The Red Nights

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The Red Nights

By: Badaoui Mohamed Charfaoui OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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After the great tragedy of two years ago, Jamal took on the role of the guardian of his city. Every day, he wakes up and goes on patrol around the city, to protect his friends and other civilians from the dangerous mad criminals that would try to hurt them. As he thought things were finally starting to get better, he come across something he has never seen before, another kind of enemy that threatens to hurt his loved ones, however, that’s a kind of enemy that makes him think that he doesn’t have the power to deal with it. As things seem to start taking a supernatural route he is not used to, Jamal would need the help of his friends to figure out a way to overcome this new crisis.

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1- The Town
The sun rays came in through the window. Jamal removed slowly his sheet and went out of his bed, " Ha, here we go again " sighed Jamal with a little sad smile on his face. He went to the bathroom took a shower, prepared himself for the long day which was waiting for him, took his bag, and left his place.He lived all alone in a little apartment even though it was easier for him to get a bigger house, " a little place like this one is much enough for me, " he said the day he chose the apartment. He preferred tight places as they were easy for him to handle, and he has been like that ever since the deaths of his parents, which had happened before he was even 10, and even more after his older sister had disappeared 2 years ago.He left his home, went down the stairs, and at the moment he stepped out on the street a little boy ran toward him in hurry and started to shout and cry " Jamal! Jamal! Help me Jamal ... Karen... you have to help ... Karen is in danger... please "." Calm down fir
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2- Changes
It was about 2 p.m when all the youngsters finished their training and prepared to leave the hall. Jamal was arranging his stuff when Natasha approached him, her voice was soft when she said, " I wanted to apologize for earlier. It was not my intention to put them in danger, you know? "." Yes I know it, and I'm also sorry for reacting so emotively... I didn't mean to lash out at you". Jamal scratched the back of his head, " I know that you all just want to help quickly rebuild the city but you should not rush to the point you are endangering yourselves "." We are just upset that we are all forced to only half of our lives, " Natasha said while taking a sad look at her comrades while they were preparing to leave.After hearing that, Jamal couldn't help but bow his head, feeling a bit sad. Despite knowing that it was nothing his fault, he couldn't help but feel sorrowful when he looked at the faces of all these poor kids as he would have wanted to do more for them.Even if it happened
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3- The Refugees
Lina's home was a quite normal place nearby the church and also the city hall, unlike her boyfriend she was not among those who were forced to change their houses, due to the fact that she was already living in that part of the city. Although she was proposed many times a better house than hers when Jamal was removing people because of the increase in criminality, she gently refused and said that she was satisfied with her actually living place and she was happy because it was quite close to her workplace.Indeed Lina was actually the official mayor of Stainfall city. When people wanted to rebuild the city after the catastrophe she humbly accepted to take the mayor's seat after the demise of the previous one. Despite not being the real chief of the city like Jamal, her job was not less crucial and exhaustive.After the removal of all the population, she worked hard for many months to permit them the re-opening of most of their stores and offices, and she also managed to find and conv
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4- Secrets
" Yeah, I'm coming... just give me a few minutes " Natasha shouted while someone was knocking on the door of her house. At that time, she was naked with only her underwear on her, just as usual when she is alone in her home, so she quickly took a big T-shirt which was laying on a chair in her room and came out of her room. She wore it on her way when she was going down the stairs and then came to open the door to the mysterious visitor." Hi, Natasha! " Jamal said when she finally opened the door.Suddenly, she felt very embarrassed to the point that even her cheeks turned a little bit red. She thought she would have wanted her first reflex to be to run away upstairs and hide in her bed, because she thought that she was not correctly dressed, especially to see him, just only a T-shirt which stopped just above her knees. " No, it can't be true, why would he have to come here only the day I'm dressed like this? " Natasha thought while clenching her teeth, " I look totally ridiculous ".
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5- The Barrier
The dawn was just coming when Jamal woke up on the bed with Lina laying gracefully and naked beside him. He tried to move out from there without disturbing her sleep, with very slow moves, trying to be as stealthy as possible but in the end, she had woken up too before he left the bed, anyway. " It's already time for you to go? You're very mean, you know? " she sighed while stretching out, " so you are the kind of guy who, after having sex, sneaks out and leave the woman there alone with only her shame and sorrow as her company? " she was faking like if she was hurt, " so for you, I'm just a toy you can use to play with and throw it away once you get finally bored? " Jamal rolled his eyes and just ignored her before he headed to the bathroom. Lina waited a few moments before she followed him. " You're very a boring man you know? " she said a bit disappointed. Jamal turned his head to get a brief look at her. " You wanted me to come at you while rushing, pretend to seek your forgive
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6- The Choice
They were rolling as fast as they could when they reached the core of the city. As each of them knew already their targets they separated without saying a single word to each other. Even though it was the first time she went on patrol to protect her city, and even though she should normally feel stressed or restless as she was living the moment she has been waiting for so long, Natasha was calm, lucid, and was thinking quietly about her coming fight. It was not like that she was not excited - of course, she was. However, during her special training with Jamal, she learn how to control her newly gained powers, such as her super strength and suppress her aggressivity, he emphasized more the importance of staying calm in whatever situation she may be confronted with. He showed her how to ignore, during a face-to-face fight, the opponents' speech when they wanted to provoke her, how to analyze carefully all her options when she's in a presumably desperate situation, and one of the most im
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7- The Undead
Jamal's first gesture was to slowly rise his hand to tell Natasha not to move, [Since we don't know yet what are those things, it would be too hazardous to attack at first, so the smartest thing to do is to observe first] he seemed to tell without speaking a single word. Thus, they stayed there, observing their opponents in silence while being ready to take action when the time comes. However, it passed more than two minutes and the two undead were still immobile, rather it seemed that they were in the middle of an odd transformation.The black veins kept going up from their chests, becoming larger and their faces were becoming paler and paler, as time passed, until looking like real dead corpses.After less than five minutes later, when their transformation finally stopped. They swept the factory from right to left as if they were scanning for potential threats before they fixed their attention on the two people in front of them. Jamal became even more alert. Suddenly, they jumped on
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8- The Explanations
Lina was running worryingly through the hallways of the hospital and when she finally reached Jamal's room she was almost breathless, however, she didn't even rest to catch her breath. She jumped on his neck tears in her eyes " What did happen? Why are you here? You have never been injured even once since you started to patrol. " Lina started crying, a reaction, one can find, too emotive since his wounds were not close to being that serious. " Come on, I told you it was nothing to worry about " Jamal tried desperately to calm her while holding her in his arms, " It was just an accident at the factory. Look, it's just some scratches and some few burns on my belly. Nothing more "." Jeez, Lina is always too abusive when it's about your body," Natasha uttered between her teeth while rolling her eyes." You shut up, Ms. 'I can't find any boyfriend so I will hang out with other girls' men' " Lina replied while pointing her finger at her before she directed it to Jamal, " this hot body her
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9- Finding The Truth (part I)
"Undead?!!" Lina shouted in disbelief, making her voice resonate in the entire room, "how- how could that be possible? Even the day of the catastrophe wasn't that spooky, was it?" They were on the bed when Jamal was relating to her the weird and worrying phenomenon that happened during his last patrol and that had even caused him to end up in the hospital."I had the same reaction as you, although I think it is a bit of a reach to compare to the catastrophe of two years ago, I do admit they were quite hard to defeat," Jamal nodded then shrugged as he added, "in fact, their fighting skills alone were not anywhere impressive, I could easily take them down... however, it was their supernatural physical capabilities and the fact that they couldn't die which was problematic. The faster I kept killing the quicker they would come back, and the more they come back, the faster and stronger they would get".Lina imagined the scene as Jamal described it to her, [it could have been very awful if
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10- Finding The Truth (part II)
" OK it's done, " Jamal said after they finished chaining the five men, " as we decided, we will go to them one by one. It will be much easier to deal with them that way ". Natasha nodded and stayed back while Jamal was killing the first guy. After he pulled out his knife, he stepped back to wait for the 'resurrection' beside Natasha.Seconds later the corpse started to shake and with the same procedure as before it stood up. Dark veins rose from the man's chest to his chin, bulging, the skin started to turn white and his eyes changed to white and cloudy, like the eyes of a real dead body.The only difference between this scene and their previous experience was that Jamal didn't wait for the dead man to attack first. With incredible speed, he dashed forward towards him, cut his throat in a single swing, and moved aside to let Natasha finish him.With a single jump, she arrived just in front of the zombie man. Natasha knew that he was far to be completely dead, though he had his head t
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