A Second Chance in Time

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A Second Chance in Time

By: Blank_Joker Updated just nowFantasy

Language: English

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Hi, I’m Mark and while I’m not the strongest and neither do I have any unique ability, most of my opportunities being either wasted or given away one way or another, I’m the one that survived the most. Now that I think about it, this life is pretty miserable. I got my ups and downs, but because I rushed at the beginning, I ruined my entire future and the only thing keeping me alive is my ability to adapt and survive. That’s it. No magical abilities. No genius talent. The most unique ability I had was an ability the “survivor” title gave me called “The survivor”. And now I'm about to be killed aaaaand I'm dead. ... . . Die, they said, you will receive eternal rest they said, but where is the eternal rest?! “Hello and welcome to the Regression and Reincarnation agency. Due to your peculiar achievements, you have been fo- ahem, given the chance to go back in time, as well as three wishes.” –––––––––––––––––– Follow Mark on his journey to change his ending, see his rises and falls and journey with him together in this story through your imagination. ______________________ This is my first book and my native language isn't English, so expect grammar mistakes and so on. Enjoy my book and if you don't like it, just stop reading. It is far more energy efficient that writing a bad review. _________________

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Hi, I'm Mark and while I'm not the strongest and neither do I have any unique ability, most of my opportunities being either wasted or given away one way or another, I'm the one that survived the most.And this ending of mine is very fitting: the last demon is about to kill the last human, well not last, since there is still one city left, but details don‘t matter.Oh, look, Ho'arkhan, the last demon, is about to finally kill me."Fuck you too, oh ‘last one‘, I wish you a lovely life“Those are my last words.“Same for you, same for you“To be put out of this misery I call life is quite comforting I must say.No longer do I feel pain, must be my brain shutting down.Oh, I just lost all of my senses and the ability to move my body as well, not that I care about it, I‘m dying and there is nobody out there strong, close or fast enough to save me.Farewell life, I don't want to ever see you again.…......Wait a second.…Why do I see a blinding light.Where is that eternal rest that
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System 1
[Hello host, I'm the system assigned to you]I heard there was a system assigned to me.[Yep, that's me, I will be assisting you in this journey.]Do you have something like "The supreme system" title or the like[No, you could have wished for that, though it is not recommended since it practically doesn't change anything apart from available items, quests, inventory slots and you get an assigned goal]Oh, yeah, that's not worth it for me.[Now please say 'status' in your mind]Status[Name: NoneHp:40/40 Mp:30/30 Stamina:10/10A/N: Hp = health points, mp = mana pointsTitle: RegressorClass: sealedSub-class: sealedSub-class: sealedBloodline: nonePhysique: noneLevel:0Stats:Str:1Agi:1Def:1End:2Stm:1Sen:3Vit:4Mgc:3Wis:1Luck:15Wil:7SP:0 AP:0Inherent skills: "Adapt" G- rank, "Rhythm break" G- rankSkills: "soul regeneration" (C- rank), "hard soul" (F- rank)Talents: 'magic' (intermediate), 'surviving' (peak), 'fighting'(advanced), 'blacksmithing'(ad
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System 2
{Hi, I'm your friendly Rex}You fucker, you didn't let me rest peacefully.{Don't worry, everything went well, though I have to inform you that your family received a blessing of fortune, that is something that all regressors who came from families that aren't that rich got, to help them and all}That's good, I hope I could buy all the stuff I need for myself.{The restrictions you got on the system will be lifted when other get access to the system, that's it, bye}OK, that's somewhat relieving, I hoped I could get early access, though I should've been satisfied with the wishes, but being greedy doesn't hurt sometimes.Ok, now what?Guess I'll wait.[You have the option to be put asleep till being birthed or you could open your gift box, getting a quest to do in the mean time is also an option.]Then open the gift box[Understood]['Gift Box' open][Congratulations, you got 'level decrease pill' x 10, 'full restoration potion' (Rare rank)x3, 'body refining pill' (mythical)x2, APx5, S
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In the womb 1
Ah, it's so boring.It's been, what, like 3 months, I would've stopped if not for the fact that I got the 'discipline' skill and now it's F- -rank, all skills start out at G- -rank so you can see how hard for me it is to continue training the mana manipulation skill luckily it's in F+ rank now.I want to stop.No, get it together, you only got 15 hours of sleep in the past 1 day, that's plenty for you.But I want to- shut up myself.See what the author is doing to me, he forced an infant to train non-stopA/N:I only gave you the quest, you chose to accept it.But the rewardsA/N: ChatGPT generated them, now shut up and stop breaking the fourth wall.Time to talk to myself moreAfter 1 month of 2 parts work and 3 parts rest I got so used to training mana manipulation that it became like second instinct for me. After 2 months I started talking to myself out of boredom, so I took the time to organize my memories and the like.Now only the minor bits are left so let's review what I curren
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In the womb 2
[Skill 'mana manipulation' ranked up to E- rank][Skill 'hyperfocus' ranked up to F rank][Skill 'fireball' has been acquired]Wait, I had the skill 'focus'?[And for a while, you got it 2 hours before ranking up 'mana manipulation' to F rank, but because you were extremely focused changing the shape you were making out of mana, you missed the notification, and when you checked your status, you only asked for title and stats, I only showed you you mentioned things][The skill 'hyperfocus' indirectly prevented you from going insane, since you still have your feeling and you lack any insanity resistance granting skills apart 'Strong mind', which, with your amount of will, is not enough to not go insane. In order to live this kind of lifestyle you have to have at least 150 will for your amount of insanity resistance][Your 'hyperfocus' skill helped you alleviate this stress by helping you lose the track of time, so there were times when you unknowingly fell asleep and then
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The Genesis of a Journey
[Host, brace for impact, you are coming out]Oh, finally I will see the light of the outside world.I'm kinda exited for what am I gonna see first.[Babies have terrible sigh right after birth]Don't ruin my excitement.[But it's facts][Also, should I make you unconscious through till you are out?]No, it shouldn't hurt much anyway.[No, in fact, the only reason the baby doesn't die from the shock of the sudden pain is the fact that the nerves are underdeveloped. Your nerves are more developed so you will feel 85-90% of the pain, which isn't little by the way, and the ~5% decrease doesn't help much]I endured my limbs being torn of and my organs crushed, I'm sure this will be fine.[Your body got reset, so you are not used to any sort of pain right now, the reason you could endure it then is because of your pain receptors dulling.]Either way it's a no, since it's a good chance to get the 'pain resistance' skill.[Understood, but don't tell me I didn't warn you, also, you are about t
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Just your average talk with a goddess
Turn of the lights, I want to sleep"I thought that as an adult you didn't need so much sleep, you said it yourself that sleep was overrated"Yeah, I take it back, it's awesome, especially if you slept for 6 hours a day for 5 months and are a baby."Taking your words back is quite convenient, no?"It is, especially in cases like these, please turn of the light and let me sleep though.WaitYou're not the system.Who are you, where are we, can I go to sleep now?"Finally a normal reaction, I was getting worried honestly. Though first let's answer your questions in order. ""Hi, I'm Anar'aya and you are quite brave, getting that many divine titles for a mortal is quite dangerous. If not for that skill of yours and that strange 'system', your soul would've exploded. A divine title is a divine title regardless of weather they are sealed or not""For your second question, we are in a separate space made by yours truly, and for the last answer, no, you can't"So why am I here?"If this was
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Cost for free knowledge
This...What the fuck?Why is it...Why is so much of the blessing sealed?Where is the super op item I get after I accept the blessing?[Transferring items from any divine realm to here is expensive regardless of the strength of the god or mortal or the distance.] [No normal god would give something from the divine realm to a weak mortal, especially at this time when there is basically no energy here, making it 100x more expensive than it should be.][If the blessing wasn't sealed, you would die due to bearing so much pressure. Remember when Anar'aya-But the weapon...[This is not a fantasy][At least be happy you got a blessing at all and didn't die. All other mortals except you and the other four regressors would be dead just having the blessing for 1 second.]Wait, you said there are multiple divine realms.[Yes, but that's all I know. The only logical conclusion I can come up with is that for each god there is one divine realm that is perfectly suited for said god]So there are
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Knowledge Doesn't Equal Skill
[Ok, transfer beginning] Oh, that doesn't hu- FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK [Don't jinx yourself, host] WWWHHHHYYYY DDDOOOEEEESSSS TTTHHHEEE PPPAAAIIIINNNN FFFFOOOLLLLLOOOOOWWWWW MMMMEEEE EEEVVVEEEERRRRYYYYWWWHHHEEERRRRREEEEE [Don't ask me, I can't control you, I could if you wish to] *Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale* Luckily the pain lasted only a few seconds. [Don't be too sad, the second wave is coming] You fucker, tell me from the beginning if there are more waves of pain. [I'm joking] THIS IS NOT A JOKING MATTER [I apologize, I decided to try out joking, but it seems that, due to my lack of emotion, it didn't succeed.] Pick lighter topics for joking, that is my first tip. [Understood, I will have this in mind before joking] Ok, now let's begin training [Do you wish to see what the baby you is doing?] Training first [Answer my question] TRAINING FIRST [ANSWER MY QUESTION FIRST] You can shout? [I made a mana body that mimicked what you do when you sho
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Start of a 'short' training session
I was expecting that, with the rigorous mana manipulation I was doing, I wouldn't be surprised that it got to D- rank. [That would be virtually impossible, but the next big change is your your limiter. Due to unspecified reasons it increased, probably you have to thank Anar'aya, the knowledge on how to pray to her costs almost nothing] How much? [Nothing special, just your life] You tried to joke, right? .... Right? ... Please tell me you're lying. [Yes] Ok, then what's the limit now. [9.6 avg. stat] THAT'S BASICALLY NOTHING [That's not just nothing. Only 20 races in the records that I possess could safely hold 9.6 avg. stat or more. I have 100.000.000 different races recorded in my database] Ok, now let finish my training. [Congratulations, the skill 'magic book' ranked up to G rank] Ok, now what did you want to tell me. [For your achievement like gaining those divine titles and breaking the human limit, the HQ gave me the allowance to generate a qu
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