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This is a story based in Africa in the 15 century where witch craft is so intense while they make their fast contacts with the white traders. the story having a romantic story of a guy who is in love with a lady that loves another it keeps on you wat to know more as the old ages ladies suiters were choose by their parents.

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Chapter 1
Very early in the morning Akyaa the daughter of Saarabi and Obo was at the riverbed knelling fetching water in a bow. As per the norms of the community ladies were supposed to do such kind of duties. She was the firstborn in the family of three sisters and no brother it was compulsory for her to be hardworking.Akyaa with her unique character she used to go to the riverside in the morning hours to take a bath and fetch water. This was odd to others because other girls used to go to the river at noon where they could all chatter and gossip, she was antisocial. After filling the bowl of water, she placed the bowl of water on her head and started walking back to the village. As she was walking back, she noticed a snake just before her leg, sprung back and tripped by a rock.But before Akyaa fell on the ground somebody appeared behind her whom held her and due to the tension she let go of the pot where it bangs on the ground and broke into pieces. She faced the helper where she found it w
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Chapter 2
The next moment Ofori was sit on a rock beside the river and in front of him, there was Ama who was holding a ball of wet cotton wool that she was using to wipe off the blood from Ofori’s wounds. After being open to her she felt petty to him where she helped by whipping his wounds while talking, she said,“So you’re telling me you love this girl that you are talking about.”“Yea and she does not love me back.”“Let me tell you something you can go through all that because of that does not mean you love her you need to now tell her.”“But I have shown her the signs that I truly love her but she ignores. What am afraid of is to be rejected once I say it to her.”Then Ama intentionally as she was wiping Ofori she presses a certain wound on Ofori’s forehead so heard that made Ofori exclaimed, “Ouch go easy.” After listening his story, she was ready to give him a free advice where she bang the cotton wool on the ground. Filled by anger because of his weakness she faced him face to face the
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Chapter 3
The next day at the base of the cliff a man was grazing his cows. As the man was hovering over the area, he noticed on the ground there was a large drawing of an alchemy star that was surrounded by a circle done by blood. And at the corners of the alchemy star, there were human skulls. This was prove that there was presence of witchcraft in the area.The man reacted by moving around the circle slowly as he was observing it. As he was moving around it, he noticed there was somewhere a skull was off line. He stopped and for some moment gauzed at it then using his foot, he pushed the skull into the line. Immediately the vegetation around the circle started decaying the man he ran away.The next moment the man was kneeling before the ten councils of elders where they were surrounding the man. It was compulsory for cases to be taken to the clan of elders before being whereas ten of them would come with a solution of how to act. Chief Ashanti the head of the council was found to seat at the
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Chapter 4
Opokuaa was lying on the bed where she heard a knock on the door. She woke up off the bed walked slowly to the door and opened the door. She was traumatized by her son’s accusation and what broke her down was the fact he was going to be hanged before everybody. If she would have attended the ceremony she would collapse out of pain watching her son hanged, she decided to just get the news rather watching it.Opening the door, she found her husband who was looking sad standing at the doorstep. Opokuaa faced Agyemang directly knowing the answer she asked, “What have they done to him?” though he as a failure to him he felt deep the loss of his son; blood is always strong he responded, “They hugged him before everybody.”The words they were as if a sword persed through her heart slowly tears started to flow from Opokuaa’s eyes knowing that was his only son that she had. Agyemang he had to act as a man though he felt the lose he tightly hugged her. Opokuaa she was crying asked,“And where i
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Chapter 5
On the other side of the land, there was a big settlement of white tents that were for the Portuguese. They seasonally sail to Africa carrying goods where they can exchange with to the African. Very early in the morning before the sun rose the skies were all red due to the reflation of the sunlight.The whole settlement was silent. Nobody had woke up at the time because their arrived previous night; they were all tired after the long journey. What could be seen moving it was a string of smoke rising from firewood that burned at the night and they fully not extinguished.In one of the tents, a Portuguese lady removed her head out of the tent to peep. Everybody had his own tent expect the married ones they shared. The lady turned right and left looking as if anybody was watching her where she found no one. She then closely looked at the tent that was opposite heirs as if she was more concern about the tent. After confirming that their was no one watching she pulled her head back in her
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Chapter 6
In the deepest dark part of the cave, a woman lighted a wooden stick. She moved slowly using the light of the flaming wood and picked a bat out from a chamber. She moved aside placed the flaming wood standing on the ground and sliced off a bat’s head. The dripping blood of the bat she directed it on a small bow, licks the bat’s blood, and started saying demonic words.She was a Portugal witch that ran from Portugal because she was running for her life. After all her family was murdered, she had a grudge on them and she was ready to do anything to repay. In the Dark Continent, she found a refuge where everybody from Portugal assumed her dead.As she was reciting the demonic words, she picked up the bow spit in her sliver and using her figure, she stirred the mixture in the bow. Then she faced a human skull that was placed on a rock knelt before it raised the bow in her hand and continued saying the demonic words.Besides the human skull, the witch took a small bag where she opened it w
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Chapter 7
Chief Ashanti loved no one more than his daughter because after losing his wife he dedicated his life to protect the daughter that they both had and that’s why he never wanted to remarry again. He turned to the guard beside him and said, “Go and bring my daughter here.” Suddenly Ama and Mayra appeared beside Chief Ashanti where Ama responded, “Am here father.” Chief Ashanti and Barrett both faced their daughters.Then Barrett due to the terror he turned to Chief Ashanti and said, “It almost afternoon we should be on our way.” Chief Ashanti wanting to cool the situation, pretending that was an ordinary occurrence he replied, “It’s ok but don’t let that scene frightens you.” He was the chief and pretending things were good when they weren’t it was one of his talents. But deep down Barrett knew something was wrong and could see the chief pretending, wanting to protect his people especially her daughter he quicken the trade by asking, “Ok, where can we get the ivory?”Then Chief Ashanti
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Chapter 8
In the morning, Mayra slowly walked out of her tent yawning and stretching. It was early in the morning the sun struck her by the strong sunrays. It was usual for her to wake up before everybody in the camp but the camp was in a horrific silent. Wanting to know what triggering her instincts she turned right and left hoping to find anyone walking.After scanning the place and she was not contempt she slowly walked round the area looking for people. Making her instinct truer as she was walking she could see patches of blood on the ground which astonished her.At a distance, what caught her attention is where she saw people had gathered. Quickly Mayra rushed to the place where people were gathering where she squeezes herself up to the front. She was shocked to see Andrej’s body that was lying dead on the ground. She turned to a man beside him and asked,“What killed him?”“I don’t know I have just come right now too.”“And is there anybody else missing."“I don’t know.”Mayra turned bac
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Chapter 9
In morning hours, the village were busy with their choice because it was a normal day with no ceremonies or gatherings to be attended. The children were running up and down across the road. The weather was calm and the sun was shining bright.Suddenly the children that were playing on the pathway stopped, the adults that were busy on the roadside also stopped and faced one direction looking astonished. Slowly Mayra was walking on the pathway, as the community were peculiarly facing her and murmuring. Her skin color and her way of clothing was different from others and she was alone walking where they are used in them walking in numbers.In a forgen land she walked assuming the villagers murmuring though she could understand them because he’s knew their language. Suddenly two young man that were on pride stopped before her blocking her path. Mayra not in a mood to quarrel in a forgen land she assumed them by moving on their path and continuing her journey. Immediately she passed the tw
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Chapter 10
In Chief Ashanti’s compound, Owusu one of the elders rushed in and he meet up with a maid. Owusu stopped before the maid as he was breathing heavily due to long-running and said to the maid, “Where are they?” The maid responded by pointing under a tree where other elders were. Without wasting time, Owusu rushed to where the other elders were.Owusu rushed and sat on the empty sit to where the council of elders was. Before them, Akyaa and Mayra were standing silently. For some serious cases, it was a mandatory for all clan of elders to be present when order are addressed. Chief Ashanti the head asked the ladies, “Now tell us what did you both saw?” Akyaa first faced Mayra for some second who was silently facing her too. Then Akyaa turned back to Chief Ashanti and responded, “It was a witchcraft drawing on the ground that was drawn by blood.”Owusu faced Fante who was sitting beside him in suspicion then faced back the ladies and ask, “Can you explain more what you saw Akyaa.” Akyaa res
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