The Stepping Stones

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The Stepping Stones

By: Apprentice4 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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For every MC that rises to the heavens, countless side characters bite the dust. This is a first-person anthology of the tragic stories of the mountains of corpses that lost their voices under the damage caused by the unfair tropes. "Molesting the cultivation world, one trope at a time."

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29 chapters
I tried my best. I really tried my best. But how many can kill their own parents without any past records of abuse or harassment? Well, even those people don't. So how could I? I really wanted to be an orphan though. Their life experience is so rich. They are underestimated and then they shine. Ai, why did God give me filthy rich parents? Am I supposed to be a side character now? Do I keep waiting for a ray of hope, my golden cheat to sparkle someday just as I wake up? I peek at the beautiful naked lady sleeping beside me, my wife. She didn't even know me, why didn't she break our engagement off? What a gold-digger! Even loving me so much without any deceitful schemes, how boring! How absolutely boring!! Should I try being a villain? I remember fainting after killing a cockroach once ahem, I mean I was told I had fainted in the hospital. I keep thinking of this as I'm drinking vod
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I'm fat.I know I'm fat.I used to be quite happy too.My father was a rich merchant after all.But after this strange guy looked at me with kind eyes in the gambling den once, I haven't had a single day of good sleep.It turned out he was a rich young master like me, so naturally, we hit it off.The guy was stupid, didn't know how to gamble but it all worked out pretty well between us.A few days later, he was poisoned, but he was still alive somehow. That seemed suspicious to me but I couldn't pinpoint the exact cause of creepiness. The dude just seemed entirely different since that day.I didn't think much of it since he was behaving even better than he used to but somehow my self-esteem started taking huge hits whenever I was around this dude.It felt like everyone was making fun of me and this guy was always the cause.I bore with it.One day, he asked me for me telling me he'll return a t
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The Vendor Who Sells Good Luck
I'm a simple old man.Simple, because I've accomplished nothing much in my life as an adventurer. It was absolutely common.My son was also an adventurer. He had a lovely wife and a little daughter. He picked a place to hunt along with his wife one day and didn't return. My weary shoulders were burdened further with the weight of my granddaughter's responsibilty.But I endured and started a stall. I rummaged through everything that I had picked in my life, ranging from rusty swords, strong talismans, weird tokens, to medicinal pills and uncommon beast hides.It was going well, the marketplace was crowded. I was an honest dealer too.Until one day, a curious young man stumbled upon my sword and took it a hundred times cheaper than I had originally estimated, but since it wasn't getting sold, I decided I might as well sell it.Yeah, I'm old, and I guess my memory failed me.That man killed the emperor with that specific swo
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A Successful Failure
My head hurts.Who am I?Where am I from?I move my body as I ask myself basic questions.The headache is no more but strange new memories appeared in my head.I begin to organise them.Hmmm, so this unlucky guy died after being poisoned by his main clan's people.Don't worry, dead character, I swear I'll make your name resound in the nine heavens.This hut is old, well, he was ostracized indeed, my parents are from the side branch of this massive clan. We're suppressed.I'll take this guy's parents as my own. I didn't get enough love in my previous life. I won't disappoint you, new parents.creek~The door opened and gentle women came bursting in. She had beautiful everything but I didn't intend to fu** because it'll look bad on me.My loser–ahem, caring father came shortly after and we hugged and cried, almost smooching.Next day, a sneering 9 year old kid from the main clan came and p
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Don't Resist: The Hero is Here
Help!I need urgent help!Gods, Immortals, Fairies, Demons, Monsters, anyone!One month ago, I was just your normal normal rich without much ambition.I wanted a simple home and a lovely wife and spend my old years travelling around.But it all changed when one of my maids tried to poison me, seemingly without any reason.My uncle started vying for the leadership of the family.My parents were poisoned too. How the FU** did they get so much undetectable poison anyway!?Ever since then, my bad luck has been off the charts.Cultivators came and tried to kill me. I escaped like a beggar.Lighting came crashing down. I got saved as it struck a tree.Suddenly, everyone started trying to kill me.Then, everyTHING started trying to kill me. Mythical beasts, earthquakes, and betraying kins weren't enough, illnesses started flaring up within my body too.Yesterday, I was resting within a pit I made in
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The cultivation world is heartless.The cultivation world is cold.It's law of the jungle out there.I grew up cultivating hearing all these things.Were these lies? I still don't think so, but what does any of it matter when I have a sword piercing through me. The cold eyes of a kid 10 years younger than me and two realms below me in cultivations reflect my gloomy and miserable sight, on the verge of dying.My 'crime'? I didn't help him when he was bullied by my peer when he joined the sect.How stupid is this? Oh, how stupid it is that a whiny teenager is preaching to me about morals and regretting my actions when he's simply flexing his strength as well.Originally, this was the guy that had the lowest penchant possible for cultivation, a black spirit root. Why would I have cared about his well-being?Oh, you're asking how did manage to poke a hole through me if he's two realms below me? I DON'T FU**ING KNOW!It's his
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I'm a fiction made real.I'm a lie that turned the truth.A spirit cast into reality through the power of a thousand lies.I don't remember when I gained consciousness at first but the first thing I remember was the face of a filial young man that used my name to hide his inheritance."Mother, my master is very kind and helpful in his teachings. You don't have to worry about me, I'll definitely sort out all of our family's troubles by learning from him. It is my luck to be taught by him, otherwise how else would I have become so strong in such a short period." This was the first anchor of my existence, the voice of my first indirect disciple.It helped me sort out my thoughts as I became aware of who I was and the reason for my existence.Since then, I keep becoming more and more aware as the kids kept pinning their wildest immortal skills and manuals to have come out of my inheritance.I'm a free and unfettered old immortal, and also
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God of Farts
I conquered every land.I killed all my enemies.I slept with every 'heavenly' beauty.Everything I wished to do, every limit I aspired to overcome, I did but after that? It's just loneliness, a gloom that you carry within your heart everywhere, all the time.I... am an immortal. I've met the creators, the Gods that created the multi-verse, time has left a much deeper and crueler scar on their souls. Most of them are mad already.They do weird things for entertainment. They creep me out.Only the God of Life and God of Death deserve their title. Everyone else is a bitter loser, suffering from a disease I recently acquired, immortality.There's one God that transformed his entire body into that of a machine at first and then went to earth as a truck to transport people from there to different worlds.Another one created a whole new body of a teenager and built a fake set of memories for him where he was bullied and
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16th Generation Saintess(New Arc)
A sect is a massive machine. It's not up to a single individual to make it work. From basic education, discipline, and determination, it's a sect's responsibility to make its disciples conform to its teachings and ideals.There's also a certain sense of freedom that one has in a sect. As youths, it's very natural that they have their internal hierarchies and hot-blooded competitions and as Elders, all we need to do is make sure there are no accidents or death and we're all set.To any sect, whether it be a small one with a hundred members or a heavenly sect with branches across the universe, the mission center is the oil that runs this machine and makes it work. Our revenue, vitality, and stability come from these very missions.But at any point in time, the missions in the outside world are limited and internal ones, that are given by our Elders or Chief disciples, although serve to motivate the disciples to make no difference to sects as entities.There
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16th Generation Saintess(2)
As soon as the matter of her marriage was brought up, most of the elders present revealed miserable and dissatisfied expressions, fighting for the 'freedom of choice' of women in the sect or the noble name of 'equality'.After hundreds of arguments and debates over a few days, like whether traditions should hold when no one was satisfied with them, or whether old dead rules could bind the spirited and lively lives of the people running the machine.Imagining the wronged expression on the charming face of 'our' Saintess, we looked at each other and guessed the thoughts going on.Soon, we came to a uniform conclusion, we would ask the 'maiden' herself. If she wanted to marry, then so be it, even at cost of our hearts, but if she wasn't then the sect today would defy the rules of the past and advance forth into a brand new era.Few days were enough to redden the faces of this group, and so after a small fight over who would go over to ask her, we decided to
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