The Last Blood Mage

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The Last Blood Mage

By: don_offl OngoingFantasy

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The lost prince of mighty Drakonia is living his life as an adventure, having no idea of his true destiny. His carefree adventurer life was thrown into disarray when he was forced to inherit dark powers that would put a target on his back and get him hunted down by the mages. Xander is the last blood mage who is yet to find his destiny. Will he find the strength to embrace his true destiny? Or will he succumb to the allure of his forbidden powers, risking everything he holds dear? The answer lies in the choices he makes and the untapped potential within him. Can he overcome his inner turmoil and claim his rightful place as the ruler of Drakonia?

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    catchy title

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    I love it can I have the rate

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    what can I say. I trust the author's talent & that he'll write an amazing novel. he's one of my favorite authors, so imma drop this review for everyone to see, before I go read the story. also the cover is nice enough to click and add it in library just at a glance, so DON'T U DARE SKIP IT

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258 chapters
The Power of a Mage
In the heart of Mystic Grove, where Kingdom Emberlyn and Mooncrest met, a lone carriage advanced. Drawn by silver-maned horses, it journeyed through the dense, ever-raining forest. Unperturbed, the carriage pressed on through the muddy path. Hidden in the forest, warriors waited. Clad in muddy, leaf-adorned leather armor, waiting for the carriage. Five bald-headed individuals comprised the group, distinguished only by stripes on their attire. Among them stood a charming young man. His dark hair framed god-given features: enigmatic eyes, a square jaw, broad shoulders, and a rugged beard."The carriage will arrive in five minutes. Is everything set?" Tovian, the leader of the bald group, inquired, addressing both his men and Xander, who had joined their adventurer party to earn some extra coins. He had no choice but to earn the coins he desperately needed.Lionel, one of the bald brothers, questioned the ease of the upcoming task. "This will be the easiest coins we've ever made. Why
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The Last Blood Mage
As Xander attempted to crawl back, he found his leg pinned down, rendering him helpless. Despite his desperate struggle, the mage continued to approach him, causing Xander to inwardly sigh, knowing that something dreadful was about to unfold. With his fate hanging in the balance, Xander knew that his survival depended on outwitting the powerful mage who now stood before him, ready to decide his fate."Who sent you to rob me?" the mage calmly inquired, his wrists crackling with lightning bolts, a menacing threat to Xander."We don't have to do this. We just accepted a quest from the adventurer's guild," Xander tried to maintain his composure despite the dangerous situation. Ever since he had acquired his cursed powers, his mind had developed a knack for staying calm in perilous circumstances, allowing him to focus on survival.But in a sudden display of force, the mage raised his finger and fired a lightning bolt that struck the ground just inches away from Xander. His heart skipped a
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Prince of Drakonia
With the mage's lifeless body at his feet, Xander had to act swiftly. He couldn't linger in this dangerous territory. The quest's item waited in the lavish carriage, promising ten thousand gold coins. Xander's heart raced as he weighed the risks and rewards."I need those coins," Xander whispered, determined. Retrieving the item was his chance at a better life, a step closer to curing his powers.“I must vanish from Emberlyn before the mage guild knows he's dead.”Approaching the carriage, he glimpsed inside – red cushions, fragrant jasmines. His focus landed on the brown-cloth-covered quest item.“A human skull? What the hell?” He revealed a jade-green skull, eerie yet beautiful."No time to think," Xander muttered, securing the skull. He didn't investigate; he needed to deliver it and get paid. With the item, he dashed into the forest, heading straight for Emberlyn, where new challenges and dangers awaited him.As the sun dipped, casting a golden hue, Xander emerged from the forest,
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Information Brokers
With his payment secured, Xander left the guild, ignoring new quests. He held all ten thousand coins, a relief for his situation. The coin purse safely tucked in his jacket, he joined the bustling streets.A carriage moved through the street. Seizing an opportunity, Xander leaped onto the back, a trick he'd mastered as an orphan to travel without spending a coin.Holding on, Xander rode toward his destination. The carriage stopped on the bustling north side, where ships anchored and goods moved. The silvery ocean glowed under the moon.The carriage halted. Xander dropped onto muddy streets, blending into the crowd and navigating the busy streets.Amid the chaos, a sudden criy erupted."My purse is gone!""Thief over there!""Quick! Get him!"As Xander navigated the bustling port, he noticed a yelling nobleman nearby. But he didn't plan to intervene; pickpockets were common here, and he avoided trouble. Walking past the nobleman, he felt eyes on him. With his rough look, thieves likely
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Search for a Blood Mage
As the morning sun rose, casting a golden glow over the port, Xander woke. The voices from his dreams faded. He patted his inner pocket, ensuring his coin pouch was safe.He stretched and descended the creaky stairs. Downstairs, the tavern was restored after yesterday's brawl. Patrons sprawled on the floor, groaning from hangovers and dreams.“Hey Xander, hungry? Warm porridge and fresh bread here,” Agatha's gruff voice called as he settled onto a barstool.“How much is it this time? Did you raise the prices again?” Xander asked, rolling his eyes in mock exasperation.“You're a smart one, aren't you? Two gold coins for the porridge and an extra piece of bread will cost you more,” Agatha replied.“Seems like you're making a fortune here. You could open up a branch in the noble district,” Xander teased as he took out the required coins and placed them on the table.Agatha snorted, her brown dress swaying slightly as she pocketed the gold coins in a leather pouch hanging at her side. "N
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Xander's Death
Intense pain surged through Xander's body. It was a sensation unlike any he'd felt before—an overwhelming hunger for blood. His surroundings seemed to lose color, replaced by a haunting black and white. His vision honed in on the pulsing red dots that symbolized beating hearts. Panic gripped him, and fear threaded through his thoughts."Need to get off the streets," Xander muttered, staggering away from the people around him. He moved unsteadily, his gaze catching sight of a metal gate leading into the sewers. As he stumbled in that direction, a group of sailors and port workers jeered at his disoriented state."Look at this fool,""Hey, where's he headed?""Probably scavenging for more coin to buy more drinks,"Their taunts were like nails on a chalkboard, amplifying the agony he felt. Clenching his fists, Xander fought the maddening urge to lash out and satiate his bloodlust.Xander pressed on towards the sewer gate, the sunlight feeling like fire against his skin, intensifying his
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Bloody Resurrection
As the thugs continued to walk away from Xander's body, the boss felt an unsettling hush settling in the sewer. His instincts, honed through years of killing, prickled with unease. Something was not right. Just as he halted his steps, the flickering torches lining the walls suddenly extinguished, plunging the area into disconcerting darkness.In the velvety blackness where the thugs could barely see their own hands, a rustling sound emerged from behind them. The boss was the first to turn around, his heart pounding in his chest."Boss, what's wrong?" one of the thugs asked nervously."Light a torch," the boss commanded. The thug, confused by the abrupt order, didn't dare question him. He hurriedly approached a nearby torch and drew his flint. Striking the blade of his dagger, sparks flickered and landed on the oil-dipped torch, igniting it with a sputtering flame.As the torch slowly illuminated the surroundings, the thugs and their leader stood in stunned silence. Their eyes widened
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The Bloodhound
"Go away!" Deep within his mind, Xander's voice echoed with frustration and desperation."You're a weakling. Don't fight me. Just let me take control over your body and mind," Xander's second personality retorted in an otherworldly tone, a sinister presence lurking in his words."You're going to get me killed," Xander's true self retorted, the voice resonating with a mix of fear and determination.Meanwhile, in the physical world, Xander's body stood amidst the grimness of the sewer, engaged in a conversation that seemed almost surreal, with his own reflection in a pool of filthy water."They'll search for the killer once they find the bodies. We've already killed the mage!" Xander's more reasonable side growled, trying to maintain a tenuous grasp on his sanity."I didn't kill him. You did," The blood-hungry persona spoke callously, devoid of remorse."It doesn't matter. They're going to hang me. If I'm dead, you can't do anything," the rational part of Xander lamented, the weight of
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Sudden Turn of Events
Once he had scrubbed his skin until it tingled red, Xander successfully rid himself of the lingering sewer stench. Dressed in the carefully selected robes provided by the old man, he stepped out of the room and faced a mirror."How does it fit?" inquired the old man, his face beaming with pride."Perfect," Xander replied, his gaze fixed on the reflection of his new attire: a smart blue coat, a crisp white shirt, and sleek black pants."I've been in this business for six decades. I can size up a person with just a glance; no need for measuring tapes. My eyes are all I need," the old man proclaimed, his chest puffed with confidence.Xander's next question was almost reluctantly spoken. "How much will this will cost me?""Two hundred coins, including the bath," the old man promptly answered. Having discreetly counted the coins in Xander's pouch during his bath, the old man had ensured the clothing fell within the budget of three hundred coins."Fuck me," Xander's inner voice sighed, drea
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Duke's Gala
Xander entered the room and softly closed the door behind him, his curiosity overcoming his caution. Bloodhound's persistent warnings were met with Xander's determination to press forward, fueled by the desire to uncover the truth and secure the elusive cure.“Who the hell killed this guy?” Xander mumbled to himself, his eyes scanning the room for any clues or the coveted invitation.“Im telling you, Xander. You are getting way deeper into trouble,” Bloodhound's voice cautioned, but Xander was too focused to heed the warning. He scoured the room meticulously, cautious not to make any noise or disturb the scene. As he moved about, his search led him near Roberts' lifeless body.Carefully navigating the room, Xander found himself standing next to a drawer adjacent to the bed.“Please be here,” Xander whispered under his breath, his hope intertwined with the suspense of the moment. He gingerly pulled open the drawer to reveal a collection of books, not what he was looking for. Dishearten
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