The Curse Of the Black Diamond

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The Curse Of the Black Diamond

By: Bright Obeng OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Reece Blay a young investigator gets chosen by an ancient jewel known as the black Diamond which leaves him with a curse of him being unattractive to women but leaves him with amazing power as well. Will he forfeit his happiness for the betterment of mankind? Let’s find out in his amazing journey with his team

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"Finally, the day has come where I can show these people what I'm made of," said Reece Blay. At 23, he was recruited into the National Investigation Agency ( NIA) of Ghana. He was the youngest of his kind,charming with his impressive looks and admired by all for his hard work.His parents were killed in a car accident while returning home from an international conference. This led to him growing up in an orphanage who took good care of him. Since then, he has been committed to fighting for the truth and justice for others. He started off as an assistant to a private investigator, who was able to crack one of the toughest cases not even his head investigator could crack. This incident made him famous and got him noticed by the Mr.Norman, the head of the NIA and who watched him closely as he enquired about him from his head and finally made his decision to recruit him. Thus began the journey of a lifetime. "Can't be late on the first day. I've got to set out early to create a good
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CASE 202
While sorting out the cases, he came across a peculiar case that had the description "Black Diamond." He thought was a case of illegal cartels smuggling diamonds into the country, little did he know the mystery behind it. This case distracted him from doing his job of sorting case files cause he wanted to know what it was all about and he opened it and started reading. The case file stated that, the diamond was stolen from the National Museum of Ancient Tradition by a notorious society "The Outcasts" who were creating a lot of headaches for the NIA and their identities were unknown . Legend has it that many years ago before colonization, the kings and their elders had many troubles in ruling their kingdoms so they consulted the high priest for a solution and after series of chantings by the priest there was a solution.The gods sent down a black diamond which had immense power that the bearer of the diamond would have power to rule his kingdom and beyond. Th
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Samuel Boateng, a junior investigator at the NIA overheard the whole conversation between Mr. Norman and Reece because his office was opposite to Reece's and decided to check up on Reece. He walked into Reece's office whiles the door was opened and knocked on the opened door to catch his attention. Reece upon seeing him asked,"Can I help you?" Samuel replied "I overheard Mr. Norman yelling and wanted to check up on you cause you look so tensed" he added " Wait!! Aren't you the new guy, Reece right? I've heard a lot about you. Nice meeting you" as he stretched his hands to shake him which Reece calmly accepted and responded and shook hands with him. Samuel then offered to help Reece and they both sorted out the case files together and when they were done sorting them out, they took it to Samuel's office since he had a fax machine,and quickly faxed all the files to Mr. Norman. Samuel after all the work then said to Reece," I think we could work together,after all two heads are
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Several days passed by,without any activity happening at the NIA, and as the days passed by,the friendship and bond between Samuel and Reece kept growing each and everyday. It's been three months now and there's been no activity from the Outcasts and no one's investigating into the case of the black diamond and this troubles Reece a lot because if the legend of the diamond is true and the outcasts are able to harness its power, there would be a lot of chaos in the country. Samuel notices the look on Reece's face as there's no work to be done in the office and asks him "Why the long face bro?" Reece then opens up to him and shares with him the matter which troubles his mind. Samuel tells him not to bother about that because he learnt that according to history, if an individual is not worthy of possessing the diamond,it's power would not be activated "unless" and he stops to think, "Unless what Sam" , Reece asks out of curiosity and Samuel says "Legend has it that,the on
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Samuel and Reece are still determined to crack the case of the black diamond but have struggled for the past weeks to find clues and don't even know where to start. They then remember that the archeologist who retrieved the black diamond and took it to the National Museum of Ancient Tradition for safe keeping where it was stolen by the Outcasts is still alive. They plan to locate him fast before the outcasts do. Dr. Herman Manuel, a professor at the University of Professional Studies has been reported missing for weeks now. "Dr. Manuel has been missing for the past three weeks and is no where to be found. He's our only key to finding the bloodline of King Nkrumah"says Samuel."Could the Outcasts have him by now?"He adds, Reece replies, "I don't think so, I'm sure he's running away from the Outcasts , cause according to the intel I received from his past neighbors they said that the night the diamond was stolen, he packed a few of his stuff and left his home and hasn
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Several days passed by, with Reece and Samuel anxiously waiting to hear from the fishmonger they had spoken to days ago."We're running out of time bro, still no word from the lady. Why don't we go searching for him ourselves?"says Reece whose running out of patience."Relax man,she said she's gonna call if she see's him come around.Besides,we can't be seen there all the time or else we may be mistaken as agents of the outlaws. Let's have patience and wait." says Sam, trying to give him some hope. They suddenly receive a call from an unknown number and Reece picks up the phone,"Reece Blay ,NIA how may I help you?". To their surprise it's a lady's voice and she identifies herself as the fishmonger they met some nights ago "He's here, hurry up before he leaves. He's come at a rather unusual time . Wait…" as she breaks in silence "What's going on?" Reece asks. "They are some strange people also following him, are they with you guys?" She asks. "Oh no"says Reece as the pressure
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Upon their arrival to headquarters, they clash with Mr.Norman who has been searching for them and he asks,"Where have the two of you been.You left the office without my permission and also took a patrol car out as well. What were you guys thinking?" Reece replies saying,"Sir with all due respect, it was very necessary we moved out and we couldn't ask for your permission because there was no time and we had to save him". "Who did you have to save?" asks Mr.Norman who's confused about what's going on and the professor steps out of the car. "Isn't that Dr.Herman Manuel??Whats he doing here ? I thought he got missing after the black Diamond was stolen? How did you guys find him?" Mr.Norman asks,"No time to explain sir, there's someone who's in danger and needs our help immediately and we have to act fast before the outcasts do" says Samuel. "What are you talking about ?" asks Mr.Norman as he receives a call from the head of Police saying there's been a kidnapping
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They finally arrive at the National Museum of Ancient Tradition and noticed that the place has been surrounded by the police who tell them that,"We've got them surrounded, the moment they step out we get them, we've also evacuated the area so that no one else gets hurt." "What do you mean no one else? " Mr.Norman asks. "The workers in the museum,we believe are either dead or injured cause we heard gunshots from the building when we arrived here" They reply. "Sir we have to go in now before it's too late" Reece says to Mr.Norman with fear that by the time they come out, the outcasts would be powerful and there would be nothing they can do to stop them."Reece just listen to orders and let's wait till they come out and then we attack" Mr.Norman warns him and tells him not to do anything silly. Reece has no option than to follow orders and waits till they come out knowing very well that it would not end well for them.He goes back into the patrol van and waits as he's been told to
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Reece, has been lying in the NIA health center for three days now and has not recovered from his unconsciousness after the brutal clash with the outcasts with the diamond still attached to his chest. The only people who saw the Diamond on his chest were,Mr. Norman,Samuel,Dr.Manuel and the medical attendants to Reece. They tried effortlessly to get the Diamond of his chest but it was to no avail thinking that if they were able to do that, he would regain consciousness but that wasn't the case as Dr.Manuel explained to them that the Diamond couldn't be removed unless the sacrifice was made and that sacrifice was going to depend on Reece if he woke up. The media had come around after the deadly clash of which lives were lost to cover the story but Mr. Norman didn't engage them to tell them anything l. All he told them that everything was under control and that they were still doing their best to find the leader of the outcasts. Reece's room was guarded by two agents of
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While they were in Reece's healthcare room,Dr.Manuel narrated the true history behind the black diamond such that they would know it's power and beware of what would happen if it fell into the wrong hands. He said that, a very long time ago,before colonization The kings of the various states were troubled by the injustice they suffered at the hands of their old rulers they fled from and for this matter they resulted in wars against each other thinking the other tribes were enemies which led to the death of many people. They all came together and decided to consult the greatest fetish priest of the land which was Boakye Addo. When they put their request before him, he asked them to give him time to consult the gods go give them an answer. After three days of consultation,he came out with an answer in the form of the black diamond. He told the kings that the purest of hearts was the king who would be selected to bear its power, on the night of the blood moon the kings surrou
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