for him before he left for school, but Frank felt like his mum shouldn't stress herself since they had food in their cafeteria. 
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Glowing Necklace
Everyone in the boys' football team was happy and couldn't wait for coach Lewis to arrive so that they would head out for their hike through the woods. They were allowed to skip class today for the hike which was also a part of physical training for the team. While they were waiting for Coach Lewis on the pitch Frank was having a little chat with his best friend and they were talking about what they thought the hike was going to be like. "Do you know what makes a hike really worth it?" Carl asked. "Sightseeing," Frank answered. "No silly, the delicious goodies you bring along." 'Of course, it had to be food.' Frank thought. "Hope you brought those delicious cupcakes with you?" "Yes," Frank said pulling the rope on his backpack. "Hey, I think Coach Lewis is coming." One of the students said.Read more
The Rise Of Evil
Frank felt like he was in a dream, his best friend who he had been conversing with since today had suddenly been swallowed by the ground, but how was that even possible? It looked bizarre to see the ground suddenly open up and then seal back up as nothing happened. "No, no, no!!" Frank kept hitting the ground. "Hey calm down or you are going to attract everyone here," Christiana said. "How do you want me to calm down when Carl just got swallowed by the ground?" "I'm just saying crying won't cut anything." Frank gave her a scornful look, even in times like this she was finding means to annoy him. "How can nature be so harsh?" Frank cried."Why did it have to be Carl?" "What happened to Carl now?" Frank brought his ears closer to the ground thinking that was where Carl's voice was coming from. "Idiot
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Beast Attack
 Marble Town had gone from a peaceful and lonely town into a desolate town where people were afraid of going out to do anything. But it wasn't just Marble town, the whole world was in this state but Marble town was in the worst state among all other towns and cities due to it being the place where the problem emanated from. Houses had been destroyed with dangerous beasts now roaming the streets of Marble town. Many had lost their lives during the attack, they would have all lost their lives if it weren't for the arrival of the soldiers from Tron Ville's capital. To kill the beasts they needed to shoot it as many times as possible so it would be an understatement to say that the guns were making little effect. The soldiers couldn't really do much but they managed to buy some time to enable the people to flee to safety. The people had relocated to another
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Life In The Apocalypse
 Frank managed to get a shot eye after going through a series of thoughts in his mind. He woke up the next morning to the scent of a nice meal, it didn't take him long to discover where the scent was coming from as it was strong on his nose. He got up to see his mom already having her breakfast while his own was on the floor. "You woke up just in time for your breakfast," Jessica said. Frank looked at the food on the floor and the one that his mother was eating, it looked nothing like what the soldiers managed to serve them here and that scent he had not perceived for a week now. "Did you make this mom?" Frank asked although he already knew the answer. "Yes," She nodded. "David helped me get some foodstuffs for me after I told him that the food we got here wasn't good for my condition." David was the soldier who had helped them the day his mother got hur
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Beast Hawk
 There was only one person who Frank believed could get him out of the current situation he was in now but when he searched through the soldiers present there with his eyes David was nowhere to be found. The slap had immediately subdued the zeal Frank had to prove any resistance and Arnold who had seen his mate receive couldn't see himself putting up any form of resistance. Frank wanted to scream, maybe David would hear him from the other side of the camp and come save him but one thing was keeping him from doing that and that was because he doubted that David might be able to do anything. If he remembered correctly David was only a sergeant while the man holding his arm had just referred to one of the soldiers there as a lieutenant. Frank, Arnold, and the other kids who the soldiers had with them had no choice but to go along with what the soldiers had planned for them. The
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No Chance
 The beast was running towards the group without slowing down but Roger wasn't going to shoot as he quickly went into the van's front seat to get something. Don shot and shot but the beast jumped from side to side avoiding every bullet, soon the other soldiers joined in and with their combined effort were able to get shots on target on the beast but it still wasn't enough to stop the beast as it continued running forward without slowing down. "Are you guys stupid? If you don't shoot that thing then you'll all die!" One of the soldiers turned to the kids to say this but still, it wasn't enough to make them do anything. "How come all the kids here are cowards? I wasn't this cowardly as a child." The soldier grumbled as he continued shooting at the beast. With the beast getting closer now the soldiers continued shooting until when they pulled the trigger and nothing happened. "
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The Wonder System
[ System Active ] [ You have obtained the wonder system ] Frank had to rub his eyes just to make sure he wasn't hallucinating. [ Profile ] [ Name: Frank Hart ] [ Wonder warrior grade: none ] [ Level: 01] [ 3/10 HP ] [ 0/100 EXP ] [ Stats ] [ Strength: 3 ] [ Endurance: 4 ] [ Dexterity: 7 ] [ You are in a critical condition ] [ Drawing energy from heart for emergency healing ] At this moment Frank felt a stinging pain in his heart, he wanted to scream as loud as he could but he didn't want to draw the attention of the beasts. [ Heart energy: 50/100 ] [ Condition has been restored to normal ] [ 10/10 HP ]&n
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Fading Heart Energy
 Frank had different thoughts running in his mind of what might have happened to Arnold, did he run away? But that wouldn't be possible given that the whole area was a wasteland and he would get caught by a beast.   Was he carried away by a beast? That he wasn't sure of but it didn't look like any of the beasts had escaped. Maybe he was torn to shreds, this was the most possible to be the case given that his body couldn't be found anywhere around the area.   While Frank was in the middle of his thoughts he began to hear slight metallic sounds coming from the van.   He slowly walked to the van and was standing in front of the back door now.   He was still hearing the sound but it sounded like whatever that was inside was trying to adjust its position rather than looking for a way out.   He had an idea who or what was in there as he placed his hands on the door but he just wis
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Lucky One
 Frank could feel his heartbeat slowing down and weakening as the vehicle drove through the wasteland.   'What is this?' He wanted to scream but just didn't have the strength to do that.   "Are you okay?" Arnold turned to him.   He was struggling with his breathing now and was beginning to sweat.   "I don't think I…." His breath was obstructing his speech. "I don't think I… can keep up any longer." That was the last thing he remembered saying before slumping on the car seat.   The teenager woke up to find himself in their tent with his mother sleeping peacefully beside him.   'I'm just glad you are okay.'   [ Heart Energy: 50/100 ]   [ Half of energy restored ]   [ Condition has been stabilized]   Who could tell that his heartbeat and his body as a whole had returned to n
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