The Mermaids

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The Mermaids

By: Rebecca Rodriguez OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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William, who had just lost his wife, had to accept punishment for killing two drunks who insulted him. The court decides to throw Will into the open sea. A sea storm that came that night caused Will's lifeboat to break down and sink. But a woman with a fishtail comes to save Will and takes him deep into the sea. "Hey!" "Aaaah!" "Are you awake?" Willam was taken aback this time. He was taken aback by what he was witnessing. A gorgeous girl in front of him had gleaming scales and a fishtail. The legend of the mermaid turns out to be true. She is a mermaid.


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The Santa de' Maria embarked on a voyage from the Royal Caribbean located in Santiago de Cuba to Dublin under the leadership of Commodore Alex Norringham. They set out for negotiations with England on trade and territorial division. When they arrived at the waters of Polta de Ganda, a pirates ship was approaching. Commodore Norringham quickly ordered Mr. Goblins, who held the rudder, to turn away from the ship. Unfortunately, the speed of their ship is not comparable to the ship's pirates. Feeling unreliable, Commodore Norringham pushed Mr. Goblins and took over the wheel. He ordered Mr. Dorothy to develop the screen. Without wasting time, Mr. Dorothy shouted for Commodore's orders. The thick clouds are getting darker. Slowly it rained heavily. Blackbeard Smith, the leader of the one-eyed pirates, smiled a sinister smile. He is showing a row of black teeth. A distinct advantage for the pirates when the storm came down. He had expected this to happen. Blackbeard, pushed Mr. Calico w
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Chapter 1 : The Royal Caribbean
"Hey, dammit!" yelled a man. The long-haired man responded, "You don't belong here." Two drunken men dressed in dirty and stinky clothes entered a tavern to disturb another man. One has dark hair, while the other has long hair. A glass of rum stood in front of him, unopened. While gulping down the alcohol in each other's hands, the two men kept blowing the man down. He is a fisherman named William Smith. Living on the Royal Caribbean Kingdom's coast is a dream come true. "Hey, stupid! Are you deaf so you don't have to listen to what we're saying?!" The black man expressed his thoughts. One of the gentlemen has returned to the scene. While beating Will on the head, spit out venomous remarks. The man with the thin mustache, on the other hand, stayed deafeningly silent. "It's just that you're-" 'Brugh!' Will slammed the man in black in the face before he could complete his statement. It is impossible to avoid fights. Some of the women present screamed in terror. To prevent a braw
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Chapter 2 : Sailing on The Ocean
A woman with long hair wanders across the middle of the garden. The woman's face was made even more beautiful by the wind blowing her hair. She put the tomatoes that her harvest into the basket one by one. A young boy is chasing a butterfly with a homemade trap. His steps leave traces between mulberry and tomatoes plats. "Will you please stop running, Honey? You'll fall." He ignored what's heis mom saying. A younger woman opened a the door that led straight into their small yard. It's Samantha, her sister-in-law. Yes, the small yard was theirs and was planted with all kinds of fruit and vegetables."Your husband will go sailing, Bella. You should meet him." Isabella nooded. "Sam, let's see your daddy!" Sam turned his head. He dashed into the home ahead of his mother. "You should take a break. You know you'rte pregnant and you'll give birth your baby soon. Just let me harvest the vegetables." "It's all right. I still can do that. Don't worry." A few people in this densely also
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Chapter 3 : The Flying Dutchman
A ship appeared before them. A giant black ship without any flag symbols is flying above the water. The sides of the ship were hollow and covered with moss and seaweed. Makes the ship look even more terrifying. Like a sea carcass awakened from its slumber. The fishy smell was getting stronger as the ship got closer. Instinctively, a ship with such conditions should sink to the bottom of the ocean. But the magic power had turned that ugly and fragile ship into the strongest and invincible ship.They called it "The Flying Dutchman". A ship of the strongest pirates number one in all the oceans, defeating The Black Jack led by the one eye, The Blackbeard.No one knows how the origin of the ship. Some rumors say that the ship was cursed for being a robber, but The Flying Dutchman never robbed. They only destroys other ships that they encounters. Some say that The Flying Dutchman sailed with the spirits of the dead. However, none of these rumors have been proven true.Will, who wa
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Chapter 4 : Polta De' Galda Island
"Hey!! Right here!!" Jack yelled with a wave to the ship."Could you please just shut up!" said Will."What?! This is our chance to get off this stupid island.""Look, we haven't figured out who they are yet. What if they're pirates? They can kill us!""Pirates be damned! The main thing is that I'll be able to come out of this in one place. I don't want to die in a place where my parents are unaware of my whereabouts."Will went completely silent. It dawned on me that what Jack had stated was also correct. They were no longer capable of surviving on such a little island. When the birds realize that their eggs have been utilized as food, they will begin to leave and move to other islands. The fish will also swim away, while the edible seaweed and plants are rapidly diminishing."Hey!!" The ship approached due to Jack's cries."Right here!" Will also yelled this time.Jack smiled as he stared at Will. They seemed to have forgotten that they had just fought a few minutes before. The large
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Chapter 5 : In Punishment
Samantha ran over to Will who had gotten into the boat in tears and dropped the sack full of food onto the lifeboat. She couldn't bear to watch her only brother have to endure that sentence. Then followed Sam who came with Alberta, a woman from the Indiana tribe who became their neighbor. Sam hugged Will in tears. Samantha simply couldn't and didn't want to imagine what Will would face in the vast ocean. He will starve to death or maybe drown in a storm. Indeed, a very small possibility for him to survive unless God sends His miracle.Two guards pulled Samantha and Sam away from Will. They are screaming and cursing to get out of the hands of the guards who tried to block, but the guards seemed to have lost their hearts. Either because their hearts were really dead, or because they were afraid of the higher-ups. Meanwhile, everyone was silent. Watching the show is not entertainment at all.Several other guards pushed Will's boat out to sea. Meanwhile, the owner of the small boat was sil
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Chapter 6 : The Lyonasse Kingdom
Will was beginning to awaken. He blinked several times till his cloudy eyesight cleared up. He stood up and took a look around. I realized how odd the place was. Stone walls with green moss and vegetation he didn't recognize. It was even stranger because each breath he took became a bubble. He yelled out in surprise, but his voice was a little muted. When on land, however, this is not the case.Nothing had changed when he looked at his hands. He try to pinch his self, but he still can felt pain. Will shocked. This is real! "Hey!""Aaaah!""Are you awake?"Will was really taken aback this time. He was really taken aback by what he was witnessing. A gorgeous girl in front of him had gleaming scales and a fishtail. The legend of the mermaid turns out to be true. But that wasn't the only thing that had taken him by surprise. The mermaid's visage is quite similar to Isabella's."Isabella?!""Who?""Y-you?" Will inched backwards as he continued to feel uncomfortable."Don't be frightened.
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Chapter 7 : In The Deep of The Ocean
Captain Norringham smiled looking at Laura, King Arthur's only daughter. He walked closer and kissed her. King Arthur and the rest of the mermaids smiled sadly watching them meet again after ten years apart. Fate does separate them, but the loyalty of love keeps them together. Captain Norringham is rescued by Laura after his ship sinks after hitting a rocky cliff after dodging The Black Beard. King Arthur at that time vehemently opposed his actions for saving humans. A strong-willed Laura forces her father to save Captain Norringham, then known as the Commondor. Commondor Norringham's life is on the line. His hope of coming back to life was extremely improbable. His heart was pierced by one of the sharp blades of the ship. While all his men have been lying lifeless. King Arthur walked into the innermost part of the palace. Facing a stone wall with intricate carvings. Recite an incantation until a green light emerges from between the carvings and opens the stone wall. No one can open
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Chapter 8 : Escape From Aaron
Will sat in the house waiting for Ashley to return. Not knowing what to do next. Soon Ashley came in with an angry expression. "What are you doing?! I told you not to make trouble! If King Arthur finds out you're here then–" "Then you and I will be killed." "Oh, so you memorized it? Good! I will escort you back to the Royal Caribbean tonight." Ashley left him in another room angrily. Will ruffled his hair. Feel fool for his stupid behavior. ***. Ashley slipped between the rocks with Will. Looked around warily if Aaron or his men were around. A mermaid swam closer. It was the mermaid who had helped Will. "The southern part is guarded by five mermen. Aaron and the other two guards were on the east side. There were several mermaids and mermen gathered in the west. There was no one on the north side, but there was a big rock there. The guards would usually pass by the place several times. But you can hide behind the bushes while waiting for the guards to leave and start sneaking thr
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Chapter 9 : Goodbye, Ashley!
Nothing!Yes. There's nothing in there.This made Aaron growl in anger. But that's not the end. The blood floats in the water, leaving a trail. Look like told them where the owner had gone. Aaron and the two guard mermen immediately followed the trail until they came to another rock which was in a darker place. They were shocked by what they saw.Not. That's not Will. But an octopus as tall as an adult mermaid was eating a stingray that was still bleeding. Again, it made Aaron feel angry. He had lost track of them."Argh! Damn. We back to the kingdom and report this to King Arthur!"The two guardian mermen nodded and followed their leader to return to the Lyonasse Kingdom.If the octopus could talk, he would probably say that Ashley had given him the stingray and that they were now hiding on another rock not far from there.Ashley breathed a sigh of relief. A minute later she was crying."Forgive me. Because of me you're being hunted by them," Will said, wincing at the pain in his torn
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