The blue eyed demon

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The blue eyed demon

By: Magic pen OngoingFantasy

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Have you ever wondered how you will feel if you ever find out that you are not a full human? That was the situation that Ivy found herself in. Ivy, an eighteen years old highschooler accidentally finds out that she is half human and half-demon, and she lives in a world where mystical beings are known to be fictional. She falls in love with Ryan, a handsome, jovial, new boy in her class, and has to fight for his love against Jira, another girl in her class, without revealing her identity. Lydia, Queen of the demon world and ruler of the dark fortress are out to kill any half-demon and their loved ones, because of an ancient prophecy that resurfaced. Can there be a relationship without betrayal? And will Ivy be able to protect herself and her loved ones while fighting against Queen Lydia without revealing her identity?

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Beep, beep!!! The sound of the alarm clock could be heard everywhere in the house. "Ivy, you had better wake up, or you will be late for school” A beautiful young woman wearing a blue silk gown climbs the stairs and reaches a door. Knock, knock!! Wake up sleepyhead, you're going to be late for school” she shouted. I opened my eyes, still feeling sleepy “Mom I'm not going to be late for school” I said as I staggered out of the bed, to the bathroom where I took my bath and prepared for school. I came downstairs as the sweet smell of early morning freshly ground coffee, mixed with tomato sauce, filled the air. ”Hmmm!!! Good morning Mom, I love the smell of the tomato sauce Mom" I said, going to the dining table. "You should try and get up much earlier, so you won't get to school late,” Mom said. “Don't worry Mom I won't be late, and Mom I won't be coming back home early as I will be going to the library with Lisa after school. you know, as a 12th grader our college entrance
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The party
The school bell rang and students rushed out in Multitude like they had been trapped and had just regained freedom. "Hey Lisa, wait up", I said as I ran to her. “Where is Eva?” she asked looking around, “she is far behind, she walks too slow, and where are you hurrying to? I asked. "What do you think? she said, giving me a curious face, "we have so much to prepare for the party” she answered. "Eva over here," I said, waving to her. She came towards us, and we all went together to Lisa's house. "Are your parents not back from their trip? I asked. "Nope, and they won't be coming back until month's end” she answered.Lisa is the only child of her parents, just like me, but her parents are always on different business trips and so are not always around. We arrived at Lisa's house, a big duplex painted with gray and white colors."Wow,” Eva said, “home sweet home, welcome to my humble abode,” she said, laughing and bowing to us. I am always amazed anytime I come to Lisa's house beca
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The awakening
I was rushed to Diamond Hospital where my dad worked as a doctor. Deaban and my mom were informed, and they rushed down to the hospital. Ivy POV I opened my eyes, to find myself in front of an ancient castle surrounded by dark clouds in the middle of nowhere. The castle was very tall, with windows high up, it felt so creepy as my hands were filled with goose pimples, I looked around trying to find an exit place, but I couldn't even figure out how I got there, "I should look around” I thought to myself as I walked towards the entrance. I saw a big wooden gate. "Finally, where is this place?” I couldn't stop thinking about it. As I got closer to the gate I saw two weird-looking horses standing by it. What kind of a horse is that? I walked closer but froze in fear, it wasn't a normal horse but a creature with a half-human body and half-horse guiding the entrance. I was unable to scream, so they wouldn't hear me, I ran back to hide behind a massive wall, and as I ran I s
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Demon world
Lydia is the queen of the demonic world, which comprises the water realms and Land realms. She has two mates, Lord Rayon, ruler of the water realms, and Lord Morgan, ruler of the land realm. She is the most powerful demon as she is a direct descendant of Lucifer, leader of the fallen angels, she is prominent for her ability to bring chaos and wreak havoc on both the demonic world and the human world. Witches are weaker creatures than demons, they could foresee the future of humans and demons, and they are mostly servants to powerful demons.“Your Highness, you look worried, is anything the matter? Perry, my maidservant asked. "I saw someone strange when we were in the throne room” I answered. "Who did you see? Perry asked, "I saw someone who looked exactly like Deaban, but it was a girl", I said almost in thought. "It must be because today is the seven hundred thousand years of the merging of both realms which coincides with the two hundredth anniversary of Deaban's banis
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The awakening 2
Moms' POV The past few days have been horrible as Ivy has been unconscious since we returned from the hospital. Her doctor said nothing was wrong with her.”Honey what's wrong with Ivy?, she has been unconscious for two days, am terrified" I told Deaban looking dejected.”Don't worry, she will be fine, let's be optimistic” Deaban replied. I let out a faint smile as I watched Ivy lying on her bed. Ivy moved a little on her bed, and opened her eyes, ”Ouch my head hurts badly,” she said, placing her hand on her head. ”What's wrong sweetie?” I asked, “My head is spinning very fast, my body feels so weak, and I'm freezing” she answered still holding her head and shivering.”Honey do something you are a doctor" I shouted to Deaban who quickly rushed upstairs into Ivy's room, with drugs, which he gave to Ivy. ”Bring me more blanket honey, sweetie don't worry you will be fine I promise,” he said to Ivy.Deaban's POV Ivy's demon self has been awakened since she is a half-demon a
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The new boy
After breakfast, I entered Mom's Lexus 350 as we both drove to school quietly,” what did you do to your hair? Mom said, “nothing Mom” I replied, "it's pretty” she said with a bright smile, I pulled down the mirror” wow mom it isn't pretty”. “Sweetie you look pretty in anything” she answered. I know mom was just trying to lift the mood, "mom, can't I just continue going to school with dad? I asked, “No dear, you are grounded. I will drop and pick you up from school and that's final if you continue going with your dad, he will always give in to whatever you say” Mom answered with a serious look. I put on my earphones, so I won't hear whatever she was going to say."Bye sweetie, see you after school” she said, “biomom I answered with a frown on my face. Mom can be annoying sometimes, I thought to myself as I entered the school compound.Lisa waits up” I shouted to Lisa who was ahead of me, “Ivy!!!!!” Lisa shouted as she ran and hugged me," What happened to you? I called you, but your mom
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The discovery
Ivy's' POVI managed to get to the laboratory on time, Ryan saw me and smiled.” wow!!! So, he knew what he did” I said, shaking my head “Ivy have you seen your partners? Lisa asked, “no I haven't” I replied, "check the notice board,” she said to me, I walked towards the notice board “gosh!! Not Jira, I checked for the rest of the members “Ohhh, Ryan” I smirked and walked towards him. “Hey we are in the same group,” I told him, “I Know” he answered coldly. “ What's wrong with this one, anyway, nobody can resist my charm,” I said to myself. “Okay class, since you all have been divided into your various groups, you guys are going to carry out a titration” Our chemistry teacher Miss Rita, a fat, short lady with a small nose and small eyes, short brown hair had bangs. Why did she even put Jira in my group” I wondered. "Hi Ryan, I am Jira” she said, tucking her hair behind her ear and smiling, "nice to meet you", Ryan said as he extended his hands for a shake. “You are handsome,” she sai
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The changes
Ivy's POV “They must be mistaken, " I said to myself. I lay on my bed and began to cry. I could hear what the ad and mom were saying in the sitting room. "You shouldn't have told her,” Mom said “She would have found out eventually,” Dad replied. “It can't be true, I cried harder, but then, it explained why I found the blood sweet, and the changes in my hair. “How am I going to go to college, everyone will run away from me, Ryan won't even look at me and maybe one day I will end up killing my mom and my friends” Different scary thoughts kept coming to me, and fear grew within me, " I won't kill anyone like that lady in my dream, I should better end my life,” I said ad mist tears. I brought out a long scarf from my wardrobe, I climbed a chair in my room and hung the scarf on my ceiling fan, placed my neck on it and kicked the chair. “Arghhh” I couldn't breathe, I gasped for air, and I pulled the scarf “Bang!!!” and to my surprise, both the scarf and the ceiling fan, a
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Lydia's destructor identity
Lydia's POV“I must find that blue-eyed demon,” I mumbled to myself in anger.” "Perry sent a message to all our warriors in both land and water realms, I want to have a meeting with them now” I shouted. “Yes milady” she answered, “Wait, inform the old witch that I need to see her now,” I added. I couldn't sit, I walked to and fro, lost in thought. “I have searched all through the underworld but to no avail, a blue-eyed demon was never found, and so I believed that the prophecy was just to scare me but seeing that it has been repeated after a space of 200 years means it must be real. “Milady, you sent for me,” the old witch said, bringing me back. “Yes," I said, trying not to act surprised, “I want you to find how and where the demon is located,” I continued. “But your Highness we have done that before” the old witch answered, “I don't care, do it again we might get a clue, I want to avoid leaving any stone unturned” I answered. “Yes, your highness,” she said as she left. “Milady, the
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Deaban's walk on memories
Deaban's POVI left ivy's room and went into my study. “I need to train ivy for our mission” I thought aloud, it felt like yesterday when I was banished. I strayed in thought as I remembered our encounter. “Lord Maximus, everything is set, the soldiers are already in their position, we just need to wait for the right time to strike” I said to Lord Maximus who was King Tagon elder brother and Lydia's uncle. "Assemble all our supporters in the secret chamber, we have to discuss how we will start the attack” he replied. “Yes sir” I answered.The secret chamber was in a hidden cave, far into the dark woods close to a volcano, demons dread going there because sunlight reaches the top of the mountain, which could cause them to die. Lord Maximus and other lords entered and sat round the massive table. “You all know that Tagon stole my right to be king, as he is my younger brother, and so I must get it back. Deaban give us the details of how we should go about it,”Lord Maximus said. I stood u
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