The Lost Assassin: King of Chaos

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The Lost Assassin: King of Chaos

By: Lonely In Neverland OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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When a modern merciless Assassin from Pandan, Chris, is chosen by a wicked wizard to gather the keys to become the King of Chaos, he's unconsciously slipped into a world of magic and kingdoms as a seventeen years old kid who is terribly opposite of him and his nature. After agreeing to kill for his unknown client through a call, Chris woke up surrounded by towering trees and in a boy's body. At first, Chris thought he was captured and experimented into a game but little did he know he was up for more.

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Chapter I
Wearing a traditional fox mask and his black hood, Chris entered his target's room from the window, careful not to create any noise. He took a step closer to the bed where a couple was sleeping peacefully, while doing so, he put on the gun's silencer. Ah, how sweet is the scene in front of him, he sarcastically thought, it won't last. He lift his gun and pointed it at the man who would've been the next president. If he isn't fast the woman will wake up too but he is fast. With an evil grin plastered on his mouth, he pulled the trigger twice, one for the man and one for the woman. In Chris' eyes reflected no mercy, no sense of guilt and once done he bid them goodnight. On his way out of the room calmly, his phone rings and he takes it out. He saw the code name of the man who hired him to kill and he swiped to answer, bringing his phone closer to his ear. "Silenced," he uttered. "Excellent. I will wire the rest of the money right away. Expect no delays." "If there's any delay, you
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Chapter II
Chris hears birds chirping, the sound of leaves dancing along with the wind, and the rushing water somewhere. He doesn't remember waking up with these peaceful sounds of nature. Even the air he is breathing is cleansing his lungs. To his curiosity, he slowly opened his eyes and saw trees-- towering ones like he is somewhere in a National Tree park."Am I dreaming?" he asked with a husky voice that had his eyes wide. His voice! It sounded weird like it had been changed into that dork voice in his younger years.When he thought he just misheard himself, he sits up and spoke again. He frowned hearing his voice the same. The moment he ran over a hand across his face, he noticed his smaller hand and he darted his round eyes at it, shaking."What the fuck?" he cursed, immediately standing up, looking around while his breathing heaved. The surrounding is not familiar. He could be in a damn dream or a fucking game some psycho invented or even someone could have thrown him in some forest but t
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Chapter III
The moment the princess called him Louie, he immediately snapped out of his sudden rampage and pointed the tip of the machete at the young lady's throat. His killer eyes pierced at her, and the expression on his face hardened. "Why do you call me that name?" he growled, tightening his grip with the handle, crinkling his nose. "I understand that you are not fond of me calling your name but if you choose to kill me right now your situation will worsen. I can tell my father what you've done today and he will reward you and help your family." "Family, you say?" he scoffs. "I live alone!" "Let me live, Louie... please." The princess' eyes suddenly flooded with tears, her eyes begging him to spare her. "This is not you, Louie. You don't kill good people!" Chris' chest just started to ache again making him grunt, his head down. What is this? Did they design this boy's heart to be this soft? Why the fuck is he here? "Tell me, where in the world are we?" The princess had her large eyes
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Chapter IV
Just as they are in town, the princess was forced to buy themselves new clothes to change into. They also bought bandanas to cover their faces so they can blend in but little did they know a pair of eyes recognizes Chris wherever he goes."Why do we have to go South?" The princess asked again while getting dragged by Chris like their horse. "Louie, I'm asking questions!""I forbid you to speak any more words, young lady.""Stop calling me a young lady when you are only a month older than me! And I have a name, Louie! Elonia!"This girl is annoying, Chris thought clicking his tongue and stopping to look back at the princess, written all over his face is how annoyed he is to be with her."I think you have forgotten that I hold your life now, princess," he reminded her, taking steps closer and now their faces are inches apart. "I am not Louie and I do not like a chatterbox coming along with me!""I didn't come along with you. You dragged me here!" she retorted, staring bravely at his eye
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Chapter V
For hours, the old man and Chris spoke of those gems. He listened carefully like the way he listened to his clients when they provide information. "And lastly, they are not for the weak, my boy!" the old man warned him.Not for the weak? He can almost scoff. There is nothing in the world that cannot be learned. It takes time, yes, but it will be worth it. "I will gather those gems and go home."The old man raised his bushy white brows, a smirk lurking in the corner of his mouth. When Chris looked at him, the evil smile vanished. "Well, regards me with the other world when you get back, my boy!"Chris did not say anything but instead focused his gaze back on the ocean, his mind clouding with thoughts of the gem. These gems were scattered in all the places of this world. A city, a guardian, a gem-- but nobody will tell you they are the guardian. He will have to be so observant of everything around him.When the old man left Chris, Elonia was quick to stand beside him. She wears a hoo
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Chapter VI
Chris woke up in the middle of the night and looked at the lady on the other bed. He groaned sitting up. He hoped to be back to his world but looking at her, he knows too damn well that he is stuck. He stretches a little and stands up, making his way to the door. The stars were barely visible in the sky. He slept for too long and now the sun should rise soon. They are headed south so he can see his long-time dream. Along the way, he should ask for the gems. If dragons exist there so will some experts in these gems. There will be plenty of people who also voyage to seek those."Hello there, lad!"Chris turns and sees a big man, beard in a braid, a big-rectangular hammer in his hand, and that iron helmet with big horns. He sees big men in his world but not as big as this. "Where ya headin'?"There was a part of him that says he should not engage in this conversation but he would need more information. And someone like this big guy could tell him a lot."Where this ship leads, I'm boun
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Chapter VII
"You were trying to leave me, huh?" Elonia fumed just as Chris got inside their cabin. "You can't get a hold of those gems, Louie. They're too powerful for you!""Exactly why I need to get my hands on them!" he gritted his teeth. They were glaring at each other, eyes glistening in anger. "Look, once I have those gems, Louie will come back to you! All of this... this is not Louie. So, if you want to help him, help me get those gems!""They are bad for you! Too much power will leave you wanting more! You go mad!""I am not going mad! I need those to go home!" He completely lost it and screamed in her face. Tears had suddenly formed in Elonia's eyes. Seeing those tears stabbed his heart with hundred blades going in at once. Why must this lady do this to him every time? Why does this man love this lady? Chris inhaled deeply while looking away. Seeing her like this hurts him. It softened his gaze and it calms the furry in him."I'm sorry," he uttered. Chris never apologizes to anyone sin
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