Hunters Royale

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Hunters Royale

By: Sinadin OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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It was just another day at my high school until an accidental encounter led to the demise of the Demon Lord. Yes, I'm responsible for that. Now, I find myself bound to him, burdened with an outrageous task that only a madman would consider. My dreams of becoming the strongest Hunter Monarch, equipped with the finest system, and uncovering the whereabouts of my missing father, will have to be set aside for now. My current priority is to rid the world of Demon-possessed humans. However, it's far from easy. Ever since I acquired the powers of the Demon Lord, my head carries a substantial bounty, making me the target of countless Hunters worldwide. To add to the chaos, there are other mysterious parties pursuing me, particularly their enigmatic leader who seems to have information about my Dad's disappearance. My name is Jin Wrack, and at the mere age of 17, I bear an immense responsibility. This ordeal will unfold as a battle royale, or rather, a 'Hunters Royale,' pitting me and my allies against the rest of the world. The outcome is uncertain. Will I emerge victorious, or will the combined might of my enemies overwhelm me? Only time holds the answer. ............................................................................

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Call To Discord
PLEASE SKIP IF YOU ONLY WANT TO ENJOY THE STORY AND DON'T WANT TO MAKE A CHARACTER. THIS CHAPTER IS MORE LIKE A NOTE. BUT YOU MIGHT FIND THIS A LOT INTERESTING.COZ I AM RECRUITING CHARACTER NAMES!!. So let's get into the interesting and exciting matter. As you've read above. I am recruiting character names for this story. If you read my novel and you like it, then you might begin to know that the story is still in its alpha stages and lacks in the count of characters. So I thought, why not? Let's get names for the coming characters from the readers themselves Instead of brainstorming for them in my darkroom. There's nothing you have to do!!. Just simply comment "Yes I would like to" under this chapter if you'd want me to add your name or the name you want to be added in this novel of mine as characters. Once you've commented and after I've replied to you, which I will.P.S: I always reply to my readers if I get their notification in the app that is.You can join my discord c
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On Par With God
Almost 500 years ago...In The God's Palace."God!!, He has breached our Palace. The Angel Generals are fighting off his minions" A Soldier who wore shining silver armor scurried towards a figure who sat on a throne astonishingly bigger than everything except the palace itself. He held his silver sword in his hands, but his face was twisted with fear and terror that he couldn't maintain his stance. He, the soldier, scurried towards the man who seemed like he existed before time.But just as he reached the throne, the palace door blew open and many other soldiers came blasting and tumbling into the smooth polished floor. All of them were missing heads. A red shapeless form sauntered through the pile of dead bodies, the esoteric figure had a wide, pitch black grin on its formless surface which seemed like its face. "So you haven't given up yet..." The man who sat on the throne stood up as he spoke, but paused as he peered into the form. The red formless figure halted its path to
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The Crackhead Trio
Present Time.Year 3021.City Bountress.Bountress High.In the 'Coliseum'The Coliseum, which was built and developed in Cities all around the continent of Zarva was the abridged version of the Colosseums built way back in The Earth's Roman history. The seatings were made out of stone and mica on which plump cushions consisting of enough mitigation to rest the spine and the neck were added.Presently, the coliseum was bustling with students and teachers alike. Seats were not a problem at all as the number of seats crossed the limit of 10,000. All of them peered into the figures who stood on the arena floor below them......The event which was transpiring currently inside the coliseum was just what everyone had been waiting for. An event that took place every year on the day of the annual festival. The Annual Battle between the various divisions of the 12th grade!!One class could select the best three students in the class to fight against the other class representatives. The
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I'm Level What?!
Jin's vision escalated as it shifted... It shifted from Toby's appalled face, met the LED tube lights on the ceiling, and ultimately rolled back into darkness as a huge spurt of pain burst behind his head. ....."Nooooooo!!!!!!" Jonathan was yelling beside him when Jin's eyes fluttered open. His vision was still in its listless advance as he only saw a blur of a figure beside him. "Jonathan... I am okay" Jin uttered, he did not prefer to be the spur of concern for his pals. "SHUT UP!! FUCKER!!" "Eh" "YOU FRIGGIN BROKE THE URINAL... HOW ARE WE GONNA PAY FOR THIS?""EH!!??"Jin's face contorted as his eyes came upon the shattered piece of the urinal that Jonathan pointed towards. "Was I the only one who got stunned by his cry?? Like what the fuck? My head here almost broke open and he's blaming me for the motherfucking urinal??..." Jin bellowed at Toby who was beside him, leaning on his knees and gawking at him in shock."Bruh seriously?? For the friggin urinal??"Jin ignored
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Multiple sounds echoed through the corridor as Jin, Toby, and Jonathan shuffled through the marble floor. All three of them were glued to each other in a tug of war of collars and ties. Toby and Jonathan, synonymous with disgruntled bulls, lobbed haphazard qualms at the blonde who was clamped in between. Every individual utterance amassed the volume of a Prima Divo as it thundered and ricocheted off the walls of the hallway they were walking on. "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU LEVEL 666!!""I DON'T KNOW TOBY!!.""BUT YOU WERE GOING TO TELL US SOMETHING TO US WEREN'T YOU??""YES JOE!!""THEN WAS IT ABOUT YOU BEING A MONSTER OF LEVEL 666??""YES!?? WHAT?! NO!!! CAN SOMEONE EVEN ACHIEVE LEVEL 666?""THEN WHAT THE HELL WAS IT ABOUT!!?""I WAS ABOUT TO SAY THAT I WAS A LEVEL 25 HUNTER!!!""YEA, YOU WERE ABOUT TO SAY THAT, BUT YOU WERE A LEVEL 666??!""NOO!! JOE AND TOBY... AAARGH"The overshadowed hallway unfurled to light as the quarreling triad arrived at their school's open quadrangle (inner c
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Demon Lord
"AAAAAAAAAAAAA" Jin's scream ricocheted off the walls of the quadrangle. His system was uttering some mad sense inside him. The Demon Lord?? Like what??!!. [Okay, enough with the screaming, brat] Jin went silent, like the deep and husky voice inside him told him to do so. It just crossed his mind that if by any chance, the system was actually the demon lord, then it would be better for him to listen to it first before deducing a conclusion. It was also not the sole reason why he went mute. Jin was 17 and almost 3 months away from becoming an adult. It was high time that he terminated his reckless and irrational temperament and for the time being, make an effort to focus on putting the scattered pieces together. 'I have to stop being like those stupid MCs in the novel... I gotta stop!!' 'But how even in the first place did this... Demon Lord... possess my system??' Jin fell into a trance of thoughts as he peered into the roof above him. The deep, husky inside him had also stoppe
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Do we have a deal?
[Tell me how this world works... And I need info quick!!...][Because I sense someone dangerous lingering around this stone building].............."But who are you???!... AND HOW THE HELL DID YOU BECOME MY SYSTEM?? .....[I'll tell you about that after you answer my questions first]The demon lord said inside his mind space. Now as it stood, the demon lord was somehow inside him, that too as his system. All the poor Jin remembered was slipping and banging his head on the urinal, just to blackout and find out that his system was taken over. [Oi... Oi brat!!!]The demon bellowed inside him, snapping Jin out of his running thoughts. "Ah... Okay, Okay!!. I'll tell you about our world then"Jin replied, thinking that responding to the demon within him would be much better than erratically raising a question and disputing the demon lord's question. It was the DEMON LORD after all. He had to be careful with his words. [That would be better brat... I wouldn't have asked you if the
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A robust world - 1
[Deal?]The demon repeated. "No...."[Hm?]"Just kidding... It's a deal"[Kekekek...].....[Okay, then Brat. Go on with your promise. Tell me everything about this world of yours] "Sure thing. Let me recollect everything. It's a bit dusty inside my memories you know. It's been 17 years... Seventeen years since I was born." [Cough. Sorry for impeding your flashback... But I wanted to know about this world. NOT ABOUT YOU BRAT!!]"Yea Yea. I know... Chill for a second Mr. Demon Lord... Haizzz, Okay then!! Here I Go!!"....."This planet we live in is called 'BOUNTON' and it amazingly has the same number of continents our previous planet used to have and that is 7"[Previous Planet?]"Yes, Previous planet. I don't know a lot about that because I was born here. I only remember some info about it from our history classes." "It was called 'Earth' and if I remember my classes correctly, then it was 500 years ago that humankind transmigrated from the 'Milky Way Galaxy'..." "From the info
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A robust world - 2
[Thats it about the world?]"Nope, there's a lot more to come... especially the interesting part." [Oh... I look forward to that]....."Okay then listen to this""As I said, the principle which will determine the ranking of Tiers is supposed to be the levels a Hunters has, Of course, You can rank up simply as you level up... But the most important thing that'll matter is the {Power Level} when the user gets to the rank of Diamond" "One must have the power level of 10 million if they wish to conquer the Gold Tier rankings and move on to the Diamond Tier and then from there to the Monarch Tier.""But the main thing that matters in the case of (Power Levels) and (Level Ups) is the {CLASS} of the {Hunter's Endowed Quirk} or for short {HEQ}..." "There are 5 levels of {CLASS}... I'll explain more about it in its ascending order." "The first class and the most common one at that is the (BASIC CLASS) which almost half of the entire population awakens..." "The second class is called the
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A small author note at the beginning. I'll be using the symbol (××) in the following chapter. Please keep in mind that it is a flashback moment. It means the Main Character will be thinking back or reproducing a passed memory again inside his mind. Enjoy the chapter. ....."Demon-Possessed Hunter..." "Is he... by any chance"*GULP*"Looking... for me!!??"....."It's highly possible... If I put two and two together, then it's just an easy fact that this Diamond Tier Hunter is out for my head... Or to declare it simply" *Step*"He's here for This Demon Lord's head... or whatever that's inside me" Jin stood up, slowly inching towards the window which was polar to where he was standing. The window, which he was trying to sneak off to, was directed to the school's backyard, and the electrical fence, which if cleared, will directly lead to the mountain trail. But what stood like a wall before him was the possibility of him escaping before getting caught by the Diamond Tier Hunter.
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