The Sorcerer's Sword

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The Sorcerer's Sword

By: Winwrite OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A long time ago, Zarall, a powerful magician practiced magic and was feared and admired by all. He always carried his sword, a powerful weapon made by magic and coveted by many. An act of betrayal ends Zarall's life and his sword disappeared along with him. Many years after, his sword reappears. Who has woken the Sorcerer's sword up and what could this mean for the kingdom?

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13 chapters
The beginning
The Kingdom of Rivena was a very prosperous city, it was blessed with a lot of natural resources and was the envy of all the kingdoms around.The kingdom hadn't always been like this though, in the past the Kingdom had been in total chaos and anarchy. This was when the dragons had ruled the sky and the sorcerers walked freely and did magic.Those who could do magic were the gods of the city. The non magic users were used as slaves. This was a very hard time, majority of the sorcerers were proud and egoistic and often engaged in petty fights. The casualties of these petty fights were the common people.The most powerful sorcerer was named Zarall, he was so powerful that even if all the sorcerers in the kingdom came together, they wouldn't be able to defeat him.Zarall wasn't interested in their petty fights, all he wanted to do was to practice magic in his home quietly. The other sorcerers tried several times to bring him over to their side but it was of no use, he declined all of thei
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Zarall's sword
Thirty years later..........Thirty years had passed since the execution of the sorcerers. Rivena had flourished under King Adam's rule.He had married a beautiful woman and they had gave birth to a son, the name of their son was Aidan and he was to be the future king of Rivena.Aidan was loved by both his father and mother very much, he was doted and loved by everyone in the kingdom.Aidan was the best warrior in the land, there was nobody who could beat him, this was a fact that greatly pleased his father.King Adam still kept up the hunt for sorcerers in the land, he was determined to completely eradicate his land from sorcerers.....................Today was Aidan's Nineteenth birthday, his father was determined to give him the best party. No expenses were to be spared for the birthday party."Don't you think all this is too much?" Aidan asked his mother as he looked at the grand robes on the bed which he was to wear."I don't think so at all. You are the prince and future king o
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The Visitor
Samuel the head butler of the palace retired to his chambers. He was very tired and wanted nothing more than to collapse into his bed and sleep.There was a knock on the door, with a frown he went to open the door, whoever was at the other end better have a good excuse for disturbing him."Samuel, there is a visitor here for you. He said that you were expecting him" the servant on the other side of the door informed him.Samuel frown went deeper, he wasn't expecting anyone."Where is this person?" he asked."in the receiving area, my lord""let's go there" he told the servant.The servant led the way and they headed to the receiving area. "there he is" the servant pointed.Samuel looked towards the direction of the servant's finger. He saw a young boy, he looked to be around seventeen or eighteen. He had obviously been drenched by the rain which had started earlier this evening."Are you sure he said he was looking for me?" Samuel asked the servant doubtfully."yes, he mentioned your
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Aidan's servant
The next morning Samuel woke up to find that Kayden was already awake. He looked around, his room was looking very neat and tidy.He looked at Kayden, "have you been up for long?""yes uncle, I always wake up very early. Mother calls me her little early bird." Kayden replied cheerily."I am sure she does." Samuel said.He stood up and picked up the little bottle on his table, he handed it to Kayden.Kayden took the bottle and examined it looking very confused."what is this for?" he asked."It's an eye drop to change your eye color" Samuel informed him."why do I need to change my eye color, mother always said she loves my eyes, she called me her little ocean blue" Kayden said.Samuel sighed tiredly again, "I am sure she did, and I am sure she also had a lot of pet names she called you as well but I don't want you to draw attention to yourself, your eyes are too shiny we need to dull it" he explained patiently.Kayden pouted, "come on, it won't be permanent. For now, let's just dull i
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He is cruel
Aidan opened his door and walked inside while Kayden and Phil followed him inside."You are to report here every morning, your job is to get me breakfast,lunch and dinner, prepare my bathwater, wash my clothes, mend them if they should need washing, polish my shoes and armor, carry my weapons when I go hunting or when I am in battle. As time goes on, I will think of other duties for you." Aidan told Kayden."Damn Aidan, you should just give him the whole palace work. It's too much for him." Phil objected."Well he is the one who wants to be my servant, isn't he?" Aidan retorted."that doesn't mean that you should overwork him." Phil said."if he can't handle it, he can just quit now" Aidan said as he looked at Kayden with a challenging look."I can handle it, my lord." Kayden said confidently.Aidan looked at Phil triumphantly."See, he isn't complaining at all." Phil sighed in defeat. Aidan brought out his armor and all the clothes in the wardrobe both the clean and dirty ones and g
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Sir Reginald
"Good morning my lord" Kayden greeted Aidan as he opened the windows in his room.Aidan squinted against the sudden onslaught of light."You seem very agile this morning." told Kayden."Well, it is a wonderful day. It's normal to be happy" Kayden said cheerfully."You don't say. Get my bath water ready and set my clothes out" he ordered."yes my lord" Kayden said as he went to do what Aidan has ordered."And get my breakfast from the kitchen. I would be eating in my room""yes my lord"While Aidan was taking his bath, he went down to the kitchen to get Aidan's breakfast.He entered the room to see Aidan putting on his clothes. He put the breakfast on the table and stood waiting for further instructions.Aidan sat down to eat. "have you eaten breakfast yet?" he asked Kayden."not yet my lord""Sit down and eat with me, I can't finish these by myself." Aidan said as he gestured for Kayden to sit."I am afraid, I can't do that my lord.""why?" Aidan asked in confusion."Because it isn't
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Darius the expert swordsman
Kayden stood in the corner with Phil and watched as Aidan and Darius dueled. Phil had been practicing with them but he had decided to back out of duel."I have never met anyone as obsessed with fighting like Aidan is" Phil said to Kayden."It's important for him as a prince to be able to defend himself and the kingdom" Kayden replied."But I am not a prince or a future king, why does he have to force me to practice." Phil complained.Kayden laughed a little at Phil's sad face.Aidan looked over and saw Kayden laughing."Do you care to share the joke Kayden?" he asked.Kayden looked up to see Aidan staring at him and his laugh ceased immediately."My lord?""What's so funny that you are laughing?" Aidan asked again."I was telling him a joke about how you used to run around the palace naked." Phil spoke up.Aidan glared at Phil. "Since you can make jokes, I am sure you can duel another round before we go inside."Phil groaned and picked up his sword. He whispered to Kayden. "if I die,
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Dinner had gone well and everyone had retired to their chambers to sleep.Before Kayden retired to his uncle's room. He had to do some chores for Aidan.He made the bed, put away Aidan's dirty clothes and closed the windows."is there anything you need my lord?" he asked."Why do you ask? Are you in a hurry to go somewhere?" Aidan asked in return."It's late my lord, I wanted to retire to bed." Kayden replied."well I still need you. Do you have a problem with that?""none my lord, what do you need me for?"Aidan got into bed and gestured at the chair close to the bed."Sit down" he ordered.Kayden sat down, looking very confused."Where do you come from?" Aidan asked."Varya. It's a little village on the outskirts of Rivena." Kayden replied."Where you born there?""Yes my lord. I was born there, I grew up there with my mother.""What about your father?""I never knew him, he died before I was born." Kayden replied."I never knew my mother either. She died giving birth to me." Aidan
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The Leviathans
Kayden hid in the corner and watched them, what were they doing outside by this time of the night."Did you get the information from Aidan?""Yes mother. The keys to the storage are with him. I just have to find a way to get it.""Good, that sword contains so much power that is beneficial to us." lady Martha said."how long do we have to remain here mother? I am tired of this body. I can feel his pathetic soul struggling with me trying to regain control." Darius said."Soon my son, once we get the sword, we will be powerful enough to tear the veil and return home. I am also tired of this unattractive body." Lady Martha said."Tomorrow night, I will open the storage and get the sword then we can both leave." Darius said."I can't wait to be back home." lady Martha said in glee.Kayden watched as they talked about their plans more before retiring to bed. As they walked back, Lady Martha passed a window, the moonlight reflected on her and her true nature was revealed.Kayden covered his
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Drawing out the Leviathan
Darius was carried to his room by the guards."Samuel, go fetch the physician." the king ordered."I am sorry my lord, the physician went out to get some herbs." Samuel said looking apologetic.Darius screamed even louder in pain."Well send someone to fetch him immediately." the king ordered."I am afraid that won't be possible, he went to the neighboring kingdom. It would take hours to get him and hours for him to come back, I don't think he can't wait that long" Samuel replied referring to Darius.The king looked at Darius who was currently screaming in pain very loudly, his parents who stood by his bedside looking very worried. He had never felt so helpless in his life before."What can we do then?" he asked Samuel."I have a remedy which the physician prescribed for me when I was suffering from stomach ache too, should I fetch it so it can be given to him?" Darius asked."please go ahead and fetch it quickly." Sir Reginald answered even before the king replied.Samuel instructed
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