The Rise Of The Lost Heir Astrian

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The Rise Of The Lost Heir Astrian

By: Ciara Nyx OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Thyme a young man who gets rejected by his girlfriend is living a lonely life. He then decided to work for the Richest man to earn some money for himself. What happens when trouble is situated around him and he gets into serious trouble. He's arrested but later bailed out, he tries killing himself the night he was bailed out but found out a shocking news about his life.

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  • Ciara Nyx


    love this novel

    2024-01-17 18:59:31
  • The Girl


    So interesting

    2024-07-02 18:00:48
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37 chapters
Chapter 1
It was nightfall. Thyme held two paper bags with a lot of groceries in them as he walked down the silent street. The cozy air brushed against his flawless skin. Coming back from work, he was so tired."Thank goodness, I'm almost there," sighed Thyme as he spotted a familiar figure. "Isn't that Tina?" He frowned when he clearly saw her face with the help of the street lights. She had just emerged from an expensive car, and a man came out as well. His heart skipped a beat when he saw the strange man hugging her waist. His heart began racing fast, and they both entered the clubhouse afterwards."No... no, it can't be what I'm thinking. Tina can't do this to me. We just spoke to each other this afternoon," he nodded his head negatively, not wanting to believe what he was thinking about. He walked to the clubhouse, and he halted when a tall, hefty man about 7 feet tall stopped him. They both gazed at each other, and Thyme could feel the tension already. Trying to gather his thoughts, he sp
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Chapter 2
The couple's eyes almost popped out from their sockets, the word "Lost son" rang in their heads. "Is he still alive?" Emma's voice came out shaky. "Bet he'd be a professional or maybe a thief," Kelvin laughed hard, which made the couple frown after a long silence. He spoke again, "Your silence is pissing me off already, Bruce. Are you ready to tell me where the documents are? Or won't it take me seconds to wipe out your twenty-five-year-old son from the surface of this earth?" Kelvin's voice came out dangerous. Bruce gulped, looked at his wife who nodded as tears rolled down her cheeks. "Fine, I'll tell you where it is. Just leave my son out of this, please," Bruce begged. "Good, now speak," he said impatiently, stomping his feet on the floor.Finally, Thyme was discharged from the hospital. He paid his bills before proceeding to leave. "Please, do you know where Nurse Gorya is?" he asked a passing nurse. "She resigned minutes ago," she replied before walking away. "Resigned?" he shru
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Chapter 3
It looked like they were discussing something important because they had serious expressions on their faces. Thyme immediately identified the forty-year-old man as the richest man. He gave a long bow, as he was a tall man with a strange aura that Thyme couldn't figure out. Thyme greeted them with a "Good morning," but got no response. The man's voice came out cold and dangerous when he said, "You can go." This immediately sent shivers down Thyme's body, as he couldn't believe he was talking to the richest man in the world. The man's voice came out loud again, saying, "I said you can go." Thyme flinched but quickly raised his head and walked away, thinking, "I thought he was a nice person, but his real personality seems different." Thyme tried to find the kitchen since there were many rooms and he didn't want to see the man's true wrath. The forty-five-year-old woman who was next to the man just kept staring at him the whole time, which made Thyme even more nervous. A beautiful young
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Chapter 4
A lady gave a slight bow. "Speak!" she said. "There's a new cook. I have tested him and he's really good," the lady spoke. "Oh, he?" Lady Rose asked as she nodded.Just then Ray started marching towards her with a very angry face. The lady next to Rose shivered as she moved backwards. Rose, knowing what was about to happen, folded her hands. Before she knew it, a slap landed on her face. Everyone present gasped, including Thyme. "How could he slap an old woman, enough to be his mother?" he screamed in his head as he watched the scene."How dare you?!" Rose screamed. "How dare you too talk to my mother that way? Are you alright?" he yelled at her. Rose scoffed. She was trying her best to keep calm. "Is it because I am not saying anything about your rascal behavior that's why you have to talk to my mother that way?" Ray continued. "What are you going to do, you fool? You dare slap me with that filthy hand?" Rose yelled too. "You know I can sack you, right?" Ray was getting angrier. "And
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Chapter 5
"Hey, Thames! Long time no see," Rose smiled. Thames immediately shut the door on her face in fear. She flinched, but Rose continued to knock. "Please, just a few minutes," Rose shouted. Thames sighed and opened the door. Rose smiled before entering the house."What are you doing here?" he asked again. "Can't I sit first?" Rose asked. "Sit," he stated. She sat and looked up at him. "I have something very important to ask and tell you," her face was serious. Thames' heart began to race.Thyme walked into his apartment with lots of groceries in a nylon bag. He walked in with a smile on his face. "Gosh! It's like having a girlfriend is a problem for me," he hissed as he arranged the groceries in the fridge. He walked to his couch and laid on it, bringing out his phone. He scrolled through his gallery. "I miss you," he kissed his phone. He put it away before walking into the bathroom."Hey sis, have you gotten all the documents we need? We just need his signature on them, that's all," Ray
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Chapter 6
"Laura," they both called, shock evident on their faces. "Oh please, but I'm really happy to see your ugly faces once again," Laura snorted. "You and your family betrayed us and stabbed us in the back," Bruce barked. Laura shot a glance at the air, making them both flinch. "I wouldn't mind helping you shut your bloody mouth!" Laura rolled her eyes. Both Bruce and Emma just shook their heads. "Now, I have some questions, and it would be nice if you answer me. Let's be free and fair, alright?" she faked a smile.Tina could be seen giving her boyfriend a lap dance. "That's why I love you, baby," he kissed her roughly. Soon, he pulled away and she frowned. "I have something to tell you," he smiled. "What?" she asked. "We are going to a party tomorrow morning, and I'd like for both of us to attend. It's my buddy's welcoming party," he smiled. "Okay then," she smiled and continued kissing him. "Let's find a room," he whispered into her ear. "We don't have to do that," Tina panicked, but all
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Chapter 7
Where's Kelvin?" Mia asked. "The boss went out this morning. I was asked to inform you that he'll be back soon," the man in a security uniform told her. Mia just shook her head. "Where has he gone to this time, on such an important day?" she muttered as she walked off."Kelvin, why would you make such a great mistake? Do you know what you have done? Do you realize what this would do to us?" Agnes asked immediately, yelling."I'm sorry, Mum. I promise to find them. Just give me today," Kelvin tried to calm her, but it didn't work out. Agnes rubbed her temples in frustration. "I remember telling you to assign this to me, but you refused and assigned it to him. Now this is messed up," Laura said, jealousy seeping into her voice. "Shut up, you nuisance!" Agnes snapped, making Laura fall silent. "If anyone finds out about this, you both know it won't end well. I promise to find them before the party ends," Kelvin tried to reason with her, holding her. "Park!" Agnes slapped Kelvin. Laura, s
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Chapter 8
Reed continued making out with a lady. He kissed her roughly as Rihanna moaned out his name continuously. Gorya and Lisa continued eating and drinking when a guy walked up to them. "Hey ladies," Denies smiled as Lisa gasped. He was the most popular actor in New York. "Hi," Lisa smiled. "Wow, can't believe such a beauty still exists," Denies said, facing Gorya. She just smiled."Are you a model?" he asked. "No," she simply replied. "Wow, you really ought to be one. I can refer you to a friend of mine," Denies offered. "I don't...," "That would be great!" Lisa quickly interrupted, seeing that Gorya was about to decline. She stared at her, "Okay sir, I'd love to," Gorya smiled. Denies continued talking to her, knowing a little about her from what she had said. He smiled, "Okay then, this is my business card, and you can visit my company anytime you're available," Denies gave a heartwarming smile. Immediately he was off, Lisa hit her. "What's that about?" she asked, staring at Gorya. "I
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Chapter 9
Just a week later, Tina paced in her room as she tried Reed's number for the umpteenth time, but he wasn't picking up. "Why is he not answering my calls? I'm freaking scared already," Tina panicked. Just when she was about to try his number again, her mom walked in with a serious face. "What is it, Mom?" Tina tried to act calm."Tina, we need some money to shut your stupid father down. He's threatening us with exposing our plans if we don't pay him fifty dollars, and I seriously don't have that on me right now," her mom explained. Tina just sighed. "I have no money too," Tina spoke in a very low tone, but her mom could hear what she had just said."Just borrow it from your rich boyfriend or ask him. He'd give it to you since you're his beloved girlfriend. I saw your photo together in the entertainment news, and you look cute, but the headlines are not good," her mom told her. "Well, I've been trying to reach him for a fucking week, but he hasn't been answering. And when I went to his
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Chapter 10
"Huh? Yes, I mean no," Thyme stammered. Kelvin stared at him suspiciously. "You'd better keep what you hear for your own good," he warned coldly. Thyme was stunned for a few seconds before turning back to face him. "What do you mean by that, sir?" he asked sternly. Kelvin smirked and stood up, walking closer to him. Thyme could feel his heart pounding. He felt a cold and dangerous aura around Kelvin. "This is really happening again!" he thought, feeling a headache coming on. "Don't try me, young man," Kelvin spoke frankly.Thyme didn't like being threatened, so he spoke up. "Sir, I would appreciate it if you respected yourself. I am a citizen and I also have rights.""You could be sued for threatening," Thyme tried to say, realizing how stupid it was to threaten the richest man. Kelvin laughed out loud, confusing Thyme even more. "I know you're a spy. I'll see how you continue when you get sued. It's the other way around this time. You dared to speak to me that way, so let me give you
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