Unexpected Rise of Leonard Storm

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Unexpected Rise of Leonard Storm

By: Maranatha Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Even the life of his sister meant nothing to them. Leonard's sister lay on her teeth and the money meant for her treatment was being squandered by his wife, Matilda, and his in-laws. He soon ran out of patience and asked for a divorce. Without a place to call home, he wandered off into the street with a broken act. But his story soon took a drastic turn when the vice president of the city came to him and bowed. "Young master!!" His voice was laced with every trace of humility.

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208 chapters
Chapter 1
The groans that emitted from Leonard's sister's ears clouded his mind. The pain walled up even more.It's been a week since she was admitted to the hospital due to kidney failure but her condition has only grown worse.The noise that was later heard was a slide from the door, revealing a man finely dressed in his scrub.He was the head doctor with a spec firmly over his eyes. Leonard's reflexes jerked, making him rush toward the doctor."Doctor, my sister isn't getting any better even after the dialysis. I don't know what to do." His voice revealed no small amount of pain that had been hidden in it.The doctor shook his head engulfed in pity and also wished that he could help. But this was no small problem."Mr. Leonard. Your sister's health isn't improving. The dialysis can barely help her now, we have to look for a permanent solution to this." He replied.Leonard's mind jerked. Ringing sensations in his head. He knew what that meant even without being told.There had to be a kidne
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Chapter 2
Leonard's eyes bulged out from his sockets. His overwhelming anger in his neck region. He never expected that they were going to be so adamant.But he tried to keep his calm, talking to them calmly. They were still his in-laws after all."Mom. This is my sister that I am talking about here. I'm sure Sir. Fredrick wouldn't mind coming to his party without a gift." He responded.But Mrs. Ruth only frowned."Going over to Fredrick's party without a gift? Have you suddenly run out of your senses?" She glared."Soon, the Fredricks are going to open the room for cooperation. Through this, we will be able to get on their good side. And you want me to allow this great opportunity that has been presented before me to slide? In your dreams." He responded.He could no longer stand it anymore. All his attempts to make them see reasons with him were only falling on deaf ears."Are you going to be happy if my sister ends up dying? You barely know this person. Is the life of my sister worth the ex
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Chapter 3
Even Doctor Sam's legs livered. He was already grateful that he had not treated Leonard badly. Cause for someone like President Raymond to be kneeling before him meant that he was a powerful force to be reversed.President Raymond was a presidential candidate, going against him could only mean that you were going against the presidency.Coupled with the fact that he has a 50 percent acceptance rate already. Cold sweat broke out from the doctor's face. Counting from tens to a million drops.But the only thing that Leonard could see was another political force and nothing more. He had never seen that face before.Seeing the looks that he had aboard, Raymond waved his hands, sending the doctor out of the room."Young master, we have searched for you all over the city and we never thought that we were going to find you." He said.His words welling up to Leonard like a strange language. "Young master? He was nothing other than a nobody." He blotted in between his gap teeth."President Ray
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Chapter 4
The crowd turned around. The manager was also a well-known figure in the city not only because of his wealth and being surrounded by influential friends, but he was also a prominent figure in the underworld.And especially in the case where a lady crosses his path, he always makes sure that he gets after them in one way or the other.And nobody would ever dare to challenge him before. Especially for someone like Leonard that was looking like mere trash.The manager pulled his hands off the lady. For the first time, he noticed how stunning she was.Her cleavage popped through every opportunity they had. And not only for her beauty but her classic nature and air of calmness even the fear of such a situation was something to reckon with.Now you would be wondering, how a lady got herself into such a mess.Sofia was one of the most beautiful ladies in the city. Her father was known for his fame and wealth.Manager Wile had always had his eyes on his right from the first time that he laid
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Chapter 5
Manager Wiles stared at him, wanting to teach this young man a good lesson that he was not going to forget in a hurry.But he was going to take it slowly. For the fear of death was more revered than death itself."And what makes you think that I should even give you a chance when every one of us already knows that you are going to waste my time?" Wiles said.His words were very stiff like a piercing sword going right through the heart and slicing it into two halves.But that was for every other person because as for Leonard, he wasn't worried, even for a single moment.With thoughts running into thoughts, Leonard leaned forward and went ahead to say. "Because I can't afford it." He replied.Everyone laughed at him and the rest of the workers could not help but gossip right to his face."I have never seen anyone as stupid as that before.""I am sure that he is just one of those psychiatric escapees." Another one of them said."He is so dumb. Who does he think is going to fall for such
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Chapter 6
It wasn't possible. Hearts were frozen. Feets paralyzed, jaws lifted far apart with shock. The only person that didn't bulge was Leonard.Even Sofia was surprised and confused at the same time. Thinking that he was only putting on an act, she never thought that he would be able to afford it.Then why was he looking at all the rags? Could it be that he was a member of one of those high class families in the city. Her heart ran and her mind processed a large amount of thoughts.But none of these could place a definite finger as to what was really going on.Wiles was stunned beyond this world. Even though he had the perfect funding in his account, the transaction wasn't supposed to go through.At the moment, Leonard now looked different in the eyes of the people that were mocked and looked down on him.But knowing that he had a lot to do, Leonard didn't have much time to spend there. The leaned Forward towards manager Wiles and stole a glance into his eyes."Whether you accept defeat o
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Chapter 7
The men all shot deadly glares at him, advancing slowly toward him while everyone was scared for him.But someone, he was able to maintain a strange calm that no one in the room could explain and this got even more angry than he was already.Steams could not describe his flaming anger this time. More popcorn popped into his mouth at such a high speed that a normal man would have choked.He could not wait already to hear the cracking of Leonard's bones that were going to be pure music in his ears.But before the men could get to do anything, the door slid open. The aura that proceeded from the sliding of the door made everyone pause because it seemed familiar to the place.The first person that turned his head around towards the direction of the sound was Wiles with a deadly frown on his face."Who dares to interrupt my party." Where the words in his mouth were as he spun.But the person that his eyes met with brought his motion to a second pause. Seeing the shocking expression on the
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Chapter 8
The thunderstorm of shocks that ran through the hall was one that words were not found to describe.Jaws were far apart and feet were numb. Even Wiles thought that the kid was going to accept his apologies as soon as he offered them to end things as soon as possible but it turned out that this young man was even more arrogant than he was.He stared at everyone. His face was already flushed with so much embarrassment while the workers gossiped amongst themselves."There is no one that manager Wiles us going to kneel before him." They were assured of that.But if only they knew what was at stake. Not only was he going to jail but all his properties were going to be confiscated which was something that he could not afford, at least not at the moment.It took him quite a while but eventually, to the extreme shock of everyone present, he fell to his knees.Even Ben could not help but smile this time. Seeing the almighty Wiles down to his knees. Even though they were friends didn't mean tha
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Chapter 9
Leonard was finally able to pull away from her. Staring stares interlocking into each other. "You wanted to say something right?" He inquired.Unlike other men who had always approached her. Leonard was unyielding, even though she was being so natural, unlike her usual self."Yes, I want to thank you for saving my skin back then." She said with a strange look on her face."It's nothing to appreciate me about. I still would have done it even though it was someone else." "I would not let anyone go oppressed under my watch." He replied coldly.Even though he was being cold, Sofia couldn't help but liked him even more. It could only mean that he was a member of some powerful family.She was slowly dying out of her curiosity, wanting to know more about him. But one thing that she knew was the fact that she could not chuck up information at him, she had to take it slowly."I still have to thank you.""And about?"Even though he wasn't being told, he could already tell where he was forging
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Chapter 10
Mati and Mrs. Ruth perceived the exclusive position of the Joe City Mall, the most exclusive mall in the city. Even though she was spending most of her life savings, she didn't care.As long as her daughter Mati would be able to seduce the heir tonight she was going to do everything within her powers to make sure that it was possible.And to seduce her, one of the first things that she had to do was to make sure that she was the best-dressed female on the dinner night.That was going to give her an edge over All the other Ladies who would gather. It might be like they were the only ones with that idea.This is the first time that the true heir and president of the Rock City Consortium would be coming out to the world. It was a catch them young kind of thing so they had to have an upper hand in this fight. And this mall was exactly what they needed.Meanwhile, Mati kept staring at the mall for a while and could not believe that she was ever going to come into the mall.She had always
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