Satan Ruled the World

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Satan Ruled the World

By: EngMan OngoingFantasy

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Edgar faced his early death with full of questions, since he just passed beside the clouds. He still longed to meet his dreams for the family. His spirit never accepted the status to his life, when he loudly heard the horse above his head. He apparently exhilarated that somebody may guide him to go back the earth. However, the horse converted his image into a satanic face. Why did Satan epiphany to approach him? A little far from him, a shimmering image which identical the white angel," Edgar, don't approached him because he's the reason of your early death," such time, Edgar got befuddled if he may accommodate Satan or not.

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Chapter-1 Edgar ascertained his wife over his dream
Edgar was slumbering over the wood which was whispered by millions of the red stars. His feet slammed the tingling jacket which was the favorite to his cool wife," darling, woke up and run above the rain." A raucous person didn't cease to call him. His mouth moderately opened to touch the t-shirt. He bustled on the cool surface, and unexpectedly he fell down into the lakes.A few fishes were hauling him into the cool wood again, but Edgar saw billions of fog at the center to his unique eyes. He proved that he was dependent on himself.Above the brumes, it consisted of seven colors which were the best Luz's shirt, his sweet wife. In fact, these were the seven dead who had idolized their devil. Geographically, it was located 20 meters beside the village where the people habited. They were emerging out their window; to ride above the fogs.Edgar unintentionally strike the brume, even though his face bonked into the solid stones. His purpose; to follow his wife who habited the cool paradi
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Chapter- 2 Edgar punished Miguel; the reason of his early death
Luz dreamt of meeting her husband in the village, every time she would bounce, her spirit felt the heat, particularly at the upper part. Sometimes, she could harkened the laughter beside the brume. Her invisible eyes could chew over the plain angel. On the other hand, Satan never came back to inferno unless Edgar might finish his aspiration in assassinating the white angel.Archangel temporarily plucked his eyes beside the millions of dead. He didn't sense Satan who tried to put his sword, even though the raindrops exhibited bravery against the adversary. He kept on wishing that the dead may open their eyes, even though it's just a single minute.The seven dead revealed the truth," hello Archangel, the new dead moved their bodies." The angel felt glad to discern the news, indeed he stood up and clapped his hands together with them. However, three thunders were aptly shaking humankind."Angel, please cover with us, our eyes might be biffing on the stones," dead said. All of their heads
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Chapter-3 Satan formed the mountain into undying fire
Miguel was shocked looking at his side, he's actually needing an explanation from the world, but he didn't notice any celestial objects in the sky. He ran away from the serpent snake, even if the pathway is being attacked by the unending fog. With his energy that he exerted for that. He felt how worse it is to live alone without the powerful king."Archangel, don't allow the devil touching my spirit. I only exclusive your hands to hold it. Otherwise, I want to go back to my status." His voice can't continue shouting his voice because the unlimited fire and ash are following him, whatever he does at that point. Unfortunately, no one approaches to aid his situation."Heaven, heaven, just hold the devil, I should find my master," the celestial object gives a sign to fly using the single feather. He laughs looking at the invisible win, even if the celestial object promised to him; his status is already invisible to their eyes.He desires to come back to the earth; to seek his white ange
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Chapter 4 Satan forced Archangel accepting his offer
Satan is quietly changing his mood when the snake is also being bit on the black soil together with the trees. He calls the serpent loudly, even if the large fire is taking the whole mountain. Indeed, he does not voice his gladness since the blaze is nervously spreading its light. That time, the serpent just pulled down the fire using his hand.Archangel is not merely okay inside the stomach. He only discerns the deep sounds of fire including the stones which are taking a clash below the ground. He does not lose his hope to shake the internal organs of the snake. That time, the serpent sees a few waters on the ground. His tongue drinks it once, even if their distance is not apparently identicalWhen the serpent takes his breath for a second.," hello snake, you didn't follow my command for you. I was expecting that you were following at the back of my backbone." Meanwhile, he's dragging his body into the green leaf," Satan, stop commanding me, I need to find the justice of my death."
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Chapter 5 meats transformed into ice
Satan marked aloud to the water till the seven dead might hear him. His voice looked like thunder towards the waves, then his unlimited fire did not cease to shake the entire water. However, nobody followed him even though the serpent kept on ignoring him.A few meats were spreading to the water and land through the power of wind. Then, the serpent followed them; to collect these meats into the large fire. His mind thought that Satan arrived on Mars. Beyond his imagination, the thunders transmitted the information to him regarding his demon.Miguel and six dead were approaching the large fire; to cut it using the unlimited water. When they touched it using their nails; unfortunately, the waves pulled their bodies to the sea where Satan fountained the large fire. Everybody asked themselves why Satan didn't explode to the surface.When the serpent put these meats above the fire. Unexpectedly, the meat was converted into giant ice, then his hands were trembling. "Satan, come back to the
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Chapter 6 Archangel made 1 million seeds
The serpent cleaved sincerely into the soil, it made the earth to be wet, instead of being sere. His mind yawned that the white angel might be hauling his technique," stand up snake" . Immediately, the snake did what Archangel requested of him. He revealed his intention why he would like to live with the demon."Who are you?""Is this you, Edgar?""Definitely, I am.""The world is similar to the huge village where I unexpectedly met you.""Again, accept my devil heart, I am willing to be cleaned up through your powerful hands." Slowly interrupted," don't save me snake," he covered his ears upon hearing him."What are you talking about, snake?""No, I just put my body to the pillar of this soil."Archangel urged the snake to follow his dreams in the world. He was willing to re-open the body of the snake, at least he could give another life to the dead. He appreciated those times when he had faced adversity via red snake and Satan's power.His friend was successfully following him, desp
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Chapter 7 Satan dictated destroying the paradise
Beyond the whales and sharks who looked angry seeing the demon who had worn his fire eyes. Though they did not approach him, they felt that their intestines were starting to break up.It's still raining over the surface of this ocean, it made Satan feel mad at the universe. He found a woman who looked like a brown fish, her name was Luz, the wife of Edgar who lived in the ocean for almost 100 centuries. Though her portrait was not perfectly identical to the fishes, but she dreamt to meet Edgar's spirit, she tried visiting the front sea, however she would not be qualified to stay there, because the sun and moon would dissolve her silhouette.Her portrait reached back to the varied sharp stones which gave rough life to the fishes. Her intention would be to meet the fishes, since they were usually nervous when she would pass alongside them.Upon walking the rough water, some sharp lights hit to her, she never saw it before, this would be clumsy to face it," don't afraid to me, I am the s
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Chapter 8 Satan finally left the ocean
Satan's lips clipped moderately to the red clouds, which reflected the water. Then, he further harkened quick cries that came out from the children. Instead of tolerating them, he cooked his teeth to the water," Archangel, please save us from the fire," he chuckled hearing their problems."What did I inform you about?" He quickly shouted his scream supported by the waves," I can't get out from this worse habitat, I am still glad to demand the red snake."His spirit clipped back to the first level of water; he saw the red snake who held carefully the crown which symbolized their victory. His cells were updating the serpent and red snake regarding their accomplishment.Each of their heads had quickly gone to the crust, especially when the red snake held their spirit. It made the six dead nervous, attaching to the red snake's mouth," don't bring us to the ocean, we still aspired to seek the Archangel." Flashed out the saliva on their eyes," never, you must seek Satan than him.""Why?" st
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Chapter 9 Demon secretly imbibed at Miguel's mouth
The moon had gladly discovered to the deep portion of earth; to link with the white angel, regarding its accomplishment, while Satan kept complaining, especially when the soil trembled to his feet, and then the roots might be clenched him up to the ocean," red snake, make the serpent to be demon like you." His voice flashed out to the face of Edgar and Miguel who had planted crops and trees.It might have disgruntled their hearts to continue taking their accomplishment. Indeed, they were physically gloomy looking out the sun," how to upgrade this earth" their voices were giving hope to the six dead who had hauled with the red snake.A demon snake clearly noticed the two people who had ruled the paradise. He had yearned to verify such invisible objects which would have lost his hope, predetermined that the devil had already cleaned up the world, whether the waves were stronger than the thunder, which always disturbed him tonight.The six dead were excitedly desiring to depart out the o
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Chapter 10 Archangel revenge red snake
Edgar filled with nervousness, upon glancing at the red snake who had faster running than him. He was regretful why he had gotten out of the cavern, though Miguel had totally gone to his eyesight, but he valued his help," Miguel pushed the demon's snake at the back of me." His pitiful voice pleased the red snake, not only him but also Satan who commanded the black bird to hold Edgar who couldn't run well.The white bird, originally Archangel, felt sad when the black bird and red snake had worked together to arrest the kind guy. He humbly waited for the right time, slaying either.He went back above the blood, throwing the black bird's neck. Unfortunately, the black bird had madly supported the demon. His cells were getting furious remembering Satan's deed; he unusually craved revenge on Satan. But there was no opportunity for him.Instead of going back to his habitat, to use the black tree; originally Luz's body," will anyone save my life?" His voice looked like a dead body, but the
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