Lord of Origins

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Lord of Origins

By: Kabirat Aleem Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Damien, a trash and nobody suddenly became the adopted prince of Santa Eyre. He now has more power and influence than all the elites that had bullied and looked down on him in the past. Everyone who once kicked him when he was down will now have to bow to him as they call him "Prince". It is time for this strange "man" to show the world what it means to be The Lord of Origins"


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227 chapters
Chp 1 - Into The World
High up on the mountain of Kiarra lays a sacred temple, resplendent in its glory yet invisible to the human eyes. The raw energy shimmering off it was palpable that even the ever-present fogs in the forest that surrounded mountain Kiarra itself peeled back from the temple as if afraid of what it housed. The forest was alive with movements, chirpings and glorious calls of one mate to the other yet the sacred temple had a stillness to it.The forked entrance beckoned on the bold to approach it as only few would dare venture into it unsummon. The Temple of Awakening.Kostos, the 10th generation ancestors of all vampires stood deep in the temple that had the ambience of a cave with its still airs and plopping sounds that rumbled throughout the structure even though no dripping could be found.His bloodred robe, trimmed with the most exquisite gold pattern billowed in the still air as he summoned the one who waited in the temple for ages.In an ancient language, he called forth “Saum nabr
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Chp 2 - First Contact: Why Are Girls More Muscular?
The least of Damianus’ power was the fact that he could teleport as simply as he could blink. He knew that would have been the easiest thing to do to get himself from where he was to where he wanted to be, the world of humans. Yet he decided to apply caution since he have no idea if they would frown upon suddenly seeing him in their midst. Since he had no idea of a particular location to put his mind on when he teleported, he knew he could appear at any random place.What if he appeared amidst a crowd?“That would be inconvenient to explain” he smiled to himself on his way down the mountain.For a vampire who was used to simply getting himself to wherever he wanted to be by conjuring it in his mind, having to deal with the rocky path down the eerie-looking mountain was a bit inconvenient.Still, he made do. After all, he had the super speed to help smooth his journey.Damianus had not been marvelled by the changes he saw as he came down the mountain as it was just a little bit differ
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Chp 3 - Who Do You Think You Are, Rat?
Damianus was surprised when the youngest of the two beautiful girls, who were standing prettily while men admired them, stalked towards him with anger distorting her beautiful face. On close look, he could see that her eyes were filled with fury and before he could comprehend what was happening, she raised her hand to slap him!“What?!” Damianus thought in confusion as he automatically dodged her swinging hand.The speed with which he had been able to dodge her slap infuriated Sybil. In truth, Damianus did not think of it but being an original had its perks after all and he need not stress himself to teleport.In truth, he could break her in half if he so wished but in his confusion, he did not even think of hurting her or not. He merely wondered what he had done for the pretty girl he saw laughing a while ago to want to hit him.A human girl for that matter. Damianus almost laughed aloud at the impertinence but he could see that the girl was not amused at all as she turned to him aga
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Chp 4 - Call Out Your Leader
Intending not to risk what had happened before or any other distraction that could delay him from where he was going, Damianus cast a spell on himself that made him invisible to human eyes. Since they couldn’t see him anyway and couldn’t be shocked by whatever he did, he decided to teleport to his destination.The Grand Palace of Santa Eyre.Santa Eyre practised the monarchical system of government. It had been so since the inception of the city back when it was but a town and other cities used the executive form of government, The Great king of Santa Eyre, King Saldus Kovarick was the current ruler of the state. His power was like that of a governor who doubled as a monarch. Kovarick is a powerful ruler. More powerful than the richest family in the city, The Macmillan.The great wealth and affluence of the king could be seen in his majestic palace made mostly of gold, what was not made of gold was substituted with expensive bronze, iron ore and brass. After all only the best could fi
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Chp 5 - Oh Gosh!, He Is…
“Did you hear that, Rey? Call out the leader for me” one of them mimicked Damianus’ distinct accent. Damianus decided that he had enough and since he had no intention of tearing the idiot kids from limb to limb for their rudeness, he turned towards the inner chamber. “Cain Barlan” he called without raising his voice. The “boys' ' eyes widened in fear and their faces whitened. They saw that he did not raise his voice yet the sound of his voice resounded in their minds and they could hear the echoes of it deep in the base of their homes. Before they could get out of their shocked state to say anything, elders of the clan and others started coming out of the entrance behind them. When gates were pulled open, a glimpse behind them indicated that a whole dwelling had been carved underground beneath the backyard of the grand palace. A dwelling the human had no idea of nor could most of them believe possible for anyone. The dwellers are not just anyone though. They are the vampires of th
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Chp 6 - Wow! Presents!
“Oh come now. There is no need for such ceremony between us” Damianus said with a smile then as if he just remembered something, he clicked his fingers “Oh, get up, get up”They all stood.“Thank you, Origin leader,” Michael said and they all echoed the same thing.“That is such a mouthful, don’t you think?” he said with his eyes on the leader, who looked back at him incomprehensively.“The title, I mean” Damianus clarified “Damianus”“No, I am not…oh” Michael looked at him as comprehension dawned “You are Damianus”“Yes, the name I was born with. Let us dispense with the formalities and I will take the liberty of calling you, Michael. Is that fine?”“Of course, Or… erm, Damianus,” he said, the strange name sounding awkward to his ears as he pronounced it.Damianus tilted his head as if considering something “Listening to you call the name made it seem like it is a mouthful too” he smiled before turning towards the young vampires who were rude to him earlier.The smile on his face was
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Chp 7 - A Little Help Wouldn't Hurt
A knock sounded on the office door and one of the elders close to the door stood up to enquire who was there so he could know if he should send them on their way if it was not something important. He wondered who it was as it was common knowledge that no one was supposed to disturb the leader when he was in session with the elders.“Yes?” he said as he opened the door to a young lady standing outside the door with her hands raised to knock on the door again.She wiped her hands nervously on her apron when the elder glared at her.“Oh, I am sorry for the interruption, elder. The leader said I should inform him when we are done so I…”“What about?” the man cut her off.“It's okay, Aaron” Michael called from his seat “I told her to knock when they are through. Let her come in ” Aaron nodded and went back to his seat “Is it ready then, Solara?”“Yes, leader,” the lady said with a slight bow.“Excellent,” he said with a smile then looked over at Damianus “My leader, refreshments are ready.
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Chp 8 - Damien Fits better
“Hmm,” Damianus said in thought, as he rubbed his finger on his upper lip “So, what you are saying is that I will have to be part of a kind of society to be fully immersed in the way they…you do things in this new world”The elders hummed in agreement.“I would suggest you start by enrolling in high school, leader” Sky, the youngest of the elders suggested. His black hoodie gave his lean body a much younger look and no one could have easily detected that despite his youthful look, he was over two hundred years too. His mischievousness could be detected in his twinkling eyes though and a smile touched Damianus' lips as he looked straight at him “What is this high school of yours?”Sky proceeded to explain to him how it was the middle school needed to gain admission into a college.“And what is a collage?” Damianus asked as he thought of what he had read in The Book. The Book only mentioned a university and as it explained it was similar to the academy of transition back in the world
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Chp 9 - Party With The Unclan
“A pretentious Asshole” Aaron snorted at Damianus' question.“Aaron” Michael called in a warning.“I am sorry, my leader” Aaron said in apology and he turned away to look out the window. One could see that the mere mention of the Unclan angered him and Damianus wondered why that was the case.“Aaron here is a stickler for rules, as I am sure you must have noticed,” Michael said to Damianus with a smile “And the Unclan is the opposite of that” he explained.“Oh?” Damianus said with a smile as he leaned back in his chair to listen. “That term is what we use generally for a group of vampires that had chosen not to live the conservative lowkey life. They are everywhere in Santa Eyre and all over the world now. They engage in politics and make friends freely with humans. Throw lavish parties” Michael sighed “All in all, they found it inelegant and out-of-character that we would choose to live in seclusion like this” he smiled slightly “One even said to my face that I was a coward for sug
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Chp 10 - No Beggars Allowed
Damianus had such an enjoyable time exploring the flourishing city of Santa Eyre. The more he looked around, the more difference he could detect about this world and that which he was used to. The World of Origins had everything over this one when it comes to the supernaturals but they could learn a lot from this world when it came to architectural brilliance and many other inventions that he couldn’t even begin to understand.“All in good time though,” he said to himself as he mused about the people whom he already met and the new name he was advised to take.Damien. He sounded it out and it didn’t sound too bad. Though it sounded strange to his ears, he knew that he would get used to it as time went on.Damien. Damien of the Human world. He could see the humour in the situation after all. When in the world of the origins, he was Damianus but here in the world of humans and their beautiful people who seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere; he would be Damien, a nobody to most of t
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